Friday nights are usually pretty good for getting some action, so I went to the Texas Lounge in downtown Calgary. There were a few people there, but it was early yet, and I didn't see anybody I knew. I had a beer and then went next door to Goliath's Bathhouse. I paid my 22 bucks and got a towel, a locker key, a couple of condoms and a pack of lube.

I found a locker and shed my clothing. I wrapped the towel around my waist and put the keyband around my wrist. I walked down the dimly illuminated hallway to the hot tub.

The only person in the hot tub was a good looking black guy, immersed chest-deep in the hot water. I dropped my towel on a chair and stepped into the water.

He motioned to me that I should sit next to him, so I slid in beside him.

"My name is Jamal", he introduced himself.

"I'm David", I replied, as I snuggled up close to him and kissed him on the lips.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, and slipped his tongue into my mouth. As we French kissed, he wrapped his fingers around my penis and stroked me.

"A little white dick like that isn't good for much besides decoration", he informed me.

I took his penis in my hand. He was huge! "Wow!" I said. "I don't know if I can take that, but I'd love to try."

"I have a room", he informed me. "We can go for some privacy anytime."

We cuddled and French kissed and chatted for a while. His penis stiffened as I stroked it underwater. A couple of other guys showed up and stepped into the tub. This was becoming a bit too public, so I whispered in Jamal's ear, "Let's go to your room."

"OK", he agreed, and we stepped out of the hot tub. He was magnificent. 6 foot plus, 200 pounds, well-muscled, penis 7 or 8 inches long in a semi-erect state. We wrapped our towels around our waists and I followed him down the darkened hallway to his room.

Jamal shed his towel and lay back on the bed, legs spread, arms behind his neck.

"Suck my dick, white boy," he ordered.

I slid between his legs and took his penis in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the corona and worked him up and down. I took him deeper and deeper, while he stiffened and filled my mouth with his thick black meat. Eventually, I swallowed him entirely, taking him deep in my throat.

His eyes bugged out. "For a white boy, you sure can suck dick," he told me.

I smiled up at him. "Practice," I informed him.

I went back to licking his penis and sucking on his testicles. He spread his legs and raised his buttocks, so I went to work licking his anus.

Jamal grabbed me by the shoulders, and pulled me up to him.

"I'm going to fuck you now," he informed me.

He split open a pack of lube, squeezed the contents onto a finger, and slipped his finger into my anus. He massaged me gently to loosen my sphincter. When I felt I was ready to take him, I tore open a condom and rolled it down his massive penis. I straddled him and directed his penis into my anus.

It took some time, and it hurt, but bit by bit, I was able to take him. I worked up and down, slowly, until I was able to take him to the hilt. He really stretched my sphincter to the maximum, but once I got used to it, it felt so good to have Jamal deep inside me.

He thrust deeper and deeper inside me until he grunted and moaned and orgasmed in a series of spasms. As he relaxed, I thrust my hips, and held him deep inside me. We lay like that for a while as his erection subsided. Eventually he slipped out of me, so I peeled the condom off him and wiped him clean with a tissue.

We lay on the bed and cuddled and kissed. I rubbed my small penis against his massive member.

"Can I have an orgasm, please, Jamal?" I begged.

"Sure you can, white boy", he agreed, and he massaged my penis while we French kissed.

Pretty soon, I squirted my load all over my belly and Jamal's hand.

"You better clean that up, white boy", he told me, so I sucked his fingers clean. He scooped the rest of my sperm off my belly and fed that to me too.

We decided to go back to the hot tub, so we stopped first for a shower, since the club rules require that you shower before entering the hot tub, especially after any sexual activity. There were a couple of other guys in there, who watched as Jamal and I soaped each other down. I just couldn't resist putting on a show for them, so I dropped to my knees and took Jamal in my mouth. He began to face fuck me, thrusting deeper and deeper into my throat, until he squirted another load inside me.

After that, we went to the hot tub. The two guys from the shower followed us, obviously fascinated by the big black guy and the white boy. I cuddled up close to Jamal in the water, and he put his arm around my shoulders. Occasionally, we kissed. We chatted casually with the other guys, but they knew that I was his white bitch. I was the bottom, the one on the receiving end of that big black cock.

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by Riki194209/20/18

Black Man

I have never had a black man but, if all the stories about them are true about how big they are and having a huge load, it's something I want to experience. However, I like doing it bareback whenevermore...

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by Anonymous09/20/18

Loved it, Loved it, Loved it...

I would have loved to trade places with David and be Jamal's bitch for the night. I loved how David showed off for the other boys in the shower, and really loved how he took a feminine bitch bottom demeanormore...

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by 63lsmith09/18/18


I loved it.

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by Anonymous09/16/18


the only place for a white boi is as a big black cock bitch !! the best fucking i every got was from a big black cock !! he fuck me till i cum then he fuck me somemore shooting his load deep in my sissymore...

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