tagInterracial LoveJamaican Holiday Ch. 17

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 17


The deed is done

December, 2010

This Thanksgiving things changed. Well, actually before Thanksgiving.

We have been partying with Robert almost every month for most of the year. He is our preferred play partner for her, and we have modified our Adventuring schedule to coincide with his availability -- in fact, we have dropped contact with most of our "collection." Jaye e-mails him nightly, and talks to him on the phone several times a week -- sometimes both of us on speaker, sometimes she takes the phone into our bedroom. An hour later she calls me in. There on the bed or stuffed into her cunt or ass is the big Black dildo. Her face and chest is flushed, her eyelids drooping, nipples and clit swollen. We have some great fuck sessions after his phone calls. And, I was talking to him at least once a week. He and I had an easy going friendship but it was obvious that He was lead dog.

One evening as we lay in bed and she stroked my cock, Jaye pointed out that Robert always made a point of taking health precautions for our Adventures, always showed up with a recent blood test to prove he was STD free, and he never complained about our rule to use condoms like some of the others. I pointed out that with two other white couples in his "stable" he had a real incentive to be safe.

Jaye agreed and then surprised me by suggesting that we could probably allow him to bareback her. I looked at her. She said she knew the rules and would not break them if I said no, but Robert seemed safe and she loved feeling a man cum in her - the simultaneous feeling of submission and power.

Then, as she continued to stroke me, she pointed out that I liked to clean her and hadn't had a chance for years except my own because of the condom rule.

Her hand speeded up on my now-hard cock.

"I've seen how you look at Robert's and James' Black cocks. They're as thick as Jamal's. You're thinking about having one in your mouth, aren't you? And don't lie -- your cock is giving you away! Maybe you want it someplace else, too! (giggle)"

With that I pushed her off and rolled her into a doggie position, sliding my rock hard cock into her fast and hard. She came almost immediately. When I had come, she rolled over on her back and I cleaned her, bringing her to her Big Bang.

After we were done we talked. I asked her if she was serious about bare-backing Robert and she said yes.

What about James? She wasn't sure. She knew Robert was faithful in his way to his women and careful but James was younger and she wasn't sure how safe he was.

D'arnell? No. He was too young and she was sure he fucked around too much.

What about other guys? No. She was sure. Just Robert.

I wasn't sure even about Robert. There was an intimacy in bare-backing that we had steered away from in addition to the health and safety aspects.

A few nights later, she brought it up again. I reminded her that we had promised to look out after each other, knowing our weaknesses for certain personality types. Plus, she had remarked several times about Robert's effect on he and how she needed protection. Ever since I had forgiven them about the Vegas trip, she had me present, at least watching, whenever they were together.

"I don't think I want to be protected from Robert anymore. I like being submissive to him. I feel safe. He knows how far to take me and when to pull me back. And you would still be there as my ultimate safety. Besides, after what we have been through with him in the last couple of years, there isn't much to save me from."

She flipped the ring in her clit hood to emphasize the point. But the ring also reminded me that I hadn't always been there as her ultimate safety with Robert -- at her urging.

A week later, she brought it up again, and as we talked, she was stroking and sucking me again, bringing on an erection, playing softly with my balls. She would bring me close to cumming and ask me if it was all right to let Robert bareback her. I would say no and she would back off, then bring me closer and ask again if she could have Robert cum in her.

After a while I wasn't sure of anything much except that I wanted to cum.

Again and again to the brink, telling me how much she would enjoy it and how much I enjoyed seeing her enjoy.

"No..." again - but weaker.

She speeded up and kept talking about how I would love eating the tons of cum he shoots, and how I would clean his cum-coated Black cock.

"You'd love that, wouldn't you? Sucking his thick Black cock and tasting his cum and mine, feeling the thickness and weight of his Big Black Cock in your mouth?"

"Yes!" I shouted and she increased her jerking on my cock, then shoved her finger up my ass hard.

I exploded.

"So, it's settled then!" She said as she scooped up my cum from my belly and fed it to me.

Barebacking wasn't what I had agreed to, but... Actually, I had had similar thoughts for a while, but had been scared by the implications.

She e-mailed him that night and told/asked him. He called her back on the phone and was delighted, then made her put me on and tell him it was OK with me.

When I said yes, he told me to shave my cock and balls as part of getting ready for our Thanksgiving meet.

We arrived at the airport, Jaye glowing from being fucked by a bootblack during our two-hour Chicago stop-over. She hadn't cum and the fuck just made her hornier.

After landing, she headed straight for the Ladies while I looked for Robert and James. Robert had told me to come with only the clothes on my back and shaving gear. Jaye had been told to bring a few more things but it all fit into one large purse.

My wife came out of Ladies, dressed in a button-down-the-front blouse, mini-skirt that ended just below her crotch, the usual hoop earrings, Queen of Spades necklace, 6" high spike heels, heavy mascara, eye liner and lipstick.

She ran over to Robert and gave him a huge sloppy wet kiss while she rubbed her crotch into his. Then she did the same to James. Each time, the skirt rolled up, revealing her bare ass to everyone at the airport baggage area.

We went out front to the car, which D'arnell was driving. Robert and James sat in back on either side of Jaye, me in front looking back.

Their hands were all over her, and they had her skirt flipped up and blouse unbuttoned before we even left the airport -- a great view for the guy in the toll booth.

I asked where we were staying and Robert said we were going to his house. This was different. Usually we stayed in a hotel and gave them keys.

On the ride over, Jaye came twice from them fingering her cunt and ass. She sucked both men but not to completion, and tried to slide her crotch onto both cocks but there wasn't enough room in the car.

Jaye arrived flushed and horny. We walked in and were greeted by his wife, Maggie. Jaye was a little awkward: the anticipation of getting Black banged again - and bare-backed by Robert -- and the foreplay on the way over had caused her to forget that if we were at Robert's house for Thanksgiving, his wife would be there too. Now here my wife was, hair messed up, whore make-up smeared, her blouse open and revealing a bare tit decorated with a gold ring in a very long, very aroused nipple!

Maggie, a well-upholstered (large breasts and hips), late 40s-something, tall - 5'10" - beautiful Black woman made light of it, welcoming her into her home and giving her a big hug.

Sensing Jaye's awkwardness, she laughed,

"Lawd honey, don't feel strange. I know all about ya and my man!"

"And you are all right with this?"

"Sure, honey! I saw a long time ago that Robert was too much man for any one woman! His first two baby mamas didn't understand though, and that's how I got him! He pays the bills and takes care of me, if you know what I mean, and I don't care where the extra goes!"

She winked,

"Sometimes I get a little attention from the men sniffing around for his bitches."

"I gotta say though, you are the first he has brought home! Let's have a look at ya!"

And with that she pulled open Jayes' blouse and hefted her tits.

"Small, but nice, particularly for her age Robert."

Then she rolled the long nipples in her fingers and pulled on the rings as Jaye moaned.

Maggie looked at James.

"This the one you gave her?" "No, mine is in her cunt!"

"Spread ya legs honey!"

With that Maggie pulled up Jaye's skirt, stroked her cunt lips and tugged on her rings. Jaye bit her lip, let out a moan and her knees sagged. Wetness glistened down her inner thighs.

"Well she sure is hot to trot! You guys must have worked her over real good on the way home!"

Finally, Maggie hooked her finger into the clit ring. "And this is yours, Robert?" "Yep!"

She pulled it gently but firmly, drawing a weak wail from Jaye and causing her to step forward, led by the ring. Then she pulled up on it causing Jaye to rise up on her toes and wail louder.

Maggie grabbed Jaye by the hair with her free hand and tilted her head up while still pulling on the clit ring.

"Two things to remember, white bitch: First, Robert is mine and nobody tries to take him away; second, we are partners - everything he owns, I own, too! Got that?"

My wife whimpered "Yes, Ma'am!"

(If all this sounds reminiscent of Jamal in Jamaica, it should. As I said, Robert had heard the full story and how we had reacted to it. He told me later that he had arranged the scene with Maggie. But I think there was as much real as there was play-acting on her part.)

With that, Maggie let go and took Jaye in Her arms for a big hug.

"She's wonderful, Robert! Welcome to our home, Honey! D'arnell! Bring out those snacks! Honey, it's almost midnight and I have a million things to do tomorrow so I'm going to bed. You came here for some hot dickin so I'll let y'all get on with it!

(She looked at me for the first time)

"I hear you like to watch and do what you're told?"

"Yes Ma'am! -- and play."

"Well, I imagine you'll get your fill of all three this weekend! Don't play with yourself too much, though....you might need your strength!"

And with that she gave us both hugs (and squeezed Jaye's tit) and kisses and headed off to bed, telling us where the bathroom was and which towels were ours.

The room fell silent. And then my wife said

"Gaawd I need some cock!"

With that James and D'arnell pulled her over to the couch and bent her over, exposing their Black cocks, longer than mine even though still soft. D'arnell plopped onto the couch and pulled Jaye's head forcefully to his Black cock.

"I want some of what you were given out in the car, bitch!"

She opened her mouth wide and plunged her head down onto it, then up, then back down, wetting it and taking it deeper each time, putting to good use the practice she had been doing with the 12" Black dildo.

At the same time, James had flipped up her skirt and positioned that sausage of a Black cock at her cunt. He rubbed it for a moment, then paused to put on a condom, and pushed in hard.

"Oh Gawd! I've been dreaming of this all week! Give me that big cock, James! Pound me! Hurt me!"

And he did.

"Yes! Yes! Ugh! Yes! AhhowwYes! Yes! Yes!" she yelled as she came.

D'arnell then grabbed her head and pushed his long, skinny Black cock slowly as far down her throat as he could. He held her like that for a moment while James stroked hard and deep into her cunt until she started to choke and convulse, whether from orgasm or asphyxia. I had seen her do this many times, and knew she loved it, but the sight always blows me away.

Between the two of them they fucked her hard and fast, not even taking her clothes off. When James came, he changed places with D'arnell, who began to pound her cunt. James removed his condom and poured his cum all over his cock for Jaye to feast on and clean up. Her moans were punctuated at times with "Oww!"s as D'arnell in his excitement would occasionally push his long Black cock too far and bang her cervix. However, when he would pause she would urge him on again.

Somewhere in the course of her spit-roasting, she had a Big Bang, and collapsed to her knees, but they only paused a moment and then continued until they were sated.

When Jaye had sucked them both clean they gave her a swat on the ass, handed me their used condoms and left, telling her they would see her tomorrow for a serious fuck session.

After they left, Robert led her into the bedroom, and I followed. It had a queen bed, a cot, and a bench type arrangement that would allow Jaye to kneel at its side, presenting her ass, cunt and mouth in doggie position, or be mounted on its padded top either belly down or belly up. Robert called it a breeding bench. Additionally, there were several camera tripods and movie lights positioned around the bed. The bed had a rubber sheet and there were plastic tarps all over the floor: Robert was apparently expecting a lot of squirting.

He turned on the lights and cameras then stood there silently. Jaye's demeanor became quieter. She embraced him, and he took her into his arms for a long kiss. Finally he stepped back.

"Get naked, B! Then undress her!!"

I obeyed, a little embarrassed about my shaved cock and balls, then removed her blouse and skirt. I knelt at the end of the bed.

Jaye melted into his arms and kissed him again, long and wet.

After returning the kiss, he had her remove his clothes and kneel next to me.

Looking up at him, even I had to admit he was gorgeous in a primal way: Over 6 feet tall, broad shoulders tapering down to narrow hips, huge biceps - one with a barbed wire tattoo encircling it, the other with his college fraternity brand burned into the flesh -- ending in large hands with long delicate fingers (this was added by Jaye - fingers don't do it for me), a rounded belly, small man boobs, tight round buns, and solid, highly muscled thighs. Between them hung His Black Cock -- not the largest -- 9" or so when erect - but very thick, and wider at the base, topped by a rounded, un-circumsized mushroom head and backed by a huge set of balls. He was the human version of a Silverback Gorilla -- power emanating from him.

"Hands behind your backs!"

He stood in front of Jaye and started stroking his Black cock in front of her.

"What do you want, Jaye?"

"I want to be fucked!"

"By whom?"

"By you!"

"How?" Jaye was starting to understand that the tone had changed from lusty gangbang to submission session.

"Any way you want, Sir"

"Any way?"

"Yes Sir, any way! And bareback, please. I want to feel your cum shoot into me!"

"So, you want to be my bitch?"

"Sir! I AM your bitch!"

"If you're my bitch, I must be your Master, right?"

"Yes, sir! You are my Master!"

(What? This was going way past, "You don't need to use condoms!")

He grabbed her hair and pushed his Black cock into her mouth.

"I don't give a crap about what you want! You knew before you came here with your cunt shaved and ass flushed out that you were here to serve me for the next 4 days. The only thing a bitch wants is to please her Master!"

She reached for his Black cock.

"Keep your hands behind your back, bitch! You don't touch your Master's Cock unless he tells you to! And even then you have to earn it!

She complied instantly. He pulled his Black cock out of her mouth and stood there, slowly stroking himself inches from her face, getting harder, letting the situation sink in on us.

"Now if you want me to bareback you don't you think you ought to tell your husband that's what you want?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Tell him!"

She turned her face to me.

"B, I want Robert to fuck me bareback and use me all weekend!"

Of course, we had been over all this on the phone and in e-mails, but Robert was playing it out for full effect -- and the realization that we were entering into a very different relationship was sinking in on both of us. And being recorded.

(Again, he paused. His Black cock was hard now.)

He turned to me, his thick Black cock almost touching my lips, and started stroking it faster.

"You all right with that B?"

"Yes, Sir!" (I was a little surprised how easily I was falling into the submissive role and how right it felt. It had been years since the maintenance man in Jamaica, and although Robert had always been the lead dog, it had never been a Master/slave thing.)

"You want me to dump my cum into her?"

"Yes, Sir."

"You know I'm gonna use this slut's cunt, ass and mouth all weekend?"

"Yes, Sir!"

He moved his thick, hard Black cock closer, softly stroking my face with it, sliding down to graze my lips, then moving on. My jaw fell open at the silky caress.

He pulled back away from my face, still stroking his Black cock. My eyes focused on it like a mouse mesmerized by a snake -- it was all I could see. All I wanted.

"I'm gonna loan her out, too. Maybe even sell her mouth and ass as well as her cunt! You all right with that, too?"

"Y.Y.Yes Sir!"

A drop of pre-cum emerged from his cock slit. I licked my lips, and leaned toward it. He pulled back.

"You want me to whore her out, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir. Please, Sir."

He moved close again and touched my lips with the tip, wiping the pre-cum onto them. (A reward?) Then he moved away.

"And you want to lick up my cum from her holes, don't you?"

"Ohhhh! Yes, Sir."

He continued stroking that magnificent Black cock - moving it toward my lips and then pulling away.

More pre-cum emerged. He squeezed it out onto my cheek and used the tip to rub it into my face. Another groan. (Where was Jaye? Why isn't she doing something to save me? She knows my weakness. We are supposed to protect each other from ourselves. Gawd! I want this Dominant Black Man to control me. I want His Big Black Cock in my mouth and ass!)

"And you know it's gonna be that way between us from now on. Not just this weekend. Up until now you two have been swingers and kinky sex freaks. From now on, I own her. Whenever we get together, no more of your rules, no more threesomes with you, no more you fucking her before or after me. You only touch her when I say so and you don't fuck her cunt at all when I am around!"

"Y,y,yes Sir."

"And you want it that way, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir!"

Another drop of pre-cum. This time He let it drop off the tip, making a long, thick ribbon that fell on my waiting tongue. Then He rubbed the leaking tip over my lips. Definitely a reward.

"If that's what you want, shouldn't you ask me?"

"Please, Sir fuck my...."

"NO Fool! BEG ME!"

Suddenly something in my brain flipped! In a pleading voice I said

"Please Master, please fuck my wife bareback! Shoot Your cum into her! Please use her -- use both of us - any way You want! She's yours! We both are!"

Next to me, Jaye gasped.

i had never thought i would ever do something like this! i was not only handing over control of my wife but of myself too. This wasn't adventure role playing in Jamaica. It was real life.

"Open your mouth!"

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me on and off His Black Cock several times.

"Too late, boi! Like you heard, she's already my bitch! Has been for 2 years! But now you are, too!"

Leaving me alone in my shame, He pulled out and dragged her to her feet by her hair, held her in His big arms and gave her a long wet kiss which she returned, grinding her naked body into His.

Suddenly the mood changed again - from D/s to romance.

She melted her body into His and they kissed again, their hands were all over each other. Softly, lovingly. She dropped to her knees in front of Him.

"What do you want?" (Spoken gently)

"Please let me suck your cock, Master!"

"What will you do to earn it? Eat my ass?"

(Snap! Back to D/s - Jaye's eyelids were starting to droop and she was obviously breathing through her mouth)

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