tagRomanceJamie and Tina's Journey

Jamie and Tina's Journey


In order to understand the journey, you really do need to have to read Jamie and Tina's beginning, but I hope these two stories have touched those people out there who have that triangle of life, where decisions need to be made, and I am here to tell you with the power of prayer, and the love of that special someone you can get through.'

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After Tina Lee and I left Milwaukee, I knew I had some serious work to do in order to clean up my life, because I was no longer happy with my home situation, and come hell or high water, I was going to be free, I was going to have peace in my life, and there really wasn't much more to be said, I just had to come up with action steps at that point, in order to move forward, to feel like, and to see myself free.

After that one night in Milwaukee where Tina Lee leaned back into me, and we were so gentle with each other, and we were able to understand each others feelings, thoughts, and actions just through simple touches, through barely whispering to each other, I remembered all of that, and I knew that was a genuine feeling of peace, and I continued to hold on to that night after night.

I began questioning why I didn't have that at home, and that's what I wanted, the question was, what was I willing to do to get it??

Arriving back home, I tried to rationalize away all of the reasons for trying to give up talking to Tina Lee, because she was keeping me grounded in those days when I just didn't know what to do, or how to handle the mess I had at home.

So I talked to her at work, and when Stacy was away from home, but I still tried to figure out what my feelings were for Stacy, and for the most part, I was drifting further and further away from her. WE would curl up on the couch to watch a movie, and there was no feeling, there was no connection, even with the close quarters that we were in, and going to sleep next to each other at night wasn't any better.

We would sleep with our backs to each other, and barely touch whenever we did lay close to each other.

Stacy and I just weren't a good match for each other, and I kind of knew it, and was afraid to do anything about it, all because of the inevitable questions of who is the next girlfriend, or do I want a roommate, or how does a guy like me live on my own, and I just had no answers to those questions, so I stayed.

As more distance grew between Stacy and I, Tina Lee and I got closer, and we even started dreaming bigger, and thinking about the future, and wondering what it would be like to be together, what if we could visit, how we could make it happen, but I still saw no way for it to happen.

I would call her more from home, just to hear her voice, she would provide me so much encouragement, and that was all that I wanted.

Finally about a month after returning back from Milwaukee, I finally told Stacy that I didn't feel that we were heading in the same direction, and that I wanted to break up, and she didn't take it well, but I felt in my spirit that if I held firm that great things and peace would follow.

She believed it all tied back to Tina Lee, and I couldn't convince her otherwise, so I stopped trying. I knew in my heart that I wanted what was best for her, and that it wasn't me, so I had to let her go in order to not only find the peace that I needed for me, but also for her to find the great things out in the world that were there for her.

We went back and forth for a long time, but finally it happened, Stacy was gone from my life for good.


Four months later

It was moving day for Stacy, and I knew I couldn't be there, because it would bring up to many emotions, after all the years, and all of the stress that we caused each other, so instead of staying home, I went to work, and allowed her the opportunity to clean out her things on her own.

By the time I left the office, she was calling asking to see me one last time, because at the time there was no idea whether we would remain friends or not, and I just wanted it all to be over, so that I could move on, because I had a scheduled vacation, in order to de-stress.

So I arrived home, and she was there, and I said my pleasantries to her family, but they were understandably cold, then as her and I stepped outside, we exchanged a hug, as she tiered up, and I had to get away, so I just went by a local sports bar to hang out, because she said she would be gone within an hour.

While sitting there and waiting for the next hour to pass, I just checked out the early afternoon sports news, as well as people watched, and ordered some food.

Then received a very strange text on my phone: "I'm here."

I had no idea what it meant, or whether someone was watching me, so I decided to check the number. I noticed it was from an area code, and number that I should recognize, but didn't.

Tina Lee!

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