tagIncest/TabooJane: Our Lover

Jane: Our Lover


After my wife Jan and I each gave her younger sister, Jane, a proper welcoming last night, we couldn't wait for what promised to follow.

The next morning no one acknowledged last night's fun but the look on Jane's face said it all.

"That was great last night. Thank you for the warm welcome. I really do love you both and what an experience! Your open marriage seems to work well for you. I am still undecided especially with Al's disinterest in sex."

Saturday, the girls announced they were off shopping so I decided to do some yard work and chores. After returning home later in the afternoon with a mischievous look, they announced a very exciting shopping spree and couldn't wait to model some of their purchases in the evening.

After dinner both excused themselves then reappeared holding some skimpy lingerie.

"Wow, they look hot. Can't wait to see you model them." Jane has really come a long way just going along with this.

"That's not all," Jan giggled. She then revealed a pair of thong men's briefs and a matching brown, silky, very short, wrap around robe.

"Just for you my sexy husband. Props for tonight's fun."

Jane turned red.

After showering and Jan bathing we dressed in private. The thongs were not that comfortable but did make me feel so hot the way it tightly cradled my manhood. The robe they picked was an obvious turn on for them and felt sexy..

With some soft romantic background music playing, I lounged on the couch waiting for my two-love interests to arrive while enjoying a glass of wine or two.

There was Jan. I felt that knot in my gut. She was wearing her new black and white floral print baby doll with spaghetti straps. It opened from the front and only a tie across the breasts area keeps her full figure tits in check. I almost didn't notice the matching panty.

"You like- my stud husband?"

"Oh do I like. You are simply irresistible and I want to sample every inch of your hot body. Jan., you're my own personal fuck doll."

"Oh and I can't wait to sample your candy stick."

About then we heard a throat clearing. Oh my. There was Jane, obviously nervous but obviously wanting to sample some more wild sex.

She was the epitamy of the innocent maiden having her coming out party. Jane was dressed in an intense blue babydoll with a halter top and plunging front that did little to hide her small tits. Her matching panties were just shear enough to expose a hint of a mysterious pussy.

"Ladies. Whatever you have planned is definitely working," as we all glanced at my expanding thong pouch where my cock was growing fast.

Teasingly, no contact was made. We sat apart and enjoyed a lot of wine and small talk.

Jan finally announced the plan. One person would command the other two to do whatever that person wanted to watch. We would all take turns.

"Okay Jane, you are the guest so what do you want Dennis and I do," Jane mussed.

"It didn't take her long. "Dennis, you once told me how Jan loves to do oral sex on you. Prove it."

My hot wife and I stood facing each other. After a passionate kiss and me fondling her quivering tits, Jan sank to her knees and stared at my pouch. She slowly pulled it down. My now hard, pre cum covered cock sprang into view. Jan gingerly took it in both hands, then began licking up and down the shaft. Now she cradled each of my balls, licked and then gently sucked each into her mouth. This was driving me wild as I guided her head for more.

Jan licked her way up my engorged shaft and softly mouthed and tongued my spongy crown. My very hot wife began swallowing as much of my manhood as possible and sucked with increasing intensity also using her hands. After a short time she could feel my reaction and knew time was running out

I glanced over at Jane. Her fingers had disappeared under her bikini panties. Her eyes were glazed over as she obviously masturbated.

"Oh baby, I am about there. Finish me off," I pleaded to my foxy wife.

She suddenly released my cock with a suction sound, positioned her open mouth at my cock, and began giving me an intense hand job.

Soon I stiffened and felt my building orgasm let lose. "Oh baby so good." A jet of cum shot into her waiting mouth, followed by another. Then gulping my manhood into her mouth, she greedily sucked and sucked. Now she released my slowly deflating rod and licked the sticky cum off my shaft, and didn't miss the drippings. With a wanton, cummy smile she proclaimed, "You always taste sooo good my super stud."

Pulling her up, our lips meshed together as we lustfully enjoyed the creamy fruits of our love making..

Jane was mesmerized. "Oh that was so very, very hot," was all she could mumble.

After relaxing a while it was now my turn to command.

"Okay sisters, here's my plan. First you will embrace and explore each other, then finish with some '69'.

Jane looked puzzled. "What's 69?"

No problem for Jan but I could tell Jane was very uncomfortable with my request especially when 69 was explained. The idea of doing it with another woman, let alone her sister, and me watching, was a bit much. She shook her head no.

"Jan, I thought your sister was ready for some wide open, feel good, no holds barred sex. but I must be wrong."

"It's just that..." Jan interrupted her sister, "Jane, I do love you and really want to explore you and make love to your so inviting body, sister or not. Being sisters should not interfere. Let me show you."

Jane did not agree but neither did she refuse.

Jan took her little sister in her arms, held her head and passionately kissed her full lips.

So hot, I was again getting hard and horny.

Now Jane responded and suddenly they were one with breasts flattened against the other and legs intertwined. Jan stepped back and suggestively pulled the string on her babydoll. Her luscious huge tits swung into view. Jan then released Jane's halter top and her small but firm tits quivered for attention.

My wife then took her own breasts in each hand and began rubbing them against Jane's.

"Oh sis, I never knew there were so many ways to make love."

Finally Jan led her sister into our bedroom and had Jane lay on her back with only her panties on.

"Jane you are so hot. I want to fuck you right now."

Jane opened her arms. Jan then slowly pulled down her sister's panties exposing a very moist, swollen pussy. Now Jan quickly removed her panties and was immediately on top of her sister. She crushed her lips against Jane's. Her knee was now pushing up and against her sister's crotch. She then slide down and guided her tit to Jane's cunt and proceeded to nipple fuck.

"Oh Jan, what are you doing? That feels so good. I love this"

"Want a taste?" Jan moved up and presented her gooey nipple for Jane's taste test.

As Jane tongued, then sucked her sister's nipple, she muttered, "oh this is so naughty. I can't believe we are doing this."

Jan looked at me, then reversed her position to '69".

I was most interested in how Jane reacted. As Jan devoured her sister's pussy, Jane just looked at her sister's close cunt.

"Go Jane," I yelled.

Jan then settled lower and soon Jane had no choice but to sample her sister's full dripping pussy which was now covering her mouth.

As I knew she would, Jane suddenly really got into it. The heat, taste, and taboo act began to work on her inhibitions.

Now they were both fully consuming the other's pussy. As they came up for air, there were a lot of moaning and directions like "right there, yes use your tongue, eat me, you taste so good."

Now both rocked uncontrollably and seemed to climax in unison. This very erotic scene stirred my recovering manhood as I fondled myself into a total erection.

It was now Jan's turn. Okay you two. I just want you to fuck, fuck, fuck. Hubby, you on your back and sis, you ride him to the ultimate orgasm.

Lying on my back, I fondled my penis and motioned for Jane to hop on. As she hovered over me I inhaled her female scent. Now she lowered herself onto my waiting cock guiding it past her pussy lips.

I reached up and massaged each of her little titties and very hard nipples. I pulled her down to me as our lips meshed together. Our tongues probed and explored.

"Okay you two. Lets see some real action," my wife commanded.

With that Jane began to ride me with a sense of urgency. Her cunt slide up and down my slimy hard cock. Now she was impaled on the entire length. Again and again she pumped tirelessly. I rose each time to meet her. Soon we were both breathing heavily.


Finally I felt my second load about to explode.

"Jane, I'm cumimg. Yes, so good," as I arched up to shot my load into her.

"Dennis, Dennis, yes, me too, oh yes, I love your penis, ahhh," as Jane experienced multi orgasms.

With all this going on, my wife positioned herself behind for a very close view of my cock appearing and disappearing into her sister's cunt.

After we finished, she pulled my still hard, cum covered penis from her sister's cunt and sucked it into her waiting mouth. Jane then slipped down to give her sister better access. Jan now positioned her head under Jane's pussy and proceeded to tongue and slurp up all the jism possible as it seemed to endlessly drip cum.

Finally, exhausted, we all collapsed.

The next day as Jane was leaving her parting farewell was, " I really wonder if this open sex goes on in Kansas."

"Jane, if it doesn't, you should have fun organizing. You are a very sexy and foxy woman. Any open-minded man or woman would enjoy your company to be sure. If not we are a plane ticket away."

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