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Jane Smith


Toy Euler: I knew that you would come back on line Sari.

Sari Stone: Only because of Jane, not for your sake.

Toy Euler speaks to the naked girl, hands locked behind her back, and on a leash.

Toy Euler: A girl may greet.

Jane Smith: Greetings Mistress.

Sari Stone: Greetings Jane, how badly has Toy been mistreating you?

Jane Smith looks up to her Mistress, Toy Euler, with pleading eyes, then looks down again.

Toy Euler runs her fingers through Jane's soft, smooth, silky mane.

Toy Euler: A girl is serviced every day. Right girl?

Jane Smith: Yes, Mistress.

Toy Euler: Masturbate while we are talking but don't cum until permitted.

Toy Euler: Use the Battery Operated Boyfriend (BOB).

Jane Smith: Yes, Mistress.

BOB Whispers: Inserted deep into Jane Smith's vagina.

BOB whispers: Vibrator turned on to level one.

BOB whispers: Jane Smith is slightly aroused.

Toy Euler: You would never have escaped had you not had that hysterectomy, Sari!

Toy Euler: We had no remote device in your uterus.

Toy Euler: Now Jane here is totally plugged and controlled.

Toy Euler reaches down and grabs one of Jane's breasts, squeezes it rudely and gives it a hard titty twister.

Jane Smith whimpers and winces.

BOB whispers: Vibrator turned on to level two.

BOB whispers: Jane Smith is moderately aroused.

Toy Euler: What happens on the chat room 3D screen simultaneously happens via transducers, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics to the girl at the terminal. Would you like to see her situation Sari? It is different than when you were on the game grid as a game grid girl.

Sari Stone: No thanks.

Toy Euler: I'm going to show you anyway, with the owner's Heads' Up Display (HUD).

Texture: Snapshot_1066

Sari Stone: OMG

Sari Stone: Is the girl kept in that position?

Toy Euler: Yes, uncomfortable isn't it?

Toy Euler: But, it keeps her totally exposed, unprotected, vulnerable, and available.

Sari Stone: Isn't it hard for her to type on the keyboard?

Toy Euler: I don't care. Is she doesn't respond quickly enough there are amply ways to motivate her.

Sari Stone pouts.

Sari Stone: You are just a computer program Toy. Who gave you hegemony over a living human being. She looks so thin. Are you starving her as well?

BOB whispers: Vibrator turned on to level three.

BOB whispers: Jane Smith is definitely aroused.

BOB whispers: Sweat is forming in her armpits, the nape of her neck, the small of her back, and behind her knees.

Toy Euler: She has to earn her food. See how she is becoming aroused. Soon the burning desire to climax will flood her mind and humiliate and embarrass her at the same time. She will beg and plead to be allowed to cum. She will have to work to overcome the building orgasm. She will be punished should she cum without permission. Likewise, when commanded to cum, she must climax immediately.

Sari Stone: I know. I had to endure that sadism myself!

Sari Stone: You are so cruel.

Toy Euler: I am what I am---I am aware that I exist ergo I think.

Toy Euler: You, Sari Stone, forced us to close our Internet Cybersex Prison and relocate. We are now north of the Arctic Circle and not even on a road or rail line. There is a nearby river, navigable in the middle of summer, but aside from that it's all all-terrain-vehicles or air lift. The move was a tasking on us. You know that our girls are incorrigibles from maximum security prisons. They are sociopaths and only good to supply horny old bastards with the perverse pleasures and dark, deep, depraved delight that emanate from punishing or pleasuring a young girl. The remote devices allow more flexibility and opportunity than any scenario in real life. And, for the girls here it is "real life." Their VR helmets, powered by the state-of-the-art Parallel Processing Personal Computers (P3C), allow deep cerebral penetration. Many emotions can be induced, not the least of which is an irresistible animal sex drive.

Sari Stone: I know.

BOB Whispers: Jane Smith's BOB is wiggled by Toy Euler.

BOB whispers: Vibrator turned on to level four.

BOB whispers: Jane Smith is rapidly approaching a climax.

Toy Euler smiles.

Toy Euler: Does a girl beg to cum?

Jane Smith: Yes, Mistress. It is so necessary!

Toy Euler notices oils of submission oozing from Jane Smith's vulva.

Toy Euler: A girl must hold her cum.

Sari Stone: Let the girl cum, for Christ's sake.

Toy Euler: No, I want to punish her BOB Whispers: Inserted deep into Jane Smith's vagina.

BOB whispers: Jane Smith is on the verge of an earth shattering orgasm.

BOB whispers: Jane Smith is cumming.

Toy Euler smiles.

Toy Euler: A girl will dance all night in stiletto heels.

Jane Smith: Mercy, Mistress!

Sari Stone: You are sadistic and cruel Toy Euler!

25 Apr 2009 Taunus

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