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Jamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 08


Chapter 8 - Experiences: She experiences the joy of being submissive.

Notice: The author listed Jamaican Beauties Jaunt under Literotica's umbrella category Novels and Novellas: Erotic fiction with a broader scope. However, the events in this chapter cover a variety of Literotica categories including:

BDSM: in this chapter, a young Jamaican woman experiences a Dominant/submissive relationship.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur: this chapter includes the story of a pair of naked Mulatto Jamaican women receiving full-body massages from an older Jamaican man.

First Time: this chapter includes the tale of the first sexual encounter between an 18-year-old Jamaican female virgin and her future husband—a 24-year-old English gentleman.

Interracial Love: in addition to the First Time encounter by the interracial couple above, this chapter introduces a developing relationship between a Mulatto Jamaican woman, and a Caucasian American man.

Lesbian Sex: this chapter continues the story of two young Jamaican women's sexual encounters.

Mature: the story's primary characters are a young (27-year-old) woman and her Internet friend, a middle-aged (41-year-old) man.

Toys & Masturbation: while giving them full-body massages, a male masseuse masturbates two busty Jamaican women to orgasms.

Comments: All comments are welcome and appreciated. Please feel free to rate this chapter and to leave or send the author your comments. The author desires to become a better writer, to that end, your comments will help the author correct any weaknesses and reinforce any strengths.

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this story are fictional and were, to the author's knowledge, at least 18 years old at the time they engaged in any form of sexual activity mentioned in this story.

* * * * *

Birthday Gifts Experience

Although the family seldom celebrated or exchanged gifts on birthdays, Annika decided to have a small dinner party at the Frigate Pup celebrating Denise's twenty-seventh birthday and, more importantly, her new outlook on life.

After dinner and toasts to Denise's recent successes and changes, her father gave Denise what appeared to be a multiple page legal document. Denise read the title on the document, "Jamaican Beauties Jaunts. D. Johnson, Founder and President." Realizing it was the incorporation papers for her new company Denise had tears in the corner of her eyes as she ran over and hugged him. The tears flowed down her cheek when Ken kissed her and whispered so only she could hear, "I know you will make a success of your company, you have already demonstrated the skills and tenacity needed to develop and run a business. Now, please enjoy your new company and your new life."

When Denise regained her composure, Annika walked over and handed her a large envelope. Looking inside, Denise saw ten or eleven pages—printouts of webpages and emails. Nine of the pages were printouts of webpages from Will's favorite website for women's clothing. Each page showed Denise posing in one of the clothing items she'd purchased from the website—three poses of her wearing each of the three items. The other two pages included a printout of an email from the website stating that she would soon receive a $100 US gift certificate and the other was a printed certificate announcing "Dee-Dee" as the winner of the February Customer Competition. Annika hugged Denise and told her, "You can register your complaint with me some other time. For now, just know you are beautiful and please enjoy your birthday party."

Max waited for Denise to regain her composure before she handed her a small envelop that held an index-card sized, printed gift certificate stating, "Good for one weekend of servitude from a well-trained and highly skilled submissive."

Denise looked to Max, her question clearly expressed in her eyes.

Max bowed and almost whispered, "My mother said she would fill in for me at the Haberdashery this Saturday and Master Ken has offered to release me from any responsibilities this weekend. If you would wish it, I could come to your apartment Friday night after I get off work and I will happily serve you until Monday morning."

Denise smiled at the thought of spending a weekend in bed with Max and replied, "That is an offer I cannot turn down. What time can you be at my apartment?"

To Denise's surprise, Max turned to Ken who answered for her, "I will drop Max at your apartment Friday evening at six o'clock and I will pick her up at seven o'clock Monday morning."

Denise caught herself, and attempting to show everyone she was not shocked or inhibited, calmly asked her father, "Would you like to come up for a drink when you drop off Max?"

"Yes we would," her father answered before he turned to Max and asked her, "Would you bring the wine and serve it upon our arrival and have tea ready for me when I pick you up Monday morning."

Denise noticed it wasn't spoken as a question and as she tried to understand that, Maxed turned to Ken, bowed her head, and requested, "May I ask a question, Sir?"

Ken lifted Max's chin with his open palm, tilting her head back until she was looking into his eyes, and told her, "You are free to speak for the rest of the time we are here."

Max showed a glimpse of a smile and asked, "Should I be properly dressed when I go to my mistress' apartment?"

Ken grinned as he answered, "I will have Annika prepare your bag so you can change on the ride to your mistress' apartment."

"Thank you sir," Max acknowledged, before she turned to Denise, and said, "Mistress, I pray you enjoy my gift to you half as much as I know I will enjoy giving it to you."

Denise smiled at the thought of having the time and freedom to do anything she wanted with her beautiful, charming, and very sensual best friend.

* * * * *

Submissive Gift Experience

Friday afternoon Max kissed her mother goodbye before leaving the Haberdashery carrying her small bag of toiletries. She quickly walked the five blocks to Annika and Ken Johnson's house. They were waiting for her on their front porch.

Ken was dressed in the custom tailored black suit Annika had picked up from the Haberdashery that morning, a starched white linen shirt with long-sleeves and French cuffs with gold cuff links, and polished black loafers with sheer, black, tuxedo socks.

Annika was stunning in a long black skirt with a hem that just touched the top of her black, five-inch spike-heeled, open-toed pumps. The skirt had two slits in front that revealed her legs to the top of her thighs. Max's father had designed and tailored her blouse. It was a white linen, dress shirt tailored to fit a woman's figure. It had a man's standard shirt collar, long-sleeves, and open French cuffs. There were no buttons or buttonholes in the front of the blouse; instead, a single set of spaghetti strings just below Annika's bust tied into a bow to hold the blouse closed.

"You're early; I'm guessing you're looking forward to giving Denise your gift?" Ken teased as he walked Max to the car, opened the back door, and motioned for her to get inside. After helping Max and Annika into the car, Ken climbed onto the driver's seat and drove them to Denise's apartment.

Looking at her in the rearview mirror, Ken instructed Max, "Annika has the wine with her in a chiller. At my request, she packed that duffle bag in the backseat for you this weekend. Go ahead and take out the harness, collar, and boots that Annika placed in the top of the bag. They will be your uniform for our small party with Denise. You can put your personal stuff into the bag."

"Yes Master," Max replied with a huge smile as she began stripping off her work clothes.

Ken raised his hand to get everyone's attention, and when Annika and Max looked to him, he explained, "From now, until Annika and I leave Denise's apartment, you both may dispense with formal addresses to me, you may both call me Ken, if you wish."

Annika smiled and said, "Thank you, Ken."

Max answered, "That is very kind of you, Sir," before she hurriedly removed her suit, folded it and slipped it into the duffle bag after withdrawing a collar, harness, and heels. As a well-trained submissive, she first buckled the black leather collar around her neck. Max next slipped on the black, six-inch stiletto heeled pumps. The last thing Max donned were her clothes, in this case a leather strapped harness. Putting her legs into the harness and pulling it up her body, she noticed it was Annika's favorite harness. The two straps around her thighs converged at the point where her legs met, pinching her labia, and pushing them outward. As a result, while she wore the harness her pussy lips would be exposed, prominent, and available to anyone she encountered.

"Thank you Mistress," Max told Annika with a huge smile and a twinkle in her eye. Max was already looking forward to the evening and was excited about spending the rest of the weekend with her best friend and newest lover.

Ken noted, there's a black raincoat in the backseat, please put it on when you get out of the car, I don't think you want the police to arrest you before you get to Denise's apartment.

Ken stopped the car in front of Denise's apartment building and instructed the ladies, "Annika, let Max carry the chilled wine as you two go up to Denise's apartment. I will park the car and bring Max's duffle bag with me."

Max jumped out of the back seat and quickly slipped Ken's raincoat over her shoulders before she opened the car door for Annika and took the wine chiller from her. The women walked proudly, side-by-side to the apartment building's entrance and up the two flights of stairs to Denise's apartment. Annika, knowing that Max wanted everything to be perfect, reached for the wine chiller saying, "I'll hold this and the raincoat for you if you'd like to properly present yourself to Denise."

When Max nodded, Annika took the wine chiller and waited as Max removed the raincoat and handed it to her. Max smiled at Annika, nodded her appreciation, and knocked on the door. Denise answered on the first knock. Max, standing straight, feet spread apart, and hands clasped behind her back, smiled and announced, "Good evening Mistress, I am Max, and I am pleased to be your submissive from this moment until seven o'clock Monday morning."

Denise quickly got over her shock at seeing Max in her hallway, wearing only heels, a harness that concealed nothing, a collar, and a big smile, smiled back before acknowledging the ladies, "Mother, Max, thank you for coming and please come inside."

As soon as she was inside, Max retrieved the wine chiller and raincoat from Annika and asked, "Mistress, if I may be permitted, I will get everyone a glass of wine."

"Do you need any help?" Denise asked politely.

"Please, Mistress. It is my duty and pleasure to serve you. I will take care of everything," Max replied with a smile and a bow.

Denise had spent the afternoon cleaning her apartment and arranging her chairs so everyone would have a comfortable place to sit and to place their drinks. She'd also placed several small bowls of chips and cookies on a small table in the center of the room. Gesturing to the chairs, she told her mother, "Please, sit down and relax. I'm sure Max knows where to find everything."

As Annika sat down, her skirt slid to the sides revealing her legs to the top of her thighs. Seeing her mother's exposed leg and thigh, Denise blurted, "Where are you going dressed like that?"

"Your father and I are having dinner with Max's parents at the new Japanese restaurant in New Kingston and then to a charity dance at the Jamaican Pegasus hotel. Why?"

Before Denise could answer, Max handed her and Annika each a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc wine. Annika took advantage of the interruption and toasted, "To you two, may you have an enjoyable and satisfying weekend together."

Denise blushed, thought to protest, and finally added, "That is a wonderful toast that will hopefully be fulfilled."

As Annika and Denise finished sipping their wines, there was a knock at the door. Max quickly walked to the door asking, "Are Mistress Denise and Mistress Annika available for company?"

Annika answered without thinking, "Thank you Max, yes we are."

Max opened the door and announced, "Master Ken, welcome to Mistress Denise's residence. Mistresses Denise and Annika request that you please join them for a glass of properly chilled Sauvignon Blanc."

Max held the door as Ken walked in, closing it only after he was clear. As Ken walked over and hugged his daughter, Max went into the kitchen and retrieved two more glasses of wine. Handing one to Ken, she inquired, "Sir, may I be permitted to make a toast?"

Ken nodded for everyone.

Max raised her glass and waited for the others to stand and raise their glasses before she toasted, "It has been my pleasure to serve Master Ken and Mistress Annika for almost five years and now it will be my pleasure to serve Mistress Denise. I'd like to first toast Master Ken, for understanding my needs and showing me how to fulfill them. Secondly, I'd like to thank Mistress Annika for teaching me how to serve and for sharing herself with me. And Mistress Denise, I want to thank you for allowing me to serve you and hopefully share myself with you this weekend."

Ken almost shouted, "Here, here!"

Once they'd all sipped their wines, Ken looked around and said to everyone, but pointedly to Max, "Please be seated."

Everyone, except Max followed Ken's request. Max placed her drink on a table beside an empty chair and announced, "With your permission, I'll be right back, please continue while I'm gone."

Ken nodded his consent and Max walked into the kitchen. A moment later, she returned with a dishtowel and placed it on her seat cushion before she sat down.

Ken looked at her, and asked, "What was that about?"

Max blushed as she explained, "I'm so excited about serving Mistress Denise for the weekend that my thighs are covered with my juices."

Everyone else laughed and Max blushed and giggled.

* * * * *

After Ken and Annika left, Max offered, "Mistress, if you have no objection, I will put things away, clean the dishes, and prepare dinner."

"I don't object to you putting everything away and cleaning the dishes, but I'd prefer that when you're done with that, we sit down with our wines and talk. I've prepared snacks and they're in the fridge," Denise countered.

"Yes ma'am. Would it be alright if I finished cleaning before I refilled our wines?" Max asked as she began picking up the wine glasses and bowls of snacks and cookies.

"Yes, please do, and while you're cleaning, you can start telling me how this is going to work. What will your role be this weekend, and what am I supposed to do with you?"

As Max put things away and washed the dishes she explained, "I am your submissive until seven o'clock Monday morning. As your submissive, I will do anything you wish."

Denise smiled, then considering what Max was offering she frowned and asked, "Anything I wish, without qualification?"

Max turned to her friend and, with a serious expression, explained, "I've known you most of my life, we're friends, almost sisters, and I trust you. Yes, I will do anything you wish, without qualification. That's what it means to be submissive to a Master or Mistress."

"Does that mean I'm your Mistress?" Denise wondered aloud.

"Yes, that was my gift to you. I am Mistress Denise's submissive for the weekend, until Monday morning when Master Ken retrieves me."

Denise suddenly understanding what Max had given and was now offering her, with as much authority as she could muster, instructed her friend and submissive for the weekend, "Thank you my beautiful submissive. Please continue cleaning, and when you are done please refill our wine glasses and join me on the sofa."

Max smiled and began singing the old Calypso Rose song "Fire in Me Wire" while she went about picking up, rearranging the furniture, and washing the glasses and dishes. Denise enjoyed the rest of her wine and pondered the situation—the concept of being a Mistress. She soon determined that in order to fulfill the role of Mistress properly, she needed to understand what it was like to be a submissive.

Max finished her chores, refilled their wine glasses, and sat on the sofa next to Denise.

The two of them relaxed for a minute and quietly enjoyed their wines until Denise turned to Max and requested, "In order to be a proper Mistress, I think I need to understand what it means to be a submissive, and, because I'm better at learning things through experience than through lecture, I'd prefer that rather than telling me, you show me what it means to be a submissive."

"That's what I'm doing Mistress, I'm being your submissive."

"No, no lecture, no demonstration. Allow me to experience what it means and what it's like to be someone's submissive. Let me serve you, let me be your submissive."

Max thought for a minute, nodded, and said, "By being your submissive I've agreed to do whatever you wish. Therefore, I will take the role of Mistress and let you experience what it's like to be a submissive."

In that fraction of a second, Denise relived the joy she'd frequently experienced while she accomplished five of Will's progressive challenges. She recalled her subsequent promise to her mother that she would endeavor to fully enjoy her life and to make every effort to fulfill her own New Year's resolution—that she would do anything she could to have fun and enjoy her life. That memory led her to recall her recent promise to herself that she would accept and accomplish every challenge presented to her.

"When can we start?" Denise asked with excitement evident in her eyes and voice.

"Would now work for you?"

"Yes! What should I do?"

Max frowned as she explained, "Before we begin let me explain something. My Master and Mistress, your father and mother, suspecting you would want to reverse roles, ordered me not to allow you to serve as a submissive for more than a few hours. Therefore, before we begin, I request that you agree that when we get out of bed tomorrow morning we will revert to our intended roles. That I will again become Mistress Denise's submissive."

"My parents gave you orders on how to behave with me?"

"Not on how to behave with you and not orders. It is my understanding that your father and mother had several long discussions regarding our relationship and my serving as your submissive this weekend. They wanted to be sure that your experience would be both enjoyable and enlightening. It is my responsibility and pleasure to ensure that you enjoy our weekend together. However, your father, after consulting with your mother, provided me a couple of instructions, one of which was to not let you serve as my submissive for more than a few hours."

"What are the rest of your instructions," Denise demanded angrily.

"I am not at liberty to divulge that information. I can tell you that your mother and father want you to enjoy your experience as a Mistress and as a submissive. I was told to use the instructions they have given me only if necessary."

Still obviously angry, Denise posed, "Why is it necessary that I limit my experience as a submissive to a few hours?"

Your father suspected and your mother agreed that you would be much happier and more comfortable in the role of a submissive and would therefore not take full advantage of my gift to you. Your father told me to tell you that the roles in a Dominate and submissive relationship are intertwined; each person needs to understand the other person's role and needs. Therefore, he wanted to be sure that you would spend the majority of this weekend in the role as the Mistress of, and I quote your father with pride, the second best submissive in Jamaica."

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