tagRomanceJamie and Tina's Beginning

Jamie and Tina's Beginning


I know I have not posted anything in a very long time, so to anyone who has enjoyed other stories I have written, this is just a build up to a companion piece I am writing, so please don't hesitate to vote, or leave me comments, and maybe if you leave notes, or send me feedback, you may se it in the upcoming story.



Dear lord:

I am before you a humbled man, not standing, not kneeling, but lying before you asking for forgiveness for my sins, praying that you give me strength, wisdom, and courage to battle through all of my daily struggles, and that I can leave all of those negative images of my past behind me as well.


I pray to you asking to know you better, and to be brought deeper into my love walk with you, so that I can share with family, friends, and those individuals who I meet.

Please lord bless me as I start my day, so that I can share what I know with others, and be confident in what you have taught me so far, and be open to what I may learn, and be thankful for the gift of another precious day.

Thank you lord,

I pray this prayer.

In Jesus name.


I prepared to embark on another adventure, another trip off into the great country called the United States of America, armed with a new confidence, a new zest for life, and I headed for the airport.

I had no clue I would be leaving on the trip to change my life for good, and that it would be the trip where I would see something I had never seen before, also to do things I had never done before.


Everything getting through the airport was wonderful, and the flight was even better, peace and quiet all the way to my destination. I had landed safely in beautiful Milwaukee, WI.

I don't know about beautiful, but the weather sure was nice, a nice 75 degree middle of the summer evening as we landed, and not much to do for the evening except chill out and wait for the next days events to begin. Or so I thought.

Leaving the airport, and there she was, all 5'5 of her, red hair, pale smooth skin, thick and juicy, like a nice T bone steak, but I had no idea where she came from.

It was like she had just appeared out of no where, and I was just a dear in headlights, waiting to be run over.

Nicely dressed, hair beautifully done, glasses framing a beautiful smile, and a figure that just curved like a dangerous set of S turns going down a mountain, that you know you should slow down on, but all the way down to her nice pair of Nike's, I knew that those curves were parts I wanted to just hang on for the ride, and skate down to the bottom.

Black jeans, pink shirt, and that red hair!

I couldn't get enough of looking at her as she walked away, but of course, just my luck, she would disappear into the crowd, and I would start heading for baggage claim, so I had no idea if I would see her again.

I couldn't get her image out of my head, so much so that I almost tripped over my own luggage as the red cap handed it over to me.

We snaked our way through the small yet very busy airport, and then waited on the shuttle bus which was heading for the hotel where the conference would be, and wham!

There she was, in those form fitting jeans, and that red hair, waiting for the shuttle as well.

I almost came right there, but luckily I am a smooth kind of guy.

As she turned, I finally was able to get a good look at her, and there they were, framed by a nice pair of reading glasses, the most beautiful hazel green eyes I have ever stared into.

I was lost in those eyes for a moment, because it was like we were able to read each others thoughts in that moment.

I introduced myself as Jamie, and as she shook my hand, I knew she would be the woman I would marry.

There was a definite spark there, and we held hands a little longer than I felt like we should have, but I dam sure didn't mind.

As the shuttle pulled up, she introduced herself as Tina Lee from a place I would find out later to be GA.

I had no idea if she felt the sparks between us, or if I was just in a dreamer's world, but all I knew was I wanted to experience that feeling again.

I hadn't gotten to that point of asking myself yet if this woman is the one, or if God sent her to me, but the conversation flowed easily between us for the 20 minute ride to the hotel, and then before you knew it we were going out for dinner together.

Once we left the shuttle though, that's when shit really hit the fan, because as we all exited the van, and got to the back to find our bags, mine wasn't there.

So I was heated, hot under the collar, mad, which ever analogy you wanted to put there, and the driver couldn't explain to me why my bag wasn't in the van.

So I went inside to the front desk, ask for the dispatcher to the drivers, and ask them to check around for my bag, got checked in, and an hour later, Tina Lee was still next to me, steady as a rock.

As we headed up to my room, and I was still on a hunt for my bag, I needed to call the airline, Tina let me use her cell phone, and I learn during a rather short conversation, they would call me back.

25 minutes later during a return phone call, the airline said they needed to wait for the shuttle driver to return to the airport, to find out what happened to the bag.

So for the next hour, Tina and I sat around talking about how I could be prepared for work, with no dress clothes, and no shoes, and only jeans.

She said "Well, I could always lend you one of my dresses, and we could get you some lipstick and get you looking like Madea."

Now, I consider myself to be a rather handsome guy, at 5'10, and dark skin, and rather stocky, at 215 lbs, but that was just what I needed, because I started cracking up laughing, and the tension I felt kind of melted away after that.

It wasn't that I didn't care if I found my suitcase, it was just that she took my mind off of it, and we ended up talking until we got the call that my suitcase was found.

We were both very relieved, and after about three hours of waiting, we ended up being quite hungry as well, so we ended up going to a Thai restaurant which was almost directly across the street from the hotel.

Walking in a light drizzle, under an umbrella with her was a little romantic, but it was such a short walk that no more sparks really flew.

She and I ended up sitting at the back of the restaurant, so we could eat quietly, but we saw her boss, as well as a couple of my colleagues also.

This created a very interesting atmosphere, because Tina and I had just met, barely knew each other, and were in that spot of should we go sit with people we knew, or stay with each other and explore what was developing.

I had no plans on leaving her side, so I took her hand in mine, and looked her in the eye, and said very directly:

"I would be honored if you would have dinner with me tonight."

She smiled and with a southern drawl which melted more than just my heart, she stated:

"I would love to."

After that we ordered our food, and shared information about work, our likes and dislikes, and why we were at the conference.

Every time she focused her hazel green eyes on me, I could sense wonder in her heart, and that there was more there than even I could understand, but I wanted to know more.

Her eyes looked into me as if we were connecting right there over dinner, and we were saying so much without even saying anything, but as much as I wanted to hold her gaze, I couldn't, because I too had secrets I was not ready to share.

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