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They both quietly got up and left the living room. Jason put on the coffee and came over to sit at the table with Jim. "Does she know you're bi?" he asked.

Jim just shook his head 'no' in response. "She's my love; he cleared his throat, was my lover for a semester three years ago." Jim's tears started to stream down his face. "If I hadn't left her ... if I'd only married her ...," he trailed off unable to finish.

Jason let him cry it out knowing it was best for him to get it out of his system. He reached out and held Jim's hand until he had calmed down and then got coffee for both of them. He paused a moment to look out the back window. "Damn!" he said.

"What is it?" asked Jim.

"He's back. Guess Jan was right; his family bailed him out," Jason said as he set the cups down.

Jim absentmindedly placed his hand on his holster.

Jason didn't miss the implication. "He's not worth it Jim and, besides, I think Jan is going to need you."

Jim sighed, removed his hand and placed it through the handle of his cup instead, "You're right. You could always read me like a book."

Jason smiled, "What are friends for."

Jim took a sip of coffee, "Boy; you like it strong don't you?"

Jason gave a small laugh, "Yeah; just like my men."

Jim laughed too. "Tell me; does she know that you're bi too?"

Jason thought for a moment, "No; I don't think so. If she had, I don't think she would have undressed in front of me so she probably thinks I'm just gay."

Jim nodded his agreement. "You guys still plan on throwing that party this weekend?"

"Damn; I forgot about that with what's happened tonight. I'll have to discuss it with Steve," said Jason.

"Maybe it would be better if I take her to my place, but I don't think she'd want to go. I think she might feel safer here with you two even if he's just next door. Maybe we should just wait and all four of us discuss it after she's got a chance to clean up and eat something," suggested Jim.

"Well," started Jason, "she knows about the party. I mentioned it to her a few days ago when we were in the back yard."

"And?" questioned Jim.

"She told me she didn't dare come over because of him; she's pretty scared of him you know," he stated.

Jan opened her eyes, but was still groggy from the sedative. First she was confused at where she was, but then everything that had happened flooded back. She was at Steve and Jason's house on their couch. She had a T-shirt on; realized it had to be Jason's. She swung her legs off and felt the top of her pussy. Matt's dried cum still coated her pussy and she was disgusted; she wanted all evidence of him cleaned off her body. She stood up and her legs buckled beneath her and she collapsed to the floor and moaned.

Jan felt strong arms lift her and she looked into Jim's concerned eyes; smelled his familiar scent. She automatically leaned into his arms. "Hold me; just hold me," she whispered.

Jim felt like his heart was going to burst. He remembered her saying those exact same words so many times during their time together. He gently embraced her as she held tightly on to him.

"Maybe she should use the downstairs bathroom," said Jason. I don't think her legs are strong enough for the stairs. Jim why don't you help her clean up?" suggested Jason.

"I don't have a change of clothes here Jason. I think I'm going to need to get in the tub with her so she doesn't fall and hurt herself," he said.

"You've got a set here. You left them a few months ago when you had to go in on midnights," said Jason. "I'll get them for you. You go ahead and I'll get something of hers she can put on. I'll stick her robe in the washer afterwards to get it clean also." Jason left to go upstairs.

"Come on you; let's go get cleaned up," said Jim.

Jan held on to him as he walked her into the bathroom. The tub in here was more a Jacuzzi than a bathtub. Jim got her undressed, lifted her over and set her on the bench and started the water. Jan laid her head back against the padded neck brace feeling the warm water rising; it felt good and was easing her sore muscles.

Jim stripped off his belt laying his holster on the sink base and neatly folding his uniform. He got into the tub and eased Jan onto his lap so he could hold her steady. When the water reached just under her breasts, he shut it off and turned on the jets on low power.

Jan cuddled next to Jim and laid her head against his shoulder; she always felt protected and loved with Jim. He took the sponge and soap and slowly washed her body trying to be careful not to hurt her injuries.

Jason came in carry two sets of clothing and some thick towels and laid them down. He left again and then returned with two cups of coffee. "Here's your's and one for Jan. She probably needs some too." He set them with easy reach of both of them then left and shut the door.

The water felt invigorating and Jan realized that she was sitting on Jim's lap and he was bathing her. She jerked up and stared into his sad eyes.

"Please forgive me Jan; I should never have left you," he said and started to cry.

Jan started to tremble and her tears matched his. "I felt so lost without you when you left. I turned to the first man who made me feel wanted," she confessed and hung her head down in shame. "I didn't know what he was like until after we were married. I didn't know what to do or where to go; I was just so lost" and she leaned onto his shoulder and cried. They held onto each other for a long time.

Finally their tears ceased, but they still clung to each other. Jan reached down cupping some water in her hand to splash her face; it stung. She gingerly felt the bruise and sore lip. "I must look terrible," she said as she tried to turn away from his face.

Jim gently laid his hand to the side of her face, "To me you're the most beautiful creation God put on this Earth. I was so stupid not to keep the gift He'd given me."

She turned towards him after he spoke; not believing her ears. She placed her hand along the side of his face and looked into his blue eyes. She still loved him; even after everything she had been through and now she knew that he still loved her, but would he stay or cast her off again. "Do you still want me?" she barely whispered.

"Oh God yes!" and he embraced her gently to his body. "If your lip wasn't hurt Babe, I'd kiss you over and over again." He kissed the side of her neck and along her shoulder.

"If you'd permit Jan, if you want me that is, I'd be honored if you'd marry me once you're divorced," he said with all the feeling in his heart.

"Yes. I've never stopped loving you Jim," she replied.

"Oh God Jan. I want to make passionate love with you except you've been injured and I'll have to wait," said Jim as he started to kiss her neck again and lightly stroked her breast. He could feel his cock getting hard, but couldn't withhold his love from this woman; his woman.

Jan felt Jim's hard cock and started to feel the familiar sexual excitement he had always induced in her. Even after the previous night's trauma, she wanted him too. "Jim?" she asked.

"Yes Babe," he said and stopped to look into her eyes.

"I told you all what brought about the beating last night; he wouldn't do anal. Jim ... would you fuck me there please. I need to feel your wonderful cock in me right now and it's just got to be anal."

"Babe; are you sure it won't hurt you?" he asked concerned although his cock with throbbing for attention.

Jan ran her hand up and down his hard cock in the water, "Very sure unless you don't want to. I think I can kneel on this bench and brace over the top." She eased off his lap and he stood up as she turned and knelt down.

Jim ran his hand over her smooth firm ass and ran his finger down to her puckered opening. She moaned softly and then again a little louder when he slipped it into her. She humped back and he inserted a second finger and fucked them in and out of her. He reached under with his other hand and gently massaged her clit.

"Oh God yes; Jim!" she yelled.

Jim removed his fingers and slowly inserted his cock and felt the head pop into her. She arched her back and then thrust back on his cock inserting more of it into her anus. He felt it bump up against her ring and applied a little more pressure until it gave way for him enter. He loved the feeling of her ass; always did second to her pussy. When he finally entered fully pressing hard against her butt, she was already breathing quicker and moaning more.

Jim continued to rub her clit while he stroked in and out of her. He started to increase speed with her increased breathing. Finally he grabbed her hips and was plunging harder and faster feeling her climax starting. Her orgasm erupted and her muscles clenched down on his cock. He was almost there; a few more strokes and he was releasing into the depths of her bowels. She screamed again as another orgasm overtook her. He stood there with his cock buried into her feeling it go flaccid; then slowly removed it and sat back down.

Jan forgot how wonderful anal felt until then. She'd been so happy when he had introduced her to anal orgasms; in fact, he had introduced her to all she had known about sex. As her breathing steadied, she once again sat on his lap and gently kissed his lips. "Oh Jim," she sighed. "I just love it when you do that. That bastard wouldn't even let me suck his cock."

Jim just couldn't believe this guy. He had had this passionate woman for two years and never took advantage of having great sex. "Babe, no worries there with me," he said and just smiled.

"There is something I need to tell you though," he started. "I'd like you to look at me while I tell you."

Jan raised her head and smiled at Jim. "What is it?" she said.

"Well Jan; I'm bi-sexual. I like sex with men too," Jim said and was watching for her reaction. It wasn't what he was expecting.

Jan's eyes twinkled and she smiled, "Really! Who do you have sex with?"

"Usually Steve and Jason; ah, I should tell you that Jason it bi too. Steve is strictly gay," he said.

Now there was a reaction and her mouth did a silent 'oh'. Then she smiled again, "Would you get jealous if I watched and participated sometimes?" she asked.

"You like Jason too?" he questioned.

She actually blushed, "I've had fantasies about him; especially during my long periods of no sex."

Jim chuckled. "Well, I don't see why not if you just limit it to Jason that is. He's my best friend and introduced me to male sex. By the way, are you still on the pill?"

"Yes; I took it in secret because I didn't want his spawn," she said with vehemence.

He understood her anger. "Babe, would you care to have a baby with me sometime?"

Jan hugged Jim around the neck, "I want everything with you Jim including babies. Don't worry, when it's time for us to start a family, you'll be the only one I'm going to fuck." Then she laughed and hugged him again. "How about Jason being the best man?" she asked.

Jim couldn't believe his luck. He was being given a second chance and he sure as hell wasn't going to blow it again. "I was thinking of him doing just that."

"Jim; I think we need to get out of this water before we both turn into prunes," Jan said looking at her wrinkled fingers.

Jim reached over and shut the jets off and eased over the top and then helped Jan out as well. They dried off and got dressed; Jim loosely belted his sidearm on his jeans. They slugged their now cool coffee down and exited the bathroom. They smelled bacon frying when they entered the kitchen.

Steve was at the stove frying bacon while Jason sat at the table. Jason smiled as they entered the room. "That was an extremely long bath full of sound affects," and he started laughing.

"Yeah," said Jim, "we had a lot to talk about."

Steve started laughing, "Jan; how do you like your eggs?

"Scrambled please," she said and walked over to Steve and gave him a huge hug and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Thank you so much."

Steve hugged her back gently, "Darlin' you're so very welcome."

Jan turned and winked at Jim before crossing over to Jason. He stood up to give her a hug too and she did along with a light kiss on the lips. Then she put her arms around his neck, kissed and bit his neck and reached down to stroke his cock; Jason with just a bit taken back by her actions.

"Once I'm better you'll get a much better thank you," she laughed.

Jim started laughing as he sat down and she came over to sit on his lap. "Well," started Jim, "once we're through with all this ugliness, Jason would you be my best man?" he asked.

Steve gave a whoop of joy and returned to cooking.

Jason was now laughing, "Damn you told her didn't you?" he pointedly asked Jim.

"Jan and I won't have secrets from each other. She would like to join in and play too, but not this weekend I think; she needs to heal after her ordeal," said Jim.

Jan was disappointed, but knew that Jim was right. "Should I just lock myself in my room then?" she asked.

Jim smiled, "No; I was thinking more like locking you in my apartment unless you want to stay with Jason and Steve. You should know that your husband made bail and is in the house as we speak."

Jan blanched, her smile faded replaced by terror and Jim could feel her tremble. "Don't worry Babe; I'll keep you safe and when I'm on duty, maybe Jason and Steve can come over to stay with you until I get off duty."

"I'm sure I could keep you entertained with stories about Jim's first man and such," laughed Jason.

"Yeah, I bet you could," laughed Jim.

Jason face turned serious for a moment, "Jan; how did you two just have sex in your condition?"

Jan and Jim both laughed, "Jim turned me on to anal shortly after we met. Maybe we can swap stories she winked." Then her voice turned angry, "That bastard wouldn't do anything but missionary!"

"Jan," Jim spoke softly, "let it go Babe; let's start putting it behind us." He had been rubbing her ass ever since she sat on his lap.

Jan closed her eyes and moaned. "You're making me ready to go again. Think you can get it hard for me Jim?"

"Not even time soon; twice within the hour has drained me Babe," he said.

"Twice?" she asked.

"Yup; Jason gave me a blowjob earlier," he stated and smiled.

Jan turned to Jason, "You sly dog."

Jason laughed, but she caught the tent in his briefs under the table.

"Maybe Jason can help me out then," she stated.

Jason looked over at Jim, "I told her she could play, but only with you. Think you could help her out buddy?" smiled Jim.

Jason stood up and pulled down his briefs, "I think that can be arranged; how about we go into the living room Jan."

"Here; you'll need this," said Steve and threw him a tube of lube.

Jim watched them go into the living room and got up to get another coffee. He could her Jan moaning and it getting louder; he smiled. He walked over to Steve at the stove, "I'll just eat those so that they don't get cold." He wrapped his arms around Steve and pressed into him, "If you give me about an hour, I'll make it worth your while." He nuzzled Steve's neck and felt down to stroke his cock. Steve was already rock hard.

Jim smiled, "What do we have here? I think the eggs can wait. Do you want a blow or would you care to fuck me?"

Steve turned around and grabbed Jim and kissed him deeply, "Lucky bastard."

"How's that," asked Jim.

"You went and found someone to love you enough to let me do this," said Steve as he grabbed Jim's ass.

"In the living room, you might as well get fucked next to your bride to be. Jason's not going to be coming anytime soon; I already sucked him this morning while you two were having a bath."

Jim laughed and headed for the living room. Jan was on the floor on bent over the couch with Jason pounding into her ass. He removed his sidearm and laid it on the table next to the couch, removed his clothes, spread his legs and braced on the back of the couch. He closed his eyes and moaned as Steve lubed his anus and then reached in and began to rub his prostrate. Then he felt Steve's wide gland penetrate stretching him. Jim always loved Steve's cock; it made him feel so full.

Steve slid his cock in grinding into Jim's ass. Jim humped back and moaned. Steve started pounding Jim hard; he hadn't come this morning and knew that Jim wasn't going to get aroused. He felt Jim's muscles tightening up around his cock. The pressure and pleasure were immense; he went into jackhammer mode closing his eyes. He was breathing hard and could feel his balls tightening up. He screamed, plunged deep and started shooting his cum into Jim then laid his head on his back waiting for his breathing to return to normal. He pulled out of Jim's ass and opened the stand drawer. He knelt down and started to clean Jim's ass with a wipe and watched slowly as his asshole worked at closing. When he was finished, he cleaned himself and they got redressed.

Jason couldn't believe how tight Jan's ass was; he was trying to prolong the feeling it was giving him. He had heard Steve's cry of pleasure as he came in Jim's ass. He then felt his own balls tighten ready to release his load. Jan already had two hard orgasms and was now in a continuous one. He plunged one final time and emptied his cum into her ass and then gently laid himself on her back; waiting for both of them to come down. He saw when Steve laid the wipes on the couch and nodded to him.

Jim and Steve went back to the kitchen to have breakfast and were sitting at the table when Jason and Jan returned. This time Jan took a seat next to Jim after she kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Thank you Jim," she smiled.

"Anytime Babe; fill relaxed now?" he asked.

"Wonderful for the time being," and laughed.

Jason sighed and looked at his coffee, "I think I'm going to have to make this stronger or you three will be the death of me."

Everyone started laughing.

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