tagMind ControlJamie's Transformation

Jamie's Transformation


Chapter 1

Make money for school right now. That's what the ad said, and Jamie was all for that. The High School Senior had just graduated and now it was time to make that cash she needed for school.

The month of may was about to come to an end and she didn't get hired anywhere else. Jamie was a very attractive girl being 5'5" tall and weighing around 105 pounds. She had a perfect butt, nice sized breasts, and pretty long dark hair. Most guys really responded well to her even though she simply wore blue jeans and a tee-shirt most of the time.

According to the ad the job was more of an experiment. The subjects were offered a lot of money to participate and money was what she needed for college.

The building wasn't that old, and there was a fence that when all the way around the outside. A guard was posted at the main gate. Jamie walked up to the booth, her car left parked in the outside lot.

"Hi, I'm Jamie Moore. I'm here about the ad... I'm not sure where..."

The guard smiled politely. He had a glow to him.

"You're in the right place. We've had all sorts of people show up. All you have to do is walk through the gate here and into that central door."

The guard pointed to the large automatic doors.

"Thank you very much."

With the same smile he replied, "Oh it's no problem at all. I'll get the gate for you."

Jamie simply smiled as the gate opened and she walked inside.

Inside there was a large waiting room. Four or five people, a mix of guys and girls, were sitting around filling out forms. There was a front desk with a large stack of paperwork on it. The woman working quickly acknowledged Jamie.

"Hi there, you must be here for the research project."

"Yes I am."

The woman took one of the forms along with a pen and handed it over to Jamie.

"If you'd fill this out and bring it back we'll be able to see if you're right for us today."

Jamie took the paperwork and pen, and then found a place to sit. The whole experience really reminded her of a doctor visit more than anything else.

The forms were fairly standard. Age, race, gender, physical health, and so on. It was really just like going to a doctor for the first time. After Jamie had completed the form she turned it in. What took place next was waiting. For almost two hours. Finally a tall pretty young dark haired man opened the door and called out Jamie's name. She walked quickly over to him.

"Ms. Jamie Moore?"


He offered his hand and she took it.

"I'm Doctor Andrews. Could you please come inside."

Jamie found herself in a new much smaller room. A video camera was set up recording.

"What's the camera for?"

The Doctor looked over at it and laughed.

"Oh that's pretty standard in this kind of project. We're doing government research so we have to document everything. Even candidate selection."

"I see."

Andrews starts to look over the form.

"I see that you're now 18, and are trying to get money for college... is that correct?"

"Yes it is."

He continued to look over the form.

"We do offer very nice scholarships to subjects after the completion of experiments. This shouldn't take more than a summer if your selected, and you'll have plenty of money for a first years tuition."

Jamie was excited

"That sounds great."

"Is there any physical problems that you have that aren't mentioned on this form?"


The Doctor smiled once again.

"Excellent. From what I've seen I think you'll be perfect for this."

Jamie shifted positions in her seat.

"What exactly are you testing."

The Doctor put the form down.

"Now as I said, this is government work so you'll have to sign paperwork saying that you won't disclose any information about the project, but I can tell you a little about it right now. We are going to be testing the reaction of individuals to a new spectrum of light that we've just discovered."

"A new spectrum of light... that's amazing."

Andrews was impressed by the girls knowledge.

"Yes it is. We've already done some tests with none human subjects and the light doesn't have any harmful effects. In fact, it seemed to actually improve vision."

"That would be great."

"I'm glad your this excited about it. I can't really say anymore right now, but unfortunately you have more paperwork to do now that you've been chosen. I will see you again bright and early tomorrow."

He stood and shook her hand.

"Thank you for this opportunity."

"It was nothing really. Now if you'll just go to the woman you received the forms from earlier today she'll be able to help you out."

The rest of the day seemed to take forever with all of the paperwork that had to be filed. Jamie was happy to go home, but tomorrow was bound to be a new and exciting day.

Chapter 2

Jamie had parked in the employee lot just as she had been told to. She wore black dress pants on a tee-shirt just like the paperwork she had taken home told her to.

She entered the lab to see that there was equipment everywhere but not many people doing any testing with it. Jamie finally found Doctor Andrews.

"High there Jamie, ready to get started?"

Jamie took another look around the lab.

"Yeah, but where are the other subjects?"

Andrews laughed.

"This is still pretty early in the experiment. We only have one subject right now."

"Isn't that sort of odd? I mean wouldn't you want to test my results to somebody else?"

Andrews went over to a chair that had a mechanical arm attached to the side.

"This is going to be a very long experiment. We're only testing one subject right now and are going to bring more in later."

"I see."

"If you would please sit down for me."


Jamie sat in the chair.

Andrews pointed out a camera as he said, "I would just like you to note the camera right over there."

"Yes I see it."


Andrews moved the mechanical arm to face Jamie. It had an odd light fixture mounted on it. Andrews took some dark glasses and put them on.

"Now I'm about to turn on the light device and you're going to see some flashing light. You should perceive it as multiple colors flashing all at once. All I need you to do is stare directly into it. Do you understand?"


"Excellent. I will begin."

Andrews picked up a small remote. He activated the light and a swirls of every color in the rainbow came from it. Jamie was pulled in. Time seemed to stand still for an instant and before she even was able to really absorb it the light was turned off.

"What's wrong?"

Andrews walked over to her and smiled.

"Nothing... you did fine."

Jamie lifted from the seat. She felt tired.

"Then why did we stop?"

Andrews was taking notes on a pad that Jamie hadn't seem him with before.

"We've been doing this for the last four hours. Do you not remember?"

Jamie became dazed and confused. She tried to remember back, but all she could think about were the swirling colors.

"No I don't."

Andrews nodded.

"Interesting. I'm sure it's just a temporary side effect caused by first time exposure. If you continue to have problems in the next few days we'll examine it more closely. I don't think it's anything to worry about."

Jamie nodded.

"You can go for today. Make sure you pick up your check from Gloria on your way out."

Jamie became very confused. She hadn't realized she was getting paid every day.

"What do you mean check?"

Andrews looked shocked as he looked at her.

"Nobody told you?"

Jamie was even more confused as she asked, "Told me what?"

"Well... we're paying you a daily salary on top of the money we're providing you for school. In most cases, a subject would use the money to live on since they wouldn't be able to have another job while doing this. In your case, I suppose you could spend the money on anything you want."

Jamie was taken aback with surprise, but this was good surprise.

"Thank you so much."

"It's nothing. I'll cya tomorrow."

Jamie almost ran out.

"Tomorrow it is."

Chapter 3

After driving home, Jamie had noticed she was a little sweaty. It probably had something to do with the fact that she had stayed sitting in one place for four hours. Jamie got in her shower and cleaned off. She had such thoughts while she was there. Very sexual, and she didn't really even know where she'd even seen these things before. After her shower she stepped out, dried off and got ready.

She wanted to go shopping, she had two hundred dollars she wanted to spend. Jamie put on thick eye shadow. Pink over the eyes, and it really looked good. Sluty, but good. The rest of her makeup was very much the same way.

Jamie looked through her clothes and picked out a black mini skirt that she had dared not wear before. Every time she had even thought of bending over you could see everything. Tonight seemed like a good time to wear it. The red top was sleeveless and Jamie decided it was think enough that she wouldn't need a bra. A pair of black five inch heel pumps set in the closet floor. She had worn them for a costume party last year where she dressed as a sexy waitress. The outfit she put together now made that look bad. The heels seemed like the perfect addition to the outfit.

After she slipped on her heels she was out the door. Jamie had a hard time walking in these shows before, but something was different now. She knew exactly how to balance in them.

Jamie arrived at a fetish store. She didn't know why, but she wanted stuff from there.

She walked in and looked over the scene. There weren't many people around but there were a few older gentleman in the back talking. They were supposed to card her for being there but they didn't. Jamie got the feeling that didn't want to have to send her away.

She looked over the racks and came to a selection of porn movies. One caught her attention. Deep Throat Bitches. Jamie had never been that interested in oral sex but something caught her eye now. She took the movie from the shelf. This was something to take home for sure.

After that she found a leather mini-skirt that actually seemed shorter than the one she had on now. That would be something she definitely would want. Next was the six inch, black patent; high heel pumps. That was a must so she grabbed that too. Before she left there were a selection of dildos on the wall. There was one thick black one that must have been 12 inches long. She wasn't a virgin, but her last boyfriend wasn't that big. Jamie also decided that she wanted to find out what this deep throating thing was all about.

Jamie ended up at the register with her assortment of items and the men were all very intrigued.

One even confronted her.

"Now what's a sweet little girl like you going to do with all that stuff?"

Jamie shrugged and with a grin replied, "Practice."

All the men seemed to cheer and whistle.

"Well I can help you with that baby."

The cashier had rang Jamie up and handed her the solid black bag. Jamie got up close to the man who had confronted her and in a very girly, pouting voice replied, "Yeah but I want to be a pro before you check me out baby. But don't worry, it will be so worth it."

Jamie turned and walked out of the store. She didn't know what had come over her, but she was glad she was out. That was stupid what she just did. Those guys could have gang raped her right there, and not because they were sick or anything, but because she almost had told them too by the way she acted. For a moment, she caught herself thinking about what it would be like, but she quickly shook it off and decided to head straight for home.

Chapter 4

Jamie quietly walked in the door and looked around. Her parents weren't home. That was very good for her. She didn't want her mother, or father for that matter, asking what was in the bag. Jamie quickly ran upstairs and locked the door.

She took off her heels and put on the new ones. She expected them to be hard to walk in, or at the very least uncomfortable. These shoes felt better on her than any shoes she had ever worn in her life. They were even better than her tennis-shoes.

Jamie took the DVD and popped it in. The movie started out with a woman on her knees sucking on a large cock. The man would grab the back of her head and force it down her throat. She would sometimes bring her hands up to stop him but he would swat them down. He told her outright to keep her bitch hands down. Jamie couldn't understand why but she was getting very wet. Something about the control he had over that helpless girl turned her on. She took out the dildo and freed it from the package. It was very long. Jamie got down on her knees and started trying to force the massive thing down her throat. At about five inches she felt it get to a place it wouldn't move, and she couldn't breath. She pushed but it wouldn't go anywhere, and Jamie desperately wanted it down her throat. Her other hand was working her covered pussy like crazy. She didn't even realize it was down there. After looking up on the screen she noticed the woman on her back with her head leaning of a table. The man was shoving his whole 9 inch cock down her throat. Her throat would bulge along with her eyes every time the man hit bottom. Jamie got on the bed and leaned back so she could see the screen. She moved her thong to one side and played with herself. Jamie began to slide the cock in and out of her mouth. When she got to the five inch point it stopped again. This time she pushed and it popped past something. Jamie felt it wedged in her throat and something about that turned her on. She started to erratically finger her pussy. The man on the screen was calling to woman all sorts of names: Whore, slut, bitch, cumslut, and many more. Jamie closed her eyes and pushed the cock deeper. She gaged but that didn't stop her. She kept pushing. Jamie imaged it was her that was being called those things. She was turned on even more. Her face was red and she needed to breath, but at this moment she didn't care. Her pussy was about to explode and she just kept pushing in and out. Jamie experienced an orgasm like she had never felt before. She was starting to get light headed and when she opened her eyes she saw her hand right at her face. The almost the entire 12 inch cock was buried deep in her throat. She slowly began to pull it out and gaged as it popped out of her mouth. She coughed for a moment and tried to suck in air. Jamie was very tired but the video continued. The man had come her the woman's wanting mouth and she swallowed it all. Jamie was beginning to get excited again. She finished the video, and finished herself four more times before she fell to sleep.

Chapter 5

Jamie awoke again a fixed herself up to go into the lab. Again did her makeup sluty, and wore a tiny mini skirt, and matching top. The new six inch heels were perfect. She felt so tall when she wore them.

As she walked into the lab everybody noticed her. Jamie was very much liking the attention. She even noticed one of the young janitors trying to look up her skirt from his position on the floor cleaning it. Jamie simply looked at him and smiled while at the same time flipping her skirt up really fast so that he could get a good shot of her perfect thong wearing butt.

She went into the lab and saw Andrews standing there waiting for her. He quickly noticed how she looked and checked her out.

"Wow Jamie... you look great today."

Jamie smiled and did a quick turn for him.

"So you like it?"

He simply nodded.

"So where do you want me today?" She said jokingly.

Andrews pointed to a door and she followed him. They walked down a hall into a normal room with chairs all around. There was a camera set up.

"So, from now own when you come in I want you to wait in here okay?"

"Sure Doc. So why are we in here today?"

He had her sit in on of the chairs and she crossed her legs. Jamie's legs looked wonderful in their crossed position. She leaned to one side so that anybody that would have been there could get a good look at her wonderful legs.

"I want to try out my new portable device."

"Oh... okay."

Andrews put on his special glasses and held up a small device with a light on it.

"Okay Jamie, just look right here."

As soon as she looked at the light there was a bright flash. The next thing Jamie knew she was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room sweating. Doctor Andrews was gone. Jamie felt very tired as she stood and left from the room. She went out into the hallway where Doctor Andrews was putting his white lab coat back on.

"Doctor, what happened?"

"Oh Jamie hey... if you ever find yourself alone and dazed in the room just pick up your check and go home okay."

Jamie was confused but still said, "Okay."

She then proceeded to pick up her check and leave.

The next few weeks were like that. She would show up and get flashed, not remember anything, and then leave. Everybody in the lab seemed to know her name, and all the guys treated her very well. They would talk to her every chance they got, but every day Jamie would go home tired and sore all over. That light really did have a strange effect on her, but she made a lot of money. Jamie also found herself experimenting in her room a lot with sex. She had picked up a lot of porn movies, and even shoved that dildo anywhere it could go. Jamie seemed to love everything about sex.

On one day leaving from the lab Doctor Andrews said that tomorrow would probably be her last day. He would show some of his findings with her. Jamie was very excited to see how the experiment turned out.

Chapter 6

Jamie came into the lab and like always all of the guys said hi. She went into her small room and this time there was a TV. The camera was still set up and recording. Jamie sat in the chair in front of the TV. Doctor Anders walked in.

"Hey Jamie, how are you doing today?"

"Really well thanks."

"Are you excited about your last day?"

"Yeah, but I'm a little sad too. I'm going to miss everybody."

Andrews smiled, "I'm sure that they're all going to miss you too."

He turned the TV on.

"For this part of the experiment we're going to show sections of video footage for you. This is video we took of you during your treatments. The door to this room will be locked while you watch the footage. It's part of the experiment. Do you understand?"


"Good, I'll see you when it's over"

Andrews leaves from the room, and as soon as the door is locked the footage starts.

Jamie saw the image of herself sitting in the chair on the first day. She was wearing the pants and tee-shirt. Jamie thought she looked so funny in that. That was nothing like she dressed now.

Anders had just told her to look into the light and her turned on the machine. The colors shown on screen were nothing like what she had seen before. The tape continued.

"Jamie, can you hear me?"


That was very odd, Jamie hadn't remembered saying anything after the light ever came on.

"I want you to listen to my voice okay."


"Whenever I say go to sleep Jamie, you'll return to the state that you're in right now. Do you understand."

"Yes doctor I do."

"Good. Whenever I say wake up Jamie you'll return to your normal state. Do you understand?"


"Good, now wake up Jamie."

Jamie started to move around in her seat. She rose up, but as Jamie watched herself she knew that what she'd seen just now hadn't taken four hours.

"How do you feel Jamie?"

Jamie looked around the room.

"I feel fine."

"Good. Do you remember what we talked about?"

She was puzzled as she asked, "When did we talk about anything?"

"You're right, never mind that then."

Andrews walked over to Jamie and removed his glasses.

"So Jamie, you know that you're really attractive right?"

She started to look very uneasy.

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