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Jane Jetson's Secret Life


Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Hanna-Barbera. No money is being made and no infringement is intended.

H. G. Cogswell sat in his office frowning at his monitor as he pondered the recent quirky change of fate. His company, Cogswell's Coggs, and Spacely's Space Sprockets had always been fierce competitors, but neither had managed to significantly outdo the other. That is, until this past month. On the screen, recent sales data displayed how Spacely's numbers and profits were shooting up, up, up while his numbers were dropping. He had no idea why. What had Spacely done? He had to find out. He called in his special agent, Collin.

"I want you to find out what's going on at Spacely's and what he's selling that's giving him such astronomical profits," Cogswell told the agent.

As Collin left his office, Cogswell chomped down on his cigar and threw a dart at the picture of Spacely on the wall, hitting him directly between the eyes. This was usually enough to at least make him smile, but today, he just scowled at his rival.

Collin disguised himself as an electrician and went first to Spacely's building. The receptionist was talking to George Jetson outside of Mr. Spacely's office.

"Well, Mr. Spacely wants those contracts tomorrow," she said.

"But I've got to go home early today – I've got something I have to take care of," George replied.

"Well, then you'll have to do the work at home tonight then. You know how Mr. Spacely can get."

"Oh well, I guess it's going to be a late night for me. Fortunately, I've got everything I need in my briefcase here," he said and patted the metallic case he held in front of him.

Collin walked toward the receptionist's desk and pretended to stumble, knocking over the briefcase as he fell against George.

"I'm so sorry," he said as he picked up the briefcase and stuck a tiny camera to it. He handed it to George. "That was so clumsy of me."

"It's ok," George said, not noticing anything amiss. "Well, I've got to hurry home."

"Don't forget, your wife is working late here tonight," the receptionist said.

"I know," George answered. "She's been working late a lot, but she seems to be really enjoying her work here."

George left and the receptionist let Collin into Cosmo's office on the pretext of fixing a faulty monitor. He quickly set up a hidden camera in the wall and left.

Collin went straight back to Cogswell's office and patched in the video signal to Cogswell's screen on his desk. On the left, Cogswell could see Spacely's empty office. On the right, the picture jerked around as George walked with his briefcase.

"Good job, Collin," he commended his agent. "Now I can see what's really going on over there."

Collin left and Cogswell pulled out a new cigar and sat back, the image from the screen reflecting off his glasses. He didn't have to wait very long. Spacely walked into his office, short and ugly as always. But he seemed in an uncharacteristically good mood, actually humming a tune as he sat in his chair. He pushed a button on his desk.

"Jane, could you please come to my office?"

Cogswell watched as Jane Jetson entered Spacely's office. He had no problem remembering this ravishing beauty who was married to Spacely's employee, George Jetson. She was wearing a sleeveless red mini-dress that was form fitted to her tight body, leaving her slender limbs exposed. He had seen her a couple times in the past, and now as in the past the sight of her was enough to get his blood racing.

"What do you need, Mr. Spacely?" Jane asked sweetly.

"Well, I have a large problem that I think you can help me with," he replied.

Cogswell could see the bulge in Spacely's pants as he lay back in his chair. He expected Jane to be offended or embarrassed and to put Spacely in his place. He did not expect to see what happened next.

"I can see that," Jane said as she knelt in front of Cosmo. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his erection. "Let me see what I can do."

Cogswell was in shock as he watched this beautiful woman take his unattractive rival's penis deep into her mouth. She was very good and quickly brought Cosmo to the point of no return and he grunted as he emptied his seed into her delicate mouth. Jane swallowed it all, not missing a drop. She squeezed his flaccid penis and licked the last drop that came out.

"That was just an appetizer," Spacely said as Jane tucked his shrunken member back into his pants. "Don't forget to come back here later for the main course after everyone else has left."

Cogswell stared in disbelief at his screen. Cosmo was humming at his desk, looking through some files. Did he really see what he thought he did? Fortunately, he could rewind the video. He replayed the scene and as Cogswell watched screen, a plan began to form in his mind. He smiled as he sat back in his desk, puffing on his cigar.

The next morning, Jane was in her office at Spacely's Space Sprockets reviewing the events of the past month. In one short month, she was amazed at how much she had changed. She kept telling herself that her behavior was necessary to help George keep his job. After all, he had made a major blunder the previous month when he had made all those defective gold salt shakers (see previous story "The Jetsons: Jane Gets a Job"). If Jane hadn't intervened on his behalf, Mr. Spacely would have certainly fired him. But Jane was able to use her womanly charms and convince Mr. Spacely to keep him. And as part of the bargain he hired her too, so that she could continue using her talents to keep him satisfied. As long as she kept him happy, he would keep George. Jane felt she should be upset at how Spacely was using her, but deep inside, she knew that she enjoyed what she was doing, that she looked forward to being used by Mr. Spacely.

Jane had always thought her sex life with George was fine. Boring, predictable, but still quite pleasurable. But the experiences over the past month seemed to awaken a voracious sexual appetite inside of her. She found herself enjoying the feeling of someone different thrusting inside of her, of tasting a different man's seed. When she was in public, she now found herself checking out other men, wondering what they would be like in bed, how differently they would touch her and feel against and inside her.

She was surprised at how much sexual energy Mr. Spacely had. In the morning, she would bring Mr. Spacely his coffee and give him a quick blow job. She would have the rest of the morning to herself to "work" but could come and go as she pleased so she would go shopping and run errands. Later, while everyone else was at lunch, she would return and Mr. Spacely would take his time, leisurely enjoying her body during his lunch hour. Then she would go back to his office for one last quickie before leaving to pick up Elroy from school. Recently, she had been staying late to "help finish some work" and once everyone had left, they would have a marathon session until he was completely satisfied.

On the weekends, she found herself thinking about what Monday would bring. Many times, she didn't have to wait to go back to work. Mr. Spacely had an uncanny way of finding her on the weekends and they would end up humping in a dressing room, a public bathroom, or behind her car in the parking garage, wherever they could. Jane found herself craving the excitement, having sex in public places or in his office in front of the window where people might see them.

When George wasn't around, she found herself going out into the public without underwear. She would unbutton the top couple buttons of her shirt allowing strangers a peek at her unfettered breasts. Other times, she would sit across from a man and slowly cross and uncross her legs giving him a clear view up her skirt. She was becoming quite the exhibitionist. These experiences got her so aroused that she would go home and attack George.

George didn't seem to notice any difference. He seemed unusually preoccupied. Even when he was grunting as he thrust inside of her, it seemed that his mind was elsewhere. He was probably still concerned about his job. But since she started working at Spacely's Space Sprockets, the company seemed to be doing much better.

Jane pushed a button to listen to her messages. Most of them were from Spacely telling her what to wear, what time she should come to his office for a "meeting." But then she heard a message from a deep sinister voice that sent a chill through her. All it said was: "I know what you really do at work. If you don't want your husband to know, meet me..." and gave her detailed instructions on where to go.

Jane's heart pounded as her mind raced. Could her secret be out? Who would know what was really going on? How did they find out? And could she keep her secrets? She still loved George and did not want anything to ruin her marriage. So after giving Mr. Spacely his coffee and getting her cream, she followed the directions given by the stranger.

She mulled over her options but until she knew more, could not think of a way out. All too quickly, she was surprised to find herself outside of Cogswell's Coggs Company. She knew that Cogswell was Spacely's biggest competitor and had met Cogswell several times in the past. What was his connection with the phone call? Was he going to use her against Spacely? She went to a partially hidden back entrance and punched in the code she was given. The door slid open. She stepped inside and pushed another code and the elevator dropped down deep into the basement.

When the elevator stopped, Jane stepped out into a spotlight. The rest of the room was cloaked in darkness and she squinted as she tried to peer into the gloom.

"Hello?" she called out.

"Welcome, Mrs. Jetson," a deep voice answered from behind the spotlight.

"Who are you?" she asked as she squinted, trying to get a glimpse of the man behind the voice.

"A better question is, who are you?" the voice replied. "Jane Jetson, devoted mother?"

A screen on one wall came to life, showing a video of her dropping Elroy off at school.

"Loving wife?" the voice continued as another screen showed her kissing George good-bye.

"Or office hooker," the voice accused as a third screen lit up, showing Jane bent over, holding the edge of a desk as Mr. Spacely thrust inside of her.

"What do you want?" Jane asked shakily.

"I just want to get to know you better, to better understand what makes you tick," the voice stated.

"OK, then, what do you want to know?"

"Do you like your job at Spacely's Sprockets?"

"Well, I guess so."

"From what I can see on the video, you look like you really enjoy what you do there," the voice said as the Jane on the screen moaned in ecstasy.

"There's more to it than that. There's some really hard things I have to deal with," Jane insisted.

"Yes, I can see something very hard you're working with there. My guess is that you found your job more pleasurable than you expected, that you enjoy experiencing new things."

"I had to do it," Jane protested.

"Yes, I can see you're really being forced to do something you detest. But now that you've had a taste of it, you want more, don't you."


"You want more of this, don't you?" he said as a bright light clicked on, highlighting his erection but still leaving the rest of his body dark.

Jane's eyes were drawn to the erect club of flesh that was almost glowing in the brightness. Her mystery man was huge! Her mouth went dry and her heart beat faster as she was drawn like a moth to the bright vision in front of her, the veins throbbing as they stood out in stark contrast, casting a shadow in the harsh light. She could feel herself getting flushed and aroused at the sight of this new penis.

"Come over here and have a taste."

"I can't," she croaked as she struggled with the rising craving inside.

"What would you do if this video got out on the Galactic-Net?" the voice threatened.

Part of Jane became even more aroused at that idea – millions of men would watch her having sex. And they would fantasize about her, masturbate as they saw her. She became almost giddy with the thought that she would be the object of desire for so many men.

"What would your husband think if he saw this?"

This quickly dampened her enthusiasm. As much as she liked the idea of this exposure, she couldn't hurt George. She hung her head.

"Come over here. If you want to keep this our little secret, you're going to have to make me happy. And I know you really want to anyway. So stop pretending."

And deep inside, Jane was overjoyed. She was going to get to experience yet another man, a well endowed one at that. She didn't even realize that her legs were moving – she just could see that her object of desire was getting closer and closer. The spotlight moved with her, so that even though she was right in front of her blackmailer, the light shining in her eyes made it impossible to see his face. All she could see was her face reflected in his glasses.

Jane knelt, almost reverently in front of the glowing shaft of flesh and leaned forward until it was just millimeters from her nose. She inhaled the musky scent, then stuck out her tongue and swirled it over the mushroom shaped head, licking a drop of liquid that was already oozing out of its tip. She relished the first taste of this new man. Her juices were completely soaking her panties as she felt herself getting even more aroused. The slender redhead reached up to hold the shaft and was barely able to get her hand around its thick girth.

Cogswell looked down as Jane grasped his penis. He was surprised at how well his plan had worked. As the petite wife took him into her mouth, he groaned with pleasure. She pumped her hands up and down his shaft as she took as much of his erection deep into her mouth until he hit the back of her throat. He grabbed the back of her head and thrust into her mouth. The sensation of her warm wet mouth and the sight of the beautiful woman on her knees in front of him aroused him further until his flesh was harder and bigger than he could ever remember.

Jane had never had anyone so large and was barely able to stretch her mouth around the head. She licked and sucked until her jaw ached. She had never had anyone last so long. She was about to give up when the mystery man told her to stand and turn around. She did as she was told and a stool slid up out of the ground in front of her. She was told to put her hands on the low stool, which she did, causing her to be bent over at the waist. She felt his hands roaming over her bottom, lift her skirt, then pull her soaked panties down to her ankles.

She felt him rub against her vagina, slick with her arousal and felt a sudden pang of fear. His penis was too big to fit inside. She started to move away, but he grabbed her hips and thrust forward. Jane yelped with the suddenness of the intrusion as she was impaled by his huge pole. His erection stretched her in a way that she had never experienced. It was uncomfortable at first, as the muscular log invaded her most intimate space. As she relaxed and became accustomed to its size, she began to enjoy the feeling of being completely filled by such a massive organ.

Cogswell relished the feeling as he first pushed his engorged muscular member into this lovely young lady. She was so tight and hot and wet, but he could tell she wanted all of him. He pulled back a bit, then pushed forward, each time driving deeper and deeper into his willing victim. He could feel her pushing back against him, trying to get more of him into her and soon he was buried to the hilt. He was amazed that such a slender woman could accommodate his entire length.

He pushed her shirt up, letting her breasts hang free, and cupped them in his hands. Her petite breasts were soft, fitting perfectly in his hands. He rolled the nipples between his fingers, feeling them harden and become erect as he massaged her breasts. Meanwhile, he began to slowly pump in and out of her.

Jane felt the massive tool move in and out, filling and stimulating her as no man had ever done. Every time he thrust forward, a jolt of pleasure would fill her pelvis as he hit her G-spot and filled her with his flesh. He would withdraw and then thrust forward again and again, making the pleasure radiate through her pelvis. His ministrations on her breasts and nipples added electrical shocks that enhanced the pelvic stimulation.

She was surprised at how aroused she was by having an unknown faceless man use her as his sex toy. Just seeing his massive organ had kicked her libido into overdrive. But nothing compared to the feeling of having so much man inside of her. The pressure built quickly in her pelvis as she was stretched and manhandled. She was so overwhelmed by all the stimulation that she was unprepared when her orgasm hit so quickly. She screamed as the waves of pleasure exploded out of her pelvis.

Her mysterious man kept plunging into her, giving her no respite. As soon as her first orgasm had subsided, she could feel the next building as she was overstimulated by continuous pounding she was getting. In and out, he was relentless with his primal rhythm. His hands roamed at will, tweaking her nipples, sending electrical shocks of joy through her body, squeezing her breasts, using them as handles to pull her against his manhood slick with her juices.

The pressure built in her pelvis as the log of flesh continued to plunge deep inside of her. The next orgasm tore through her, leaving her breathless. Before she had a chance to recover, the relentless pounding from behind and the stimulation from her breasts pushed her over into yet another orgasm, then another and another. Her mysterious lover was merciless, giving her no relief as her body was wracked with pleasure and her knees weakened and almost buckled.

Cogswell looked down at his lovely victim impaled on his shaft as she shuddered with another orgasm. She was so weak that he had to hold her up by her hips, so that he could keep thrusting into her. She moaned incoherently as she was overwhelmed by his actions. The first part of his plan was working much better than anticipated. He smiled. After this, she would return for more and then he could pump her for information and for pleasure. The ones who looked most demur on the surface were always the ones with the most passion. The key was unlocking that inner beast and his large key always seemed to fit that lock.

And that slick hot lock gripped him as he pushed in and out of her. He delighted in the weight of her soft breasts in his palms which contrasted with her hardened erect nipples that he pinched between his fingers. The only sounds were her moans and the wet sounds of sex which excited him even more. Cogswell could feel the familiar pressure began to build in his loins. He grabbed her hips and began to pump harder and harder until he was pounding deep, bottoming out with each thrust.

He felt her spasm around his erection as she had yet another orgasm and this was finally enough to push him over the edge. He groaned as he felt himself erupt his hot seed deep into his all to willing victim. Wave after wave of semen shot out of him until he was spent. With a final shudder, he felt himself empty his final load of sperm into this slim lithe female. He dropped her and she collapsed to the ground.

When Jane finally recovered from her countless orgasms, she realized that she was alone. She quickly got up and straightened her clothes. Next to her, she found an envelope. In it, instructions on the days and times she was to return. She was exhausted and yet excited. She had never been so stimulated in her life and was looking forward to experiencing more of her mysterious lover. She had never seen her his face but that really didn't make a difference to her. In fact, it made it even more exciting. Her days were getting filled with her getting filled. Between her obligations to Mr. Spacely, her time with George at home, and now her blackmailer, she was getting to be quite busy. She had never thought her life would be so stimulating...

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