tagInterracial LoveJamaican Holiday Ch. 15

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 15


2010 Memoir 1st Meet with Robert

i have been chronicling the history of how my wife and i went from Mid-West Vanilla couple to willing Black Cock slaves since an anniversary vacation to Jamaica in 2004.

Our Bull and Master is Robert -- 32 when we met Him in 2006, about 6'2" tall, 270 lbs, with broad shoulders tapering to narrow hips, powerful arms and chest, a rounded belly and small man-boobs, and a 9" uncut very thick Black Cock backed by a massive set of balls. More important, He has a very Dominant personality and an innate understanding of how to manipulate submissive personalities. Several readers have asked for details about our first meeting with Him and this is it, with His permission:

We had posted an ad advertising my wife's availability on a site that specialized in hooking up white married women and Black men. Robert responded and, unlike many of the others, was low key, friendly, and respectful. We answered back and a running conversation developed. In a month, we were e-mailing almost daily, with us telling Him all the details of Jamaica, how we felt about it, and even sending Him a copy of the DVD Samuel had sent us. After another few weeks we decided we wanted to meet Him.

At the time we had been "Adventuring" for about 2 years, and had developed a process for meeting new playmates. We set things up in Robert's home city and met Him for dinner at an upscale hotel restaurant on the Friday night.

Jaye (my wife -- then 44 -- for those of you who are new to our saga) was wearing a light cardigan over a linen camisole, her above-the-knee black skirt, garter belt and stockings, hoop earrings, Queen of Spades pendant, and 3" high heels. Of course, no bra or panties -- which is why she had the cardigan: to distract from her long nipples tenting the cami.

Robert showed up dressed in a classic blue blazer over a black silk T shirt which (as soon as He removed the blazer) showed off His large biceps and chest, expensive slacks and Italian shoes (Jaye's observation. i neither know nor care about men's shoes). He was impressive and as He moved through the restaurant He drew the attention of many of the patrons.

He came up to our booth and greeted us as old friends. i rose to shake His hand and we did a guy-style-semi hug. Then He sat down next to Jaye and kissed her on the cheek. She glowed. i sat down across from them.

We chatted until the food came, then gave Him a rundown on the plans for Saturday night -- there would be two other Black men, we would provide the food, beverages, lube and condoms. The festivities would end when either the Black men were sated or Jaye was exhausted, whichever came first. He nodded and presented us with a recent blood test showing Him free of STD and HIV negative, but agreed when we insisted condoms only.

Then we told Him how glad we were that He could come, how impressed we were with His first response to us and how we enjoyed our subsequent conversations with Him.

He responded that He was intrigued by us as well --not just about what we had done and wanted to do, but how we thought and felt about it, in particular Jaye's admission of her need to be submissive to strong Black men and my willingness to give her to them. This was interesting because our ad was for "adventurous" partners and had never mentioned submission, and we had also avoided the term in our e-mails to Him. He had obviously read between the lines and connected the dots.

"Is that right, Jaye?" Jaye looked at me quickly. This was different -- our chosen partners were high on the macho scale, but generally were focused on the sex. Robert was probing and playing much more of a head game. i nodded and she turned to Him.

"I guess so -- sort of." She said lightly.

"Don't guess, Jaye. Yes or no?" She looked at me again then down at her hands.

"Yes" A little girl admitting that she had broken a lamp.

"Good girl!"

Then He commented that Jaye was prettier in person than her pictures. Was it true that she wasn't wearing a bra? Although we had been at this for several years, Jaye blushed and nodded. "Take off your sweater."" Jaye moistened her lips and did so. The tension in the air was electric -- this wasn't a Black club but a hotel dining room. Her long nipples were very visibly swelling against the material.

"You look thirsty. Have some water."

She started to reach for her glass.

"No, mine. And reach for it with your far hand."

The motion caused her to lean across Him and twist her body so that He could look down the camisole at her tits. He had seen her naked on-line, but was testing her, and we all knew it.

Was she wearing panties? Again, no.

"Show me."

The tone was conversational but His hard eyes left no doubt that it was an order. Jaye looked a little panicked -- in a Black club she would have stood up and lifted her skirt for anyone to see, but did He expect that here? It seemed He was pushing things for a first meeting.

"Take my hand and show me."

Shaking a little, she took His hand and moved it under the table.

"And what do you like strange hands to do when they touch you here?"

She started a movement that i interpreted as stroking her clit and cunt lips with His hand.

He turned to me and started talking about college football and our favorite teams' chances for the next season. Jaye stopped stroking.

"I didn't tell you to stop." A hint of menace.

She started stroking herself with his hand again, and almost immediately gasped as He pushed two of His thick fingers into her now wet cunt, then slid down a little to give Him better access.

Our football conversation continued until the waitress came by to ask if we wanted desert. Jaye tried to sit up but Robert told her to continue and ordered for them. The waitress looked at Jaye, slumped in her seat, panting, eyes closed, her arm moving as if she was masturbating, then at Robert sitting next to her with His arm under the table, then at me, and smirked.

When desert arrived -- vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie sticks,

"That's enough. Sit up. Don't eat all your desert."

We finished, i paid, and suggested we adjourn to our room for drinks and to get better acquainted. As we were starting to get up, Robert stopped us.

"Jaye, swirl the cookie sticks in the melted ice cream, then slide them into your cunt."

She looked around nervously, then sat back down and pretended to be searching for something in her purse as she did it, gasping as the cold ice cream hit her warm cunt. I was impressed with Robert's control over my wife and her willing compliance.

"In and out!"

When she had done it a few times He told her to give them to me.

"Have a snack, B!" He said with a grin.

i licked, then ate them. The taste of her cunt on the chocolate was delicious.

Having now established that He was in total control of my wife, we walked out of the restaurant, Jaye a little shaky and holding on to Him while i walked behind. In the elevator, Robert said that He had pushed things, (He never apologizes) to see if His assessment of her was accurate. She had done very well and pleased Him very much. He complimented me as well for having a sexy wife and making her available to be appreciated.

In the room, they sat on the sofa with His arm around her making light conversation while i got drinks.

After a sip, He set down His drink, and took hers away.

"B, you don't mind if I kiss your wife!" (It was a statement, not a question. Now He was testing me.)

And with that He gathered her to Him and kissed her. The kiss started soft and gentle, then became more passionate with tongue action and lots of lip sucking, then His hand came up and grabbed her by the hair, jerking her head back as His tongue forced its way into her mouth.

Jaye responded, giving as good as she got and a little moan as her hair was pulled.

Then He let go of her hair and started to massage her tit through the cami. He started the kiss again, soft and gentle then getting progressively harder -- but now His hand was copying the kiss: softly stroking, then massaging, then mauling, then pulling and twisting the nipple as He bit her on the neck, leaving a hickey ("Marking her." i thought). As before, my wife responded, pushing her chest into his hand and stroking His head while she sucked His big lips.

As the nipple twisting became more violent, she moaned through the kiss and reached down to pull up His T shirt. He stopped to let her remove it, then told her to remove the cami, and started in on her tits and nipples again. She ran her hands over His torso and did some nipple-pulling on Him as well.

Robert said,

"B, why don't you have another snack?"

i got on my knees and reached to remove her skirt but He stopped me, so i flipped it over my head and brought my lips to her chocolate-smelling crotch. Above me i could feel and hear my wife move in the embrace of this large Black man, moaning as He deliberately tried to hurt her to see what and how much she would take.

I heard a zipper and then "Omigawd!" I pulled out from under the skirt and saw my wife holding Robert's Big Black Cock in her hand. She had already rolled back the foreskin to reveal a large mushroom head which was actually dwarfed by a thick shaft which expanded even more at the base. It wasn't fully hard and yet she could just barely get her hand around it.

"You like it, Jaye?"

"Oh yesss!"

"You can suck it if you want." An offer, but also a command.

In response she shifted her body, gave me a big grin, and plunged her head down on it. He had her get on her knees on the couch so that He had access to her cunt while she sucked and licked Him.

"Get undressed, B, while I get to know your wife."

He stroked her cunt lips lightly. She was already wet and a little puffy from my licking, and moaned softly as His long thick fingers caressed her hanging labia and clit.

Jaye's cock sucking picked up speed and so did His fingers, parting her labia and dipping into her juices to lube her clit. In minutes her clit was sticking out like a mini cock and two, then three, of His fingers were going in and out of her cunt. i could tell from her moans that He was massaging her g-spot.

She was working His cock and big balls energetically, and He was sliding down a bit to give her better access. Even so, she could only get about a third of His Big Black Cock into her mouth and had to grip the thick Black shaft in both hands.

i started to move behind her but He waved me away. He wanted to be the one who made her cum and wanted her to know it.

Then He pulled her head slowly down deeper on His Black sausage. She would gag, He'd let her up for air then pull her down again deeper, all the while ramming the three fingers into her cunt. With about half of it in, it was obvious that it was firmly lodged past her throat and her eyes rolled up. Suddenly she started to moan and shake and then with a wail her body jerked hard. She tried to come up off His thick Black Cock, but He held her head on it as her climax rolled through her several times.

Finally He let her roll off and collapse onto the floor as she slowly recovered.

"That was very good, Jaye. You pleased me. Now take off your skirt and get on the bed. B, I think she's primed. Let's have some fun! Head or tail?"

i moved up to her head. She grabbed my cock and started sucking energetically. Robert moved between her legs and rubbed His mushroom head along her engorged labiaand clit, then pressed the tip into her cunt opening. She moaned around my cock.

Slowly He eased His way in, an inch or so at a time. At the halfway point she had quit sucking me and was moaning about how big and hard He was. He paused, but she wrapped her legs around His thighs and pulled Him in deeper. He pulled out again, and when she pulled Him back He sank all the way in, hitting bottom with some to spare.

"Omigawd!" she screamed.

In a moment or two she resumed sucking me while He gently slid in and out. We went on like this for a while, then He told me to switch.

She got up on her knees and lowered her head onto the Big Black cock, wiggling her hips at me. i mounted her doggie style, but my cock just slid into her stretched cunt and seemed to wave around. It was warm and wet but little friction. That was OK by me because i didn't want to cum too soon.

After some time we changed again, keeping her on her knees. After a few minutes of His Big black Cock in her, she wasn't really sucking me so i had to face fuck her, holding her by the hair and pulling her onto my cock.

Her moans were coming louder and she was pushing her ass back onto His thick Black pole.

After a few more minutes, i dumped my load in her mouth and pulled her head off my cock. Her face had "The Look."

"You can finish her off any time," I told Him.

He pulled out and had her mount Him in a reverse cowgirl, then started pulling her down onto Him by her hips. She was working with Him, bouncing up and down and crying out as He hit bottom.

i knelt there watching that thick Black cock stretching her hole and listening to her, marveling once again at the eroticism of Black going into White and the sheer beauty of seeing my wife getting fucked and enjoying it so much.

Suddenly she yelled "Omigawd, he's going to make me squirt!"

i moved my head in close. He speeded up and pounded her from below even harder. She began to babble incoherently and then, as her Big Bang hit, she let go a spurt into my face. Then another and another.

Finally, she fell forward as the waves continued to roll through her.

Robert gave her a minute, then pulled out and mounted her missionary style and proceeded to fuck her to His climax, starting slowly and softly at first, then speeding up and banging her hard, which brought out more moans. Finally, He came with a groan and collapsed on top of her.

When He had recovered a little, he pulled out, pulled off the condom -- which He handed to me as if it was understood that i was his servant -- and pulled her head over to clean Him.

We all rested for a while, Jaye almost purring, her head on His groin, softly licking his Big Black Cock. He asked if she wanted a second round. She chuckled and said "Yes, but if we do I won't be in any shape for the gang bang tomorrow," so we agreed to call it a night and He left.

When He had gone i started to stroke her in preparation for another go at her stretched cunt, but she said she was satisfied.

"But you know I'll never say "no" to you, B. If you want some you can have my ass."

After i cleaned my cum from her hole and she cleaned my cock, she stroked my head.

"Gawd he's hung! And he knows how to use it too!

(More seriously) "....And how to use me! If you weren't such a good cunt licker you'd be in trouble! Tomorrow is going to be wonderful!"

We kissed deeply and fell asleep with our arms around each other.

Sat evening Gang Bang --

At about 9pm, the three Black men arrived. Jaye, naked except for hoops, Queen of Spades medallion, wedding rings, the garter belt, stockings and 6" heels, met each at the door with a big kiss, grinding her mound into their crotches.

We had music on a player and Jaye started to dance for her audience, moving from one to the other and rubbing her tits, cunt or ass against them. Sometimes she would get on her knees and bury her face in their crotches, wiggling her ass, sometimes she would sway sensually while she jacked her clit or pushed her fingers into her cunt while she pulled and twisted her nipples. Eventually she dropped to her knees, freed one black cock and started sucking it. The others took that as their cue to strip.

She guided one Black man behind her to start the fucking as she jerked off me and the third Black man - a Queen Bee directing the action.

We had partied with the other two Black men before and they were fine with me joining to make it four on one, but after a while (and getting my rocks off) i just watched the beautiful ballet.

There seem to be two general male approaches to gang-bangs: fuck the birthday girl until they climax and then take advantage of the longer staying ability for later fucks, usually used by younger guys who can get it up often; and fuck until they get close, then tag out to the next guy, which gives less down time, and holding off dumping their load until later in the evening, which is usually used by older guys. Both techniques were in use that night.

Slowly, as the action got really hot, Robert took over as Emcee, telling Jaye what position to assume and later who should do what to her. By the time they had each cum in her mouth, cunt and ass, she was a limp, obedient fuck puppet.

As they started to leave, Jaye whispered to me to invite Robert back for a get together in the morning (We liked to spend time post-gang bang just re-connecting as husband and wife so we didn't normally invite bangers to stay the night and as we were not leaving until Monday, Sunday was open.)

Sun AM final fuck --

Robert called at about 9 AM to inform us He had ordered breakfast sent to our room and that He would be by in a few minutes. And that we shouldn't get dressed.

He arrived shortly after -- with flowers for Jaye! Over eggs, bacon and coffee, Him dressed, us naked, He told us again how much He had enjoyed the last two nights, complimenting Jaye on her loveliness and passion for cock. She glowed.

When the second cup of coffee was done, without asking permission, He removed His clothes and sat on the sofa with His legs spread, telling me to get the lube and lay down on my back in front of Him. Then He told Jaye to straddle my head and suck Him hard while i prepped her cunt and ass with my mouth and the lube.

After gag-fucking her and twisting her nipples for a while He moved us to the bed where He pushed her into a doggie position and had me guide His thick Black cock into her. Then He took her fast and hard, pulling back on her hair to arch her back, and bringing on an orgasm. He had me face fuck her while he continued to pound her to another climax, then flipped her over for some slow, gentle missionary fucking.

For the next hour He kept changing pace and position, talking to her all the time, telling her tenderly how pretty she was, how good her body and tits felt, what a good fuck and what a good whore she was.

Periodically He would pull out and have her suck Him or spank her engorged clit with His hand or Big Black Cock.

Finally, after bringing her to a screaming climax that stretched out for at least 5 minutes and left her limp, He told her to beg Him to fuck her some more, which she did weakly.

He rolled her onto her belly, had me shove a pillow under her hips, then straddled her and again had me insert his Big Black Cock into her swollen cunt. He started then in earnest, pounding her and rabbit fucking while she mewed and cried until He came with a roar.

After catching His breath, He had me remove the condom and had us both clean Him off and thank Him.

With a shower, a lingering tongue kiss and a niple twist for Jaye, a handshake for me, and a "Til next time!" he was gone.

Jaye was exhausted, and deep in afterglow, but she hadn't cum during the final pounding. i asked if she wanted me to lick her to orgasm. Stretching like a cat, her eyes closed, she said no, she really was too sore, and she just wanted to bask in the feeling of being totally fucked and used.

Was i still horny? If so i could have her ass if I was gentle -- it was sore from the night before. But she had just had the best fucking - mentally as well as physically -- since Jamal and she just wanted to focus on the feelings in her cunt and clit.

I admitted I had jerked off twice watching them and my offer was to make sure she was satisfied. She said that if I wanted to please her, she would like to watch me jerk off on her mound and lick it off. She stroked my head as I did.

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