tagLoving WivesJamaican Vacation

Jamaican Vacation


Well the vacation is over and things have gotten back to a normal pattern. Bill and I both returned to work and we were both looking forward to the weekend. When I got home Friday evening, about 5:00 PM, Bill was sitting in the family room, with a drink and he had one set out for me too. I went over and kissed him picked up my drink and sat next to him. We talked and he finally asked if I wanted to do anything special tonight. I responded that I was up for just about anything. The grin on his face told me he had something he wanted to do and I knew I would like it. Then he told me he would like to see his favorite slut get real slutty at the theater. I truly love playing at the theater so I told him I would love to. There is something in me that excites me beyond belief when I'm openly doing all the things little girls are taught not to do.

We continued to talk about what we were going to do and I asked if he had any suggestions as to what I should wear. He told me to use my own judgment, because I always look good and sexy. I kissed him and told him I would do my best to make him proud. He responded that I always made him proud. Then I excused myself and went to our room to start getting ready. After showering, fixing my hair and putting on my makeup I was ready to get dressed. I always feel so slutty in garters and stockings so I got out a Black garter, some very dark sparkly stockings and my 5" black stiletto heels. For a little accent I put on a black open cup push up bra. The finishing touch was a sheer mini slip. The slip just made it to the bottom of my ass but was sheer enough that nipples were just visible and my dark bush was evident. I packed a small bag with a wet wash cloth in a plastic bag, a small towel, lube and condoms. Bill always carries the other things I need so I was ready to go.

When I came out to the family room Bill stood there with his mouth open until he finally told me I was the sexiest woman he has ever seen. Just another of his many qualities, that make me love him. It was now about 9:00 PM and we had a 35 minute drive to the theater so we left to start out adventure. When we got to the theater the parking lot was rather full so we knew it was a good night. As we walked from the car I noticed that there were several guys hanging out on the entrance ramp. As we started up the ramp I made eye contact with as many as I could and displayed a very big smile. Just for fun I dropped my little makeup purse in front of me and bent over to retrieve it. All of the guys got a good look at my ass and pussy. As we entered I turned toward the guys and said I hoped they liked what they saw.

Inside we paid our admission and then wandered through the DVD section. This was so all the guys could get a real good look, in the light, of the slut that was going to pleasure their cocks tonight. After a few minutes and a lot of flirting I told Bill I wanted to go back to the video booths first. He smiled as he called me slut and we started back to the booths. Thankfully several doors were open so we could see which ones had glory holes. When I spotted one with booths on each side I made my way into it with Bill in tow. Once inside we locked the door and I took off my slip and my bra. Bill put some money in the machine and I put some paper towels on the floor, so I wouldn't be kneeling in dirty cum.

It wasn't long before the first cock came thru the hole. I was already on my knees so I just reached out and began playing with it. It was an average size cock, but real hard. After sucking on it for a while I moved my face to the hole and asked if he would please cum in my mouth. Guy's love to hear that and he was no exception. Then I went to work on his cock. It felt so good in my mouth and I found his sensitive area just behind the head on the underside and I used my tongue to really stimulate it. It didn't take long before I felt his cock get real hard and he began spraying my mouth with his cum. He was a good cummer and I savored every drop before swallowing. After swallowing his load I thanked him and turned my attention to the new cock sticking through the wall on the other side. This was a rather nice black cock so as I played with it I asked Bill if he wanted to see this black cock in my mouth. I knew his answer because he loves seeing me fucking and sucking black guys. He responded yes and I slid the cock as far into my mouth as I could. After sucking it for a while I took my mouth off it and asked its owner if he would please cum in my mouth. Then I used all my talents to milk a big load out of his cock. He didn't disappoint and was soon shooting his load into my waiting mouth. When I was sure I had every drop I let his cock slide out of my mouth and looking at Bill I opened my mouth to show him the load I had and then smiled at him as I swallowed it.

That was too much for Bill and as I turned my attention to the new cock on the other wall Bill knelt behind me and began fucking my very wet pussy. As he fucked me I sucked on the new cock. Bill's cock drives me crazy and as he brought me closer to orgasm the new cock did not get my best. Just as I had an incredible cum Bill began cumming in me and it just made it so much more intense. Once I recovered I attacked the new cock and had him cumming in a few minutes. Wow, a pussy and a mouthful of cum. What more could a slut ask for.

I sucked off 4 more guys before I decided it was time to go into the theater area. There is a certain nasty thrill that you get when you are sucking a cock and have no idea who it belongs to. It really makes a girl feel super slutty. When we left the booth I didn't bother to put my slip on or clean up as I made my way to the ladies room. Several of the guys were disappointed I was leaving so I assured them I would be in the theater in just a few minutes. In the ladies room I cleaned up my pussy as best I could, fixed my hair but decided to leave the cum on my face and tits. I wanted everyone to know just what a slut I was. I did put my slip on for the trip into the theater; it would have upset the manager if I didn't.

When we entered the theater it was very dark so we stood in the back while our eyes adjusted. As we stood I took off my slip and immediately guys were playing with me. I made sounds that let them know how much I was enjoying it. When I felt a hard cock rub against my leg I reached down and began playing with it. As my eyes adjusted I looked down and was pleasantly surprised to see several cocks out of their pants. Just for fun I asked the guys if they were all for me. They responded that they were so I looked at Bill and said "Honey I think we should find a couch so I can take care of all these nice hard cocks the guys have for me". Bill took my hand and we made our way down the aisle to a vacant couch and I sat in the middle. The seat next to me was quickly taken by a very rugged looking black man. Our couch was also surrounded by guys with cocks in hand. I introduced myself to the guy next to me and asked if he minded if I sucked on his cock. He just nodded and guided my head toward it. It was a nice sized cock and I loved sucking it, having about 20 guys watching me made it so much more exciting. I did my best to really show off and was soon rewarded with his hot load. When I was sure I had every drop I sat up and let everyone watch me swallow his cum. Then I thanked him and reached out in front of me and found another cock to play with.

The cock I found was a very nice size and after sucking on it for a few moments I looked up at its owner and asked if he would please fuck me. He responded by pulling his pants down so I slid my ass to the edge of the couch so he could fuck me while kneeling. Because I didn't know him I helped put a condom on him and then guided his cock into me. It didn't take him long to get into a good rhythm and I was in a vocal mood and made sure everyone knew just how good he was fucking me. When His pace picked up and I knew he was getting close I urged him to please cum for me. After he came I thanked him and as he pulled out of me I reached down and took his cock in my hand. Then I carefully took the filled condom off his cock and told him he did such a fine job I needed to taste him. I slowly moved the condom up to my mouth and poured his load into my mouth. Guys think this is the slutiest thing you can do and I wanted to be real slutty. After swallowing his load I thanked him again and told him he tasted good.

Next a nice looking black fellow got between my spread legs and put his condom covered cock in me. I welcomed him and he fucked me real good and I came again. When he finished he was quickly replaced by another guy. This was great I had a bunch of guys all wanting to fuck me. One by one they fucked me and I came with just about everyone of them. At some point Bill told the guys that were surrounding me, as they watched, that I loved to have guys cum on me. Almost immediately these guys were stroking their cocks and I knew I was going to be decorated. When the first guy signaled he was ready I moved my head closer to him and offered my open mouth. I got a couple shots in my mouth but most of his load was on my face. Just as the next guy came I did too from the fucking I was getting. This was wonderful. After about seven guys fucking me and numerous loads dumped on me I needed a break.

Bill asked the guys to move back and handed me my little utility bag. I had a damp wash cloth in a plastic bag and I used it to wipe the cum off my face and tits. Then I used the dry cloth to finish cleaning up. My pussy just had my juices so I didn't spend much time cleaning it. Once cleaned up I asked for my slip and as I put it on I told the guys I needed to use the ladies room. Before leaving I told the guys how much I was enjoying them and I'd be back shortly. I took my makeup purse and headed for the ladies room. After doing my duty I washed my hands and did a little makeup adjusting. While I was putting on makeup another girl came in. She came over to me and told me that she wished she had my nerve because she would love to do what I had been doing, but was afraid. I assured her she had nothing to fear and she should go for what she wants.

When I got back to our couch I took off my slip again and gave it to Bill. He had used his flask to make me a drink and I sat down and sipped it. As I sipped my drink I made sure I was giving my guys a good look. This was exciting but I needed to cum again so I asked if anyone liked to eat pussy. There was a scramble but I had a face between my legs and his tongue was in my pussy in a flash. He was good and soon had me cumming again. After my second cum I thanked him, gave him a kiss, and asked who was next. A total of 5 guys ate me and I came with everyone of them. As I was thanking the last guy I saw a couple of the guys from the swingers club. I got up and reached out pulling them up front and kissed them hello.

They were very complimentary saying I looked great and how much they had been enjoying the show. I told them I was glad they were here and I sure would love it if they would fuck me and give me some cum in my pussy. Being good sports they said sure and after I sucked their cocks for a while they took turns fucking me and giving me the cum I craved. When they were done I fucked about four more guys with condoms before I needed another rest. As I rested I looked around and the crowd had really thinned out. I chatted with the guys still there but decided it was getting late, 1:00 AM, so I suggested we get ready and head home. There were a couple of new guys that hadn't had a chance so I volunteered to give each of them a blow job. When I had finally drained both their cocks I got up and put my slip on again. Bill and I walked out arm in arm and all the guys thanked us for a wonderful evening.

Once we were in the car Bill leaned over and gave me a very passionate kiss and told me I was the sexiest woman he has ever known. We then drove home and talked about the evenings activities. I loved everything about it and Bill did too. He also told me I had better have enough energy for one more because he couldn't wait to get me home and fuck me one more time. I told him there would never be a day that I didn't have the energy for that magnificent cock of his.

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