tagNovels and NovellasJamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 07

Jamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 07


Chapter 7 -- Revelations: She makes and has several revelations.

Notice: The author listed Jamaican Beauties Jaunt under Literotica's umbrella category Novels and Novellas: Erotic fiction with a broader scope. However, the events in this chapter cover a variety of Literotica categories including:

BDSM: this chapter tells of a young Jamaican woman's first exposure to being a submissive exhibitionist and her learning about her parents' and best friend's membership in a BDSM club.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur: this chapter tells the story of two young Jamaican women clubbing in revealing clothing.

Interracial Love: this is a story about a developing relationship between a Mulatto Jamaican woman and a Caucasian American man.

Lesbian Sex: this chapter covers the beginnings of a sexual relationship between two young Jamaican women.

Comments: All comments are welcome and appreciated. Please feel free to rate this chapter and to leave or send the author your comments. The author desires to become a better writer, to that end, your comments will help the author correct any weaknesses and reinforce any strengths.

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this story are fictional and were, to the author's knowledge, at least 18 years old at the time they engaged in any form of sexual activity mentioned in this story.

* * * * *

Lesbian Revelations

After her morning workout, Denise spent the rest of Friday, her day off, reviewing and revising each of her tours. After a full day absorbed in laying out the tour itineraries, she was exhausted and decided she wouldn't go out dancing. Instead, she initiated an early and short chat session with Will and prepared to spend the rest of the evening at home, drinking wine and relaxing.

Hearing someone knock at her door startled Denise from her thoughts. After asking the person at the door to wait a minute, she donned one of her father's old tuxedo shirts as a robe. When she opened the door, Denise was stunned. Max, the younger, was standing in her hallway wearing a revealing brown leather outfit.

Denise scanned Max's outfit from the ground up. First, she saw a pair of knee-high, lace up boots, with pointed toes and four-inch, spike heels. Next, a leather skirt with a hem that was at least a foot above Max's knees and barely covered her private bits. The top was a sleeveless and collarless, front buttoning leather vest that, even if it had been fully buttoned, would still have exposed a great deal of her breasts, but the top three buttons were undone revealing Max's cleavage to her breastbone. The ensemble was completed by a tan leather jacket that Max draped over her left arm.

"What are you doing here?" Denise asked trying not to stare at Max's noticeably large, evidently firm, and overly exposed breasts.

"Master Ken and Mistress... I'm sorry. Your father and mother asked me, as your friend, to come here and talk with you."

"About what?"

Max smiled noting that Denise, just as Max often did, dressed comfortably while home alone—assuming she'd been wearing anything when Max knocked—before she asked, "First, may I come in?"

Once inside the apartment, Max laid her coat on the chair at Denise's makeshift computer desk before turning to Denise and explaining, "Your mother was concerned that you might be having confusing emotions about your encounter with the American woman at the Quad club. She asked me to talk with you, to help you understand your feelings and desires."

"I don't understand. Mother's a psychologist, why wouldn't she talk to me herself?"

Max grinned, "Because Denise, I've had more experience than Mistress Annika."

"Counseling people who've had lesbian experiences?" Denise quizzed, putting aside Max's second deferential reference to her parents.

"No, with lesbian experiences."

Denise was dumbfounded. Somewhat over the fact that Max was experienced in lesbian relationships, but more so that she and her mother had compared experiences to decide which of them should talk to Denise. She stammered her question, "You've had... sex with... lesbian experiences?"

"Yes, too many to count. However, you should understand, although I've enjoyed sex with women, I've also enjoyed sex with many men."

Denise was unable to comprehend what Max was sharing with her, so she asked, "And, why exactly did my mother want you to talk with me about my... lesbian experience?"

"As I said, to help you understand your feelings and desires."

"Okay, I think I have that figured out, and if that's what mother wants us to talk about, I'll just go along with her wishes. What do you need me to do?"

"Get dressed so we can go to the Quad, have a drink, maybe dance, and talk a little."

"Should I dress like you?"

"I wouldn't object, but that's entirely up to you," Max replied with a giggle.

Denise excused herself, went into her bedroom, and without considering why, other than it was how Max was dressed; she selected the clothes she'd purchased for the challenges. Without a debate or even a thought, she opted not to put on a bra or panties before she donned her outfit. However, she did add a brown suede bolero jacket for warmth and cover.

When Denise returned, Max smiled broadly and commented, "You are definitely Annika's daughter. In fact, you two are practically twins. Now I understand what Master Ken means when he talks about his Jamaican Beauties."

* * * * *

Max agreed with Denise's suggestion that they walk the six blocks to the Quad so neither one would have to drive back after consuming too much wine. Other than the occasional comments from young Jamaican men and elderly American male tourists, which were often overtly sexual but always positive, their walk was uneventful.

As usual, the Quad's security guards mauled their breasts, but the two young ladies dressed in revealing clothes were not required to pay the cover charge. They soon found a table in the Oxygen Lounge, ordered drinks, opened a tab, and received their glasses of wine.

Denise noticed that they were, coincidently, or perhaps as the result of an unconscious decision, sitting at the same table near the bar where Denise, Michelle, Andrew, and Jackson had sat two months earlier.

After she'd offered that information to Max, Denise added, "That stool at the end of the bar is where I had my lesbian experience. An American woman, kissed me, suckled my nipples, and performed cunnilingus until I had an orgasm."

"What did you think, what did you do?"

"I enjoyed it and I returned the favor, doing the same to her. Later we danced by that back wall as Andrew and Jackson took photographs."

"My goodness Denise, you have certainly opened up to new experiences," Max marveled.

"I guess so; mother and my Internet friend have been pushing me to be less inhibited and to enjoy life more."

"Well, I hope you're enjoying your new freedom."

"I was, until that night. But I'm starting to again."

"Was the problem your lesbian experience?" Max wondered.

"No! The woman and my experience were both wonderful. In fact, if I ever get to Memphis in the United States or Michelle returns here, I would like to get together with her."

"So what was the problem?"

"It was later, when my former fashion designer friends from Arts School made comments about how I looked whilst I was on the dance floor."

"What was their problem? Didn't they like your clothes?"

Denise smiled knowing her answer, "No, that wasn't it. I wasn't wearing any clothes, except hose and heels."

"You're kidding; you danced naked on this dance floor?"

"I was wearing hose and heels, but for the sake of not arguing about semantics, I'll concede that I was dancing naked with Andrew whilst Jackson took pictures for my challenge."

"Pictures? Okay, that's it. You have to tell me everything, from the beginning."

Denise told her story of the things Will had tasked her to accomplish during his Seven Progressive Challenges.

Max listened attentively, only occasionally interrupting for clarification. When Denise finished the story, explaining how she gathered the strength to continue dancing naked with Andrew on the Quad dance floor as Jackson took photographs, Max noted, "That's fantastic. You have certainly opened up and you seem to be enjoying life more. I'm impressed and jealous. I wish I had the nerve to do what you've done. Now, why don't we go dance before we get some more wine and talk some more?"

Denise unconscientiously followed Max's lead, removing her jacket and hanging it on the back of her chair before she stood, smiled, and said, "Okay, let's go show everyone how to Calypso."

* * * * *

They were both tired and sweat covered their bodies, when Max asked, "Are you ready for another glass of wine and some more conversation?"

"Wine definitely, conversation only if it's not about my former friends from Arts School and I can ask you a question," Denise offered.

Once they were back at their table with fresh glasses of wine, Max asked, "So, if I understand what you told me, you did not, and do not have a problem having sex with a woman?"

"Not at all. In fact, as I told mother, it was a very enjoyable experience. Michelle was the first person, other than myself, to bring me to an orgasm, and she was the first person, other than myself, that I've enjoyed bringing to an orgasm. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with her and I'm willing to do it again. Does that answer your, or should I say, mother's question?"

"Absolutely! And let me just say, I'm happy to hear that your first experience was so enjoyable."

"Good and thank you, I think."

Max nodded and they enjoyed their wines silently until Denise remembered something Max had said in her apartment earlier that had jogged her memory and asked, "Now, can I ask you a question, and will you give me a complete and honest answer?"

"Yes, if I can. Of course!"

"Christmas Eve, when father and I brought presents to your apartment and earlier tonight, you called him master and you referred to mother as mistress. What does that mean, what is it all about?"

Max paused and took a long drink of her wine before she answered, "I'm not sure that I'm permitted to share that with you. However, before we continue, let me confirm something. Are you sure you want to know the answer?"

Denise pondered the question and her answer, "That sounds ominous, but with mother and Will pushing me to open up and be more uninhibited, I'm going to have to say yes. I want to know all about it."

"Then, reminding you that I am qualifying my promise to be honest by saying I will answer your question if I can, let me answer your question as best as I can. It is a game you mother, father, and I play at our club."

Denise frowned and a made a growling sound as she considered where to go with her questioning.

Max, knowing Denise was upset, added, "Since you want to know all about it and I am not permitted to tell you any more than I have, I suggest you ask your mother or father."

"I did, and father gave me the same answer you just gave me," Denise hissed.

"Is that all he said?"

"No, he suggested that I go to the club with him so I could learn all about the club and the little games you all play."

Max smiled, Annika had been right. Her plan had worked perfectly. Still smiling, she told Denise, "Then it seems to me that if you want to know all about the club you should ask your father to take you there and give you a tour."

Denise pondered what she had learned, frowned that no one would answer her questions, and then smiled, having decided that the solution was as simple as Max had suggested; she just needed to ask her father to take her to the club.

Max seeing Denise's frown turn into a smile asked, "Are you alright? Are you angry with me?"

Denise nodded and told Max, "Actually Max, I'm fine."

"And you're not angry at me?"

"No Max I'm not," Denise reassured her friend, then remembering she too had a secret, Denise stood, and before she turned to walk to the dance floor, announced with a huge grin, "Now, why don't we go show everyone how the girls on the famous Jamaican Bacchanal poster dance."

When Max caught up with Denise on the dance floor, she asked, "You know about the poster?"

Denise smiled and told her, "An American gentleman told me I looked just like one of the girls on his grandson's poster. When I asked mother about it, she told me everything."

Max looked down and pleaded, "I hope you're not angry at me for not telling you about it."

"I understand why father, mother, you, and the neighborhood did what you did. In fact, I'm grateful. I probably wouldn't have handled it very well at the time. However, now I'm proud to be the girl next to you on a poster that hangs on the bedroom walls of ten thousand boys around the world."

Max gasped, "That many?"

Denise smiled and told Max, "Actually, many more. It's on the Internet too. Although we're anonymous, we're almost as famous as Dani Sperle."

"The girl that glued a tiny triangle over her glamity and danced in the Rio Carnival? Wow, it makes me wet just thinking about all the boys that have masturbated while looking at the poster of two of us all sweaty and bare-chested," Max giggled.

They danced and joked about what would happen if they reenacted their Bacchanal dance and poster pose. After half-a-dozen dances, they were again sweating profusely and Denise's now transparent blouse clung to her curves. Max in turn had fully unbuttoned her vest, exposing her cleavage and waist.

Max finally shouted, "Let's go finish our drinks, cool off, and head back to your place. Then we can talk some more if you'd like."

The ladies received more attention on their walk back to Denise's apartment than they had on their way to the Quad Club. Because they were warm and sweaty they didn't wear their jackets, but that wasn't the primary reason for the attention they received. Instead, the attention was due to Denise's wet blouse clinging to her curves and revealing her aroused nipples and Max's unbuttoned vest exposing her cleavage to her sternum. Moreover, at Max's insistence, they strutted as if they were participating in a Bacchanal Road March, which caused their unconstrained breasts to bounce and jiggle with each step.

* * * * *

After hanging their jackets on Denise's computer desk chair, Denise offered to open a bottle of wine as she headed into her small kitchen.

Max answered, "That would be wonderful, but would you mind if we got more comfortable, so we can sit here, drink our wine, and talk about anything you'd like, other than the club?"

"That sounds wonderful, but what do you mean by comfortable? The only thing I have that I consider comfortable is a Cricket jersey I used to wear as my pajamas," Denise confessed with a grin.

Max was confused and asked, "If your jersey is the only thing you consider comfortable, and you say you used to wear it as your pajamas, what do you wear to bed now?"

"The truth is, ever since I took on my Internet friend's progressive challenges, I don't wear anything to bed, and I've become very comfortable not only sleeping, but going around my apartment without clothing," Denise explained with a snicker.

"I suspected as much when you answered the door wearing just that tuxedo shirt. Well, as you saw Christmas Eve, I don't wear much around my apartment either. The truth is, I was expecting you and Master Ken, so I'd put on something. Like you, I not only sleep naked, I normally go around my apartment with nothing but a cup of tea or a glass of wine."

"So we're back to the question, if we're going to get comfortable, what should we wear?" Denise asked.


"I guess so," Denise declared as, without contemplating her actions, she stood, removed her blouse and skirt, and walked into her bedroom to hang them up. From her bedroom, Denise called to Max, "Would you like to hang your clothes in the closet?"

When Max walked into Denise's bedroom she was naked except for her five-inch heel boots, carrying their jackets and her clothes, before she answered Denise, "I'd appreciate that, thank you."

While Max hung her clothes and removed her boots, Denise sat on her bed, removed her high-heel sandals, and rolled her stockings down her legs. When Max turned around, Denise was surprised to see that she had no evident pubic hair. She thought to ask about it, but remembering Will had mentioned that many women and a growing number of men were trimming or removing their pubic and body hair. Besides, she'd been trimming her own pubic hair since the third progressive challenge, so she decided her questions could wait for another time.

The two naked friends walked back into the front room, Max sat on the love seat and Denise went back into the kitchen, opened the wine she removed from the refrigerator, and poured two glasses. Handing Max a glass, Denise giggled before she toasted, "To the comfort of nothing at all."

After they sipped from their wine glasses, Denise sat next to Max and asked, "I'm sorry, I know you don't want to... can't talk about it, but I'm still wondering it. Please, what exactly is the club?"

Max shook her head and finally said, "Denise, your parents and mine are members of a private club where people engage in a variety of activities. I'm also a member of that club and I too engage in many different activities at the club. The club is private, which allows us to engage in those activities without fear of objection or ostracism."

Denise asked the obvious question, "What kind of activities?"

Max thought for a moment and simply answered "All kinds."

Denise frowned at her as Max tried to explain, "It's just like art, or dance, or music. Everyone has their own preferences and dislikes. Your father for instance, enjoys all forms of music. The club is a place where he can listen to whatever kind of music he desires without worrying that another member will complain."

"So it's a music club?"

It was Max's turn to frown; she should have known that Denise would have a problem with a euphemism. Max tried again, "It's like our Bacchanal Road March costumes. There are people in the community that are very upset because they believe our costumes are too revealing. If there were a Bacchanal club similar to the club your parents and I belong to, we would be able to wear any costume we wished, without having to worry about the complaints of others. In a way, the club is like the Melbourne Mas Camp the weekend following the Road March."

"So it's a club where people can dance all night, drink all night, party all night, and do almost anything they wish," Denise exclaimed, having at least grasped the basic concept.

Max nodded and smiled, it was probably as far as she should go with her explanation and undoubtedly as much as Denise would be able to comprehend and understand. She told Denise, "Yes, but more importantly, because it is a private club, the members can do so without fear of objection, ostracism, or persecution."

"I think I understand," Denise offered.

"Good, now perhaps I should share something my father taught me when I joined the club."

Denise nodded.

"My father suggested, and my mother, your parents, and I agreed that it would be better if we made it a point to not know, nor try to learn about or discuss one another's activities in the club."

Denise thought for a minute about Max's revelation before nodding her head saying, "I think I see your father's point and I apologize for not respecting your privacy."

Max turned to face Denise and suggested, "Unless you have more questions about the club you feel you need me to answer, why don't we move on to a new conversation."

"Okay. What would you like to talk about?"

Max sipped her wine, smiled, and asked, "When you discussed them at the Quad, the Seven Progressive Challenges you undertook sounded very intriguing and exciting. Would you mind telling me more about your experiences and feelings while completing them?"

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