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Jamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 10


Chapter 10 - Risqué Beaches: She spices things up on the beaches.

Notice: The author listed Jamaican Beauties Jaunt under Literotica's umbrella category Novels and Novellas: Erotic fiction with a broader scope. However, the events in this chapter cover a variety of Literotica categories including:

Exhibitionist & Voyeur -- this chapter includes the adventures of two beautiful Jamaican women wearing sheer bikinis and going naked in public.

Interracial Love -- The story is about a developing relationship between a Mulatto Jamaican woman and a Caucasian American man.

Mature -- The story's primary plot revolves around the relationship between a naïve 26-year-old woman and a middle-aged, 41-year-old man.

Comments: All comments are welcome and appreciated. Please feel free to rate this chapter and to leave or send the author your comments.

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this story are fictional and were, to the author's knowledge, at least 18 years old at the time they engaged in any form of sexual activity mentioned in this story.

* * * * *

Risqué Swim

Friday morning the ladies walked to the hotel spa and worked out together. Annika, wearing a tight spandex top with a deep scoop neck, and Denise in a racer back cropped top that was more a bra than a top, distracted the men in the spa working out on the treadmills and with weights. As the ladies worked out, they talked to each other as if it was their usual morning phone chat. Denise talked about their previous day while Annika prodded her to provide more details about her emotions during each activity.

After their workouts, they showered next to one another in the fitness center's locker room as Annika noted how much better Denise looked now that she was working out regularly. They dried off and dressed, Annika in khaki cargo shorts, a green cut-off tank top, and white sandals while Denise put on a loose fitting, tan, spaghetti strap, crop top, a Khaki elastic waist, hip hugger miniskirt that barely reached the midpoint of her thighs, and three-inch heeled sandals. Back in their suite, they hung their workout clothes to dry in the bathroom, verified their beach bags contained everything necessary for their trip to James Bond Beach, and headed downstairs to the hotel restaurant for a light breakfast of fruit, cheese, and several cups of hot tea.

They only had to wait five minutes for the hotel shuttle bus to James Bond Beach. Fifteen minutes later, after walking from the shuttle stop to the beach, Annika found a beach boy and rented an umbrella, a small table and two padded chaises while Denise rented two lockers and the use of the showers—she wanted to know the procedure, prices, and available options. The ladies quickly changed into their swimsuits.

They'd agreed to meet outside the locker room and Denise, who was the last one out, spotted Annika standing in the shade of a tree, wearing a tiny red, Brazilian back, string bikini with a triangle bottom that just covered her waxed pubic area and was obviously unlined. The only real cover offered by Annika's bikini top, which she wore with the bottom string around her chest below her breasts, were two triangular pieces of red cloth that came just high enough on her breasts to cover her areolae.

Annika led the way to the umbrella she'd rented, which gave everyone on the beach an opportunity to admire Denise's new white one-piece backless swimsuit with a contoured rear, high cut thighs, and a halter front with a slit down to her naval. The swimsuit was unlined and caused Denise concern knowing that it would be revealing under the best of conditions and would undoubtedly offer no coverage if, as she suspected, the material would become transparent when it was wet.

* * * * *

They spent a half hour lounging and talking before taking another half-hour to walk the famous James Bond beach while Denise took photographs for her Jamaican Beauties Jaunt portfolio. As they walked, and after a great deal of coaxing from her mother, Denise agreed to go swimming with her.

The two ladies waded into the small waves until the water level was above their knees. Seeing the water was almost up to her swimsuit, Denise stopped. Annika recognized that although Denise's swimsuit offered little coverage to begin with, because she seemed afraid to get it wet, she was undoubtedly afraid that it could be even more revealing. Laughing at her daughter's discomfort, Annika surprised Denise, when she quickly placed her foot on top of one of Denise's feet, grabbed her shoulders, and pushed her back into the surf. Denise sputtered, became angry, and then concerned. Annika laughed and, yelling for Denise to follow her, dove into the surf and swam out to deeper water.

When Denise finally joined her, Annika became serious and asked, "So tell me the truth, why did you decide to buy a white swimsuit that wasn't lined and is obviously made from material that would become transparent when it got wet?"

Denise blushed, but knowing her mother could always tell when she was lying, explained, "Truth is I was originally going to buy an identical suit, only in black, because I thought it might be exciting to wear such a revealing swimsuit on a public beach. Then I saw this white suit and thought how much more exciting it would be to wear this, knowing that not only was the suit revealing but it might also become transparent in the water. Finally, I should admit, the suit was lined when I bought it; I removed the lining to test my willingness to be totally uninhibited and to increase the excitement of wearing it in public."

"Then I suggest you get ready to be excited," Annika said over her shoulder as she waded to the beach. Denise recited her new promise that she would be uninhibited and followed her mother. As she suspected, when she waded out of the surf and onto the beach, she treated everyone to a nearly unrestricted view of her body. Annika, seeing the suit was virtually transparent decided to add to Denise's excitement and, pointing to her, exclaimed loud enough for everyone on the beach to hear, "My goodness, you can see right through your swimsuit!"

When she caught up to her mother, Denise took a deep breath and mumbled, "In for a penny, in for a pound," smiled at her mother, and said, "Well, I expected as much when I bought it." Then continuing to act nonchalant, she quietly told her mother, "And look, because the sheer material of my suit is clinging to my skin, everyone on the beach can see my erect nipples and the outline of my pussy."

Denise straightened up, put her shoulders back, thrust her chest out, and walked proudly beside her mother, displaying the body that God and her parents' good genes had blessed her with, to anyone who wanted to see and photograph. When they reached their chaises, Denise didn't bother to dry off or pull her suit away from her body. Instead, she stepped into her flip-flops and asked, "Mother, would you like a glass of wine?"

Annika nodded her desire to join her daughter, grabbed her wallet from her beach bag, and they continued walking up the beach to the shops. They found a small bar with a patio on the beach and sitting in the warm sun on the patio, enjoyed, chilled wine, conversation, and the sights on the beach.

* * * * *

Once they'd relaxed for a few minutes Annika asked, "I'm curious, what drove you to look for swimsuits that would be exciting to wear in public?"

With her mother now in full psychologist mode, Denise carefully reflected on her feelings and thoughts as she was shopping for her swimsuits, before she slowly and deliberately answered, "Ever since I took Will's challenges, I've had a voice in my head urging me to be more open, be more uninhibited, and to be more of an exhibitionist."

Denise paused to examine her feelings and Annika asked, "Whose voice do you hear?"

Without thought or analysis, for the first time Denise knew whose voice it was and explained, "I used to think the voice I heard was father's voice. I thought the words I heard were father's words. However, I've since come to realize that while the ideas and statements are similar to how father speaks; they are actually Will's thoughts, his words, and his way of phrasing things. And now that I've thought about it, I've concluded it's actually a combination of father's voice and how I think Will sounds, which is a lot like father."

"Do you think there's a reason the voice in your head sounds much like your father?"

Denise paused and tried to consider the ramifications of hearing her father's voice giving her Will's advice and reasoning, "It's a little complex, but, first, I believe that I hear father's voice because I've no idea what Will sounds like. Secondly, although I never considered it before, Will is just like father, or more problematic, father is much like Will."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I've never thought about it before, but I now realize that father was always pushing me to be open, uninhibited, and an exhibitionist like you, pushing me to enjoy life. Will has been preaching that same sermon. But, I don't know why I was willing to listen to Will while I always ignored father?"

"Good question and the answer is undoubtedly the reason for most of your difficulties with self-esteem."

"And what is the answer?"

"As a young girl you idolized your father. You saw your English gentleman father as prim, proper, and well mannered. You refused to accept that he was also a sensual man who enjoyed excitement, uninhibited fun, and an exhibitionist lifestyle."

"Really, he—"

Annika interrupted and finished her answer to Denise's question, "You've developed an idealized vision of your father. Let me give you an exercise that might help you understand my point and you can think about what your father has told you and has tried to teach you. Then you can use those memories to form your own judgment."

Denise nodded her consent and Annika explained, "I'll ask you a series of questions and you will think of, but not speak, the answer."

Denise nodded again.

"Who performed cunnilingus and fucked me the first time we met and continued to do so every waking moment for an entire weekend?"

Denise frowned but did not speak.

"Who originated the Melbourne Calypso Dance Association, which is widely recognized as the most erotic Bacchanal dance group in Jamaica?"

Denise clearly knew the answer.

"Who is the co-chair of the Melbourne Calypso Dance Association costume design committee, which is widely known for having the most revealing costumes in the Bacchanal Road March?"

Denise seemed not to like the answer.

"Who is the Melbourne Calypso Dance Association's lead dancer and as such wears the most revealing costume while dancing on top of the Bacchanal Road March float?"

Denise frowned.

"Who is married to and clearly loves the biggest exhibitionist in Kingston?"

Denise smiled at first and then frowned when she considered what that truth meant.

"Who tricked you into posing for photographs in a bikini, and later topless, so he could prove to you that you were beautiful and shouldn't hide your body?"

Denise frowned and practically growled at the initial memory, but smiled when she remembered the joy she felt that weekend tanning topless on their boat with her parents.

"Who after seeing photos of you having lesbian sex and dancing naked never complained, told you, they were marvelous photographs of a stunningly beautiful and uninhibited woman, and thanked you for sharing them with him?"

Denise remembered, and realized she hadn't appreciated what he'd said to her just the day before.

"I have more, but I'll let you finish the list and make your own judgment," Annika concluded.

"Thank you, I promise I will."

"That's all I can ask you to do," Annika answered and then sipped her wine, giggled, and told Denise, "Now for a slight change of subject, I only wish I had my camera with me earlier. I'd love to have a picture of the men's faces as they ogled your exposed body when you waded out of the sea and across the beach. I'd also love to have a photograph of you in your transparent suit to show your father."

Denise mentally recited her Risqué Tour motto to herself, "In for a penny, in for a pound," and without thinking of the consequences, asked, "Did you bring your camera?"

"Yes, it's in my bag," Annika answered.

"When we finish our drinks why don't you get it while I go for another swim?"

"Are you kidding?"

"No mother I'm not. If you want photographs to prove to father that I wore a transparent suit in public, I'd be willing and happy to oblige you."

"We have to talk with the tour company about this afternoon's snorkel adventure in a few minutes, would you mind waiting until after that meeting before you take another dip in the sea?"

"Sounds like a refreshing way to finish a business meeting," Denise replied with a big grin.

* * * * *

Risqué Display

Denise's swimsuit was still wet and opaque, yet she followed her mother's lead and walked erect, proud, and with her chest thrust out as they headed to the pier and their scheduled meeting. They easily found the owner of the snorkel tour company and he was happy to talk with the two busty, swimsuit clad women about the various tours he offered. Despite his reluctance to talk to their faces, preferring to look down at their breasts, Denise was able to learn everything she needed to know about his tours and obtained documents with his scheduled tours and prices.

When Annika asked him to discuss his vest and swimsuit optional tours, the owner explained to her breasts, "It is not a tour. Snorkelers on a tour are required to wear a life vest. Officially, it is a sail party, where a group of people chip in an agreed upon amount to defray costs. We hold the party at a private beach in a secluded bay. Although it is not a snorkel tour, we keep snorkel equipment on board and available in case some of the party guests forget to bring their own gear. The outing normally boards around one o'clock in the afternoon. It's a forty-five minute sail to the bay and private beach. We usually spend around two hours swimming, snorkeling, and partying on the beach. Afterwards there's another forty-five minutes to enjoy ourselves during our return trip."

When Annika asked if there would be a party, they might join, he confirmed there would plenty of space on the catamaran when it went out that afternoon. The gentleman handed Annika two party invitations and agreed to let her use her credit card to pay for her and Denise's share of the costs.

Walking back to their rented chaises Annika realized that she was hungry and she and Denise agreed to return to the cafe where they had their wine earlier for some lunch. They again sat on the patio, ordered, and shared some cheese, jerk meats, bread, and a glass of wine each, while they let the sun warm their exposed bodies.

As they ate Denise asked, "Talking with the gentleman about the snorkeling tours reminded me of something I've wondered about for years."


Most women complain about it when a man looks at their breasts instead of their eyes when they are talking. You didn't seem to mind at all. Why not?"

"Dee-Dee, look how I dress. I intentionally place my big breasts on display. I'd be upset if men didn't look at my body. So, if a man wants to admire my large breasts instead of my big brown eyes, that's fine with me."

"But, doesn't it bother you when men have a conversation with your breasts?"

"Only if they aren't listening to what I'm saying. But, why should I be upset because men want to admire what I've put a lot of thought and work into to make sure it is prominently displayed."

Denise giggled and explained, "That sounds like something Will would say, if he were a woman."

* * * * *

A half hour later when the waiter brought them each a second glass of wine, Annika suggested, "Okay, when we finish the wine why don't we head down to the water and I'll photograph you as you come out of the sea and onto the beach. Then you can go back into the water and I'll take pictures of everyone's expressions as you come back onto the beach."

"Wait, I agreed to one more dip and exposure, and if I go back into the water after already exposing myself to the crowd on the beach everyone will know about it and they'll all be waiting to see and photograph me the second time I walk out of the sea."

Annika teased, "Think how exciting it will be, knowing everyone will be watching you."

Having just come up with an idea for how she could get even with her mother, Denise simply smiled and answered, "Sounds exciting."

The ladies leaned back in their chairs and enjoyed the mellow feeling of the sun warming their exposed bodies, the coolness of their wine glasses, the excitement of being on a beautiful beach on a beautiful day, and the mellowness that drinking a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio gives you.

* * * * *

Annika paid the check and when she finished the last of her wine, Denise stood and walked toward the water. Annika laughed, admiring her daughter's newfound audacity, before she followed. Annika soon waded out in the water, caught up with Denise, and stood next to her. They were just far enough out to have the water come up to the top of their thighs.

"You know if a boat goes by the wake will be high enough that everyone will be able to see your pussy," Annika joked.

"They already have and they are about to again. In fact, twice again," Denise retorted, but this time with a laugh as she turned to walk into the deeper water.

Enjoying the cool waters, they walked out until they had to stand on their toes to keep their heads above the small waves. Annika instructed Denise, "Give me a minute to get to the beach, grab my camera, and get into position to take your picture before you start coming out of the water."

As Annika waded out of the water and walked to their chaises, Denise swam and enjoyed the freedom of floating in the salt water as she waited for her mother to return to the shoreline. Annika soon returned to the edge of the beach and waved. Denise slowly waded toward the shore until it was shallow enough for her to stand up and walk out of the water and onto the beach.

Annika took dozens of photographs of her daughter wearing a transparent swimsuit that left every inch of her body exposed to everyone on the beach. After striking a couple of poses for her mother and the on-lookers, Denise waded out of the sea and onto the beach. At Annika's instance, she posed for a couple of additional photographs.

Stepping behind Annika, Denise gasped loudly, and exclaimed, "Oh my, it looks like you've got some slime on your back. Let me see if I can wipe it off."

Pretending to assist her mother Denise grabbed one of the strings on the bowknot on Annika's neck with one hand and a string on the bow in the middle of her back with the other. As she suspected, her mother, ever the exhibitionist, had tied her bikini strings in simple bowknots. With a couple of hard yanks, Denise pulled the two knots apart, continued to pull the strings, and removed the bikini top that had barely covered her mother's breasts. Denise laughed as she turned and ran back into the sea with her mother's bikini top.

Annika was initially shocked, but not one to be shy, she smiled at Denise's little joke before turning to photograph her daughter wading back into the water, appearing to be naked, with her mother's bikini top dangling in her right hand.

Annika moved down the beach a few yards so she was standing to the side of the largest group of sun worshippers on the beach. In the new location, she could shoot Denise from one angle and the crowd from another and therefore get more faces into the frame.

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