tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJames’ Birthday Gift

James’ Birthday Gift


Erin pulled her car into the 7-Eleven parking lot and searched for an un-occupied space. Looking around, she realized that she might have to park on the street, which made her uncomfortable at night. This wasn't the best neighborhood; just a week ago, some cars had been broken into where she worked, a few blocks away. It was summer, so kids from the neighborhood were out in droves, and Erin noticed a group of young black guys hanging out in front of the store. Just as she was ready to give up and pull out of the lot, she spied an empty space on the side of the building. "Thank God," she thought, and pulled her car in to it.

Opening the door and stepping out, Erin suddenly realized that she had forgotten to call her mother back earlier in the day. "Oh Lord, that was hours ago," she said out loud to herself. "Shit!" She knew her mom was probably pretty mad by now. "I am not looking forward to making this call," she thought, knowing that her mother would do that "thing" she does, and scold her like a child. She had been doing it since Erin was a child, and the fact that she was now thirty-three didn't seem to matter. Erin wished she could just be brave and stand up for herself. "Damn," she said out loud. "I'd better call and apologize." Fumbling around in her purse for her cell phone, she closed and locked the car door.

Leaning on her car, Erin dialed the number and braced herself. Three, then four rings; was she not home? Her face began to relax into a smile and she thought, "Could I be that lucky?" When the answering machine picked up, she was ready. "Hi, Mom! Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier; it was a long, crazy day at work. Anyway, I'm on my way home, and I should be there in about an hour. I'll call you then. Bye!" She closed the phone, looked up at the sky, and said three times, in rapid succession, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Erin walked toward the store's entrance, grinning, at her luck. Reaching for the door handle, she glanced at the group of guys hanging out near the front corner of the building. There were four of them, and they were all looking at her. Flashing a quick and somewhat nervous smile, she pushed hard on the door, but it didn't budge. Somebody laughed, and Erin turned her head back, to look in his direction. He was a big guy, but he looked young; maybe a teenager. He held his stomach and pointed at her, obviously entertained.

"Pull! Not push!" He let out another big laugh and a loud snort.

Erin stared at him for a moment. His reaction to her fumble with the door seemed so exaggerated, it was just weird. "Shut up, James," said one of the teen's friends, jumping to his feet. He glanced at Erin. "Don't mind him, baby girl. He don't mean nothin'." He moved towards her, pulled the door open, and held it for her, saying, "Sorry 'bout that." Erin smiled, and thanking him, she walked into the store.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," he said, letting go of the big glass door, watching her walk away. Erin heard him and smiled to herself. She wanted to look over her shoulder and see if she was still being watched, but she didn't. She knew that her ass looked damn good in those pants, and her legs looked a mile long with the heels she was wearing. She felt herself put a little extra "oomph" in her walk.

Upon exiting the store, she glanced in the direction of the group, and again said, "Thanks." The big teenager, James, was furiously tapping the shoulder of the guy who had held the door for her. "Darnell! Her! Her!" She turned and headed for her car, a little bit nervous, wondering what they were talking about, and pretty sure that they were watching her ass as she left.

Erin turned the corner and put the key into the car door. She had the door opened and was inside, when Darnell ran up, making her jump. "Hang on, sweet thing," he panted. "I got a question. The big, goofy guy, that's my brother. Today's his birthday. He's eighteen, but he's a little slow, you know what I mean? I'm takin' him out tonight to show him his first pussy."

Erin was speechless. Did he just say "pussy?" What the hell was he talking about? She just stared at him, blankly.

Darnell pushed on. "I was gonna hook him up with a lady I know, but he says he wants to pick the girl." He looked at Erin, to gage her reaction. There was none, so he continued. "He says he likes you. So, I got fifty bucks, if you want it." He reached into his pocket, and withdrew a wad of bills.

Erin couldn't believe what a total stranger had just suggested to her. "I am not going to have sex with your brother for money. Are you kidding me? Why would you think..."

Darnell jumped in. "I ain't talkin' bout no sex! He just wants to see the pussy," he explained.

"This is insane," Erin thought, trying hard to ignore the fact that when Darnell had said "the pussy," she felt herself get wet. She had always fantasized about letting loose and being a "bad girl," but had never acted on it. "I can't do this," she thought to herself. She certainly didn't need the money. But she couldn't deny that the thought of doing something this "dirty" was exciting the hell out of her.

"He just wants to see it? That's all?" Did she just say that out loud? Her head was spinning.

"Just look at it, and maybe touch it." Darnell reached out, trying to give her the money.

"Wait, a minute; touch? Oh God, I can't." She sat in the car, shaking her head. "Just look at it, and touch it? That's really all?"

"That's all. Shit, he don't know nothin' else." He put the money in her hand, and folded her fingers around it.

"Where would we do it," Erin asked. "Here, in the car?"

"No, around the back of the building," he answered. "And we all gotta go. I wanna make sure that he gets to touch it. My friends just wanna watch."

Erin thought about the three guys watching, while the big, slow guy played with her pussy, and she almost creamed herself. Never before, had she felt turned on and scared at the same time. She wanted to be bad, and this was bad.

"Five minutes. That's it," she insisted.

Darnell shook his head. "For fifty bucks, he gets fifteen minutes. Five minutes? Please, girl."

"Ok." She couldn't believe she had said it.

Leaning into the passenger seat, she shoved the money into her purse. She started to stand, but her legs felt wobbly like they wouldn't hold her up. She steadied herself on the car. Darnell gave a "thumbs up," to let the other guys know that it was on, and waved them all toward the back of the building. Locking the door, Erin took a deep breath, and followed Darnell.

Behind the store, it was dark, but there was one light hanging from the far end of the building. It was just enough light for Erin to see the other guys come around the corner, and it was just enough light for James to see his first pussy.

Erin backed up against the building, and the four guys surrounded her in a semi-circle. She wasn't sure if she could go through with it. She started to tremble, and looking at Darnell, she mumbled, "I don't know if I can do it."

Darnell was un-moved. "It's a done deal, baby girl." He stepped toward James, and put his arm around the teen's shoulders. Looking at Erin, he snapped his fingers at her. "C'mon, let's go, now. We wanna see that sweet pussy." The others vocalized their agreement.

Erin fumbled with the button on her pants. Still trembling, she lowered them to hip level.

"Go on, now! Get in there, James!" Darnell gave James a little shove, and stepped back. James stood a few feet away from Erin with his mouth hanging open, like he was watching a magic trick. Erin slowly lowered her pants to the ground. She stood there, pants around her ankles, in just a shirt, her thong panties and heels.

Darnell was impatient. "You need help with them panties?"

"N-no," she replied, looking at the ground. She lowered the panties, and bending at the waist, pushed them down to her ankles. Sheepishly, she looked at each face in the group, as she stood back up. They were all staring at her pussy, one of them licking his lips. She was completely clean-shaven, the lips looking puffy and soft.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm! Girl, the things I could do to that pussy..." Darnell was massaging the bulge in his pants. "Ok, James. Let's get you a front row seat." He led the gawking teenager to Erin and pushed him to his knees. "There it is," Darnell announced. "What you gonna do with it? You wanna touch it?"

James nodded his head vigorously. His raised his hand and cautiously brushed it over Erin's pussy lips. Erin shuddered as a chill shot through her.

"You like that? Touch it again," Darnell directed James.

James lifted his hand again, and pushed the tips of his fingers into one of her puffy lips. "Soft!"

Darnell was smiling. "You wanna see the inside?"

"James looked confused. "Inside?"

Darnell walked around Erin and stood behind her. Wrapping his arms around her, he pinned her arms to her sides and slid his hands down toward her pussy. Erin jumped. "No! What are you doing?"

Casually, one of the other guys stepped forward, and showed her his knife. Erin felt her body go stiff. "Now, you just stand still, while I show my little brother how to spread a pussy," Darnell said firmly. He slipped two fingers from each hand inside her slit, and slowly opened her up.

James leaned in, and petted her, like he would pet a kitten.

Darnell was really enjoying this, and the bulge in his pants pushed against Erin's ass, as he checked in with James. "How's that feel, James? You like that?"

"Mushy." He put two fat fingers against her clit, and rubbed them back and forth. A jolt went through Erin's body.

Darnell laughed. "Yeah, boy, that's mushy. Give me your finger." He guided James' finger to Erin's hole, and pushed the tip in. "Slide it up in there, James." Erin felt his fat digit slowly enter her, and bit her lip. "You like the inside of that pussy? Feels good, right?"

"Mushy." He pulled his finger out.

"Watch your big brother, now. I'm gonna teach you somethin'." Darnell inserted his middle finger in Erin's pussy, and pumped it in and out, making an obscene, squishy sound. "You hear that, James?" James nodded, excited. His cock stuck out in his track pants, big and hard.

"Damn, I can hear it over here, said the one with the knife.

Erin was already regretting her decision to walk on the wild side. She knew the situation was out of control. "I want to stop, now. This wasn't part of the deal. Please," she pleaded.

Darnell put his mouth against Erin's ear, and whispered, "Baby girl, you got ten more minutes; you ain't goin' nowhere. Now, I ain't really doin' nothin'. I'm just showin' him how it's done." He continued pumping his finger in and out, and Erin's juices dripped into his hand. James was on his knees, wide eyed, his face just inches from her pussy. His hand was down his pants, frantically yanking on his fat cock.

"I tell you what, little brother, I didn't know she was gonna be so juicy. She's makin' it real hard for me to keep it in my pants. But, it ain't my birthday." He withdrew his finger, and lifting it to his mouth, sucked on it. James watched his every move, mesmerized. "James, you want some?"

"Ok," James agreed. Darnell hooked his fingers in her slit, and spread her pussy lips wide. "Get closer. Now stick out your tongue, boy."

Erin freaked out. "No! Don't!"

Darnell ignored her. "C'mon, James, do it." James stuck out his tongue. "That's right. Now lick her pussy good." James leaned in and licked her. Erin's body jerked, and James pulled back. Darnell urged him on. "Don't worry, if she jumps around, that just means you're doin' it right." James leaned in again. With Darnell holding her, Erin struggled hard, and James reached around with both hands and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her into his face. Once he had her held in place, James lapped away, to the hoots and hollers of Darnell and the knife guy.

"That pussy tastes good, huh," said the knife guy.

"Mmmmmfff..." James answered, burying his fat face in her crotch.

"Eat that pussy, James! Let me hear you suck it," said the fourth guy, silent until this moment. He was jerking off, watching Erin try to wiggle away from James' face. James held on to her ass, slurping and sucking for all he was worth.

Darnell was impressed with the ass-grabbing move. He felt like a proud papa. "Damn, girl! Look at my little brother, eatin' your pussy!"

Erin looked down to see James' head moving in a circular motion in her spread pussy. His fat tongue was dragging over her, like a big, wet sponge. Her legs were shaking, as the sensations ripped through her.

Darnell pulled her lips wider. "Now, get your whole mouth in there, and kiss it." James buried his face in her pussy, and kissed her over and over; his soft, fat lips roaming over every inch and sucking softly. "Kiss her here, on this bump." Darnell reached out with one finger, to show him exactly where it was. Erin held her breath. James mashed his soft lips against her clit, and kissed it, sucking it in. "Oh, God," Erin moaned. Her whole body shook, and she came hard.

James continued to kiss her pussy, unaware that he had given her an orgasm. "Ok, buddy, take a rest," said a laughing Darnell. James pulled his face from Erin's pussy, and licked his lips. He was drenched. Darnell let go of Erin, and hugged his brother. They all congratulated him on his stellar performance. Erin began to pull her pants up, until Darnell reminded her that there were still almost five minutes left. She hesitantly lowered them to the ground again.

"What you wanna do now, James? You still got a few minutes."

James grinned a big, wet grin, and pointed at Erin's pussy. "I want you to make that noise again, Darnell. I like that squishy noise."

Darnell had an idea. He grabbed hold of Erin and spun her around. Pushing on her back, he bent her at the waist. He told her to put her hands out, against the wall. Leaning down, he had her step out of her pants, and shoving his hands between her thighs, he pried her legs apart. Erin felt the moist summer air hit her pussy as it spread open. Darnell motioned for James to come over.

"Kneel down." James did as he was told.

Darnell licked his middle finger, and worked it into the spread cunt in front of them. Slowly, he began sliding the finger in and out of her. Erin felt him reach around with his other hand, and massage her clit, rolling it between his fingers. She was getting wet again, and Darnell added another finger, pumping her pussy at a growing and frantic pace. It didn't take long for the "squishing" to start, and James' face lit up. He leaned in close, and Erin could feel him panting between her legs. His track pants were sticking way out in the front, and James pulled them down a few inches, freeing his swollen cock. He pulled on it, whimpering.

Suddenly, he stood, and shoving Darnell out of the way, drove his meat into Erin's pussy, his balls mashing against her ass.

Screaming, Erin tried to stand, but James pushed her back down. Darnell was stunned. He jumped in, and covered her mouth, while the other two shouted encouragement.

"Yeah! James, you the man! Fuck that pussy, boy!"

James pumped frantically in Erin's pussy, and held her down, his big hand between her shoulder blades. Her pussy was making the loud, squishy sounds that he had so enjoyed before, and those sounds were driving him crazy. Erin's eyes were wide with terror, and she moaned into Darnell's hand while James fucked her from behind.

After only a minute, he began to cum. He pulled her back onto his cock, her feet leaving the ground entirely. Groaning, "ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhhh," he jerked inside of her. Erin felt him pump her full of his warm cum. His grip loosened, and she fell to the ground. Scrambling to stand, she pulled her pants up and took off running.

Erin jumped into her car and squealed out of the parking lot. None of them chased her. They stayed behind the store, shaking James' hand, and patting him on the back. He had surprised all of them, no one more than his brother.

"So, how'd you like your first pussy?" Darnell put his arm around his little brother.

"It was really good," said James, beaming.

"Happy birthday, Bro," Darnell said. "You surprised me. You did real good with that pussy."

The group walked out from behind the building, with James grinning from ear to ear. "This was my best birthday," he announced. He liked pussy. He wanted to get some more, real soon.

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