tagLoving WivesJanae the PA Ch. 01

Janae the PA Ch. 01


My whole body was tingling as I drove home. And my mind was racing – I had never done anything like that before – have sex with a patient in an exam room? Are you kidding? Cheat on my husband with someone I hadn't even known a couple hours ago? I could feel our combined fluids still oozing out of me – it felt like he had been a heavy cummer, and I had cum as hard as I ever had. How the hell had that happened? Even as I asked myself the question I had to admit I felt sexy as hell to have a man's cum leaking out of me. And I didn't even feel guilty – just excited and looking forward to doing it again.

I should probably give you a little background before I say how that first instance happened, and how I turned into a suburban housewife sex maniac. OK, maybe not a sex maniac – I still had my job, was still married, had two kids, and so on, but I have to be close! I mean, since that day in the exam room I haven't been able to think about much else, or look at a man without thinking "yes" or "no." As in, "yes" I'd fuck him or "no" I wouldn't.

It was like a switch was turned on. One day I was a pretty typical suburban working professional woman, to whom sex was important but not critical, to a woman who couldn't stop thinking about it and wanting it. A little more about me: I'm 41. I'm slightly tall at 5'7", and work as a physician's assistant, or P.A. I'm married to a good guy – he's an engineer – and we have two kids. I'm from Ohio originally, but moved to Colorado to go to college and never went back.

Beyond that, my husband and I had a pretty good sex life – at least, I'd never thought to do anything past what we had, and I doubt he ever had either. We'd talked about trying different things, different places, and even talked about trying swinging, but that was before kids. He had never pushed it, and to be honest I think I was the one who had mentioned it first. He'd shown the interest I'd expect – a little curious, but on further thought it seemed like he decided it read better than it would live. We'd make love once or twice a week, and vary things somewhat so it was never got boring.

The day my transformation started was perfectly normal. We'd gotten up, showered, had breakfast, got the kids to school, and gone to work. The workday was typical, although one of our nurses had called in sick, so we were short-staffed for the afternoon, but nothing the office couldn't handle. And the nurse was sick, so no one was too surprised when she called in.

If you had asked me to rate myself on a scale of 1-10, I'd have said something like an 8. As I said, I'm a little taller than average, at 5'7". I run a lot, and do the occasional half marathon and more frequent 5K and 10K races, so I'm in very good shape. Speaking of, I had been lucky and had a good approximation of the classic woman hourglass shape, so I was used to having men give me a once-over. I also have a great rack – at least, I like it! I'm about a 34D, and they're still very firm. And very sensitive – my husband can make me orgasm just by working my nipples. All in all, I was happy with what I looked like. I'd still draw the second look from a lot of guys, and even a third from those near my age.

So how the hell had it happened? How had I, a perfectly happy married woman, wound up screwing my brains out with a total stranger while at work? I thought back. He was my last patient of the day, which had actually been a good one. Not a single super-cranky patient, co-workers were all normal, and even the one drug rep I'd met hadn't been bad. My husband and I had done our usual morning routine – nothing out of the ordinary. So what was it?

The patient had been in a bad car accident about 10 days prior and was sensibly coming in for a follow-up to his ER visit. I'd looked at the ER notes and x-rays, and it looked like he'd been very lucky – aside from some scratching from the airbag, and probably getting scared silly, he was OK. His pulse was actually very good for his age, as were his other vitals, so it looked like it would be a pretty perfunctory visit.

Then I walked in to the room.

He was sitting on the edge of the exam table, and stood as I walked in. Tall and handsome, with a glint in his eye not hidden by his glasses. "Hi! I'm Tom. Nice to meet you!" And enthusiastic, to say the least.

We went through a couple minutes of small talk, and he filled me in on the accident, complete with pictures of his car, which looked completely destroyed. As he did, our eyes met and held for a second, and I felt like a switch turned on inside me. I listened to his breathing and heart, which were both "unremarkable" as we say in medicine.

I then had him run through the areas of concern. The ER doc had noted a chest contusion, and that was what seemed to be bothering him the most – he said laughing was somewhat painful – a 3 out of 10 – and that sneezing was much worse – like a 5 or 6 out of 10. His neck and shoulders were also, as you'd expect, sore.

The concerning issue to me was his chest – it's possible to have a lot of damage done in a car accident. He had undone the top two buttons of his shirt as he described it, and I stepped closer to manipulate his sternum and ribs to see if I could feel anything moving. As I stepped in, I caught his scent, and surprised myself by savoring it. I don't know men's deoderants or colognes, so I couldn't tell you what he used, but he smelled good.

I reached in and felt his sternum and ribs, looking for any play in the tissue but not finding any. I also felt him inhale sharply as my fingers moved. There was one spot that might have been something, but it was hard to say for sure, and the x-ray hadn't shown anything. I stepped back and around him to check his neck and back. As I checked, I felt as much as heard him say "mmmm . . . " Well, why not? It probably did feel good, because you have to put enough pressure on the body to move tissue, and that's exactly what massage does. But I felt a tingle run down my spine, and felt myself turning on.

Not finding anything on his back or neck that was problematic, I moved back to recheck his chest. I'm not even sure why I did – the one "maybe" area was a long shot – but I did. I stepped to him and again savored his scent, saying I wanted to double-check his chest. As I stepped in, his leg between wound up between mine, my groin rubbing against his leg.

Oh my god. The instant I felt his leg my excitement level rocketed upward. I could feel myself starting to get wet, and I was positive my nipples were going to give him a show when I stepped back. I felt along his chest and collarbones again, and this time definitely heard and felt him moan slightly at my touch. It had been a long time since that had happened!

I took a huge chance and rocked on my feet slightly, letting myself rub harder on his leg, and had the satisfaction of feeling him moving his leg, making it easier for me to move against it. A wave of desire crashed over me, and as I felt him move his leg against me another huge wave came over me. I could tell I was now thoroughly wet, and it was probably visible. I moved my hands up the sides of his neck, fighting to maintain a semblance of professionalism.

As my hands moved up his neck, probing, his hands finally moved. I felt them brush my sides and reach around my back, and as I looked up at his face, only inches away, his eyes and mouth were shouting at me to kiss him. I was so turned on I reached up and pulled his head to mine, feeling his lips on mine, my tongue wanting to taste him, feeling his exploring mine, our eyes closing as our mouths merged. I couldn't believe how much I wanted him at that instant, and felt him pull me to him, crushing me to him, one hand reaching to my butt and pulling me in, squeezing, feeling the hardness in his pants against me.

That was about when I lost any semblance of professionalism. I dropped a hand to his belt, undid it, reached for the button and released it, tore the zipper down, reaching in to feel him, feeling him so hard for me – for me! – and forcing his slacks down, feeling him pushing my tights and then thong down. I reached in his briefs and pulled his fully erect penis out, sliding to my knees, desperately wanting to feel him in my mouth. I squeezed him hard and heard him moan softly, before letting my tongue find his tip and teasingly lick once, then twice. I felt his hands on my breasts, always sensitive, and tweak my nipples through my blouse and bra, then felt my blouse falling away and his fingers expertly playing with my breasts and nipples.

Nope, this is MY show, I thought, and sucked his solid cock into my mouth, tonguing him as I did, feeling him slide into my mouth and reach my throat, taking all of him in before sliding back almost all the way off and feeling him moan again. I deep-throated him again, and then kept up a variety of moves – tongue, lips, roof of mouth, teeth (gently!), before deep throating him again and again. I could tell he was getting close to orgasm, and just as I had that thought I felt him pulling me up, turning me around, bending me over the exam table, and moving behind me with his cock.

I felt his hardness against my ass and then it fell between my legs. I felt him slide along my sex, and then felt him line himself up and slide into my drenched love hole. Mmmmmmm . . . It was spectacular – he had a great cock and knew how to use it. He didn't waste any time – he slid himself all the way in, and I leaned back into him to make sure I got every possible inch. I felt him slowly withdraw before sliding back in, over and over and over before he started to pump into me faster and harder. It was an incredible feeling – I was completely on fire, burning with this lust for a man I hadn't known even an hour ago.

My pussy is quite strong, and I was able to squeeze him hard as he pumped in and out of me, his hands on my hips as we fucked. I was going simply crazy – it had been a LONG time since sex had felt so good, so wanton. I wanted to scream out but knew that would not be a good idea – even though everyone had probably left, you never quite knew. He kept up his rhythm, one hand on my hip and the other playing with my nipples and breasts. The sound was incredibly sexy – heavy breathing, the squish of his cock sliding into my sopping pussy, his legs slapping against my ass as he pumped in and out of me. I loved all of it.

After one particular thrust, I could feel myself starting to quake with an orgasm, and let it come. I could tell he felt it as well, because he kept up his pace, and I let myself just go. As he rammed into me, my orgasm broke over me, and I grunted as wave after wave of bliss washed over me, blanking my mind as it took over. Dimly, I heard him grunt as well and felt the tip of his cock expand and then felt pulses of his cum painting the inside of my womb, like a huge fountain. My pussy spasmed on his cock, squeezing it harder and harder, and I felt him suddenly relax, me still impaled on him.

We stood like that for I don't know how long, me savoring the feel of him inside me, feeling our juices slowly trickling down my legs, finally feeling him soften and slide out of me. I worked my way back to my feet and backed in to him, moving his hands to cup my breasts for a moment before turning around, reaching up to kiss him, desperately wishing I could ride him all night long and wanting to feel the pulse of his cum splashing inside me again.

As what we had just done started to hit me, I asked him "Do you think anyone heard us?"

He shook his head. "I doubt it – we were both pretty quiet and that door is solid. Is there anyone else even here?"

It was my turn to shake my head. "No, you're right – I'm the last one out, and the nurse who is usually here is the one out." I hadn't realized how out of breath I was, or how closely we were standing to each other, or that our arms were wrapped around each other. I glanced at the clock.

He caught the look, and said, "I should probably get going . . . "

I nodded. "Yeah, me too. Have to finish a couple of things here, first, though."

For his part, he also looked like he couldn't quite believe what we had just done. "Well, I'll call and set a follow-up appointment."

"A couple of weeks out, or sooner if you're not improving." Neither of us had moved, and my breasts were still pressed against his chest, my nipples still firmly erect and my pussy still twitching, his cock still between my legs. I felt him twitch a little as I said it.

He leaned down and nuzzled my neck, whispering in my ear. "I want you before then." I could feel him starting to recover, and my knees got a little weaker when I heard him say it.

"Me too," I said, surprising myself, since I'd not only never cheated on my husband before but had also never had sex with a patient before. Regulatory boards frowned on that sort of thing – not just for doctors. But ohmygod did I want to have him again – to feel his skin, taste his cock, feel his hands on my breasts, feel him thrust into me, hear him grunt and moan as we coupled. I couldn't believe how badly I wanted sex with this man who I hadn't even known a couple hours ago. But I did.

We slowly separated and somehow I managed to get dressed, all while feeling our juices leaking out of me. I gave him a card with my cell number on the back of it, and we agreed he'd text me to figure out the weekend. He left the office, and I wrapped up my work, dictating some notes and finishing up other dull paperwork. On the one hand, I was eager to get home, but on the other hand I was expecting to dread it. Only I wasn't.

One thing, however, I did have to do before I left, and that was clean myself up – as I had moved around, our combined juices had leaked out of me and one particular move had released a gush of fluid, reinforcing that he must have been a heavy cummer. Finished, I headed home.

Once there, my husband had no idea. We went through our routine night, getting the kids to bed and following them before too long. I know I should say I spent every second nervously wondering if he'd figure anything out, but, again, I didn't. What was going on with me? I didn't know, and drifted off to sleep with the dreamy feel of a stranger's penis thrusting deep inside me.

The morning was the same – my husband didn't seem to have any idea that anything out of the ordinary had happened. I mentioned that I'd probably head out on my own for a while Saturday, which he readily agreed to. I had just a twinge of guilt when I said it, and was actually a tiny bit relieved to have had it.

The day at work was pretty typical. Patients, meetings, paperwork, etc. Part of me was tuned to my phone, waiting to hear from him. And at about 11 in the morning, sure enough, a text from a number I didn't know came through. I opened it up, trying to be as casual as possible, but my body tingled with the certainty that it was him. "Hi! Saturday about 1?" was all it said.

Whew – I was glad he hadn't written anything else. Needless to say, we hadn't talked much beyond wanting to meet, and it occurred to me that I knew nothing about him beyond what was in his medical chart, that he smelled good, and that he had driven me absolutely crazy with lust. I typed out, "You bet!" and hit send. It occurred to me that using either of our homes would probably not be a good idea – I'd remembered his address, and it wasn't all that far from ours – close enough that someone might actually take note. Hmmmm.

His next text came quickly, and he had apparently had the same thought. "Great! Happy to host, but would it be easier somewhere else?"

"Yes. Just let me know where," I typed back. "Off to lunch!"

His reply again came quickly. "OK. Any area to stay away from?"

"No, as long we're close enough to get to and far enough to not be too visible." I tapped send, and realized I was very turned on – I could feel my nipples had hardened, and my groin was tingling. Wow. Where had this desire come from? Again, I had no idea – my husband and I had a decent sex life, and sex was something that was important to me but not critical.

"OK. Will do. Have a great day!" OK, I thought, I will.

The next couple days were both exquisite torture and completely normal. While I was beside myself with desire, I was able to continue on as normal, and not even my best friend seemed to notice anything. Interesting, I thought. I knew I might have to take her into my confidence at some point, so I made sure not to mention anything that could come back to bite me later.

Friday night I couldn't stand it any longer, and once the kids were asleep I asked my husband if he'd like to join me, which was sort of code. Needless to say, he dropped whatever he was doing and joined me upstairs, where we proceeded to screw ourselves to sleep, my husband's hand cupping my breast and nipple and his cum slowly leaking out of me. It felt good, but not like Wednesday, or, I hoped, Saturday.

Saturday finally dawned, and it was a struggle not to jump out of bed so that 1:00 could get here faster. I went through the normal Saturday morning routines with kids and husband, and had mentioned that I might go for a long workout that afternoon, which was not unusual. So I packed my usual gym bag, and headed out the door about 12:15. He had texted, on Friday, the address to meet him at – it was a reasonably nice chain hotel that was far enough away to not be noticed, but close enough that it wouldn't take all day to get there.

I was excited as I walked in to the lobby, and saw him sitting in an upholstered chair. He smiled broadly as he saw me, and jumped up to greet me.

"Hi! Great to see you! How's your day going?" he asked, after giving me a quick hug.

I took a quick breath, and said, "Pretty good. And about to get better." I gave him a little smile as I said it, and felt both free and turned on. And he had that same scent that was driving me wild. "How about yours?"

"The same," he grinned, and extended his hand. "Ready?"

God, yes! "Yep. Where are we headed?"

"Room 311. Follow me!" He took my hand and led the way.

We didn't even do small talk on the way, and it wasn't far. I couldn't wait to feel his skin again, to feel his hands on my breasts, to take him inside me, feel him lose control. I was almost breathless with anticipation.

We reached the room, and he slipped the card key in the door slot, pushing the door open and letting me step inside the room. It was a typical American hotel room – king size bed in the middle, desk with a couple of chairs, cheap art on the walls. I had a weird feeling – totally turned on but also cool about showing it.

But as soon as the door closed, I pulled him to me and reached to pull his mouth to mine. He responded exactly as I wanted – eagerly. He kissed me back hard, and I reached to undo his shirt, dropping it to the floor, moving to his belt, unbuttoning his jeans, feeling him hardening even further as I dragged his jeans down. I stroked him through his underwear as he kicked off his jeans, and knelt in front of him, admiring the string bikini he was wearing for a second before impatiently pulling them down, freeing his erect cock before running my tongue around his tip and feeling him moan softly.

Ahhhh, this was what I wanted! I let my tongue roll around his cock a few times, and couldn't wait – I took him deep into my mouth and throat, feeling his hardness, savoring the taste and feel of him in my mouth, knowing how much he was enjoying it. I bobbed up and down a few times, and let my tongue dance along his shaft as I sucked, soft then hard and back again. I felt completely wanton – here I was in a hotel room with a man I barely knew, and I was deep throating his cock and loving every second. I felt his hands on the side of my head, just holding me gently, as I aggressively sucked his cock.

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