tagRomanceJamie and Tina's Beginning Ch. 02

Jamie and Tina's Beginning Ch. 02


Dinner between Tina Lee and I could have lasted all night, because it seemed we had an instant connection, like we were baring our souls to each other without saying much.

From both of our plates, it looked as if the food left a little to be desired, but each others company was what made the dinner special.

Before we knew it hours had past, and we needed to get back over to the hotel, because we both had to ensure that we could get up and be ready for the next day.

I knew I had exhibiting to do, and she had workshops that she would be attending, but we couldn't be certain that we would see each other.

So by the time we walked back through the hotel, we were walking slowly, enjoying the moments of being in each others presents, and it was just nice to share time with that special someone.

I wanted to plant a kiss on her once I walked her up to her room, but I didn't think that was appropriate, so instead, I just held her hand gently, and gave her a soft kiss on the back of her hand.

Then I whispered goodnight in her ear, and the heavenly scent which she was wearing, was still on her even after a long day of travel.

Going back to my room that night, I knew my life was preparing to change, I had no idea how much it was going to do so, but Tina Lee was going to be the start of something for me, and I wanted to find out what it was going to be, because I could see how special she was just in the way she walked, in the way she spoke, not just to me, but also to others, and most of all in the way she treated me.

I had a very difficult time sleeping that night, because my mind was on Tina Lee, and my reality set in... I had a girlfriend at home that I also had to tend to.


Saying Goodnight to Stacy was uneventful, because I truly couldn't understand why she wasn't on the trip with me, if we could get her the time off from her job, and we argued about such things constantly.

I was no longer happy with the way things were going at home, and that wasn't the first trip I have taken alone for work, but it was the first time I have opened myself up to speaking to someone else on the trips, let alone interacting with them, and Tina Lee showed herself to be something special.

All I could do was try to enjoy myself while in Milwaukee, and deal with Stacy when I returned home, or at least that's what I kept telling myself.

A guy who has withdrawn from a relationship is a dangerous one at best, and ultimately that's what I was, so in my mind, I had nothing to lose, because I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and trying to figure out how to get out of a relationship I no longer wanted.

After eight years of constant fighting, and struggle to find a comfort zone, to find that connection with the person I was with, I just couldn't figure out why things weren't progressing in the way that I felt they should be.

Marriage, kids, better jobs, traveling together, saving money, investing in our future, all of the above, or pick one, it just felt like Stacy and I couldn't get it right.

Stacy and I both worked harder than we should, we both were behind on a lot of bills, and we both couldn't understand the other persons view point.

All I knew was that there was a period in the past, where travel opportunities had been a get away for the both of us, and we could rest and relax together, now these kinds of trips were an escape for me, because I didn't want to be at home, but was that a problem, nope, not so much.

I got tired of arguing, and not coming to solutions, tired of the cold nature by which there was no affection, just sex, and then, there was no help offered by either one of us to ensure that things got done properly.

When a person gets tired, and hits that wall, you know, and you understand change is necessary, it's just a matter of what to do about it, there comes a point where you have to start making decisions, but I just had no idea where to start.


Having just met Tina Lee, I had no idea what was about to happen, but there was certainly chemistry, and it had me very intrigued, and for the rest of the first night in Milwaukee my mind wandered into the world of possibilities.

Waking up for the first day of events, I was a little slow, but the good thing about me, when working the exhibition hall, and the lights go on, and they say action, I am ready to go. It turned out to be a good event, not great, but I saw old friends, met some new people, and had a chance to share a lot of great information.

By the end of the first day though, I was exhausted, and I only had a chance to see Tina Lee once, and it was kept very professional. .

After the first day of exhibiting, and the day was over I headed back to my room to relax, and ultimately to decompress, because peace and quiet is where I am most comfortable.

Once I ordered my dinner, I knew I was in for the night, and I was very happy. The thing that capped off my night was when Tina Lee showed up, and it was already late evening, and I wasn't sure why, but looking back on it this is where our relationship went up a level, and I gained much more respect for her.

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