Well, I am the most liberal guy on this planet, ain't no doubt! James is the guy that saved my life, hell I would be dead except for him, and there is no doubt about that at all. I was underwater, this guy climbed inside my Corvette and held my head above water for more than an hour while rescue arrived... Just a stupid damn wreck, they all are...

That should have been the end of that, but I just HAD to go over there to say thanks...I did that, his dumpy wife, a good 30 pounds extra floating around, just had to have my phone number. Like an idiot, I gave it to her..

I forgot all that, but she didn't, she called and Lee was home... So when I rolled in one night from my work at the Massage Therapy School where I teach, here sat Lee and Kathy, a nice chubby housewife type right down to the one-piece bathing suit that was intended to help hide the few extra rolls of flab..I did take a good look at her boobs, one thing she did have was quite a set on her! "Must be at least 44's" I thought.

But hell, I didn't care, I took a quick shower and joined them on the deck by the hot tub. We just chatted, mostly BS, having a day.

Then the doorbell rang, James, of course. Now James and I had met three times before, the day at his house, then he had called to take me to lunch.

When he dropped by the College one day as I was getting off work, he was beginning to irritate me. Every single time it came down to a conversation about his "strain" of holding my head out of the water, how he had, "Jumped into the water with no thought for himself" and how it was a "good thing he had worked out and built up his arms" to handle the load.....just FUCK...He pissed me off every time he came close....

Still, I was dead but for this asshole, what do I do? So I just hunkered down and sort of took it, hoping against hope that it will all fade away, and I can just say thank you and it's over..

I knew goddam good and well that I could just dump this butthead in an arm wrestling match, if we ever got into a fight he had maybe 4 seconds to think about it, no matter...I had no choice...So I was nice..

The conversation started to swing towards the day of the accident, I got up and excused myself and went into the kitchen to fix some drinks and snacks.

Well, Lee didn't read me right. We live an open lifestyle, and she must have figured that a bit of fun for the evening would be OK with me. She had been checking James out, I had to admit he was a nice looking guy, and in shape. Just something about him drove me nuts.

I walked back out on the deck and James was leaning on Lee with a liplock and had his hand in her blouse and I just blew my stack!

So I walked over and grabbed him, gave him a bit of a shove and down he went. Next thing I knew we were going at it, I grabbed him and got a bloody nose for my efforts, then I tried to kick him and got a sore leg, finally we ended up on the floor and I have no idea how he ended up on top. I got a sore ear out of that, and a couple of short clips to the face, nothing serious, but those pile up.

Now I was really mad, so I used a couple of dirty tricks I learned in the military, and missed with all of them. This guy was starting to really piss me off, besides, it was starting to hurt! So I floated a left hand at him, and turned my hip at the same time. That was an obvious telegraph of a sidekick, I saw his hands drop to block it. Instead I popped him straight down the middle with an unexpected right hand, right on the button!

He went down and there wasn't anything left in him.

Lee was yelling at me, so was Kathy. Hell, I really didn't want to hurt the guy, but I don't back down very easy.

I finally settled down, told Lee to shut the hell up, and went off to the other room to pout a bit and feel bad about bonking the guy.

Next thing I knew, here was Kathy. She came up to me, slid up against me, and said, "You are the first man to ever beat James".... \ I thought about that for just a second, hell he was easy, if I had simply tried to kill him it would have been lots faster, but I was trying to win without hurting him. that ain't easy..

Then her hands went down the front of my pants and I sorta went whoops! I mean, when a lady reaches in the pants in a situation like this, things come right up, let's face it, the blood is boiling.

I just sorta leaned back against a pair of very soft and full breasts, and let her do her thing.

Of course, about that time Lee walked in, saw what Kathy was doing (I was innocent) and she went all into a snit fit about how I could do shit like this but she couldn't...

Oh well, we been fighting a bit lately, something about 12 goddam MONTHS of her gone all the time to school, becoming a Doctor..

I finally just threw up my hands and told her, "Hey, you want to go be with James, go be with James, I will be up in the loft fucking Kathy!"

Lee stormed out, so I took Kathy by the hand and up to the loft we went, where I proceeded to strip her naked and take out all of my anger on her, which she really didn't mind a bit....She had a huge mass of pubic hair, the feeling was different and exciting. I am used to little strips or bikini cuts or nothing at all. So a big mass of bush was a nice change.

I have to admit, even a bit chubby she was fine, I melted into her like I hadn't done with anyone in a long time. She was panting and getting nice and sloppy wet, so I just sort of wallowed in those huge tits for awhile.

Kathy somehow got my pants undone, she was kind of tugging and jerking at my clothes. Finally I sprang free, and I was hard as a rock! "Jesus!" she muttered, wrapping her hand around me. There wasn't any way I could get any harder, I would bust something!

No messing around, she wanted me in her, and there was no bones about it. So I just jumped on and went to work...Her breasts were the softest I can remember feeling, and in my practice, I have felt a lot of them! I remember sliding inside her, then suddenly being clamped down on like I had just stuck my cock in a vacuum cleaner, damn it felt good!

I was fucking James's wife, hell with him. I was more than a little pissed off at him, my nose and head was still sore!

Then all I could think of was the soft feel of this earthy hot woman. She was a little overweight, somehow that just made her naked body mold against mine. So we were kind of squirming against each other instead of my pounding away, the sensation was unique. I was still hard as a baseball bat, my cock was moving her insides around pretty good! Her head was back, eyes glazed, mouth open. I felt those big soft tits mashed against my chest and my mood went from angry to lost in the moment.

I felt the waves of pleasure start to pour over her, and myself begin to go with her. Just as I was coming in a way that only Lee can usually make me do, it hit me that that asshole James just might be down there fucking Lee!

I really didn't get any pleasure out of that thought, I really didn't like the guy....

Finally Kathy and I were done. I went downstairs to see what was going on, Lee was sitting by the pool, an unhappy look on her face...No sign of James.

I asked her what happened. She said they had talked a bit. She said he really wasn't that bad of a guy, just a little insecure. It was just that for the first time in his life he had done something that mattered and was important, (Yeah, saved my life) he didn't mean to be abrasive and go on and on about it. Suddenly I felt guilty as hell. I had no idea what to say or do.

I asked her where he went, she said he had just excused himself and left.

I looked at Lee, saw the hurt in her eyes, and I reached out and grabbed her, she cried for a bit, saying she was sorry for yelling at me..

I just held her until she came back to normal....As we settled in, Kathy came downstairs, she looked at the two of us, then smiled.

"Don't worry about James", she said..(I really wasn't too worried)...Then she looked at me and said, "Thanks!", and she was gone....

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