byMr James©

James settled down in front of the television and pressed the play button on the video remote. The screen flickered to life and he leaned forward as the young Asian woman in the picture knelt in front of the older stud, unzipping his pants and sliding her long slender fingers inside. Her bright red lips parted and she fished his thick cock out of his pants, sliding the head straight into her mouth and sucking noisily.

Slowly she sucked his cock deeper into her mouth, until James was sure that the head had to be in her throat, and then drew back, leaving her lipstick smeared along the guy's shaft. James dropped his hand to his own crotch and squeezed the bulge of his cock through the material as he watched the girl swallow the guy's length again. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she moved her head back and forth, her lips working frantically as his cock swelled in her mouth. He groaned softly to himself as his hand cupped his own swelling cock and he imagined his wife, Lucy, copying the woman's technique and deep-throating him.

Just as he woman in the video drew her head back and stood up ready to straddle the stud and guide his slippery cock deep into her pussy, James' doorbell rang, the harsh buzz ripping through his fantasy. He waited for a moment, trusting that the caller would leave but the doorbell buzzed again. Reluctantly, James punched the 'stop' button on the remote and heaved himself up off the couch. Cursing softly under his breath he walked down the hallway to his front door. He knew that it would not, could not be Lucy, because she was visiting an old school friend over a hundred miles away. It was the friend's wedding and Lucy had been invited. James had managed to avoid the invitation, mainly because he did not get on with the friend at all.

He opened the door and found Sharon, Lucy's mother, on the doorstep. She had a large, bulging, bag in one hand and was just lifting the other to press the doorbell again. As the door opened, she looked up and smiled. He could smell a faint scent of alcohol, underneath the smell of her perfume and wondered why she had been drinking at seven in the evening. She did not appear to be drunk, in fact she was rock-steady on her feet, but the smell of gin was quite noticeable.

James moved back from the door and Sharon stepped inside, sliding past him and sashaying into the lounge. She flopped onto the couch opposite the television, catching the remote for the video as she bounced onto the cushions. The tape started to play, and Sharon just watched as the young Asian woman lowered herself onto her partners massively erect cock. As he heard the video start up, James dashed into the room, hoping to grab the remote and turn the tape off before Sharon realised what was happening. His footsteps stuttered to a halt as he saw the screen and he desperately hunted for an excuse to talk his way out of the situation. Then he noticed the rapt expression on her face and the way her lips were parted, the tip of her tongue peeking out to moisten them. Suddenly she whirled around to face him and blushing furiously she punched the stop button on the remote.

“Does Lucy know?” she asked, trying to maintain an icy coolness to her voice.

James just shook his head and tried to find some words to explain away the video. Nothing would come to mind partly because he was still stunned at being caught out but partly due to the dawning realisation that Sharon was starting to turn him on. He looked at her moist lips and imagined them sealed around the head of his cock. The image was too vivid for him to ignore and he felt the tell-tale jerking in his pants, signalling that he was getting turned on. Sharon looked at him and then let her eyes travel down his slim body until they came to rest on the bulge in the front of his pants. She swallowed, nervously, at the sight of his bulging cock making the material bulge towards her.

James just watched her, taking in the shimmering, ash-blonde hair that fell in a cascade of silvery silk, half way down her back. The silk of her blouse barely concealed the points of her nipples, pressed hard against the material. Her waist, though a little thickened by age and bearing a daughter, was still slender and the slight curve of her belly just excited him more. He could see her long, elegantly tapered calves, shimmering in silk stockings, beneath the hem of her skirt.

“What do you think she would do, if she found out?” Sharon queried.

“I don’t know, I think she would probably be really upset.” James muttered.

“Then we’ll have to make sure she doesn’t find out.” Sharon continued, grinning.

Sharon slowly stood up and moved closer to James, until he could smell the tang of her excited pussy. Reaching up, she slowly began to unfasten her blouse, one button at a time, to reveal a silk basque, with half cups cradling her rounded, swollen bosom. Her erect nipples were showing, just above the lace trim on the top of the cups and James reached out to touch them, feeling them press against his palms like plugs of hard rubber. He closed his fingers on the smooth, creamy flesh squeezing them until Sharon gasped and harsh red handprints stood out on the curve of her breasts.

Sharon pushed by James, trailing her hands slowly across the front of his pants and squeezing the bulge of his cock. Speechlessly, James followed her up the stairs and into his bedroom. As soon as they were in the room, Sharon pushed the door closed and unfastened her skirt, letting it fall around her ankles and kicking it away. The silk blouse followed as she stood in front of James in her expensive lingerie. The basque was complimented by a tiny pair of panties in matching light blue silk and, clipped to the suspenders were shimmering black silk stockings.

“I knew that Lucy was away tonight,” purred Sharon, “and I thought that we should get to know each other a little better.”

James just stood still as she stepped closer to him and unfastened his pants pushing them down, over the bulge of his cock. She unbuttoned his shirt, slowly, opening the material to expose his sculpted chest, running her fingers through the soft thatch of hair, until she could brush her fingertips over the hard point of his erect nipple. She ducked her head, ever so slightly, and took the hard nub in her mouth, nipping gently and blowing across the sensitive flesh, making him gasp.

James pushed Sharon backwards until she sprawled across his bed, her legs spread, showing the damp gusset of her panties. Reaching down he tore them to the side and exposed her dripping, shaved pussy. Pushing his briefs down and stepping out of them he straddled her belly, his cock pointing towards her mouth. Sharon moaned in a delightful mixture of anticipation tinged with fear as he yanked the cups of her basque down to free her breasts. She could feel the heat of his cock as he guided the head between her swollen breasts and the harsh rasp of his palms against her tender skin when he squeezed them together around the shaft of his cock. Lifting her head, she opened her mouth and took the tip of his swollen cock between her lips. James thrust his hips forwards, jabbing his cock into her warm mouth. Sharon sealed her lips around his shaft, just behind the rim of his cock head and sucked, slowly but firmly. James could feel his cock aching as she sucked him to the back of her throat and swirled her tongue over and around the head.

James pulled his cock back, watching it slide out of the round ‘O’ of her mouth, smeared with her spit and lipstick. Kneeling between her thighs, he grabbed her legs behind the knees and spread them wide, pushing her knees back until she could feel the tendons tighten painfully. She opened her mouth to protest but, at the exact moment she tried to speak, James pressed the head of his cock between the lips of her pussy and rammed it forcefully into her dripping cunt. Sharon was wracked by spasms as her pussy contracted around his cock and she gushed hot, sweet cum over her thighs.

James began to slide his cock in and out of Sharon’s pussy closing his eyes and concentrating on the feeling of heat and slippery wetness as he drove his cock into her loose passage. The room was filled with the wet slap of his balls against the cheeks of her ass and the wet slurping sounds as he pulled his cock out of her pussy. Sharon shuddered and thrashed her head from side to side on the pillow as he pounded his cock violently into her pussy, so deep that the tip banged against the entrance to her womb. Sharon thought her belly was turning to jelly as he plundered her pussy with his ravening cock.

James slid his cock out of Sharon’s pussy, leaving a slimy trail of her own cum across the back of her thigh and between the cheeks of her ass. She moaned as she felt her pussy tighten on emptiness and then shook her head violently as James ease his cock between the cheeks of her ass and pushed against the tightly clenched opening to her back passage.

“James, no, please NOOO!” Sharon screamed hoarsely, as she felt the pressure of his cock against her clenched asshole, “STOP! You can’t do that, I don’t do that, It’s dirty.”

James covered her mouth with his hand and pushed his cock a little further into her tight asshole. The friction against his cock was intense, almost burning, as he pressed onward, the head of his cock stretching her slowly and, from the tears in her eyes, painfully. Sharon’s eyes widened and a scream bubbled against James’ hand as the head of his cock slipped inside her ass. The scream died away to a surprised whimper as James’ cock slowly slid deeper and deeper into her back passage.

“Oh GOD!” Sharon whimpered, “You’re making me so horny.”

“Shall I stop? Do you want me to pull my cock out of your ass and leave you to put your clothes back on?” James asked her.

“Please, no, I’ll do anything you want, but please let me cum!” Sharon moaned

“You want me to fuck your ass?” James probed, “Tell me.”

“Yes, fuck my ass, ram your cock into my asshole!” she begged.

James pinned her to the bed and rammed his cock viciously into her tender ass. She felt the burning of his first thrusts subside into warmth that spread into her belly and pussy, making it ooze juices that trickled onto his cock and eased its way into her bowel. Gradually he speeded up his thrusts, forcing his cock deeper and harder into her ass, making Sharon grunt and groan like a rutting animal. She felt his cock stiffen and swell inside her ass and realised that he was going to shoot thick wads of cum into her bowel.

James grunted and thrust hard, pinning her down and making her eyes widen in pain. Then she felt his cock jerk as his tight balls emptied themselves into her ass, filling her with hot, stinging spurts of his slimy cum. She felt his cock softening gradually and slipping out of her tender ass. James straightened up, drawing the tip of his cock from inside her asshole, making her whimper as the filthy mixture oozed out of her asshole, between her cheeks to pool on the bed. Her ass felt as though it was gaping wide and she knew she looked like a total slut as she lay on her son-in-law’s bed. James flopped beside her, panting and breathing heavily.

Sharon heaved herself off the bed and padded into the bathroom. Soaking a cloth in cool water, she slowly wiped herself clean, gently wiping her anus and flinching a little as the rough cloth dragged against the bruised ring of muscle. She looked on the radiator for a towel and then opened the linen cupboard. Pulling out a towel from the stack, she noticed a large carrier bag stuffed down beside the pile of towels. She recognised the logo as belonging to a shop in town that sold lingerie and sex toys. Curious about her daughter and son-in-law’s sexual tastes, although she was fairly sure that James had fucked Lucy’s ass in addition to her own.

She opened the bag and found a jumble of leather straps, connected to a large, double headed dildo. Tipping it out, she discovered a bottle of lubricant and four polaroids of James and Lucy. She looked at them with interest, seeing Lucy in the middle of pushing one end of the dildo into her pussy, with some difficulty from the way her pussy was stretched and the look on her face. The second picture showed Lucy naked with the dildo fastened so that it stuck out, as though she had a cock. Even in the Polaroid, Sharon could see that Lucy’s nipples were hard and swollen. The third showed James on his hands and knees while Lucy was pushing the dildo deep into his ass. The last one in the series had James on his back, spurting thick cum over Lucy’s breasts as she pinned him to the bed with the dildo buried in his ass.

Sharon could feel herself blushing crimson and a familiar feeling of wetness in her pussy as she looked at the pictures. Almost without realising what she was doing, Sharon picked up the dildo and began rubbing the bulbous head back and forth along the lips of her swollen, tender pussy. With a low groan, she pushed the thick rubber cock slowly into her pussy, stretching it tighter and tighter. When it was only halfway in she wondered how on Earth Lucy could fit the monster inside her. Remembering the expression in the picture, she realised that Lucy must feel almost split in to with this toy buried in her pussy. Taking a deep, shuddering, breath, Sharon pressed harder and felt the cool rubber slide right into her, the cold leather pressing against her dripping pubes.

Sharon fiddled with the straps for a moment, until she had secured the dildo firmly in her pussy, the other end waving a little as she moved. She realised that every movement would be echoed by movements of the end of the dildo buried in her pussy, teasing and tormenting her. She walked slowly down the landing, the cock waggling gently with every step and moving inside her. By the time she reached the bedroom door again, her pussy was creaming all over the plastic buried in it and she could feel the movements with every step she took.

James was still lying on the bed and she stood, for a moment, looking down at him as he lay, still flushed, naked and vulnerable. She reached down and pushed his legs wide and then guided the end of the dildo against the brown star of his asshole. She squirted the slippery lube onto the cock and between the cheeks of his ass and then rammed hard, forcing the rubber deep into his ass in one thrust. This was almost her own undoing as the movement forced the other and of the dildo hard into her pussy and against the neck of her womb. The movement inside her made her cum, gushing down her thighs as though she had wet herself.

It felt so good to be filled with a hard rod that Sharon could not stoop herself from thrusting into James with stabbing strokes, going further and further into his anus with every stroke. James groaned, whether from pain of pleasure Sharon did not care, she just continued to pound into his ass. The thrusting rubbed the dildo against her clit and, suddenly, she just could not stand any more of the stimulation. With a shriek and buckling of her knees she came, almost collapsing on James, just as his cock spurted weekly, emptying the last drops of cum onto Sharon’s belly.

Sharon slipped out of James’ ass, and lay panting next to him.

“This will be our little secret” Sharon murmured in his ear, “and remember Lucy asks me make sure you’re ok when she’s away, so we’ll be having a lot more fun like this.”

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