Let me start out telling you a little about myself, I was a professional firefighter for 25 years retiring as a lieutenant and have many tales of events in my life this is just one of them, I hope you enjoy it.

It was a warm Tuesday morning in late May, I was on a smoke investigation in a large house that had been converted into separate private rooms and they were rented out to students at the local junior college I noticed a rather effeminate young guy was very interested in what I was doing as I went from room to room checking for the source of the smoke odor. The last room I checked was his he smiled coyly and giggled quietly as I asked him to let me in his room, I was sure he was wearing a light coat of lip gloss and I smelled a girly scent as I brushed by him as I entered his room.

"Oooooh you smell like smoke." he cooed sniffing at me.

"Sorry it's my turnoutcoat." I apologized.

"It's okay, I like it." he assured me rubbing his hand against the shoulder of my turnout coat kittenishly.

As I looked around his room I couldn't help but see how feminine it looked, I pushed the door partially closed looking behind it, on the the hook on the back of the door hung a pair of pantyhose and a pink nylon training bra.

"What's your name?" I asked looking at him.

"Jamie." he said blushing profusely as I gave him a knowing look.

"Well Jamie things look.....aah pretty good in here." I said briefly brushing my hand against the pantyhose before swinging the door fully open again.

I finally found a ballast in a hallway light that was the source of the smell and I informed several residents that they would have to notify their landlord to have it fixed, Jamie stood smiling and waving as we cleared the scene.

That evening I found myself thinking about the effeminate young boy that I had encountered earlier in the day, a mental image of his slender body clad in the pantyhose and bra that hung on the back of his door kept invading my thoughts. My facination getting the best of me I drove past his apartment building when I got off shift the next morning, the house looked deserted as I passed, but a couple of blocks further I found Jamie walking to class I passed slowly checking him out, he was wearing a tight pair of jeans that accentuated a cute little wiggle as he walked, I hadn't really notice the day before but he wore his hair in a unisex pixie style. I went on home but continued to think about the day before, Jamie and the pantyhose and bra on the back of his door. I decided to drive by Jamie's building again later that day, as drove down the street toward the building I saw Jamie walking toward me wearing light blue running shorts and a white tee, I slowed as I approached him, Jamie greeted me with a broad smile when he saw me.

"Hellllloooo Lieutenant." he purred as I stopped my car.

"Hello Jamie." I replied.

"What are you doing around here?" he asked.

"Oh I was running some errands and now I'm headed to Dairy Queen.......hey would you like to come with me?"

"Yes I would, but it's not in my budget besides I'm not really dressed for it." he said dejectedly.

"I think you look cu....aah just fine and it would be my treat."

"Cute....... really? he giggled coquettishly

"Sure hop in."

Jamie quickly got in my car and settled into the passenger's seat, I felt my cock stirring as I realized his legs were encased in nylon.

"My mother always told me not to accept candy or rides from strangers and I don't know your name."

"Ian, my name is Ian." I replied absent mindedly as I cataloged exactly what he was wearing, his running shorts were nylon and he obviously was wearing nude pantyhose under them with footie socks in white running shoes trimmed in pink and I was pretty sure he was wearing a bra under his tee.

"Is everything okay?"

"Huh?" I heard myself saying as I realized I was staring at his legs.

"Is everything okay?"

"Everything's perfect." I said as I pulled away from the curb. "So where were you going?" I asked trying to make conversation.

"Just going for a walk to get some exercise, I try to keep in shape."

"Your shape looks good to me." I mumbled glancing at him I was completely enchanted by my young passenger.

"Thank you." he said turning slightly toward me in his seat and flashing a provocative smile,

"Do you live nearby?" he asked.

"No, I have a home on a lake north of town."

"I bet it's really great living on a lake."

"Oh yeah I love it....would you like to see my place sometime?" My mind flirting with the idea of being alone with him at my house.

"I would like that."

"Well maybe after we go to Dairy Queen we could drive out to the lake, that is if you've got the time."

"I've got plenty of time I just need to be in class tomorrow."

We got to the Dairy Queen and as we stood in line I continued to study Jamie, he was about 5'6" 110lbs, green eyes, sandy blond hair cut in a pixie style, a shapely butt and great legs, I also spied telltale strap lines under his tee confirming my suspicions that he was wearing a bra, I was thinking it was probably the cute pink one I saw hanging on his door when the lady at the counter asked us what we would like.

"Go ahead you can have anything you want."

"Anything?" he asked his eyes sparkling sensually.

After Jamie ordered I put my hand on his waist to to direct him to the side so I could order and pay, as I did he looked back over his shoulder and smiled causing a wave of excitement to ripple through my body.

Jamie sat next to me at a picnic table as we ate our ice cream, as we chatted a couple young guys made a rude comment as they walked by us.

"What's their problem?" I muttered.

"I'm used to it, that's why I don't usually go out in public places dressed like this."

"They're just jealous, I think you look great."

"Thank you Lieutenant."

We finished our ice cream and left, the drive to my house was about 15 miles, as we left town and got out into the country I put my hand on my shifter then after a couple of minutes I moved it to Jamie's leg, glancing over at him as I gently stroked the inside of his nylon covered thigh I saw he was staring straight ahead with a deer in the headlights look on his face.

"I'm sorry Jamie I just couldn't resist you any longer you're so cute and girly." putting my hand back on the shifter.

"It felt nice." he said softly.

"You like feeling girly?"

"Yeah." he replied looking away from me obviously embarrassed.

"I think it's sexy."

I moved my hand back to his thigh stroking it as I tried to understand what was happening, I had never been attracted to a guy before but Jamie was different I couldn't help myself, my cock was painfully hard as I stroked his thigh getting closer and closer to his crotch. I could hear him moaning softly as slipped my fingers up the leg of his shorts finding his cock.

"I can't help myself....I really want to play with your peter." I whispered fondling his turgid cock.

"Mmmmm." he groaned as my fingers stroked his hard cock through his pantyhose.

"This is your house?" he asked as I pulled into the driveway.

"Uh-huh." I replied pushing the garage door opener button.

I pulled into the garage and shut the ignition off then turned toward Jamie and ran my left hand under his tee shirt as I continued to fondle his cock with my right, I could feel his erect nipples through the thin nylon of his bra I teased them gently, Jamie sat submissively as I caressed him.

"I think we should go inside." I said pulling away from him.

I gave him a quick tour of my home ending up in the master bedroom, Jamie stood looking out the picture window at the lake.

"What a great view." he said.

"A great view." I agreed as I stood behind him admiring his cute little butt and gorgeous legs.

I put my hands on his shoulders and turned him around and pulled him to me, my hand finding his cock I stroked it through his shorts breifly before kneeling in front of him, lowering his shorts I rubbed my face against his nylon covered cock inhaling it's sensual aroma then stood and unfastened my cutoffs, pushing them and my bvds to my ankles and stepped out of them.

"Oh god." Jamie gasped staring at my erect cock. It was a common reaction as I'm a little over eight inches cut and thick as a brat.

I held him in my arms rubbing my cock against his as I lifted his tee shirt over his head.

"I don't know...." he he said diffidently.

"Touch me." I whispered guiding his hand to my cock.

I felt Jamie's fingers encircle my cock and stroke me, I kissed the top of his head as I pushed gently on his shoulders guiding him to his knees in front of me. My cock was so close to his face I could feel his hot breath as he continued to stroke me, I leaned forward slightly causing the tip of my cock to brush against his lips he rocked back looking up at me wide eyed.

"Oooh god Jamie!" I gasped putting my hand on the back of his head urging him to my cock.

"I...I...I never." he managed to stutter before I had my cock against his lips.

"Do it Jamie." I whispered enticingly. I felt him kiss my cock then rub it against his cheek before licking the length of it, looking up at me he slipped his lips over the corona.

"Oh yeah suck it." I breathed.

I watched as a little over half of my cock disappeared into his mouth, I felt the back of his throat before he gagged and backed off then gripping my cock at that point he began working his mouth up and down as he stroked me within minutes Jamie had brought me to the brink.

"I'm cumming!" I gasped as I spewed sperm into Jamie's mouth.

"Umph...ugh....uck" he bemoaned trying to pull away from my gushing cock but my hand at the back of his head insured I would spew my entire load into his hot mouth, I watched cum ooze from around my cock as I fucked Jamie's mouth my sperm flowing copiously until finally I was spent. I released my hold on his head he fell back on his haunches my sperm running down his chin and dripping down his chest he had obviously done his best not to swallow any. Jamie turned his face away seemingly in shame as I looked down at him, god the whole scene was overwhelming I pulled him to his feet and lowering my face to his kissed him my tongue exploring his mouth, his tongue danced with mine as he hesitantly kissed back.

We dressed silently then I drove him back to where I had picked him up, he didn't want me to drop him at the rooming house.

"I have to work Friday, how about I pick you up on Saturday morning you could spend the weekend at my place?" I asked running my hand over his soft nylon clad thigh.

"I don't think so." he answered pushing my hand away, I knew he was feeling ashamed of himself for sucking my cock.

I drove away thinking about what had happened with Jamie, it was so exciting I found myself wishing I had tasted him, if I got another chance I would suck his cock.

I had a golf game with a couple of buddies the next morning, I thought about being with Jamie as I played and afterwards I went shopping just in case he changed his mind. I went to a consignment shop and found a few things, a couple bras and panties, a tight satin little black dress, a short pink satin skirt, a white silk top, a pair of black patent heels, a pair pink of flats, a waltz length red nightgown and a white satin bikini. I stopped at Rite Aid for a couple pairs of pantyhose and ended up buying pantyhose, thigh highs disposable razors and Nair, I was picturing Jamie in the little black dress, nylons and heels I knew if I got the chance to be with him again I was going to fuck him, I picked up some condoms, lube, douche, tampons, pads and pantyliners, everything I imangined a girl could want.

It was about six pm Friday I was sitting on the bench in front of the fire station reading and enjoying the evening when I saw Jamie walking toward me, he was wearing a similar outfit to the one he wore on Wednesday.

"Hello Lieutenant." he said girlishly.

"Hello Jamie." I answered looking around nervously to see who might have been in earshot of us, fortunately none of the guys were nearby.

"I wanted to thank you for taking me to Dairy Queen." he smiled flirtatiously .

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself."

"You know....I really did." I felt jolt of excitement pulse through my body with his revelation.

"Maybe we could do it again sometime." I offered.

"Tomorrow?" he suggested coyly.

"I get off work at eight am."

"I'll be taking my morning walk about then." Jamie flashed me a sly grin and walked away.

One of the guys on my crew walked out of the station as I watched Jamie's sexy little ass thinking about the coming weekend.

"Isn't he the sissy from last days smoke investigation?" he asked disgustedly.

"He's the young guy from last day." I answered giving him a disapproving frown.

"What did the little fairy want."

"He wanted to thank us for our response last day, listen you know better than to talk like that so 'can' it okay?" I said finding myself getting a little irritated with the firefighter.

"Yes sir."

The rest of my shift was uneventful and with the exception of a medical run about two am I got a pretty good nights sleep. In the morning I got through shift change as quickly as I could looking forward to the weekend. I was imangining sex with Jamie as I drove down his street, I spotted him walking several houses past his he was carrying a small travel bag. I pulled next to him he was wearing white nylon shorts, nude pantyhose, a white nylon tee with a wide pink diagonal stripe and a butterfly and very pale pink ballet flats I stared rapt as he got in my car putting his bag in the back seat.

"Are you okay?" he asked.


"You're staring." he giggled.

"Make up." was all I could manage. Jamie was wearing pink lip gloss, pink eye shadow and mascara.

"You said you liked me girly and I like to be girly."

"Damn Jamie your a fox!" I gasped as I pulled him to me and kissed him libidinally for several seconds before I became conscious of where we were, breaking our kiss I pulled away from the curb.

"Thank you Lieutenant."

I drove a couple of blocks trying to regain my composure, my mind was filled with thoughts of what the next two days would hold.

"Have you had breakfast?" I asked Jamie as we approached the Burger King near the college.

"No I haven't"

"Let's stop at BK and get something." I suggested.

"The drive thru?"

"Let's go in." I said parking the car.

"I can't go in dressed like this."

"Why not? You were walking down the street earlier."

"Well yeah.....but that wasn't in public."

"I got to tell you sweetheart the sidewalk is public."

"You know what I mean!" he said with a little pout.

"Okay Jamie just hold my hand everyone will think you're my girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" his eyes sparkling.


"But everyone will know I'm a not really a girl."

"Did you look in the mirror before you left your room this morning, just act like a girl no one will know."

"Do you think...really?"

"Look Jamie I work in this neighborhood people know me now what do you think, come on let's eat."

I walked around the car and opened the door Jamie got out and took my hand and we went inside he hung on my arm as I ordered.

"Good morning Lieutenant what can I get for you this morning?" Margie the counter lady asked as she eyed Jamie before looking back at me raising her eyebrows.

"I'll take my usual."

"And you young lady?" I could hear the disapproval in her voice.

"I'll have a ham and egg croissant and a Coke please."

Margie put my coffee and a drink cup on the counter and stood waiting for our sandwiches.

"Thank you." Jamie said taking the cup and going to fill it.

"Good thing it's Saturday." Margie mumbled as I stood waiting for my order.


"No school on Saturday."


"She is a little young for a man your age.....does her mother know?"

"Margie I believe you're jealous."

Jamie came back to the counter just as our sandwiches were ready.

"Here you go young lady."

"Thank you maam."

"Well she's polite." Margie whispered as I followed Jamie to a table.

We ate our breakfast with a minimum of conversation then left for my house.

"She didn't know!" Jamie squealed as soon as we were in the car.

"Not only didn't she know Jamie she was jealous."

"Really!..... oh my god have you and her....."

"Never and she doesn't interest me anymore." I stroked the inside of Jamie's thigh as I drove as soon as we were out of town I unfastened his shorts urging Jamie to lift slightly allowing me to push his shorts down past his knees giving me access to his nylon covered cock and balls, I fondled him all the way to my house. His cock was leaking profusely as I pulled into my garage shut off the car and put the door down then leaning over the console I pulled the waist band of his pantyhose down far enough to free his steely cock it was beautiful, the shaft was straight about five inches with the girth of a hot dog tipped with a perfectly formed cock head oozing semen, grasping it as it waved lewdly in my face I swiped my tongue across the tip tasting his boy cream. "Aaaaaah." he moaned. I licked his shaft and balls worshiping his young cock for several minutes before taking him into my mouth sucking feverishly as I fondled his bloated balls.

"Oh god! he gasped grabbing the back of my head as his cock erupted copiously in my mouth I swallowed greedily feeding on his nut nectar as I frantically sucked his cock until he was spent I licked the remnants of sperm from his cock as it withered from my mouth.

"Oh god Jamie." I gasped sitting back up savoring the taste of his sperm.

"I know!" he panted.

Jamie slipped his shorts over his shoes as he got out of the car then followed me into the house, he looked incredibly sexy in his sheer to the waist pantyhose and flats, I took him in my arms and kissed him then pulled his top up and off massaging his chest through his bra.

"You like them?" he whispered.


"My titties, do you like my titties?.......they're not very big."

"I love your titties." I mummered kissing her as I slipped my fingers under the edge of his bra.

"I bought a few things for you sweetheart, they're in the guest room."

"I love it when you call me sweetheart." Jamie whispered his fingers tracing my cock through my jeans.

"You do?"

"Let me show you." he said kneeling in front of me and unfastening my jeans and pushing them and my underwear to my ankles, I quickly kicked my shoes off and stepped out of my pants and bvds.

"You like?" he cooed looking up at me stroking my cock.

"Oh yeah sweetheart." I moaned as he licked my shaft swirling his tongue around my corona.

"Tell me." he whispered kissing my cock as he rubbed it against his face.

"Suck my cock Jamie."

He let my cock head slide past his lips as he looked up at me mischievously then slid down my shaft until it touched the back of his throat gagging slightly.

"Take it all sweetheart?" I urged putting my hand on the back of his head and pushing gently.

"Mmm-mm." he groaned trying to pull away.

"You can do it sweetie just swallow."

I felt Jamie's throat contract as he swallowed allowing my cock to ease forward a little.

"Just keep swallowing honey." I encouraged.

Jamie swallowed several times my cock advancing each time until his nose was in my pubic hair.

"That's it sweetheart you got it all, now keep swallowing milk that cock honey." I had at least three inches of cock down his throat, I held him down on my cock for several seconds all the time I could feel his throat muscles milking my cock as he dutifully kept swallowing then pulled back allowing him to breathe.

"That's my girl!" I praised as Jamie gasped a couple quick breaths before I buried my cock in his throat again until my balls rested on his chin as he milked my cock with his throat drool ran from his mouth as I pulled out again after a couple quick breaths Jamie grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled me back into his throat. I throat fucked him furiously for at least five minutes his eyes were tearing his nose was running and drool ran profusly from his mouth.

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