Jane Watches


"My turn to get fucked" Jane said as Laura was wrapping a towel around herself. Jane was still soaking wet from the shower, but she didn't bother drying. She left the bathroom and headed for her bedroom with Laura and myself both following.

When she got there she climbed straight onto the bed and knelt there on all fours, her wet hair sticking to her neck and her ass pointed up in the air. Laura took my towel from me and I went to the bed, my cock hard and twitching with anticipation. I knelt behind Jane and ran my hand from her damp neck down her back and round her ass before slipping it between her legs and rubbing her pussy. I then grabbed my cock and pressed it against her cunt lips, slowly moving it along the length of them. The head reached her hole and almost slid in, her lips parting easily to accept it. My cock pulsed and I felt the head swell, but I continued rubbing it over her lips making the final moments of my anticipation last.

Jane was subtly moving her pussy as my cock moved over it, trying to help me find the spot I needed... or that she wanted. I moved my dick to her hole once more pressing the tip of it in, her lips once more parted to accommodate it. I put both my hands on her waist, at first holding her away so she couldn't have anymore of my cock than I was already offering her, then I pulled her back onto it. It slid in quickly, lubricated by my pre-cum and her wet lips, the warm sensation traveling from the tip all the way down my shaft. Her head arched back as she enjoyed the first stroke.

I kept my hands on her waist, letting her slide forward each time before pulling her back and burying my cock up to the balls. I watched her in the mirror. Her beautiful, slender body naked. Her tits bouncing with each thrust as my cock entered her as far as it could. I slowed my pace trying not to cum, but it was no use I couldn't hold it any longer. I started pulling her back harder and faster until I felt that first twitch of my orgasm, then pulling out as she turned round, I stood up on the bed and jacked off onto her small tits.

Laura came over to the bed as I was sitting back down. "I guess it is my turn to return the favour." she said putting a hand just beneath Jane's breasts and pushing her back down on the bed. Jane lay back as Laura began licking the cum from her tits and let her legs fall open. Her pussy was still swollen. I rested my hand on her bush and rubbed my thumb over her clit. "All done." said Laura after giving Jane's nipple one last bite and sitting up.

"Not quite." replied Jane. Laura looked at her. "It wasn't your tits I licked, now was it?" Jane continued. Laura looked round to me while answering "I guess it wasn't.". She continued to look in to my eyes as she crawled down the bed to Jane's feet. I moved out of the way as she took up position in front of Jane's pussy. She gave her clit one flick of her tongue then waited a second. Jane reached down with both hands grabbing Laura's head, one second was obviously too long, and pulled her face against her pussy.

This was a fucking dream come true, my Laura's face buried in another woman's pussy. I was hard again in no time. I slapped Laura's ass and she understood what I meant straight away. She moved up onto her knees and spread them apart as much as she could. I moved behind her grabbing hold of one of her ass cheeks in each hand and spread them apart, looking at her asshole for a moment before running my tongue around it.

I lay on my back and maneuvered underneath her pussy straining my neck from the bed to give her one lick. She took no further time in lowering it on to my awaiting tongue. As I licked I listened to the two of them moaning in pleasure. A hard lick by me after a few soft, teasing ones was met with a moan by Laura and shortly after by one from Jane as Laura no doubt passed on the favour.

I could feel the increased movement on the bed as Jane started to cum, this was soon followed by the beginning of Laura's own orgasm. The idea that she brought another woman to orgasm for the first time overwhelming her. She fucked my face hard until she came, rubbing her pussy on my stubble as my tongue worked her clit.

We all lay on the bed for a while thinking about what had happened that day, until Laura broke the silence. "So did we cover all your fantasies sweetie?" she asked me. "There is one more to fulfill" I said, a smile appearing on my lips at the thought it may be about to come true. We all sat up as the girls looked at me and waited for me to divulge it.

I didn't say anything I just looked from one to the other, their lips, necks, breasts, stomachs, legs and pussies. Jane's full bush and Laura's shaved one. Laura's head tilted back as she figured it out. She looked at Jane as she stood up off the bed, and turning to face it bent over it so only her body from the tits up rested on it. Jane slid to the edge of the bed then copied her. Laura crossed her right leg over behind Jane's left. I stood up and walked behind them both.

I didn't try to delay any moment this time, I grabbed my dick and slid it into Laura then without a second stroke I withdrew it and slid it into Jane. I moved back and forward between them. A few strokes in Laura, one in Jane, a few strokes in Jane one in Laura. I tried every combination I could think of two here three there, five each. My two previous orgasms allowed me to keep it up for some time before I finally asked "Who wants my cum?"

"You can cum on my tits" said Laura as I entered her.

"You can cum on my asshole" said Jane, as I entered her.

They were looking at each other as they bid, one against the other.

"You can cum on my face" said Laura, "and in my mouth."

I was pounding Laura fast now working up to my orgasm and the thought of her swallowing my cum.

"You can cum inside me!" said Jane.

I looked at Laura and she turned and looked at me, "What are you waiting for? Spray your cum in her!"

I withdrew from Laura and buried my cock in Jane, I reached down to her arms and pulled them together above her head and clasped them tightly. I fucked her as hard as I could, her face pressed into the bed as Laura reached from behind me and began pumping my balls.

I stopped my thrust as I came and pushed my dick as far into Jane as I could. It was the most amazing sensation pumping my cum into her as Laura pumped my balls, making sure my sac was emptied.

My legs began to shake, I pulled out from Jane and sat down on the bed and lay back with my legs hanging over the edge. The two girls stood at the edge of the bed, one on either side of me, and bending over they both licked the last of my cum from my cock.

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