tagMatureJames & Jasmine Ch. 05

James & Jasmine Ch. 05


Friday - Nice

James opened one eye, then the other, and his surroundings slowly came into focus. He turned his head and the vision of the body that lay next to him almost took his breath away. Jasmine, still asleep, was splayed across the bed, barely covered by the sheets that they had left a mess from the previous night. James didn't want to wake her quite yet; he wanted to just look at her as she slept. The brightness of their room and the French morning sun would wake her soon enough. He quietly observed her extraordinary beauty.

She was laying on her back, the sheet stretched across her lower belly. One hand was above her head, one to her side, and her hair was a mass of mahogany curls, disheveled from the previous night's strenuous activities. In this position her breasts lay proudly on her torso, defying gravity with their rounded softness. Her pink nipples pointed toward the ceiling and, even in a non-aroused state, begged for attention.

James smiled as he watched her in slumber and recalled the heated interchange of the night before. Their bodies had slammed together with such urgency and need. The breasts that lay so silently still now had been bouncing and jiggling madly with each desperate thrust as James entered her body over and over again. He could lay there and watch her forever, but decided that they had a full day ahead and waking up soon might be a good idea. And who knew how long it might actually take them to get out of bed?

He leaned over quietly and, in the softest way, opened his mouth to gently lick and kiss the nearest nipple. He felt her body stir and a quiet moan escape her lips. He got up on one elbow and leaned over further to lavish the same attention on her other nipple. Her hand came up, eyes still shut, and softly caressed his head.

"Mmm, James. What a nice way to wake up. Wish I could wake up this way every day," she murmured softly.

"I'm not sure I'd ever let you get out of bed, Jasmine," he replied.

She smiled. "I could handle that," she said. "The real world is way over-rated. We could just stay in bed forever," she joked.

"Just lay there and let me touch you," James whispered. He pushed the sheet down so her body was exposed and began to run the fingertips of his right hand up and down her long lean body. He could see his touch was having the desired effect as she began to stir and respond.

Touching her face caused her to smile. Grazing her breast with the softest touch imaginable caused her nipple to stiffen slightly and a beautiful feminine moan escape her lips. She cooed softly and her body squirmed with a feline grace. As his hand wandered lower and slid over her hairless pudendum, he could feel her hips rise, inviting him to explore further.

Before long they were locked in a kiss that grew from a gentle morning wake up kiss to a passionate breathy lip lock. She reached down for his hardness and pulled him to her, wanting him inside her - again.

While their sex the previous night had been desperate and animalistic, bordering on rough, their morning union was intimate love-making at its best. They took their time, they enjoyed touching and exploring each other's skin, and relished the moment when James entered her.

Where last night had been deep pounding sex, this morning they each acknowledged the joy of feeling James enter her inch by glorious inch. They were in no hurry. They were both focused on the here and the now and their orgasms built up slowly and surely, powered by a desire to be in the moment and totally in tune with one another.

By the time they were finished and ready to emerge from bed, the sun was up and shining through the large windows, beckoning them to explore the day ahead. They eventually arose, showered together and dressed. After breakfast they took off to explore the city. They took a bus north from town and visited the Matisse Museum. They returned to walk the Promenade des Anglais along the water and eventually wandered into the Old Town to find a quiet place for lunch. Afterwards they explored the Old City and climbed up the hill to the Parc du Mont Boron.

They returned to the hotel tired and needing a little rest. They went their separate ways, planning to meet around 7 to head out on the town. Jasmine went to the gym, then hung out topless by the pool before returning to hunker down in her room. James did some work and took a nap, wanting to be fortified for the approaching evening.

At 7 they met in the common room. Jasmine was wearing a slinky orange sundress and high heels. It was cut low enough to be provocative, but still provide a hint of her glorious soft bust. It was buttoned up the front and a few buttons had been strategically and teasingly left unfastened. Her breasts bounced ever so slightly as she walked; a testament to the flimsy little bra she must be wearing underneath. Her time poolside had given her skin a warm glow and she looked ready to take on the world - and the Nice night.

James was dressed casually in black and Jasmine thought he looked good enough to eat right there on the spot. But they were determined to behave themselves and save the fun for later. They took a cab to a lovely little bistro in the same neighborhood as the club where they would meet Sophie and settled in for a nice dinner and a bottle of wine.

Before long Jasmine steered the conversation toward the past.

"So, James. I told you about some of my past exploits on the train ride down. Tell me some of your secrets. Tell me about the best sex you've ever had," she asked.

"You want me to replay last night?" he asked quizzically.

Jasmine smiled. "No. Present company excluded. I want to hear something from your past. Some memorable moment or woman," she clarified.

James pondered the question for a moment, then touched Jasmine's hand softly and began his story.

"Well, I'll tell you something from my deep dark past, Jasmine. It's from a long time ago and happened when I was quite inexperienced. But, to this day, it remains one of the more exciting sexual experiences I ever had."

"Ohh, goodie," she replied, excitedly, clapping her hands. "I'm all ears." She settled into the story.

"Well, I was twenty, a junior in college and spent the year in Florence on a year-abroad program. At that time I'd only had one serious girlfriend, so while I wasn't a virgin, my experiences to that point had been limited to high school petting with my girlfriend."

"Our group arrived in Florence in late August and stayed in a large pensione the first week before moving to permanent digs. It was a large expansive place and there were many other student groups there from other countries, including a large group from Germany. I remember watching them file past going to dinner one night and in the midst of the group was one of the most stunning girls I had ever seen."

James peered at Jasmine to gauge her level of interest and found her hanging on his every word with a smile. He continued.

"She was petite and slender and wearing tight black jeans and an even tighter red ribbed sweater that hugged the most beautiful set of breasts. She had long straight brown hair, huge brown eyes and a model beautiful face. I remember being awestruck."

"Mmmm, I bet," opined Jasmine.

"As luck would have it, her group was there for several of the days we were and I got to meet her, by chance, the next evening. All I can tell you is that we hit it off immediately and spent that first evening talking for hours. The next day we went for a long walk in Florence, we held hands and kissed on one of the bridges in what seemed like the most natural connection I had ever experienced with a woman. Until now, of course," James added with a smile. Jasmine listened intently, loving the way James told a story; immersing them in a tale from his distant past.

"Her name was Uma and she was eighteen and in her last year of high school. We enjoyed those few days together and promised to stay in touch once her group left and we stayed behind. We corresponded regularly through the fall and she invited me to visit with her family in northern Germany during our Christmas break. She was an only child and lived with her parents in a small town outside Dusseldorf in the industrial area of northern Germany."

"I remember being so excited to see her again and I know she felt the same. Our break came and I took the train to Frankfurt and another train north to her small town where she greeted me at the train station like a long lost lover."

James stopped to make sure Jasmine was still with him. She eyed him immediately. "What? Don't stop now. What happened?" James smiled and continued.

"Well, her parents spoke no English, so she became our interpreter. They were very conservative and it was hard for me to believe that such plain and simple people had produced such a stunningly sexy beauty. They lived in a very modest two story house and I was assigned Uma's room to sleep in as she took to a small extra bedroom down the hall. Her room shared a wall with her parent's room, so there was minimal privacy."

"We spent the week touring their town and the region in general and visiting with various friends and family. We had little time alone, but when we were alone - walking the dog in the woods or sitting in the living room when her parents were in the kitchen - we couldn't keep our hands off of one another. It was mid-winter and the only time we were away from the gaze of her hovering parents was when we were outside bundled up in layers of coats, hats and scarves. It was frustrating, to say the least, and the burning desire we felt for one another had no outlet."

"I love stories like this," Jasmine said dreamily.

"One of the last nights I was there we went to a party with some of her friends, taking the bus to the other side of town. At the party we danced close and kissed and I remember being so smitten by this young German girl. As it turned out, she had also had only one serious boyfriend and was not a virgin. But neither of us was particularly experienced at the time."

"On the way home from the party we were seated in the last row of the bus and began to make out. The passionate heat of our kisses felt like we were ready to explode with desire. I remember fumbling under her long skirt and finding her panties were absolutely soaking wet. We were both so turned on we could barely contain ourselves on the bus."

"Mmmm. Whatever will you do?" Jasmine smiled.

"When we returned home that night and got ready to climb the stairs to bed, she told me that she would visit me that night - that I should stay awake and wait for her. I remember crawling naked into the warm feather bed in her room and waiting for her to sneak into my room - amazed that she would take such a chance with her parents sleeping in the next room."

James saw Jasmine squirm. It was a good squirm; indicative of growing arousal. He continued.

"I lay in her bed that night listening to every little magnified sound. It was a cloudless night with a full moon and it was reflecting off the snow on the ground, creating an eerie light filling her room with a soft glow. I kept thinking I was hearing sounds, but Uma never came. I was just about to fall asleep when the door slowly opened. She was moving quietly and carefully in the creaky house, afraid of making any noise that might awaken her parents."

"I was scared, but excited beyond belief. She was wearing a thick white cotton robe that hid her body. She walked to the window a few feet away from the bed, untied the sash of the robe and in what seemed like slow motion at the time, let the robe slide off her shoulders and down to the floor."

James heard a slight gasp from Jasmine, but pressed on.

"Oh, Jasmine. She looked so beautiful in the moonlight - her body so petite and curvy, her large young breasts standing so proud and her dark nipples puncturing the soft light in her room. Her long straight brown hair hung to her breasts and she had a tightly trimmed patch of pubic hair. She looked so delectable - a young perfect German teen, standing there in my bedroom - or her bedroom, really "

"Oh my," crooned Jasmine.

"I watched in awe as she touched herself in the moonlight; teasing me. She ran her hands over her big natural tits, cupping and squeezing them to show me how soft they were. She pinched her nipples as I heard the tiniest whimper escape. She became emboldened by the light and my intense gaze; my head just poking above her bedcovers. She continued to run her hands up and down her body, finally reaching down between her legs. I could hear her fingers squishing in her tight pussy. I couldn't believe what I was hearing; she was so wet. She pulled her hand away and licked her fingers as she walked silently to the bedside and reached out to give me a taste too."

"Oh, James. This is incredible," Jasmine gasped. James could see Jasmine lightly pinching her nipple. He continued.

"I don't know that I could have been more turned on. She lifted the covers and slid in next to me; her body naked and so warm. We both tried to move slowly so as not to make the bed creak. She reached down under the covers and gasped when her hand found my rock hard erection. I couldn't keep my hands off of her, exploring her breasts, her ass, as I kissed her hungrily. Our kisses started out tenderly, but became more desperate as the lust that had been building for days, months really, began to escalate quickly."

James could see that Jasmine was totally engaged in the story. She had a dreamy look on her face as her hand lightly roamed her beautiful body.

"You still with me?" he asked.

"Mmhmm. Very much so. I feel like I'm there," she said softly. James shifted in his chair and continued.

"She began to kiss her way down my neck, my chest, my stomach, as she pushed the featherbed aside. I remember my cock standing at attention as she moved to straddle my knees, still moving slowly and carefully, as she caressed my cock and looked at it lovingly. She leaned down and gently licked the head as she looked up at me in the moonlight, pushing her long straight hair behind her ears. God, Jasmine, what a view! There was something about the silence we were both respecting that added an incredible amount of intensity to the moment."

"God, I can only imagine," Jasmine responded. "And?"

"Well, neither of us were all that experienced as I said, but that didn't keep her from giving me the most amazing blowjob. There was something about the silence; it seemed to accentuate all the little sounds she made as she sucked me; her muted groans and gentle slurps. It was so incredibly erotic. I remember her big breasts just resting in my hand; I felt their shape and softness hanging in my palm as she sucked me. Oh man. Just thinking about it again..."

James's voice trailed off as he veered off down Memory Lane. Jasmine brought him back to the present.

"So did you cum in her mouth?"

"No. She brought me to the brink and I pulled her up. I whispered that I wanted to be inside her and she rearranged herself and mounted me. God, that moment when she guided the head of my cock to her juicy little pussy and slowly descended, inch by glorious inch, will be engrained in my mind forever. She was sooo tight, but so well lubricated at that moment. Under normal circumstances we both would have been much more vocal, no doubt. But that wasn't an option. We were going to have to fuck in absolute silence, or not at all."

"Oh, James," Jasmine whispered.

"That's easier said than done, as you know. She worked her way down my length slowly and surely until I was fully ensconced in the warm depth of her tight young pussy. I remember her sitting up and seeing her face and breasts in the moonlight - it was like a heavenly vision. Just incredible. And, God, it felt so good. But, each time we'd start to move, whether she was going up and down or trying to slide back and forth, the bed would creak. The last thing we needed was for her parents to catch us fucking; that was just not an option."

Jasmine smiled at the predicament. "What a wonderful problem to have," she said.

"Well, finally we found this position, kind of on our sides. I was fully inside her and just fucking her with short deep strokes and we were holding other so close; our faces buried in one another's necks, trying so hard to be quiet. And we found a rhythm that worked with no bed sounds and the intensity kept building and I could feel her inching toward orgasm, as was I. Jasmine, that moment was just so intense. Somehow the limitations of not being able to let go - to fuck with abandon or be verbally expressive in any way - totally magnified the moment. I'm not sure that makes any sense as I describe it now, years later. But I so distinctly remember the sexual intensity of that fuck like it was yesterday."

"So I can see, James. We may have to play around with that fantasy later," she smiled.

"I remember coming so hard in her pussy that night; I knew she was on the pill. It was like our fuck was in slow motion, but when I was ready to come, I absolutely exploded deep inside her body. And I could feel her pussy pulse as I was shooting, so we came at the exact same time - in the quiet of her bedroom and her parents sleeping soundly only a few feet away."

"Mmmm, sounds incredible," Jasmine said.

"So, when you ask to hear about a memorable sexual moment from my past, that night is most definitely the first thing that comes to mind," he said with a laugh, lightening the mood once again.

"That's a great story, James. And puts me in the mood for the night ahead."

"Me too," he added. They paid their bill and headed off to the club where Sophie would meet them. After a short three block walk they descended into the bowels of a subterranean club. The pounding rhythm drew them down and into a cavernous stone-walled space with pulsating music and gyrating lights. Once they were accustomed to the space, they began to ease through the crowd, looking for Sophie. They spotted her swaying on the dance floor and when she saw her American friends, she slid out of the crowd, sashayed up to them and kissed them both on the cheeks.

"Welcome, I'm so glad you made it. We are seated over here - follow me," she shouted as she led them into a dark corner. A few lounging bodies were on a low slung U-shaped sofa, but one corner was empty. Sophie led Jasmine by the hand to be seated and then motioned for James to sit between them. A gorgeous young waitress was on them immediately and James ordered a bottle of champagne.

They snuggled into the corner of the sofa, James hemmed in on either side with two lovely beauties, as Sophie gave them the lay of the land. She was dressed to kill, wearing black and white tights that hugged every nuance of her lower body and a cropped top that exposed the smooth alabaster skin of her slender hips and tummy. Black strapped heels and large hanging silver earrings added to the provocative mix.

For some reason Sophie's Czech accent sounded sexy as hell in the dance club environment. James's head spun with the possibilities as he sat between the two beauties. He could already sense the intense chemistry between the two of them and found himself enjoying being in the middle as sparks flew. He was glad he wasn't flammable.

Eventually Jasmine and Sophie got up to dance as James sipped his champagne, surveyed the scene and watched the ladies dance. They were both good dancers, but in different ways. Jasmine had a slow steady dancer-like approach to her moves - smooth and studied, fraught with meaning. Sophie, on the other hand, had a body that moved and swayed with an unbridled sensuality, her hips and ass in constant motion. When Sophie put her hands above her head and swirled her hips in a blatantly sexual display, it made his head spin. If James had just been watching the dance floor and seen these two women dancing together, he would have been entranced. The fact that he was with them both for the evening seemed hard to fathom.

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