tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJane Watches... The Next Morning

Jane Watches... The Next Morning


I woke up in the morning with Laura running her fingers over my cock, which had got hard before I had even woken. I kept my eyes closed as she spent time exploring it. Stroking the length with only two fingers up and down and every so often touching my balls, taking her time.

My eyes still closed she eventually grabbed hold of it properly giving it a good squeeze in her hand before swirling her tongue around the head and sucking it all in. "Mmmm, thats a great wake up call!" I said. "I thought you would appreciate it." she answered. It took my brain a second to figure out her voice came from the wrong place.

I looked round and Laura was sitting at the table behind me with a cup of tea in her hand smiling. I looked down at my dick and it was Jane who was sucking me off. She didn't even look up, just kept sucking hard, bobbing her head up and down. I almost came straight away.

I reached down and touched her cheek with my hand, she looked up at me and her eyes flashed wide all the while still sucking on me. Laura came round and sat beside me running her hand over my chest then gave me a good morning kiss and another smile.

"Jane is off work today, so I thought we would stay here what do you think?" Laura asked... like I was going to say anything other that "yes!". Jane pulled my dick from her mouth and sat back up still stroking it slowly. "Good morning" she said with a smile.

Jane stood up. She was in a light, silky dressing gown which just about covered her ass. She walked past and went to her room. I looked at Laura who was moving to sit where Jane had been. She kissed the tip of my dick and said, "We've got a fun day planned for you sweetie."

Jane came back in with a few towels. "Who fancies a shower?"

Laura held up her cup indicating she still had some tea to finish, so Jane grabbed my hand and pulled me up and through the hall into the bathroom. I stood in the doorway as she bent over the bath to turn the shower on, her gown rode up and I got my first look at her ass.

Laura came up behind me and put her arms round my waist, I reached round and moved her in front of me and pulled her close. We both watched as Jane undid her belt letting her gown fall open. She had small, pert tits and a tidy, yet full bush. My dick instantly got hard at the sight and pressed into Laura's ass. Laura moved a little until my hard-on sprung between her legs.

Jane climbed into the tub and stood under the spray and Laura followed her. I climbed in and sat on the end of the bath looking at these two hot naked women getting wet in front of me. Laura leaned her head under the spray soaking her hair then ran her hands through it, pushing it back and flattening it against her head.

She then came towards me and pulled me up, motioning me towards Jane she sat down where I had been sitting. I moved under the water and Jane moved closer putting her hands on my sides. I put my arms around her and pulled her closer still, my hard cock pressing against her. She kissed me hard pulling my head forward in her hands and I reached down and grabbed her ass pulling her up a little.

She reached down and took my right hand, pulling to the front and then onto her pussy. I moved my hand forward rubbing it along the length of her pussy before pulling it back slowly while spreading two of my fingers into a 'V' teasing her lips apart. I rubbed her clit with my middle finger as it passed over it.

I started kissing down her neck and onto her shoulders, and from there down to her tits circling my tongue round each nipple and feeling them, soft, in my hand. I moved onto my knees and Jane wasted no time shifting into a better position. She jammed her left foot as far to the side of the bath as it would go and put her right foot on the rim. I put both my arms between her legs and reached up grabbing firm hold of her ass. I pulled her forward and buried my face in her pussy.

She moaned and bucked as I licked, making constant little hip movements so I was always licking exactly where she wanted. Her breathing got heavier and she started to shake, she tried to move away from my tongue to delay her cumming but I grabbed her ass harder and pulled her forward, pressing my tongue hard on her clit. She came with a loud moan pulling my face into her pussy and grinding hard until every last spasm of her orgasm had passed.

I stood up and she wiped her hand across my mouth removing her cum and kissed me again. She reached down and grabbed my cock which was as hard as I ever remember. I looked at Laura who had her fingers working on her own pussy, her legs spread wide sitting on the end of the bath. She stood up and came towards us.

Laura stuck her index and middle fingers in my mouth and i sucked her juice from them. She reached down and grabbed my balls then slid her hand up onto my cock. The first time my cock has ever been held by two women at once. They stroked me in unison as I enjoyed the view of both sets of tits.

Jane lay down in the bath, and said "Ok, give me a proper view of what I saw last night." She slid further down bending her legs up so her head lay on the bottom of the bath. Laura moved up to Jane's head and put a foot on each side of her. I did the same and slid my cock into Laura's pussy. We both looked down at Jane, who was staring intently at my dick sliding in and out of Laura. Jane ran her fingers up and down on Laura's legs and then cupped my balls. I managed a few more strokes before pulling out, Jane still holding my balls, and shooting my cum all over Laura's pussy lips. Jane sat up a little, supporting herself on one arm and rubbed my dick around Laura's lips before moving her head up and sucking the rest of the cum from it.

She then looked at Laura questioningly, Laura thought for a second then nodded at Jane, who then proceeded to lick the rest of my cum from Laura's pussy much to Laura's delight.

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