tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJan has a Job Interview

Jan has a Job Interview


If you are uninterested in fetishes or non-consent, please read no further. If pissing or fisting offend you then you should press the delete button immediate. Also, a reminder that this is fantasy. Thanks for your time.


Weeks passed since Jan was had been manipulated into a threesome and foursome by her husband. Jeff's plan to turn his submissive wife into a submissive slut was well underway, and since she had given into to both her own and her husband's desire, Jan while still reluctant was no longer in fierce denial.

Jeff's behaviour over the ensuing weeks was meant to establish a new a new dominant male pleasure focused hierarchy with his increasingly submissive wife. Instead of trying to do this by love, agreement, or persuasion, Jeff had chosen the route of manipulation, shame and threat. At every opportunity, Jeff reminded his wife that he had found her throes of passion willing an elderly doctor to fist up her pussy.

He the Friday morning after her doctor's orgy, he sent her a pic he had taken on that day. Her excited nipples were being roughly pinched and pulled, she a large cock head buried in her ass and a fist all the way to the wrist was in her well-used pussy while her face was intense and covered in cum. He captioned it 'What should a husband do with a wife who's a fuckin slut?'. In fact, just an hour after she went to Church on Sunday she received a text message entitled 'What if your pastor or parents knew what whore you are?' and she was pictured with a cock in both her ass and cunt with a third cock pissing across her saggy tits as they hung to the side of her flushed upper torso. And even though her eyes were closed, they were closed because she was in the depths of pleasure.

Jan's response was contradictory. As soon as she saw the pic, she quickly closed her phone for fear of others seeing it, yet her pussy got wet each time. In fact, she could hardly think of anything else all through the pastor's sermon other than getting lost in cock and cum.

Jan was conflicted, the more she tried to excise the images from her mind due to guilt and shame, the more the desire in her heart gripped her. The desire to be taken. The desire to be humiliated. The desire to be controlled. It was subconsciously fueled by the thought that it then couldn't be her fault. She wasn't a whore; she was just being forced by others to act like a whore.

In addition to the taunting pictures to control her, Jeff had demanded she no longer where kickers or bras. From now on, at any moment, he wanted free access to her tits and pussy, and to make sure she complied he would at various times of the day, in public and private take the opportunity to feel her tits and pussy. At first, Jan was embarrassed at work and church and in social gathering as it was obvious her tits were freely flowing. No one said anything, but she caught both men and women staring at various times. Initially, she felt humiliated, but after a few weeks, it started to feel quite normal.

After a month, Jan was starting to offer herself to her husband without request. She became so conditioned to him feeling her tits and pussy throughout the day that whenever she brought him coffee, she would offer her body to him, pulling up her top so that he could pinch, suck or bite her tits. In fact, whenever she sensed he was unhappy or frustrated at work, she would cuddle with him and voluntarily pull up her skirt to show him her shaved pussy lips with just a light trimmed pubic section above her vulva. Jeff would often respond by roughly squeezing or pulling at her vulva not so much to give her pleasure but to remind her it was about his pleasure and her pleasure was of no consequence. However, Jeff also aware how wet her cunt would get when he used her like this.

It was now nothing unusual for Jeff to finger fuck his wife at any moment of the day by simply calling her over, lifting her skirt and sliding his fingers into her gaping pussy. He would often wrap his arms around her with his cock pressing up against her ass and as his left hand pinched her nipples his right hand would fuck her pussy. He would often ask as he used her, "you like to be used like a whore, don't you Jan?" Jan would always respond positively and quickly, or Jeff would pinch her nipples hard or grab her vulva roughly or at other times, he would slap her cunt or tits to cause her pain.

Jan's transition was to submissive whore was well underway. Jeff continued his training by demanding sexual acts and expecting obedience. One Wednesday morning Jan was about to meet with her boss Mr Norman to discuss increased work hours at the high school she worked. She was dressed well, her makeup was attractively applied, and despite not wearing underwear, she had managed that fine line between sexy and a common slut.

As Jan was about to leave, she turned to her husband to remind him she would be gone for about an hour or so as she met with Mr Norman. As she leaned in to kiss him goodbye Jeff took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Jan followed. She was abruptly pushed on the bed and told her to spread her legs. Jan never hesitated. Jeff then dropped his pants, pulled out his hard cock, and slid it up and down her gaping hole, and then thrust in violently. Jan gasped, "Ahhhhhh..."

Jeff then began to fuck her hard and fast, intentionally pounding her as deep as he could. Each hard thrust was met with Jan's encouragement to "fuck my whore pussy... fill me with your man seed, baby."

And as Jeff slammed his cock deep into his wife's cunt, Jan continued to champion his sexual efforts "Ahh baby, that feels so good - harder... fuck my pussy harder... ahhh yes... come on baby, squirt your cum in wife's big hole."

Jan was now expert in turning men on. She knew how they loved their women to talk like dirty sluts. How they craved dominance. How they desired to overpower their women sexually and for the woman to want this.

Jan's dirty talk had the desired effect as Jeff slammed so his cock in so hard that he could feel the pressure of her cervix against his cock head as he began to empty his balls deep within her cunt.

"That's it slut, take my cum inside you." Jeff declared triumphantly.

Having shot his last rope of cum inside of her, Jeff slowly let his thick cock withdraw leaving a trail of white cum that had started to leak from her Jan's gaping hole.

"Scoop up my cum and rub it on your tits whore," Jeff demanded.

Jan eagerly obeyed, as she dipped three fingers into her gaping hole shovelling his man seed into her hands and then smearing it over her large areolas. She then asked if she could leave for the interview and Jeff nodded, allowing Jan to pull down her top and skirt as she thanked her husband for fucking her hard and quick.

Jeff warned her though, "Now when you sit in that interview in 15 minutes, I expect my cum will be dried and crusty on your tits and probably still dripping between your legs. And my guess is, your boss will know that you have been freshly fucked by the smell of my cum, as well as your flushed face and chest and maybe even the drying lines of cum that run down your thighs." Jeff paused and smiled.

"So, you know Jan, if he hits on you. If he makes any sexual suggestions, you are to welcome them. If he wants to fuck you there in his office, then I want you to willingly give your cunt to him. If he wants you to suck his cock, then suck it eagerly and make sure you please him. And if he wants to, let him cum in your pussy or ass. And if I find out you didn't do what I asked, there will be consequences. Now, go for your fucking interview, Jan."

Jan smiled, kissed her husband and left. Jan arrived just a few minutes late, apologizing as soon as she got explaining she was held up. Mr Norman was understanding and offered her a coffee. Jan readily accepted. Mr Norman asked Jan to sit, and they chatted as he prepared her their coffee. Jan could feel the wetness between her thighs as Jeff's semen continued to leak out. She was worried it would stain the back of her skirt, so she did her best to lift her dress up at the back, so she was sitting directly on the chair. Unbeknown to Jan, that meant that cum was slowly gathering on her fabric seat.

Mr Norman continued to make small talk as he asked about her home life and how she was enjoying work. Jan was always positive and polite and was eager to be liked. Finally, after about 5 minutes, Mr Normal held out her cup of coffee on the other side of the room. Jan hopped off her seat and met Mr Norman taking the cup from his hand.

As Jan took the cup, Mr Norman noted she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were showing through the fabric and were jiggling noticeably as she walked. That got him thinking. He then looked down at her skirt and wondered whether she was wearing knockers as she didn't notice an outline under her skirt. As he looked her up and down, he then noticed what looked like the residue of cum down the inside of her legs. Surely not, he thought.

As Mr Norman escorted Jan to hers eat, he noticed a dark patch on her chair but said nothing. He wanted to say something, but he was brave or bold enough. The truth is Mr Norman's sex life was as dull as him. He wasn't married. Didn't have a girlfriend. And couldn't remember the last time he had sex, apart from wanking over porn. Not only that, he was a slightly built man with a large beer belly and a very modest cock that made him uncertain around women.

Yet, the way Jan conducted herself, made Mr Norman feel like he was in control, although not sufficiently brave enough to give expression to his desire for dominance. The interview went quite well. Jan answered all the questions, was clearly qualified and was eager for more work.

Jan had not realized at this point that Mr Norman was frequently dropping his gaze to her slightly parted legs. Jan was so engrossed in conversation that it hadn't registered that he had now broken off eye contact altogether distracted by a partial vision of Jan's shaved pussy lips and her slightly gaped hole.

Jan hadn't realised that as he leaned back, her short skirt rode up her thighs so that her parted legs gave Mr Normal an almost lewd view of her recently used pussy. However, as Jan looked directly at Jerry, it was obvious what he was doing. Jan stopped speaking.

It took a few seconds for Jerry Norman to register the silence, but eventually, he did, as Jan closed her legs. This was the trigger for Jerry to finally lift his gaze and make contact again with Jan's eyes, Mr Norman's little cock was rock hard, but reasonably well disguised due to its smallness in his loose trousers. Yet, Jan was aware of the effect she was having on Jerry, but her bashfulness and submissiveness mingled with her overt sexual aroma caused Jerry to inquire why it was that Jan was late.

At first, Jan didn't respond.

So, Jerry asked again with a little more conviction.

Jan said, "My husband delayed me.

Mr Norman's pulse was racing. He could hardly breathe, let alone talk but he was in an unusual position where he felt sexually empowered.

"Jan," he said softly, "why did your husband delay you."

Again, Jan didn't make eye contact but muttered something about him wanting sex.

Mr Norman was now engrossed. "Did you have sex just before you came to me, Jan?" He inquired.

Jan nodded.

Jerry Norman could now feel his cock harden to the point of painfulness. Sweat started to form on his forehead and he could feel his heart beat loudly. After trying to slow his heart beat, he continued.

"What did he did do to you Jan?"

"He had sexual intercourse and came inside of me and told me to rub his semen on my breasts. Then he told me to go and meet you."

"Even though you were covered in cum and dripping cum from your pussy, Jan?" He whispered.

"Yes, I think he wanted you to know I had just had sex."

"Jan, can you show me?"

Jan hesitated but remembered what her husband had told her. Jan knew she must do whatever was asked of her. Jan slowly lifted her blouse to reveal her saggy tits and hard nipples that were covered in her husband's dried cum.

"And down there, too?" His voice trembled.

Jan stood up and lifted her skirt, revealing her shave vulva. She then placed one leg on Mr Norman's table so that he could look at her wet and slightly gaped pussy.

Mr Norman whispered in a trembling voice, "Can I touch you, please?"

"Yes," said Jan.

Despite his uncertain disposition, Jerry Norman started feeling empowered and in charge. He knelt between her legs and with shaking hands, she parted her vulva to reveal remnants of her husband's cum. Jerry was not deterred, he drew near smelling her sex, and then he was drawn to lick her well-used pussy, enjoying the taste of both Jan and her husband.

Jan grasped at the back of his balding head and pulled his face into her wet pussy squeezing even more of her husband's seed into Mr Norman's grateful mouth. Jerry was in heaven. So excited that he had already begun to play with his boy size cock.

Jan was shocked to see how small it was, perhaps the smallest she had ever seen. She was riveted by his eagerness as he pleasured them both. His little cock was mostly invisible between his thumb and forefinger as he wanked himself with vigour. As Jan ground her pussy into his face, Mr Norman stopped licking to ask, "Can I fuck you, Jan?"

Jan acquiesced.

She slowly released Jerry's head from her pussy and once disentangled sat on the corner of the seat facing Jerry. She looked him in the eye, she spread her legs and parted her vulva inviting Mr Norman to do the deed he so desired.

Jerry stood up and positioned himself in front of Jan. He fumbled around with his little cock trying to enter Jan's waiting wet hole. After a minute or so, with his cock rock hard he managed to start humping at Jan in a determined if not frenzied fashion.

The truth was Jan couldn't feel a thing, and neither could Mr Norman but he was so excited by her nakedness that in just 2 minutes he managed to ejaculate large amounts of semen at the entrance of her cunt and all over her trimmed pubic mound.

Jan was impressed by the volume and force of his cum even if not the size of his cock or the duration of the fuck. Thankfully, Jerry Norman was not finished. It has been nearly four years since he had sex with a woman and so he took the opportunity to ask Jan if we she would suck his penis back to life.

Again, Jan was agreeable. Kneeling before Mr Norman, she found and held his little cock between two fingers forcing the foreskin back as she began to suck his cock back to hardness.

As she sucked his manhood, Jerry asked, "Jan, can you take my seed from your pussy and smear it all over your tits, please."

Jan didn't hesitate; she immediately began to transfer copious amounts of cum from her cunt to her saggy tits that hung and swung playfully as she bobbed back and forth of the bald man's cock. Her mission was already complete. It had only taken a minute or two, and his cock was already hard as steel, his balls tightened under his cock, and his breath became shorter and louder as he neared another climax.

Finally, Jerry demanded what he had always wanted, "Bend over Jan, I'm, going to fuck your arse now."

Jan willingly complied. Jerry felt more powerful than at any stage in his pitiful life. He was now going to fuck the ass of a sexy woman who was way above his pay scale.

Jan got on all fours on the floor, and reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart so Mr Norman could get a good look at her engorged vulva and her puckered hole.

As the bald, pot belly teacher position himself behind Jan, he pushed her in the back, forcing her face into the carpet and causing her ass to rise high. He then forcefully positioned his cock at her pussy and rubbed his cum on his cock and fingers and then used both to lube up her ass.

Jan moaned in anticipation as he pressed his cock head at her rear entrance. With just a little pressure he quickly and easily entered her, but there was enough resistance and pressure to make sure Jerry Norman wouldn't last long. As he began to pump her ass, he slapped it hard and said, "if you want to please your husband, beg me to cum in your ass, Jan."

Jan responded immediately, "fuck my whore ass hard, Jerry. Use me for your pleasure and then fill my bowels with your man juice. Oh yes, Jerry, I can feel your cock inside me, fuck my ass."

Mr Norman drove his hips into her ass, and he managed to get almost all of his 3-inches inside of her.

Jan continued to encourage him, "Oh yes; I can feel your cock Jerry, fuck me, hard baby."

It was Jerry's first-time fucking female ass, and Jan was hot and dirty - it was a dream come true. In fact, it was also his first-time having had a pussy, oral and anal with a woman. Jerry was never going to last long.

As he neared orgasm, a knock at the door was soon followed by the door opening and Mr Jones a sports teacher entered the room and stood there shocked.

"Fuck man, I'm sorry." He blurted.

What a scene. Jan's ass was still in the air, and her face sideways on the carpet as her tits hung low almost resting on the carpet while Jerry had his cock buried in her ass.

"Jerry Norman, you fucking sneaky dog." Pat Jones laughed.

"Pat, listen," he said as he started to withdraw his cock from Jan's arse.

"Let's keep this between us." Jerry stammered.

Mr Jones shook his head laughing. "Dude, you are as fucked as the whore you are fucking on the floor. Anyway, who is that slut."

Jan lifted her head, and looked at Pat, without attempting to cover herself.

"Fucking hell... is that you Jan Peters? Shit, it is... how the fuck did a bald old fat cunt like Jerry get to fuck your arse on the floor?" Pat was astonished at the inequality of the physical relationship.

Jan didn't say a word.

But panicking, Jerry immediately offered Jan to Pat if he promised he would keep quiet.

Pat thought for a moment.

"If Jan will put out whenever I want, and do whatever I want... I'll consider it. Otherwise, I'll be reporting you both to the education department."

And with that Pat took out his phone and photographed them both.

"This is to make sure you don't try and fuck with me." He laughed.

Jerry agreed. "She's yours to use how you want, but remember, this stays between us."

Pat sensed that Jan was agreeable and compliant. Immediately he dropped his pants and revealed a thickening 8-inch cut black cock. As he slowly stroked his cock he told Jerry to get out of the way and to hold Jan's ass cheeks apart. Jerry complied willingly, and Jan assumed her positioned happily.

Pat then spat on her pink ring and started to ease his cock into Jan tight ass. Jan grew accustomed to his size as he began to fuck her in her depths. "How does it feel to take a real man's cock fucking your ass Jan?"

Jan didn't respond.

Three sharp slaps echoed through the office as Pat swatted her arse hard.

Jan yelped and responded. "It feels so much better than Mr Norman's little cock. I could hardly feel that. Though Mr Norman did shoot large amounts of cum in my pussy and on my tits."

Jerry felt proud that Jan was impressed with his load because the truth was, he did have a small cock and had accepted that long ago.

Pat laughed again, "You're a real fucking slut aren't you Jan?"

Pat pulled on Jan's hair causing her to lift up onto all fours and then told Jerry to fuck Jan's face.

"Since you like his cum so much slut, make him shoot his load over your face."

Jerry, I want you to come over her face. Make sure you call her names and pinch and slap her tits till you cum. Understand, you little prick?"

Jerry nodded as he knelt before Jan's face. Jan immediately began licking his cock and balls making his cock even harder, if that was possible.

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