tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJames Bond Redux Ch. 01: Doctor No

James Bond Redux Ch. 01: Doctor No


Note- There are too few Bond stories on this site, being a big fan of the sixties spy movie genre my wife suggested I attempt to flesh out the sex scenes of the movies. I shall try to write about every one in turn, starting with the first, Doctor No.

Disclaimer- The movies are produced by Eon Productions, and the novels by the estate of the late Ian Fleming. This work is my own, written for fun only and no monetary gain.


London, England 1962.

James Bond returned to his modest London apartment off the Kings Road in the small hours and rubbed his tired eyes. Despite having been awake for far too long his highly trained mind was still acutely alert, always focused for anything, anytime. However, even he didn't need to fall back on his excessive regime of physical and mental training to notice a light on under the door that led to his living room. Silently he kicked his patent leather shoes off and drew his ever present Beretta .25 from his shoulder holster.

He took a firm grip on the door handle and with a deep breath wrenched it open and crouched down, gun cocked.

"There, now you made me miss it."

A tall, elegant woman with auburn hair swept back from her clear face tapped the golf club against her gold high heeled shoe. A ball popped out of an upturned hat on the carpet a few feet from her.

Bond remembered the slim brunette in a red dress from the Casino earlier in the evening when they had played Chemin De Fer at the same table. Her name was Sylvia Trench, and he had invited her for dinner the next evening.

"Do you always dress this way when you play golf?" He enquired as he relaxed somewhat.

Bond returned his pistol to his left shoulder and looked her up and down. The stylish five feet plus beauty had gained an extra four inches in the heels and her slender legs were bare under one of his white shirts, the bottom of which was just one inch decent. She had undone the front buttons, leaving two buttoned which gave him a tantalising glimpse of her pale breasts. The woman had an assured confidence about her, her face was stunning, her hair and milk white flesh made most men's hackles rise on the back of their necks.

"I thought I would slip into something a little more comfortable, hope I did the right thing?"

She gave an exaggerated pout with her scarlet lips and ran a finger under the collar in feigned innocence.

"You did, but you're a day early. I have to leave on business immediately."

Shortly before, agent 007 of Her Majesty's Secret Service had been briefed by his chief 'M' and had been ordered to fly to the Caribbean that very morning.

"That's too bad."

Sylvia approached the tall six feet two spy with the black hair and dark eyes and flung her arms around his neck. She nuzzled his left cheek with hers, a finger grazed his little scar. Her sparkling eyes remained on his, then she kissed him lightly on the mouth.

"When did you say you have to leave?"

Bond looked at his Rolex and raised his eyebrows as she pressed her lithe thighs against his tightly creased trousers.

"Almost immediately." He returned her kiss and held her body by the waist and pulled her to him.

His right hand came up her left flank and petted her generous boob under the cotton shirt. As they continued to smooch, her fingers began to lightly stroke his back under his tuxedo and she drew his shirt from his waistband. With a big yank she tugged it out and caressed his flesh above the waist.

"What's this?" She whispered as she found a three inch piece of hard tissue.

"War wound." He said simply as he shrugged his jacket off his shoulders.

The pair of them took one step back and they removed their shirts together. She lowered her eyes to take in his barrel chest and developed biceps, he was strong but not overly muscular. The dark haired man was not all surprised that the temptress had not been wearing any panties, and he scrutinised her brown bush between her closed thighs.

Bond stepped forward and held her firm tits in his palms, nice and round, and perfectly symmetrical. Sylvia closed her eyes and surrendered her body to him as the man pressed his hands into her stiff nipples. Her mouth opened, her tongue darted out like a snake and they engaged in a French kiss. As they pushed together her right hand moved along his trouser leg, moving inwards towards his groin.

"My, my, what HAVE we here?"

Her fingers made out a long phallic shape on his left thigh and she rubbed it firmly feeling the heat of it through the thin material. 007 panted, aching for his throbbing cock to be released as he became very aroused. Returning the favour Bond slid his own hands along her slender waist, over her right hip, across the front of her mound and found the bulge of her pubis.

"Ooooh, yes!" She sighed at his touch.

Sylvia tossed her head back as her new lover parted her legs with his hand and pushed it on her pouting labia. With a soft moan her naked body thrilled to his touch and she rubbed back at him with a welcome response. As she rode on a probing digit Bond expertly undid his fly buttons with his free hand and his swollen erection sprang to attention from his groin.

Together in each others arms they hurried to the expensive leather couch and tumbled back onto it. Their arms entangled they kissed and mauled each other in the heat of passion. Bond managed to kick his trousers off over his feet as he fell onto his back, the wanton woman on top of him. "Oh James, you're gorgeous! I need you."

She was so hot, yet her body trembled as she humped the lower half of his body with hers. Panting wildly, aware of the short time they had, Miss Trench rubbed his thick, hard cock between her pussy lips and with a prolonged sigh sank down on him. He rubbed her boobs as her twat welcomed his rigid prick and they began to writhe and thrust at each other in earnest.

"Lovely cock, James." She uttered, eyes wide.

She squealed and gasped as she bounced up from the seat, thrilling to his long shaft as it plunged up inside her molten cunt. Her downward strokes began to fade as the powerful man beneath her pumped up and she jerked on him like a rag doll.

"Fuck me my darling, take me, take me."

He loved the feel of her tightness milking his stiff bone as they smacked against each other. Her hips whacked on his pelvis and her long legs clamped to his muscular thighs. Her heels dug into the back of the couch as they fought for some balance.

She gave a surprised yelp as he rose up and held her in an iron grip and reversed her onto her back. Her pinned hair became untidy as he tossed her onto her butt and sank his twitching cock into her creamy pussy. He dug his feet into the thick carpet and slammed his hips to and fro as he nailed her to the couch, her legs and arms flailed wildly.

"Yes, yes, yes," she intoned, her lips pursed in total ecstasy.

Bond needed to finish this, and soon. His prick throbbed and swelled inside her tightness. She twitched, he vibrated, she squirmed, he thrust, she came, he came.

The relief was indescribable as her climax engulfed her entire body. Bond held her still under his weight as he erupted inside her seething pussy, blast after blast of semen gushed out of his pulsing cock.

They breathed heavily for a full minute and then he rose up and padded nude to his bedroom. Sylvia lit a cigarette she retrieved from her purse and crossed her bare legs as she sat on the edge of the couch, her tingling quim overflowing with fluids. When he emerged he looked immaculate in a tailored three piece grey suit and carried a small suitcase.

"Well, simply must dash, you can see your own way out I'm sure. After all, you let yourself in. Ciao!"

With that he left her alone. Bastard! Good fuck though.


Jamaica, later that week.

Agent 007, licence to kill, was well aware that Miss Taro was working for Doctor No, the owner of the island Crab Key. The mysterious man remained elusive and untouchable despite being the obvious suspect of the recent disruption of U.S. rocket launches from nearby Florida.

Soon after his arrival at Kingston Airport, James Bond had quickly investigated the staff of Government House and rightly assumed that she and Professor Dent were part of Doctor No's organisation.

The smartly dressed spy arrived at the remote hilltop residence of the Chinese secretary, Miss Taro as the hot afternoon sun began to sink. The altitude meant it was cooler than in the city, something the young woman had promised the Englishman when she had invited him to her apartment. Actually she had been on instructions to lure the irritating agent to his death, an arranged auto accident on the road.

Bond rang the doorbell and was confronted by an astounded Miss Taro, she had not really expected him to survive. She stared at the tall man in stunned silence, her hair and figure still wet from her shower.

"You did invite me, remember?"

"Of course, forgive me, it's just that...you're early, yes."

"May I?" He entered the main room with a sardonic grin.

"Yes, come in, I'll go and put some clothes on."

As she passed him he grabbed at the smaller towel around her neck and pulled the tiny woman to him and kissed her full on the mouth.

"You needn't bother on my account."

The Chinese woman didn't protest as she was pulled to him, nor when he lifted her chin and kissed her full lips. His hand crept down her back and removed her bath towel and flipped it away.

Her skin was flawless, like porcelain with a light yellow hue. As she felt his rough touch down her spine she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. The luscious mane of straight black hair fell down almost to the tailbone it was that long.

He gazed at her up thrust breasts with the perky nipples that stood out like bullets. She was jerked backwards and Bond bent and peppered her tits with kisses. Then she yelped as the strong man took her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom where he unceremoniously dropped her naked frame onto the bed.

"You are exceptionally beautiful." He said as a matter of fact.

Taro managed a weak grin as she watched him shed his clothes until he stood stark naked at the foot of the bed. Completely nude in the centre of the single bed, the soft glow of the lamps gave her a shimmer, her stomach undulated and her thighs parted slightly in anticipation of what was to come.

007 was in fine trim, he had a broad body, big arms and a flat stomach. Taro thought his best feature was his ass, the cheeks were hard and firm, with a slight bounce as he walked. His semi erect cock began to rise in an upward direction and by the time he joined her he sported his full eight inch length.

Again they kissed, their tongues seeking out each others, and Bond stroked her back, bum and thighs.

She found herself flat on her back and her lover between her legs, kissing and licking her inner thighs, gradually moving up to her mound. Her hand came to her mouth and she stifled a sob as his lips met her black furred pussy.

The aroused woman panted as she bent her head to watch him bob up and down, sending his fat tongue around and around her wet cunt. Her legs were gradually forced wider and she was made to support herself on her elbows as her legs were pulled up and draped over his shoulders.

Bond reached down and stuffed his steel hard prick into her pink slit, moved up further and pinned her legs on either side of her head. Taro laid there with her almond shaped eyes tightly shut and bit her lip as the muscled hunk fucked her with long, leisurely strokes of his prodigious piece.

By now the female spy was completely under his spell and thrashed and bucked under his heavy weight, eager to meet his every inward thrust. His broad hairy chest mashed against her pointy breasts as he brought his hands up along her sides.

She moaned and sighed as his cock moved back and forth in her, then he leaned back and he took hold of her buttocks to fuck her in a more shallow angle.

It was a strange feeling for her, being decidedly crushed by this man with the big cock. He was the enemy after all, but she liked the way he filled her, the way his hairy balls tickled her asshole, and the way her limber legs were way above his shoulders.

Then with a lustful cry Miss Taro tensed and rolled her eyes as she experienced her orgasm. Bond was down to his vinegar strokes, and as he poured sweat under the ineffectual electric ceiling fan he shot off his load, flooding her cunt with a torrent of sperm.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "I'm hungry, let's go out and eat." Bond laid on the bed and smoked a cigarette.

"I'd rather stay home, I can cook." Answered the Chinese woman as she brushed her black hair at her vanity.

"No, I'll call a taxi, hand me the phone would you?"

Miss Taro did so with a furrowed brow.

"I thought you came by car?" She wondered.

"Damn thing broke down on the way."

"Ah, that would explain..."

"Yes?" He looked deep into her eyes as she nearly tripped herself up, she obviously knew about his near fatal collision on his way up.

"Explain why you need a taxi."

"Get dressed." Bond said curtly, rose from the bed and went to the bathroom.

Five minutes later the pair left the apartment and Miss Taro was bundled into the rear seat of the taxi between two police officers.

"Book her Superintendent would you?" 007 said with a wicked smile.

"Bastard!" Cried the stunned woman as she was driven off into the night.

The secret agent walked back inside the two room abode and awaited the imminent arrival of Dent.


Jamaica, forty eight hours later.

James Bond recalled the moment when the ash blonde rose out of the sea, completely naked save for a broad leather belt around her waist. She had a gentle curve of her spine that led the eyes to her firm and rounded bum. Her legs were straight and long and her Mound of Venus was covered by a thin strip of fair pubic hair that was almost transparent. When she had turned to face him her huge breasts swung high and wide on an athletic frame. She had all the signs of a regular swimmer.

Her shining blue eyes wide apart on her determined face had looked at him with a fire in her belly. The hair was cut to her quite wide shoulders and was in thick wet strands. Her name was Honeychile Rider, she had told him she preferred to be called Honey.

Now she appeared in the same way at the door of the hotel bedroom. He studied her slender legs, the left bent at the knee and on tiptoe. Her pussy came into view and the amorous man could see how juicy it was as her pubes darkened from her aroused state.

The golden hair that hung loose about her shoulders was groomed and clean, her skin fresh and beautiful, her full red lips were open seductively. Bond looked at her with eyes like slits, his right fist full of his erect prick with the big blue vein that throbbed in his fingers.

"Come to me you ravishing woman."

Honey flopped onto the large and very soft bed. The last hours had seen them go to hell and back on the island of Crab Key. Doctor No was now dead, killed by the same rough hands that now swept the long hair from the excited woman's face.

"I love your chest, men should have hair there."

The blonde rubbed her right palm across his muscled torso and stomach as they kissed long and passionately. By the time she reached his cock it had risen to its fullest and poked up straight from his hairy groin.

"It sure is a big one." Said Honey with admiration.

She held it upright then brought her mouth to it and teased him by running her tongue all over the swollen head. Bond wished she would slip it inside her warm mouth and he bucked his hips up impatiently.

"Relax my love, let me set the pace." She pressed on him with one hand.

Honey continued to lick his twitching boner with such slowness that it drove him insane. Normally he would be the alpha male and decide which moves to make, but this vixen had him by the balls, literally!

She pursed her fulsome lips and ran them up and down the smooth shaft from tip to balls, gradually coating the thick stalk with her spit. Bond ran a hand through his black hair and breathed hard, then he gave an almighty gasp when his entire hard on was devoured in one fell swoop of her mouth.

"My word!" He exclaimed as the blonde stunner pressed her nose to his groin, his entire eight inches was all inside her mouth!

Honey inhaled through her nose as she began to suck the hot flesh, her cheeks hollowed and he felt the back of her throat with the tip of his tool. She gurgled and salivated as she lifted back and then dove right down on him again.

"Suck it, oh my goodness, suck it."

The girl began to bob her head faster and faster, her tightly closed lips grazed his veiny stalk as he shifted his butt on the bed. Every inch of his rigid prick tingled like crazy as he was blown, then she surfaced and kept a grip on him and squeezed him hard.

"Where did you learn how to do that?" He wondered.

Honey put a finger to her lips to silence him and laid beside him on the huge mattress.

"My turn?" She said in a hushed girly voice.

Her tits fell either side of her ribcage, the nipples like two cherries. She gave a giggle as Bond reached to the left one and tweaked it in his fingers. He bent his head and extended his tongue and licked all around it in an anti clockwise circle.

"Aaaah, so good," she moaned, her body arching up at him.

He repeated the same thing to her right boob followed by a downwards move that left a trail of saliva on her white flesh. On his knees now the English spy reached her pussy, the heat and womanly scent made his stiffness positively drip.

They locked eyes and then he spread her limber legs apart and parted her outer lips with thumb and forefinger. Her hands came to his thick hair and played with it, her fingers became entangled and at the same time she pushed him to her.

In a revenge tease James Bond blew air on her inner pink lips without applying physical pressure. His warm breath nearly made the wanton temptress cum right there and then.

"James Bond, what ARE you doing to me!"

He smiled to himself and tickled her vertical slit with the pointed tip of his tongue, softly, gently and lovingly. Honeychile tipped her head back into the pile of pillows and grabbed bunches of the sheet under her as the man sent her reeling with desire.

With an expertise earned by his many bedroom escapades Bond worked her hips, kneading and squeezing as he buried his tongue inside her hot tunnel and opened her up. A stream of sticky juice coated him as he delved in and out and his lover squeaked and squealed as she thrashed under his firm grip. The hard swell of her clitoris popped between his teeth and he nibbled on it and then rolled it around and around with his tongue.

Unable to move her hips from his strong hands he was able to drive her wild with his assault on her cunt until he was rewarded with a hot spray of pussy juice that squirted from deep within.

"Oh you devil! That was sublime!"

Honey got up and turned her body around and clambered on top of the perspiring man. The afternoon heat of the Caribbean can be oppressive and this was no different today.

With a roll of her wide hips she managed to lower herself on his upright pole, and she shuddered with delight as it pierced her cunt.

Her nostrils flared and her breasts heaved as she fucked herself with his big cock. With head dipped forward her curtain of fair hair fell across his chest as she groaned with lust, her wet cunt grinding back and forth along his length.

"Yes, yes, oh yes!"

The more excited she became, the louder her cries. Her rhythm was ever more frantic and had his prick not been so deeply embedded inside her tightness he would probably have slipped out.

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