tagBDSMJane Marwood, Governess Ch. 03

Jane Marwood, Governess Ch. 03


This story contains aspects of female domination and male humiliation. If you're not one of those (Grown up) boys who would like to have their little bottoms bared and spanked, I advice you NOT to read it.

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All characters are over 18.


The next morning at seven o'clock Jane, fully dressed, entered her pupil's room again. He was still drowned in slumber. She lifted the covers and examined the boy carefully. Her experienced appraisal assimilated every aspect of the recumbent naked figure. She at once noted the violent erection of his member, and smiled at this evidence of a temperament so consonant with her plans.

The governess also noted a little damp spot on the inside of the duvet. Considering the state in which she had left him the previous evening, this nocturnal emission did not surprise Jane one bit. Rather, she had been expecting it. Michael woke up as his covers were being torn from his naked body. He started up, immediately trying to cover his rigid penis.

"Something has arisen that calls for an explanation. Perhaps you have already guessed what it is?"

Michael's expression was blank.

"N..no, miss" He stuttered, hugging his legs in an attempt to shield his delinquent member. She looked at him closely.

"Then I will begin by asking you a simple question. Have you been playing with yourself during the night?"

Michael was blushing furiously; he gave a single agonized glance towards the duvet in Jane's hand.

"Have you? Speak up."

"No, miss. I promise."

"No? You are quite sure?"

"Yes," the boy whimpered, recalling the tantalizing wet dreams which had haunted him so seductively.

"Come here, boy. Stand in front of me. Now, you have already said you did not indulge in that filthy habit after I left you last night. Michael, if you are guilty, don't risk doubling your punishment by lying to me. Is that clear?"

"Yes, miss," Michael said in a timid whisper, his heart pulsing with such haste that he could barely hear his own words.

"Very well, Michael. You persist in your denial. And in that case, will you kindly explain how this came to be on the duvet?"

With these words, she held out the item, where the evidence of an ejaculation formed a sticky patch. The boy was utterly petrified, unable to speak. Jane remained motionless, her hand outstretched.

"You have no explanation, then? You cannot tell me how this disgusting proof of sensuality came to be in your bed? Answer me."

"M.. miss," he stammered, "I don't know how it happened."

"Indeed? You do not know! That is strange." Jane's lip curled scornfully.

Michael stared at the sheet with shame and confusion, while tears formed in the corners of his eyes.

"Please, miss," he managed to croak at last.

"Then you disobeyed me last night, even after my clear warning?"

"I didn't, I couldn't help it..."

"Exactly. You couldn't help it. In other words, you abused yourself last night, even after I had warned you of what would happen if you did. And now, on top of your disgusting self-abuse, you have just tried to lie your way out of it."

He turned a pleading look on her. "Miss, I'm sorry, please!!!"

"I will not tolerate masturbation and lying! On to the bed with you now, face down. "

With eyes full of despair he obeyed, groaning with desolation as he threw himself onto the bed.

Jane exited the room briefly before returning with a leather strap and two bracelets of thick braided leather.

"Give me your hands," she commanded calmly.

She slipped the bracelets over his unresisting wrists, drew them tight, and buckled the straps together, fastening his wrists to the headboard.

The boy's swelling buttocks were now displayed before her: naked, beautiful, and at her mercy. She paused for a few delicious moments, savouring the anticipation, feasting with satisfaction on the sight of this virgin flesh ready for her to whip as long and severely as she wished. Then, with a deep voluptuous sigh, she picked up the leather strap.

A moment of silence followed. Michael was panting softly into his pillow.

"Pfffffffffffffffffff Smack!"

"Awwwwwwww! Please, miss!" Michael shrieked in agony.





Jane was lashing the boy with long, vigorous strokes, using the entire length of her arm. The sharp pain of the strap was telegraphed by shrill screams and an almost epileptic writhing of the boy's buttocks seeking to escape the bite of this famous instrument of discipline.


"Awwwwwwww! I'll be a good boy, miss! Please!"


Jane was being carried to the heights of pleasure. The clear whistling of the strap, the squeals of the boy, and the sight of the helpless flesh now glowing incandescent red had Jane on the verge of ecstasy.




She struck hard, her arm descending evenly, methodically, with a superb mastery of aim and effort. Had it rested with her own appetite alone, she would have continued the punishment indefinitely. But when the pleas of the boy ceased and became nothing more than defeated cries, it was time for the chastisement to stop.

Michaels's great brown eyes, wide with fear, like those a beaten animal, stared at Jane in silence as she unfastened his slender wrists. She took the boy in her arms and, sitting on the bed, made him stand before her.

He was sobbing with exhaustion, barely able to remain on his feet. Jane looked at his distress with perfect satisfaction. This was how she liked to see a boy! She smiled into his miserable face.

"Now will you obey me?" she said almost out of breath, as much from her exertions as from the heady sensation she experienced from an act of purely physical domination.

He tried to speak, but was prevented by the sobs which kept rising to his throat.

"Kneel, boy."

Michael fell to his knees between her thighs, looking up timorously at his governess.

She drew a deep breath, and bent her gaze on her pupil's wide eyes, terrified and filled with tears. They remained looking at each other silently for a few moments. Michael stared up into the beautiful green eyes now suddenly grown soft and gentle.

"You are forgiven," she said. "Promise that you will be a good boy in the future."

Placing her hands on his burning cheeks she bent down and kissed him passionately, her tongue invading his passive and receptive mouth.

The boy emitted a deep sob, a moan of pleasure. At that moment a veritable ecstasy flooded him as he abandoned himself entirely to the woman's will.

"Oh miss, I promise," he murmured.

"Very good," she said, pushing him away gently.

"Get dressed. Nightshirt and socks. And then come downstairs for breakfast." She wiped a single tear from his cheek before leaving.

At the mention of breakfast Michael suddenly became aware of an almost painful hunger, resulting from the fast he had endured the previous evening.

Jane had to suppress a smile as, amused, she observed the boy consume his meal in an almost gluttonous fashion. Now and then he would take on a more refined manner as Jane gave him a displeased glance in the name of proper comportment.

As breakfast came to its end, the rat-at-tat of the doorknocker suddenly pierced the silence of the house, notifying its residents about the presence of visitors. At first Michael believed it to be his father, returning from his errand. But on second thought it seemed rather unlikely that his father should make use of the doorknocker! As Jane opened the door, Michael heard an outburst of joyful female chatter; he began getting uneasy as the lively conversation moved down the hallway.

His governess reentered the kitchen accompanied by a tall young woman in her late twenties. Michael thought that perhaps she was only a few years older than his own governess. She was an astonishingly beautiful brunette, with fair white skin and full red lips. She was dressed with quiet elegance, wearing a tightly bodiced gown that revealed a superb bust, a slender waist and wide, well-muscled hips. Her magnificent features and her piecing grey eyes resembled the authoritarian exterior of his governess.

"Michael, this is my sister, Harriet Marwood."

Michael was already familiar with that name. She had been the governess of his cousin, Richard, for a few years now.

"So this is your new charge," Harriet said in her pleasant clear voice as she gazed deeply into Michael's face. She had at once noted his beauty and grace; and she had also remarked the downcast gaze, and the blushing cheeks. Natural submissive: this was her verdict as she passed her feminine hand over Michael's cheek, making him tremble.

"My, he's a handsome little boy, isn't he," Harriet spoke to Jane, not acknowledging the boy's presence.

"If only his behavior was as graceful as his looks!" Jane replied, smiling to her sister in an inscrutable and conspiratorial fashion.

"Oh my, did you have to smack his naughty little bottom?"

"Twice, as a matter of fact. Fifty with the strap this morning."

"Fifty? His poor bum must be glowing scarlet," Harriet said in an amused tone as she looked down at Michael, relishing his ignominy as they so casually discussed his sore behind.

"Well perhaps you had better see for yourself, Harriet" Jane suggested, closely studying Michael's expression as she condemned him to an ordeal of abject, thorough humiliation.

Michael could not credit his governess's words as he felt himself being urged from the chair. He looked at Jane in disbelief as she placed her hands on either side of his blushing face.

"Harriet wants to see how red you little bottom is, sweetie."

Harriet had to fight hard to not burst out laughing, as her sister uttered those words. Harriet sat down on a chair behind Michael, excited by the prospect of this delightful boy being made to bare his rump for her inspection.

Tears were forming in Michael's pretty eyes as he shook his head miserably.

"Please don't, miss!"

"Shhhhhh, it's okay sweetie, Harriet has seen many naughty bottoms in her lifetime," Jane said reassuringly as she tenderly pressed the boy's face against her chest. Michael was sobbing quietly against her soft bosom as he felt her hands soothingly running down his back. Her coaxing fingers traced down his spine towards their final destination, as Jane purred in a comforting tone. The boy gasped as he felt her gentle touch on the sore flesh of his buttocks. As Jane ran her hands over the swelling globes, Harriet could clearly see the outline of the boy's cute round bum.

"Michael, I want you to bend over and grasp your ankles." Jane ordered whilst exchanging smirks and frowns with Harriet.

A muffled "Please, miss..." came from Michael, his face buried in the folds of his governess's dress.

"Remember what you promised earlier. I shall not hesitate to take you over my knees and thrash your naughty behind." Jane illustrated her point by squeezing Michael's soft bottom-cheeks firmly.

"Now be a good boy. Bend over and present your adorable little bottom to Miss Harriet."

Michael uttered a defeated sob before slowly unclasping his governess and reluctantly bending over. As he took hold of his ankles, Jane placed his head between her knees and pulled his backside slightly towards herself so that his bum was literally pointing straight towards the ceiling. She then let her fingers travel teasingly around the hem of his shirt, which in this position barely covered his buttocks. Harriet moved her chair so that she was seated right behind the unfortunate boy, knees on either side of his straight legs.

Smiling at her sister, Jane began lifting the thin fabric from the boy's trembling skin.

Michael groaned in utter embarrassment as he felt cloth abandon his behind, rendering his sensitive flesh vulnerable and open to the hungry lionesses who would undoubtedly devour his youthful, innocent body.

A sigh of pleasure escaped Harriet's lips as the boy's charms were revealed to her lusting eyes. Rosy-red cheeks beautifully contrasting to the paleness of the untouched skin between them. Smooth plump testes. The flawlessness of his semi-erect member, with a tasteful thickness to it. Such anatomical perfection. So deliciously vulnerable.

Michael could almost feel their predatory, penetrating gaze upon his exposed skin, examining every inch of his body.

Jane let the nightshirt fall past his upper torso, depriving him of sight as the white cloth came down over his eyes like a curtain around a birdcage.

"Oh my, Michael. Your naughty behind looks like it received quite a spanking," Harriet said as she reached out and placed her delicate, cool fingers on the warm cheeks of his bum. Michael exhaled loudly in shock, his trembling body recoiling at her touch. Harriet scored her nails gently down his thighs, sending shivers through Michaels's body, while Jane took over her sister's fondling of the poor boy's bottom.

Sliding her fingers inside the crack of his buttocks, Jane looked at her sister.

"You should have a look inside his little cheeks as well," she told Harriet with a wicked smile.

"Let me just open up his little bottom for you. Now, Michael, be a good little boy and relax your buttocks while I spread them apart nice and wide for my sister."

Her words could not have been chosen better for the humiliating effect they had on the 18-year old, his face now suffused in an almost purple blush underneath the nightshirt.

"Please, governess," he whimpered, absolutely mortified by the thought of having his most private part exposed to this beautiful woman whom he had only just met. The way in which Harriet had practically undressed him with her eyes at first sight had the boy convinced that she was taking great pleasure in his nudity; this conviction now only worsened the excruciating shame he felt as Jane slowly began to part the soft globes.

Both the women uttered a small sigh as the little pink dimple of his anus was exposed to them. The puckered hole was slightly red from being used so thoroughly the day before. As Jane spread his cheeks wide apart, Harriet pouted her lips and blew air onto the appealing orifice, making Michael recoil violently.

"Ohhhhhhh" Michael whimpered, feeling his tiny rosebud spasm involuntarily.

The women giggled as the boy wiggled his bum and his little sphincter winked at them seductively.

"Stay still now, boy, let us have a good look at you," Jane said calmly, managing to not give away her excitement from having such complete control over him.

"This must be the cutest little bum-hole I have ever laid my eyes upon," Harriet said as she let a finger trace around the edge of the quivering ring muscle.

Michael could have died of embarrassment as they nonchalantly discussed a part of him so private that he had not even seen it himself. But worst of all was that, even though he could not think of a more shaming position to be in, his penis had begun to engorge.

"It looks slightly irritated, has he had anything up his bottom recently?" Harriet's eyes were fixed with fascination on the trembling anus and the plump penis which seemed to be getting larger by the second.

"Well, I gave him three enemas yesterday. But why don't you have a little feel inside him to make sure everything is fine?" Jane felt a sudden thrill of excitement run through her body as she said those words. She could feel tears running down her shins at the boy sobbed softly, beside himself with humiliation.

Harriet was getting increasingly moist as she brought a long finger up to her voluptuous lips and coated it with saliva.

"Shhhhh, Michael, just relax while I pop my finger up inside you," Harriet soothed as she traced her wet finger around the pink star, smearing it with spit. Deftly, her neatly manicured nails traced over the puckered entrance to the boy's anus, causing the flesh to recoil and constrict violently each time she touched it.

"Pl..please don't, miss," Michael whimpered in anguish. With the shirt around his head and these stunning goddesses towering over his behind, he felt powerless about what would happen with his body. Even the most private bodily functions, like what went in and out of his sphincter, were out of his hands.

"Young boys always make such fuzz about having their little bottoms penetrated," Jane remarked in a condescending tone while she squeezed the boy's buttocks firmly in excitement, keeping them spread wide.

Harriet giggled as she heard Michael groan in embarrassment. Her sister possessed the ability to articulate herself in ways guaranteed to extract every drop of potential humiliation from her young charges' predicaments.

Suddenly Harriet pushed her finger forward, watching her fingertip slip through the pulsing rosebud. The little orifice clutched her finger tightly as she slid it in past the first knuckle. The boy's velvety insides felt warm and soft as she dexterously drove her long digit all the way inside him. Michael was trembling all over. Her finger roamed freely and mercilessly, arousing his naïve sexual feelings to fever pitch.

"Uhhhhhh, miss!" Michael was beside himself with shame as he felt Harriet's finger explore his insides thoroughly.

Locating his prostate gland, Harriet scored her nail gently across the responsive surface, making Michael wriggle his bottom helplessly. His rectum was struggling frantically to expel the rude intruder.

Retracting her finger gently, Harriet slowly slid out of his tight intimate canal. Michael gave a small sigh of relief as the cruel teasing of his bottom came to an end. But his respite was short lived: he felt Harriet once again forcing his reluctant anus to comply with her probing, this time by two saliva-coated fingers. Michael bit his lip as his sphincter stretched painfully to accommodate the relentless advance.

"He's a tight little boy," Harriet noted as she struggled to propel her voracious and insistant fingers. Letting her other hand trace down over his perineum, she cupped the smooth bulging sack beneath.

""Give me full and unhindered access Michael," Harriet calmly demanded, tightening her grip on his plump testicles. Suddenly the little puckered hole gave in, and Harriet watched with satisfaction as her fingers delved into his smooth pliant channel, impaling him right up to her knuckles.

"Uhhhhh miss, please" Michael pleaded as she ran her fingertips over the his quivering prostate.

Michael felt her fingers deep inside of him, stimulating the sensitive gland. He could feel an answering throb in the tip of his penis and to his horror he felt Harriet casually place the delicate fingers of her other hand on his engorged member. Harriet deftly pulled the foreskin up the shaft, deliberately and slowly revealing the glans, the heretofore hidden sensitive flesh beneath.

"Argghhh.. oohhhh.."

"His prostate seems a bit swollen," Harriet remarked while twisting her deeply embedded fingers.

"Oh my, I had better have a little feel around myself."

Jane could not wait to pierce Michael's defenseless little bottom, to yet again feel his spasms and trembling buttocks as she penetrated and aroused his reluctant body.

Scoring her nails over his prostate one last time, Harriet swiftly withdrew her fingers, causing a loud popping sound, like cork emerging from a wine bottle. The women did not even try to suppress their amusement over this.

"It even sounds cute!" Harriet giggled while spreading the boy's cheeks wide for her sister. Jane traced two fingers down the pink crevice of his plump buttocks. Michael felt an odd empty feeling when Harriet's slender fingers had retracted from his behind, but they were soon replaced by Jane's delicate touch. His will to resist had gone as his sphincter stretched almost readily over the probing fingers of his governess. Her deft and experienced penetration soon imposed her probing fingers deep inside his moist and velvety canal.

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