tagInterracial LoveJan the Journalist

Jan the Journalist


The 19 year old blond was excited to land a position on the student newspaper as a journalist. It was her second year at the major university and journalism was her passion; she envisioned herself as becoming an investigative reporter for a large newspaper or TV station and thought that this was a great way to hone her skills but starting at the bottom was difficult and frustrating. When she wasn't getting coffee for the staff or running errands she was given stories to report on such as a cat up a tree or the problem of students returning books late to the school library. Jan did her best to add flair and make these stories interesting but she yearned for a story with more substance.

Jan approached her supervisor and pleaded for a more important assignment. Myra Brown was a black woman two years Jan's senior, she saw the blond as too ambitious and got the impression that Jan thought too highly of herself. She wondered if Jan was prejudice or just stuck-up. Myra decided to teach the white girl a lesson. She stood, hugged, and kissed the startled blond; the 5'11" black woman with huge breast intimidated the 5'2" blond. Jan felt the big boobs press into her and wondered what it would be like to carry those big things around when she compared them to her own 32C cups. Myra broke the kiss and told Jan that she had just the assignment for her. "Leroy Johnson broke the school scoring record for one game last night and I want you to interview him!"

"But that is a sports story and our sports writer is already covering that!"

"Yes but I want you to do a personal story on our star basketball player's life. His likes, dislikes, family, friends, and goals; that sort of thing. This could be a blockbuster piece if done right and I am trusting you to do it. Please don't let me down; this is your big chance."

"OK, I won't disappoint you and will call him to the office for an interview."

"Nonsense! We will go to the game tonight and meet him in his own element. I will introduce you and then the ball is in your hands, so to speak. If this comes off as I suspect it will, then you will be on your way to the top, but if not then you can forget about anything more than running errands around here. This is not an attempt to put pressure on you but it is important that you understand just what is at stake. Put your whole body, mind, and soul into this project and you will reap the rewards. I know your dorm number and will pick you up at 6 o'clock this evening."

"Oh, thank you Myra, I will delve into his life so that everyone will feel as though they know him personally. All my free time will be devoted to this project; I will learn everything about him and you will be proud of me. I will be ready at six, see you then."

When miss Jan Phillips left her office Myra laughed to herself and thought how the prissy little white bitch would get to know much more about Leroy than she ever imagined. Perhaps Leroy's big black cock is just what Jan needed to come down from her high horse.

Myra arrived at Jan's dorm fifteen minutes early and was invited in. Jan was wearing a white blouse and black slacks. Myra eyed her in disapproval and announced, "That will never do girl. You need to dress sexy to meet the man. Let's get you into something that will grab his attention."

"But I don't want to seduce him; I just want to get a story."

"I know baby but first you must make him interested in talking to you." Myra rifled through the closet and came up with a short plaid skirt and see-through white blouse and demanded that she change right now.

Jan implored, "Please don't make me wear that. It belongs to my roommate anyway."

"I'm sure she won't mind. Now do it or I will get the story myself. It's getting late; strip bitch!" Myra kept her eyes on the cowed white girl and delighted in her embarrassment when she was told to loose the panties and bra. Jan wanted to protest but was afraid of Myra and was eager to do a top story.

After she changed, the abashed girl complained, "This is too short and the blouse is transparent. People will see my privates; how can I go out like this?"

Myra lifted her skirt exposing her hairy cunt, turned and proudly displayed her big booty and told Jan, "You worry too much, just loosen up and feel the fresh air caress your pussy and ass. It feels so good, you will see." The bold black and the trembling white girl drove to the game. Myra shocked Jan when she said, "The fresh air feels good on your pussy, doesn't it? I couldn't help but notice you blush when you saw my cunt. You like it don't you baby? Perhaps if you show me just how much you like it then your career will take wings." Jan wasn't even sure what the implications were but felt extremely uncomfortable and was relieved when they arrived at the sports center.

They had seats directly behind the home team's bench, the players all knew Myra and before the game started some came over to chat. Jan could feel their eyes on her and felt flush when she noticed the bulges in their shorts. The home team won and Myra led Jan by the hand down a long hallway. "Where are we going?" Jan inquired.

"We are going to the locker room so you can meet Leroy."

"But we are girls; we can't go inside a men's locker room."

"Oh but we can because we are reporters on official business."

Jan was shocked when Myra pinched her nipples and mauled her small breasts at the locker room entrance and protested, "What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me?"

"Relax little girl; we want Leon to get a favorable first impression don't we? Let him see your nipples pointing at him, then he will know that you are glad to see him." Myra did not wait for a reply, opened the door and pushed the frightened girl inside. Jan gasped and uttered a long sigh as she saw the basketball players in a state of undress as they were getting ready to shower. She was led straight to the 6'9" Leroy, she tried to speak but all she could do was stare at the long black snake that was dangling between his legs.

Leroy smiled at Jan and asked, "What can I do for you pretty lady?"

Jan tore her eyes away from the black monster and looked up into his big brown eyes and nervously asked, "Would you let me interview you for the school newspaper? I would like do do an in depth story of your life. Then it would be like everyone in school personally knew you."

"I get all kinds of offers to do interviews and they offer me a lot. Why should I grant one to you for nothing? I work hard and play hard and don't have time for that shit."

Myra lifted the white girl's skirt and revealed her small pussy with a patch of blond hair and asked, "Is this a good enough reason for you to grant her an interview? She has only been with her white boyfriend and he is small so it would be like fucking a virgin for you. I realize that you have your share of white bitches but none as innocent as Jan. Think of all the fun you could have giving her your story."

Jan was flustered as she noticed his manhood growing. He put a long black finger on her pussy, toyed with her outer lips, rubbed her clit, and then slowly penetrated her wet honey-pot. He placed her tiny white hand on his now rock-hard cock and smiled as she lovingly caressed his massive manhood. As if in a trance her big blue eyes had a far away look and she did not notice the group of basketball players gather around to watch the show. Jan came out of it when he swiftly withdrew his finger and told her to be at the celebration party at his frat house.

Myra rushed the bewildered girl out of there before the whole team took her. Myra did not want that to happen, at least not until Jan got the story. Once in the car, Myra placed her hand between the girl's legs and declared, "My, my, you are not a cold fish after all. Your tight pussy is flooding. You like that big black cock, don't you baby?"

"Well I...I don't know what came over me. I have never acted so shamefully before. His thing was so big! How could a girl ever accommodate it?"

Myra was now finger fucking the aroused white girl and stated, "Oh, don't worry about that baby, you will take it in your hot little pussy and you will love it. Just watching you stroke that monster with lust in your blue eyes turned me on too. I will prove it to you; feel this hot mother-fucker." Myra placed the girl's hand on her own sopping cunt and delighted when she felt the little white fingers go in and out of her slushy black cunt. The domineering black woman placed Jan's other hand on her big black breasts and told her to play with and squeeze them. They both shook to impassioned orgasms and slumped back in the car seats.

Tears fell from Jan's blue eyes, she felt so ashamed, and asked, "What has gotten into me? First I play with a strange man's big dick and then have sex with a woman, my boss at that. I am not a lesbian."

"Honey, I know you are not a lesbian. The way you cooed and swooned over Leroy's cock is proof enough of that. It is just that he got us so turned on that we had to take care of each other. Now let's go get that story."

The frat house was crowded and there was much drinking and dancing. Drugs were also being passed around. Jan was surprised to see some of her friends carrying on with black basketball players but not as surprised as they were to see her there. Men were hitting on Jan so Myra whisked her off to Leroy's room before she got into trouble. Leroy let them in his room, served drinks and began to tell his life story. Both girls took notes and agreed that they had enough for a good story. Leroy never took his eyes off the cute little blond and said, "Well, thanks Myra, now you can leave us alone for awhile so we can become better acquainted."

Myra saw the lust in his eyes, a wicked grin crossed her face as she replied, "I don't think so Leroy. I am a voyeur, I want to watch and I know that you aren't shy. Hell, I may even join in!"

Frightened and confused, Jan asked, "What are you two talking about?"

Leroy dropped his shorts, stood so that his massive weapon was swaying in front of the white girl's face and told her, "We have some unfinished business little girl. Play with the mother-fucker, I know you want to." Jan felt her pussy moisten and twitch, her hands moved as if of their own volition, she found herself stroking the black cock and cupping the large ball-sack. She was amazed at how quickly it stood up at attention to salute her. The blond's tiny white hands could not wrap around the black monster, the throbbing veins made her gasp, The king-sized fleshy cock-head sent shivers throughout her whole frame. Her blue eyes had that lost in space look again and she was overcome with a powerful yearning to further indulge herself with this enormous hunk of man-meat.

Leroy could see the desire in her blue-eyes and rubbed his cock all over her sweet face. Then he pressed the bulky head to her red lips and demanded, "Kiss it baby, then take it in your mouth and suck the hell out of it!" Filled with desire and lust the heated girl kissed and licked his cock without even thinking, her mouth opened, the large cock head entered, she continued licking as it inched it's way into her mouth and she began sucking the big black cock. His cock was only half way in her sucking mouth when she could not take any more, it was too big and indentations could be seen in her cheeks.

The horny man ordered, "Open your mouth wide and take it down your throat. Keep sucking and wrap your tongue around it as you swallow my cock. I am going to tickle your tonsils bitch. That's better girl; you are learning. Yeah, white girl, much better. Suck my black hard cock and get ready to swallow some cum." Jan sucked with fervor, she gagged and choked as the big, throbbing, black cock forced it's way down her throat. Suddenly she felt the invader swell even more and eject a stream of hot cum. She swallowed as much of the sticky substance as she could but still some leaked out of her mouth and down her chin.

Jan was told to lick his cock clean and was surprised when a naked Myra came over to assist her. Leroy's reaction was, "Oh shit yeah, two hot mouths working on my cock, hell yeah, it feels so fucking good and looks so lewd watching a white and black girl worship my manhood together. That's it girls lick it clean." Jan felt strange when Myra kissed her, she tasted more of Leroy's cum on the black girls thick lips and kissed back passionately.

Leroy's cock was starting to get hard again, he grinned and looked at Jan saying, "Do you want to feel this big black cock up your tight little white pussy?"

Jan was fearful but burning with desire, her pussy was dripping, she craved his cock and with lust in her blue eyes, she answered, "Yes I want it; I want to feel you inside me, please fuck me!"

A wicked grin came over Leroy's face and he said, "Good because I want to fuck you but I just got an idea; I want you two ladies to put on a little show for me first!"

Jan thought that she knew what he meant but was reluctant to do such a thing, especially with an audience. Myra and Leroy quickly disrobed the frightened white girl and before she could make any attempt to resist Myra pushed her on her back and dove between Jan's legs. Her pussy was ablaze as Myra probed her love-tunnel with her long tongue while Jan watched intently as Leroy stroked his massive meat. After Jan shook to a sublime orgasm Myra straddled the white girl's face, lowered her hairy black cunt to her lips and demanded, "Your turn bitch! I've wanted to fuck your face for a long time and now I finally got my chance. I am your fucking superior and don't you ever forget it. I have thought about this moment ever since I first saw you prance your prissy ass around the office with your nose in the air. Now eat-out my juicy black cunt until I cum in your mouth and all over your face, then I want you to beg for more!"

Jan was confused but as she stared at the thick crop of curly black pubic hair, puffy pussy lips, tasted the honey dripping from the aroused pussy and watched her clit peek out from under the hood, she felt a carnal craving to devour the torrid pussy. As the fuming black pussy touched her lips Jan inhaled the powerful scent of Myra's turned-on cunt and eagerly licked and sucked in a pussy eating frenzy. Myra furiously fucked her face and shouted out encouragement and demeaning obscenities as she washed the white girl's face with her cum.

Leroy yelled, "That's enough of that shit for now. Time for the little journalist to get the real in depth story from Leroy. Spread your white legs wide little girl because I am going to take you to places that you never knew existed." Myra rolled off of Jan's cum soaked face and grabbed hold of Leroy's cock and guided it into miss prim and proper. Her pussy was sopping, she tensed as it slid inside her tight love hole, and then screamed out in pain as the big cock went deeper inside her. After several minutes the pain was replaced with sublime pleasure. She humped back wildly and wrapped her creamy white legs around his waist as her feet rested on his firm buttocks. Myra nursed on the white girl's small breast and derived great pleasure from watching the white girl's defilement. As Myra nursed on the pink nipples her eyes were fixed on the big black cock pounding the white pussy with long, powerful thrusts. She watched in amazement as the pussy stretched to accommodate the invading hunk of black man-meat.

Leroy shouted, "That's right girl. Just like that, keep fucking and I am going to fill you with my seed. Here it comes bitch! Yeaghhhhh, ohoooooooo. Shitttttttt!" The thought of becoming pregnant from this black man's seed crossed her mind but she was much too lost in lust to worry about that. She trembled and shook to another of many orgasm's as his cock filled her and exploded hot cum deep inside her. Leroy invited them back next week and promised to give them more material to extend the article.

Myra chuckled and said, "You want to give her more than a story, don't you?

"You know it, but I don't hear anyone complaining." They dressed, went downstairs and joined the party. Those that knew Jan were shocked to see her dance so sexily with Leroy as he fondled her ass.

Myra danced with Leroy and stated, "I know that you have a history of turning your women over to your friends when you are finished with them but promise to let me know first."

"Don't worry about that right now. She is fine and all mine. I like sharing her with you; it is hot, but it will be a long time before I turn her over to the boys, if ever."

"You say that now but when you find one that you like better she will get gang-fucked just like all the rest of them."

He laughed and said, "That's not going to happen in the near future. I really like her; she is pretty, smart, nice, and she is a fabulous fuck. What more could I ask for?"

The next week the story came out in the student newspaper and they were flooded with letters and emails praising the article and requesting more; copies of the paper flew off the stands. Myra and Jan were given a private office to share and Myra used the office for more than work; she loved licking the white pussy and was in heaven when the little blond had her face buried between her long black legs. The story was the most popular in school's history. Leroy's childhood, how he resisted getting into gangs, his mother's cooking and most of all how Leroy's older brother saved him from drowning in a lake when he was only10 years old. This all keep the readers looking forward to the next edition. The three of them got together twice a week and the story continued the entire semester with unparalleled success. So did the wild threesomes.

The next year brought change to all of their lives. Myra got a job nearby with a black womens magazine. Jan replaced her as head of the student newspaper and Leroy was drafted by an NBA team on the west coast. Myra and Leroy kept in contact with Jan and Leroy sometimes came home to see Jan and on other occasions he sent her airline tickets to visit him. Jan sat at her desk and pondered the situation. She knew that her relationship with Leroy was special, he never mistreated her like he had done to others before her but she also realized that he had a powerful sex drive and knew that he was fooling around with the groupies that threw themselves at him. In spite of his promises to marry her she realized that it could never be unless she was willing to put up with his flings. She knew that if she did marry him it would be a wild ride and she would end up with a lot of money but that was not the life that she wanted.

Things went along pretty much the same, Jan graduated, accepted a job with Myra and continued to see Leroy but their affair seemed to be cooling off as their meetings were becoming far less frequent. Jan was the only white woman at the black ladies magazine and Myra soon had Helen, the owner and editor of the magazine, enjoying Jan's many charms. They usually had threesomes but when Myra wasn't around Helen would call Jan in her office and ravish her. Helen was in her fifties, overweight, and very demanding. Jan was beginning to feel like a sex slave. Helen would have the white girl on her knees for hours worshiping her big black ass and pussy and then she would pound her pussy with a big black strap-on dildo, pull roughly on her blond hair and shout, "Who's your daddy? I own you now slut; your reason for existing is to bring me pleasure and don't you ever forget it. Cum on my big cock and lick it clean just like you did my cunt. That's it baby, fuck back, yeah!"

Jan derived some deviant pleasure out of being used by these two black women but it made her feel dirty and like a slut. She thought about it and realized that in her whole life she had been with just two men and two women. She missed Leroy and wanted desperately to be with him again. Helen had given her swift and substantial pay increases but it wasn't for her work as a journalist. She interviewed successful black women in the community and came up with some interesting stories but Helen said that she could do even better if Jan was more friendly with them. She was extremely nice to them but when she saw the gleam in Helen's eyes Jan realized that she wanted her to have sex with some of them.

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