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Jamaican Night


I stood waiting for a hostess to seat us with my beautiful dining companion at a restaurant on the outskirts of Kingston, Jamaica. Joan was 26 and of mixed race, mostly African-American, but some Indian, giving her a beautiful shiny dark skin with deep piercing eyes. She wore a white top, without a bra, which revealed the outline of her small, taut breasts and small nipples. Her tight pants obviously covered her lovely bum with red high heels to complete the outfit. Every male and even a few females turned to see her stunning beauty as we made our way to our table.

My name is Mike and I'm a British business man in my mid 30s. I have been dining with Joan on a regular basis during my business trips over the past two years and, yes, I have been trying to get into her knickers without success. On my last visit, we spent a wonderful day in Ocho Rios climbing Dunnes River Falls. The sight of her lovely butt covered by a small bikini bottom caused my cock to swell as I followed her up the falls.

She has a boyfriend but he had been sent overseas for a year to get more experience in hotel management. He has now been away for seven months and, tonight, Joan seems more relaxed with me.

After we finished our dessert of fresh mango and ice cream, I slid my hand across the table and placed it on top of Joan's. She didn't move her hand away.

"You are a very beautiful young lady," I said, smiling.

She blushed and our eyes remained locked in a heated gaze. Our trance like pose was broken as the waitress appeared to clean away our dishes.

"Will you be having coffee?" asked the waitress.

"No thank you, please just bring us the bill," Joan replied before I could answer.

As the waitress walked away out of earshot, Joan said, "I thought maybe you can come back to my place and have coffee."

"Thank you, that would be great," I replied.

The bill was settled, making sure I got a receipt to claim on my expenses. I watched as Joan stood then I followed her towards the door. Her taut bottom looked fabulous in those tight pants and attracted the attention of other male diners.

We reached her first floor apartment in a small block just a few hundred yards from the restaurant. She proudly showed me around the one bedroom apartment with a bathroom, kitchen and living room then suggested I sit on the double seat as she disappeared to make coffee.

"Tia Maria coffee is my speciality. Is that Okay?" she asked from the kitchen.

"Sounds great," I replied.

She returned a few minutes later with two glasses of the traditional Jamaican cocktail, placing them on coasters on the table close to the double seat. She sat down next to me and handed me a glass before picking up the other for herself.

"Thank you for lovely evening, Joan," I said, taking a sip of the delicously tasting drink.

"It's me who should be thanking you, it was a wonderful meal," she replied.

She placed her glass on the table then leaned over to kiss me. It was a long lingering kiss with me trying to hold my glass steady. As our lips parted, I reached over to put the glass down then pulled Joan close to me. Our lips met again as I stroked her cheek with my hand. My tongue parted her lips and she willingly accepted my tongue into her mouth. The taste of Tia Maria mingled with our saliva. She responded by pushing her tongue against mine while letting out a low moan.

My hands caressed her back, confirming that she was, indeed , braless. Not wishing to push her too fast, I rested my hand in the small of her back while continuing to french kiss her. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. She had a deep, starry look that told me she was past the point of no return. I kissed her on the neck with my fingers gently squeezing her earlobe. Her hands rested on my butt as our bodies pressed against each other.

"Do you want to move to the bedroom?" I asked.

Joan smiled then stood up, taking my hand leading me into her bedroom. We stood close to the bed and embraced, our lips touching, our tongues dancing together. With our bodies pressed against each other, I could feel her hardening nipples against my chest whilst my semi erect cock was sandwiched between us. She lifted her leg, rubbing it against my growing cock and moaned loudly, her breathing coming in short gasps.

My hand found the button to loosen her pants, allowing me to pull her top out of them. I ran my hands up her back under the top and kissed her neck. Her skin felt warm and soft. She reached for my hardening dick and rubbed it through the clothing. With her free hand, she began to unbutton my shirt and I helped me to remove it after she pushed it off my shoulders. She ran her hand across my hairy chest, gently teasing my sensitive nipples with her fingertips.

"I love your hairy chest," she groaned

My hand moved round under her top to massage one of her breasts, taking one small but hard nipple between my fingers and squeezing gently. She unbuckled my belt then unzipped me, allowing my trousers fall to the floor. Her slender black hand eased inside the waistband of my white Y fronts and her long black fingers wrapped around my now almost fully erect dick. She gently stroked me to full size then ran her fingertip over my pee hole, which was oozing clear droplets of pre cum. She brought her finger to her mouth and licked it clean.

"You taste salty, Mike."

"I need to see you, Joan," I said while lifting her tight top. She raised her arms to allow me to take it over her head.

Her firm black breasts looked good with small coffee coloured nipples. I pushed my hand into the waistband of her pants and slid them down along with her panties. I realised she was still wearing her red heels so I knelt down to help her step out of her clothes whilst allowing her to keep her heels on. I stood back to admire Joan's beautiful shiny black body, long legs with neatly trimmed black pubic hair between them. She was a wet dream come true.

"You look fantastic, Joan, are you sure you want to carry on?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed, loosening her ponytail, letting her long black hair hang down over her shoulders.

Joan stepped away from me, walking over to lay on the matress. She looked so hot, nude except for red high heels. I slipped off my Y fronts then lay down on the bed, gently kissing the nape of her neck. My hand moved to her breast, kneading it before teasing her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

She moaned as my mouth replaced my fingers, gently sucking on her black boob. Taking her nipple between my teeth, I gently squeezed then swirled my tongue around the small taut bud. My hand moved to the other breast, massaging her small firm tit. Joan moaned as my mouth moved to her other breast, taking the taut nipple between my teeth, gently squeezing it.

I could hear that her breathing was heavier and noticed her legs were relaxed and open for my exploration. I began to kiss and lick between her breasts then down to her belly button as my fingers rubbed through the curly mound covering her sweet pussy. I leaned in, opening her legs wider before kissing her inner thighs. With my hands under her taut ass, I lifted her pussy closer to my face and I blew gently across the hard nub of her clit. I felt her body tense and the heat eminating from her.

"Joan, are you Okay?" I asked.

"Yessss! No one has ever gone down on me before but it feels soooo good!" she rasped out. I felt her relax as my tongue moved back to her inner thigh allowing me to gently suck on her soft black skin.

My nose rested on the prominent outer lips of her pussy, allowing me to enjoy her heavenly womanly aroma. She seemed more relaxed now, I could hear her panting as I moved my tongue to lick the outer folds of her cunt. I could taste her juices, so sweet and feminine, just like honey. I opened the soft mounds of her cunt to reveal the vivid pink colour of her inner folds, a perfect contrast to her black skin. She moaned as I worked a finger into her and hooked it to find that sensitive area on the inner virgina wall.

"That's it, just there!" she cried out.

I could see her hood opening and her small clitoris appearing like a new flower. My tongue licked up the soft folds of her wet cunt, avoiding any contact with her clit. I leaned in closer to run my tongue through her pubes while my finger teased her cunt wall, she was moaning and panting now. I blew a warm breath across her clit before I closed my mouth around the tempting treat, gently licking and sucking.

Jaon arched her back, pushing her swollen cunt against my face. Her body tensed as her orgasm hit her and her sweet juices flowed around my finger and into my mouth. I lapped at her lovebox, tasting the sweet womanly nectar then kissed her inner thighs while slowly pulling my slippery wet finger from her.

I licked and kissed the short prickly pubic hair covering her sex before climbing higher to her flat tummy. The salty taste of perspiration mixed with sweet juice from her cunt. I swirled my tongue around each erect nipple before moving upwards to kiss her neck. When I reached her face, our lips met allowing Joan to taste her own juices as my tongue probed her mouth.

I was laying on top of her and the contented smile on my face told me that she had enjoyed her first experience of cunnilingus. I kissed her neck then her earlobe, I felt her hand and her long black fingers wrap around my throbbing white shaft. Joan began to rub up and down on my swollen cock, reaching further round to caress my full balls. Now, it was my turn to suck in deep breaths as she wanked me.

"Do you want to make love?" I asked.

"YES! I want you to fuck me with that hard white cock! I want to feel your spunk hitting my pussy walls!" she exclaimed.

I lifted her body to place a pillow under her bum then positioned my cock at the wet and open entrance to her cunt. I slowly entered her, waiting for her to feel comfortable before thrusting deep into her tight pussy. I felt her muscles tighten around my cock as she raised her legs and her heels rested on the back of my thighs, the cold steel tips sliding along my skin as I started to slowly slide in and out of her pussy. We quickly settled into a rhythm, my deep thrusts being met by her pushing up to meet me. Her tight cunt gripped my cock, making it difficult to hold back from shooting my load.

I looked at her face, her glazed deep green eyes were staring at the ceiling as her body rose to meet my quickening thrusts. Her breath was coming in short gasps, her body going rigid as I felt her juices flowing over my cock as her climax hit her.This took me over the edge, my hot spunk filling her pussy mixing with her own juices.

We lay breathless for several minutes coming down from a great fuck before I let my softening penis slip out of her. I moved off Joan and lay beside her. Our breathing slowly returned to return to normal and our lips met for another passionate kiss. Joan got up to use the bathroom, then returned with a damp cloth to clean my cock.

"Mike, that was great but tonight will not be repeated."

"Joan, you are a fantastic fuck, why is it just tonight?" I asked, disappointed.

"I am going to marry Clive on his return and I will be faithful to him .Tonight was my first time with a white guy, something I wanted to experience before I got married, " she explained. She moved in closer to me, placed a quick kiss on my lips then added with a smile, "But, we still have the rest of the night."

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