tagLoving WivesJamaican Resort Day 03

Jamaican Resort Day 03


We woke up naked with the sun reflecting off the mirror. Carol's skin glowed from all the sun and all the satisfying sex. Her nipples were hard and her shaved mound was prominent.

I had my usual morning piss hard on. I made some coffee and gently woke Carol. She smiled, stretched and said,

"Wow some sexy vacation."

We chatted for a while then decided to go to our table for breakfast.

We joined the usual crew and had eggs benedict with mimosas.

Carol had on a halter top and was naked under her pareo. Carol smirked at Kevin. He blushed. She started flirting with Tom.

After we ate we went to the large outdoor Jacuzzi. There were several men in the bubbling water. Carol was the only woman.

Carol took off her halter top and pareo. She stood on the edge for a moment, flaunting her beautiful body. Carol stepped in and all the men were staring at her.

I took off my shorts and got in beside her.

Carol floated to the middle of the tub and bumped into several of the men. She decided to have some fun. She sat on one man's lap and squirmed around on his cock. When he got too fresh, Carol moved on to the next man. When she got to me she grasped my semi erect cock and started stroking it.

The men looked on enviously.

Carol and I got out of the Jacuzzi, with my cock half hard. She stood on the edge and did a little dirty dance for the men. She left several of them with erections. She put her pareo on, but left the halter top off.

We decided to walk around the resort. Carol loved having her breasts bare. She wanted to be the center of erotic attention.

We went to the swimming pool. It was packed with a lot of naked people. We jumped in and joined a game of water volleyball.

Carol's firm jiggling breasts were very distracting. She dropped out of the game and just watched.

I looked over at her and she had a confused but aroused look on her face and her nipples were standing up. I dove under the water and swam to her. I saw a cock rubbing against her ass. I came up and saw that it was John who had fucked her in the pool last night. He was insistently humping her ass.

There was a stage set up beside the pool and one of the resort staff started speaking into a microphone. He was announcing a wet T shirt contest.

"Ladies here's your chance to show them off."

Carol looked at me with a gleam in her eye. She extricated herself from John and went to the stage to sign up for the contest. It was to be held tonight after dinner.

John looked disappointed that Carol had abandoned him.

I swam over to him and he started fondling my cock under the water. It felt good so we moved closer to each other and rubbed our cocks together. I didn't know where this was headed but pleasure is pleasure.

Carol came back to the pool. When she saw what we were doing she inserted herself between John and I. She took a cock in each hand.

She said, "Let's take him back to our room."

John and I both smiled.

The three of us got out of the pool, naked, with our arms around each other. We got a few odd looks from some people but we didn't care.

We got to the room. John and I sandwiched Carol between us. I snuggled up to her ass and ran my cock between her cheeks. John sucked on her tits and began finger fucking her.

Carol started moaning and making humping motions. She told John to get on the bed on his back. She straddled his mouth and pressed her cunt on his face.

John eagerly buried his face in her mound. He licked and sucked for all he was worth. His face glistened with Carol's secretions.

On an impulse I got on the bed behind Carol and sucked John's hard cock into my mouth. I reveled in the hardness, heat and soft skin. I lathered it with my tongue and could taste his pre cum.

Carol looked back at me and groaned,

"Get it hard for me you cocksucker."

I kept sucking and licking and John started making muffled groaning sounds.

Carol slithered down John's body until she was poised over his cock. She looked at me expectantly.

I grasped his cock and put it in her cunt.

Carol stayed still for a few moments luxuriating in the fullness in her cunt. She started riding his cock. She was rising and pushing back down. He cunt lips stretching to pull his cock into her. Her juices were flowing covering his cock and balls.

I stood watching and stroking my prick.

I got up to Carol's back on the bed and pushed her forward. I put my cock on top of John's and pressed into her cunt.

Carol groaned, "I love two cocks in my cunt."

John and I developed a rhythm where I would plunge in and he would pull almost all the way out. Our cocks were slick with her secretions Carol's cunt was stretched and soaking and we reveled in the unexpected pleasure of cock on cock.

Carol and I love double vaginal fucking. Her cunt stretches and exposes her clit. I love the firm hug of her cunt lips.

Carol leaned down to John and he started sucking on her tits.

I stuck a lubricated finger in her ass and I could feel both cocks through her thin membrane.

Carol reached down and began fingering her clit. We were in a sexual wonderland. We kept fucking and fucking, enjoying every delicious second. Our entire existence was focused on the immense pleasure we were all feeling.

Carol started her sex talk. "Fuck meeee. Oh, Oh, my fucking god. I'm going to cum. Ahhhhh."

John pushed his hips up and started bucking. He groaned, "Carollll, fuck me, cuming."

I could feel his cum spurting into Carol and bathing my cock and balls in it. It felt wonderful.

I came, mumbling, "Fuck my dirty girllll. Oh Carol, Oh Carol."

I collapsed onto Carol's back and John and I hugged her tightly while she still trembled.

I murmured, "Love my sexy wife. Love my dirty girl."

After a while we disengaged our sweaty bodies.

John kissed Carol and said, "I hope we do it again."

Carol lay back on the bed with with arms and legs akimbo cum streaming out of her.

We hadn't had lunch yet. What a start to the day. Wow!

We had lunch with the usual crowd. Carol flirted outrageously with Kevin and Tom. She still had her breasts bare and the pareo was slipping showing the top of her ass. She leaned into Tom pressing her breasts into his arm and gazing into his eyes. She gave the same treatment to Kevin and stroked his thigh.

I loved it. Tom loved it. Kevin loved it. I'm sure they were aroused.

For the rest of the afternoon we wandered around the resort. There were a lot of beautiful naked bodies.

I teased Carol about the wet T shirt contest.

She blushed. Her nipples were standing up.

I knew she was looking forward to flashing the whole crowd.

We got back to our room mid afternoon.

Carol took off her pareo and lay back on the bed.

She said, "I'm so horny waiting for tonight's contest."

I said, "What would you like? You can sit on my face. You can use your dildo and vibrator. We could have an old fashion fuck."

Carol said, "I want you to watch me finger fuck myself until I cum and you can jerk off."

Carol lay back on the bed. She started by running her hands all over her body. Next she started caressing her breasts and pulling on her nipples.

I sat on a chair, my lubricated cock in my hand.

Carol started fingering her cunt. She would pull apart her outer lips then slip her fingers in up to her clit. Her cunt was flowing with juices. Her body was flushed with arousal.

I could hear her wetness and smell her secretions. My cock was overflowing with pre-cum. It dripped down to my balls.

On the bed Carol's fingering got more intense. Her breathing was erratic.

She groaned, "Watch me. Watch me cuuum. I love you watching meeee have sex."

I got up from my chair and stood over Carol. I was stroking faster and faster.

I said, "You're a very dirty girl. I love my dirty girl. I love to watch youuuuuu."

We were both at the point of no return.

Carol moaned, "Ohh yeah. Ahhhh. Your cock is so harddddd. Cum with me."

I could feel my balls tightening up and the veins in my cock were hot and protruding.

I mumbled, "Oh fuck. Ohh yeah. Cum on you."

I exploded with stream after stream of cum. I aimed it at her tits.

She trembled through a tremendous orgasm, crying out and moaning loudly.

I collapsed onto to Carol and pulled her sticky body to me. I licked my cum off her tits and nibbled on her nipples.

We took a shower together. We were both in the sweet afterglow of sex.

It was time to get ready for dinner.

At dinner Carol wore a gauze halter top and her pareo. The whole table kidded her about the upcoming contest.

Carol was doing her usual flirting with Kevin and Tom. At one point she was sitting on Tom's lap and wriggling around. When she sat down to eat, Tom's pants were tented with what appeared to be huge erection.

Dinner was a rare tenderloin steak and baked potato. We had a bottle of Malbec and martinis. It was all great.

I noticed Carol squirming on her chair, obviously excited about the contest.

From the stage we heard the announcement that the T shirt contestants should come up to the stage.

There were a dozen or so women. Most of them were very hot.

The announcer had them line up side by side then turn around and take their current tops off. He gave each of them a thin white T shirt to put on their naked breasts.

The women went center stage one at a time. A resort staff person would stand behind them and pour a bucket of chilly water on their T shirts. Of course the wet T shirts became transparent.

The crown started chanting, "Show us your tits."

Some of the women would do a little dance and shake their tits. A few daring ones lifted the T shirt and flashed the crowd.

Carol went center stage for her turn. The water cascaded over her T shirt. Her tits were incredible.

The crowd cheered and chanted, "Tits, we want tits."

Carol pulled the T shirt tightly to her tits and did a little grinding dance. She looked at me and reached for the hem of her T shirt, pulled it over her head and tossed it to Tom. She had a huge smile on her face.

The crowd started a new chant. "Take it off. Take it off."

Carol started pulling at the knot in her pareo. She turned her back to the crowd, opened the pareo and flashed her ass.

The crowd went wild.

Carol turned back facing the crowd and gave them a quick flash of her shaved mound.

The crowd whistled and cheered.

Carol came running to me all flushed and excited.

Carol won the contest. She was called back to the stage. Her tits were still bare and the knot in the pareo was dangerously loose and hung low on her hips.

The cheering was loud and long.

Carol stood there taking it all in. She pulled the knot and stood there naked, proud and obviously aroused.

Carol ran off the stage through the crowd to me.

Several men tried to touch her.

She pulled me to her and gave me a full body kiss.

She said, "Where's Tom?"

I spotted him a few feet away and pointed him out to Carol.

She walked over to him and said,

"I need my T shirt."

He reluctantly gave it to her.

She pulled it over her head. She stood there the T shirt still wet and no bottoms on. She gazed up at him and said,

" Get Kevin. My room. Now."

Tom and Kevin put their arms around Carol and she flashed her eyes at me.

In the room I rolled a few joints and offered to make drinks. While I making martinis Carol was sitting between the two of them on the couch. By this time she had taken the T shirt off and was naked.

Each of the men started sucking on her breasts. Tom started finger fucking Carol.

Carol said, "I'm naked. All of you get naked."

In a flash there were three naked horny men with raging erections and one naked Carol in the suite.

Carol got up and started a sexy dance. Caressing her breasts and fingering her cunt.

She sat down on the couch between them.

Carol had a cock in each hand and was stroking them. She bent down and alternately sucked each one. Her body was flushed red with arousal.

Tom and Kevin threw their heads back and grunted their approval.

I sat in my usual chair stroking my lubricated cock.

I said, "Carol, what do you want to do."

She said, "I want the three of you to gang bang me. I want all of you to fuck me many times. Dick's first."

I pulled Carol to me, gave her an open mouthed kiss and started fingering her. She moaned into my mouth. I told her to get on the bed on her hands and knees.

I knelt behind her and rubbed my cock on her wet slit. Without any further foreplay I plunged my cock into her. Her cunt was soaking and her juices were dripping on the bed. I reached around her and started roughly pulling on her nipples.

Carol reached down with her hand and started rubbing her clit.

This was raw sex.

Kevin and Tom were standing by the bed stroking their cocks.

I kept pounding away at her. I slapped her ass several times. It soon turned bright red.

I said, "Take that you cock hungry cunt."

Carol moaned, "Ohhh yessss, fuck meeee, fuck meee. I need cock."

My fucking became a blur of lust. I wanted to keep fucking forever. I felt my balls churning. I wanted to bury my cock deep into Carol.

Carol groaned, "Ahhhh, Ahhhh, coming."

I exploded into her, sending streams of cum deep in her.

I grunted, "Cock, my cock. Ahhh."

I collapsed onto Carol's back panting and breathless. Cum was running out of her cunt.

As soon as I got my breath,

Carol said, "Tom, I need to be fucked."

I moved aside and Tom told Carol to get on her back. She looked up at him with glazed, lustful eyes.

Tom bent down and started biting her tits.

Carol wailed out, "My tits."

Tom slapped her tits. He put Carol's legs over his shoulder and stabbed his cock into her overflowing cunt. Tom started fucking Carol. His ass was clenching as he roughly fucked her. His cock was soaked with her juices. The veins in his cock were an angry red.

Carol whimpered, "Fuck meeee. Dick watch."

Neither of them could last. Lust was in charge.

I saw him flexing his ass. He was pouring his seed into her.

He sobbed and clenched his ass. "Oh fuck."

Carol groaned, "Yes, yes, yes."

It was Tom's turn to collapse on Carol's back while squeezing the last of his cum into her.

After a minute Kevin tapped Tom on his shoulder and motioned for him to move aside. He told Carol to get back on her hands and knees. He slapped her ass with his hard cock. He rammed his cock into her cunt and started fucking her.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I climbed under Carol on my back, until I was directly below Carol's cunt. I could see Kevin's wet cock fucking her, stretching her lips. This a view I love so much. I put my mouth to her cunt and started licking it. As I licked it I also licked the underside of Kevin's cock.

They both whimpered in pleasure.

Carol's cunt was overflowing onto my face. I buried my tongue deep into her, alongside Kevin's cock.

Carol pulled Tom to her and started sucking his cock.

The room was full of sex sounds and aromas.

Carol wailed, "Fuuuuck. Fuuuck. Lick."

Kevin wheezed out and started cuming in Carol.

I frantically gulped down Carol's juices, my cum, Kevin's fresh ejaculate and Tom's cum.

Carol sobbed with pleasure.

Tom spurted into her mouth.

Carol yowled with pleasure.

"I'm cuming. Ohhhh Dick. Ohhhh Dick. Lick meeeee."

Kevin fell to the side.

My cock twitched and without any other stimulation I spurted my cum in the air.

Carol turned and fell on my body. She trembled and twitched with orgasm after orgasm. She ground her cunt on my leg.

I held her tight and sighed with pleasure.

Tom and Kevin looked on with stunned smiles on their faces.

I eventually spoke up.

"Carol and I need some alone time."

They both dressed and kissed Carol good night.

Day three was a triumph.

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