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Jan Resurrected


It was a cold snowy mid December night. The house was silent as Jan sat on the sofa alone. She had been alone for so long that it didn't even phase her. Having been widowed 7 months prior when her husband Roger was killed in a car accident, she had grown accustomed to spending the long snowy winter nights alone. Never had she imagined herself becoming a widow at the age of only 27. Not in a million years.

Burying Roger, the man she loved more than life itself after being married less than a year as well as being the same age as her was the single hardest thing she had ever been faced with in her entire life. He was her one and only. They had been together since their freshman year in college. She wanted him and him alone or nobody at all. She saw no hope in moving on.

She sat on the sofa admiring the lights on her Christmas tree which seemed to be the only thing that brought her any pleasure before heading to bed alone once again.

She laid in bed awake thinking of Roger. She missed how they used to make love. She missed his soft lips kissing hers and his strong arms around her. She missed his the sound of his husky voice. She missed the feel of his hot breath on her neck while he slept beside her. She missed the feeling of his hands wandering around her naked body and the way he would smile at her while he explored.

She closed her eyes as she slid one hand between her legs placing the other on one of her breasts. She began rubbing her breast while she rubbed her clit slowly in a counterclockwise motion as she thought of Roger eating her.

Her wet tongue softly licked her lips before she bit her lip remembering how she used to suck his long thin dick. She rubbed her clit faster, pinching her nipple thinking of his sweet little mushroom top oozing his salty hot cum onto her tongue.

She stopped rubbing her clit and stuck two fingers inside of her slick hole thinking of how he used to bury his bone inside of her. She licked her middle and index finger of her other hand and went back to rubbing her nipple as she fingered herself thinking of how he would fuck her slow in long strokes. She took her fingers out of her pussy and returned to rubbing her swollen clit thinking of him pounding away at her with his flat smooth belly pressed against her.

She rubbed her clit faster thinking of how he used to look her in the eyes telling her, "I love you," when he was getting close.

She hummed, "Mmmm....Roger," out loud as she rubbed her clit as fast as she could.

She thought of him speeding up, moaning louder and louder while he made one final thrust into her as he came deep inside of her. She came very hard, her body convulsing as she smiled for only a second before bursting into tears.

She pulled her hands from her body to her face as she sobbed, "Why?....How could you fucking do this to me?....Why him?...It's not fair! I love him...Please...PLEASE...I love him...Tell me this is just a nightmare...PLEASE!"

She grasped one of her pillows in her hands as tight as she could, pressing her face against it and sobbed away into it before eventually falling asleep.


After showering the next morning, she was brushing her long black hair in front of the bathroom mirror wearing nothing but her snug black bathrobe which hugged her curvy petite figure when she heard the doorbell ring.

She looked at the clock which read 6:21 AM and thought aloud, "Who would be here this early," before heading to the front door.

She opened the door to a bundled up tall and stocky young man with long brown hair holding a present wrapped in holographic paper that had a green bow on top.

With a confused look on his face he said, "I'm sorry miss I must have the wrong house. I'm looking for my Aunt Mary...Mary Grigg. I'm her nephew Adam."

She smiled extending her hand saying, "Well it's nice to meet you Adam. I'm Jan. I've heard a lot about you. Mary actually lives right next door to the left though she's been away since last week and won't be back until after New Years."

With a smile on his face he replied, "Nice to meet you too Jan. I've heard you make the best cookies on earth! Mary said you're the goddess of chocolate chip as a matter of fact! Well I'd better let you go. It's freezing out here. I'll just have to come back when she gets home."

Jan was so lonely that she did not want him to leave. Besides, there was a good foot of snow on the ground and he looked like he could use some time inside to warm up.

She opened the door a little more saying, "Could I offer you some coffee before you go? I just made a fresh pot. I also made some cookies yesterday if you'd like to try some for yourself. Only if you'd like to though."

He grinned saying, "That sounds wonderful."

She invited him in and sat him down in the kitchen then went to her bedroom to throw on nothing but a black long sleeve shirt and black sweat pants before rushing back to the kitchen to join him. As she sat down across from him she could tell by the look in his hazel eyes that he was attracted to her.

She could also see that he was a bit saddened by her less revealing change in clothing!

One cup of coffee turned into 2 then 3 as time passed while the two talked. They came to find they had very much in common. Adam was 29, single, charming and for the first time in months Jan even found herself laughing as he joked with her. She hadn't laughed that hard since Roger was still alive.

She also felt that familiar moistness between her legs growing as she looked at Adam. Roger was the only person who had ever made her that wet that quick up until now. She was on fire.

This man was the total opposite of her late husband in so many ways. Adam was fat though she found it kind of sexy. He was a big man unlike Roger. Roger was a lean exercise freak. But there was something about Adam that drove her wild.

She crossed her legs squeezing them tight while Adam joked with her about almost hitting a deer on the way up. Her mind wandered as she began to think of this big man taking her right there on the kitchen floor. She stared at him, squeezing her legs harder before moving her foot under the table to brush up and down his leg softly.

Then came a brief silence.

He looked her in the eyes saying, "You are so beautiful Jan," as he reached his hand across the table taking her hand into his.

She wanted him and she was going to have him no matter what it took.

She got up and sat down in the chair beside him as he put his arms around her, pulling her close. She returned the favor as he moved in to kiss her, tenderly pecking her before his tongue penetrated her lips.

Their tongues danced as he slid a hand up her shirt caressing her soft bare breast.

She pulled away from the kiss telling him, "Let's go to the bedroom," pecking him on the lips once more then taking his hand, leading him upstairs to the bedroom.

She sat down on the foot of the bed as he undressed down to his boxers in front of her while looking her in the eyes. She looked down for a second to see his thick bulge protruding from them.

He sat down beside her, kissing her deeply as he removed her shirt, rubbing her breasts. He began nuzzling and licking them gently as her body gyrated in response.

She pulled his boxers off before telling him, "I want you," as she laid down pulling him beside her.

He took her pants off and went back to kissing her. She stroked his thick cock while his hands explored her warm bare flesh. He moved one hand between her legs and began rubbing her very wet pussy.

At first she backed away a little as she had not been touched by a man in so long. But she gave in, allowing his finger to slip inside of her. She started grinding his hand as he slipped a second finger in as she pumped his hard on faster.

He kissed her neck then whispered to her, "Suck my dick while I eat you out baby."

She got on top of him straddling his face as she leaned over with his short thick dick right in front of her face. His chubby hairy belly only turned her on more.

She moaned, "Ahhhh," as his tongue brushed over her wet pussy lips.

She took the head of his dick into her mouth, sucking it slowly.

He moaned, "Mmm," against her pussy, stuffing his tongue inside of her as she bobbed her head up and down.

He wrapped his hands around her ass pulling her against his face as he tongue fucked her. She rubbed his balls, deep throating him while his hairy belly started slapping against her breasts as he began thrusting his dick into her mouth.

She hadn't felt this good since the last night she was with Roger. She wanted Adam inside of her. She needed him inside of her. This was an event that was long overdue.

She pulled her mouth away and sat up begging him, "Make love to me Adam."

He lifted her off of his face, rolled her onto her back and kissed her as he laid her head down onto the pillows. He moved his hands to her hips before pressing his big belly against her smooth body while he slowly stuck the head of his hot rod inside her.

Tears filled her eyes as this new man entered her. He wasn't Roger and he would never be Roger. Roger was never coming back. This realization was painful for her. But she wanted Adam. She needed him.

She blinked, the tears she was holding in falling from her eyes just as Adam shoved the entire length of his rock hard cock inside of her in one fast thrust.

They both moaned, "Ohhh," nearly in unison as Adam began thrusting his dick in and out of her in short tender strokes.

She pulled him closer to her as he kissed her neck while his big fat hairy belly slapped against her with his quickening pace. Her nipples hardened and her cheeks flushed with excitement. She found his round gut rather enticing.

She wrapped her feet around his fuzzy big butt, kissing him deeply before cooing, "Ahhh...yes...Ahhh...It's been so long...I wanna do you all day."

He wiped her tears saying, "Mmm baby...you're so tight....god it feels so good...mmmm...I want you all day and night."

More tears fell from her eyes as he started thrusting hard in short strokes. He was going to cum at any moment. She wanted that hot gooey load inside of her so bad. Too long had it been since she had a man cum in her. She loved the feel of a dick shooting inside of her and how it would eventually run out of her pussy to her thighs and the bed sheets. And this big fat hairy man was about to fill her up.

She lost it knowing he was soon going to cum as her hips slammed against his bulky body with her toes pressing against his fuzzy ass. She took him deep inside of her as her love tunnel flooded his prick with her sweet juices.

She purred out loud, "Oh god...Uhhhhhhhhhhh....Ahh..Ahhh...Uhmmm," as the last wave of her steamy orgasm subsided while he continued ramming into her nearing his own breaking point.

"Oh yeah...Oh....Ohhhh," he grunted while he tightened his grip on her hips just as he unleashed his warm load deep inside of her in several short spurts.

The room was silent as he remained inside of her, looking at her with a lustful smile as the beads of sweet dripped from his head onto her breasts. She began to cry softly when he pulled out of her.

He took her into his arms kissing her cheeks where the salty tears fell as she told him, "I'm sorry. I haven't been with anyone since I lost my husband."

He looked her in the eyes and in a sweet reassuring tone said, "I know Jan. Just let it out honey. You've been through a lot. But I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere."

She sobbed, "I don't wanna lose you too. I feel so stupid. I don't want you to see me like this."

He kissed her gently on the lips telling her, "It's alright Jan. I'm here...I'm here. And I intend to stay."

He held her until she fell asleep and was still there when she woke up. He didn't leave. He never left. He stayed exactly like he said he would.

Jan became pregnant soon after and they were married by March. Still to this day as promised, Adam never left.

And Jan still finds that big hairy belly just as sexy as ever!

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