Janelle's Force Fuck


I used my hand and spanker her ass until it was deep red. I knew it hurt and I wanted it to. I wanted her to feel all the frustration she had been giving me all this time. "Reach behind you and spread your ass open. That's it! Show me your nice pink asshole you slut." Janelle reached behind and grabbed her cheeks. Her delicately manicured fingers dug into her skin as she pulled her cheeks apart. Seeing her exposed tight asshole made me so fuckin hot. "You nasty slut. I'm gonna enjoy shoving my hard fat dick up this asshole. And when I'm ready, you're gonna beg me for it." I wanted to shove my tongue up into her asshole. But I wanted to humiliate her too. I walked around so she could look at me. I didn't let her release her cheeks; I wanted her to stay exposed that way.

"Janelle, you are a nasty, phony slut. You flaunt your body around teasing me. Then when you see how hot I am, you laugh and tell me you only fuck women. Well you little woman whore, now I'm gonna use you to satisfy my hard black dick. And watching the way your white lips are gonna suck it, I'm gonna take pleasure in seeing you squirm. Tell me you want it." Janelle looked so nasty bent over holding her asshole open like she was. Her face was laid on a pillow looking at me. "Sam, I want you to fuck me. I want you to shove your black cock in my pussy and up my ass. I'll suck it clean after you fuck my pussy. I'll drink your hot cum when you splash in my mouth." I looked at this lovely woman. Seeing her looking so hot and nasty, I stroked my dick while she watched me.

"Get up bitch! Stand with your legs spread wide." Janelle got up and did as I had told her to do. "Now take this dildo and slowly fuck your pussy." Janelle looked a bit shocked but she took the dildo from my hand and began to slowly fuck her pussy. "Does it feel good slut? Do you like fucking your own pussy?" I could tell from the look on her face that she was enjoying it. Janelle nodded her head. She was pushing the dildo deep inside her cunt then drawing it almost all the way out. Back and forth she worked her fake dick. I could see how wet she was from the way she coated it with her juice. "Now take it out and lick it clean." Janelle pulled the dildo slowly from her pussy. As the head came free, gobs of her thick cum ran down her thighs.

"Look at you. See how wet your pussy is?" Janelle didn't answer me; her lips were licking up and down the smeared dildo. I watched as she worked the shaft in and out of her mouth the same way she would soon be working my dick. "Now turn around and bend over." Janelle did as she was told. I smacked her across the ass. "Put your hand between your legs and rub your asshole with your finger." I reached over and pulled her cheeks apart. Janelle reached between her legs and rubbed her asshole with her middle finger. "Do you want to play with it? Do you want to finger your ass, Janelle?" Janelle turned to look at me. "Please don't make me do it Sam. I can't stop you from doing it but don't make me do it myself?" I walked around to her front. Grabbing her by her hair, I held her head up as I shoved my hard dick in her mouth. I began to rock back and forth.

Janelle eagerly sucked my dick. But each time I shoved it in, I pushed it even further. Janelle was soon gagging and choking as she tried to breathe and suck my dick at the same time. "Finger your asshole. Finger it or I'll find the biggest dildo you have and shove it so far up your ass, you won't shit for a week." Janelle's moan told me her finger had slipped in. I pulled my dick from her mouth and she gasped for air. I went back around her and spread her cheeks. Even I could see her face turn red with embarrassment. "That's it! Work it in deep." Janelle worked her finger in so slowly; I was super turned on watching her. "You like this don't you?" "Oh Sam! Why are you treating me like this? Oh Sam, you're making me push my finger in so far." I reached down and rubbed her slippery cunt. Then I smeared the juice around her finger. I kept this up until her asshole was shiny wet. Then I pushed my finger in with hers.

"Oh shit! Sam it's too much! It hurts!" I fingered her ass harder. When she stopped moving her own finger I smacked her ass. "I didn't tell you to stop." Janelle fingered her ass even faster and harder. I pulled her hand away. Then I pulled my finger free. "Now you dirty little whore, it's time for my satisfaction. Pull those cheeks apart and hold them open." I grabbed some Vaseline off her night table and smeared it on the head of my dick. Then I placed the head of my dick at her puckered hole. "It's gonna hurt! Please Sam! Don't hurt me!" I grabbed her by her hips and pushed slowly. I felt her muscles spread as the tip of my dick entered her ass. "Oh! Please!" I looked down at the way my black shaft slowly slid into her tight pink asshole. Just seeing it made my dick swell even more. I wanted to just shove it all the way in but I knew it would hurt. And I didn't want her to get too comfortable too soon.

I had only put the bulbous head of my dick into her ass. But from the way her tight muscles clamped down on it I knew she would be very tight. "Sam please! It hurts! You're too big! Please take it out!" I slapped her across the ass. "Is that what you tell the sluts that strap on a dick and fuck you? Do you cry and tell them it's too big?" I grabbed Janelle by her hair and yanked her head around so I could see her face. I wanted to see how much it hurt for her to take my dick. From the grimace on her face I knew it hurt. "Listen to me you slut fucker. From now on, you're my white whore. I'm gonna fuck you whenever I feel like it. I'll let you fuck other women but you had better make sure you tell me all about it later. Do you understand me whore?" I pushed another inch inside her asshole. "Sam please! Your dick is splitting my ass open." "What color is my dick slut?" I shoved in about two more inches then pulled back until only the tip was in.

Janelle screamed when I shoved my dick in deeper. "Black! Your dick is black." I wanted to shoot my hot cum deep in her ass. Looking down at how her ass gripped my dick I almost lost it. "What's splitting your asshole open?" I began to rock back and forth. "Your black dick is ripping my white asshole open. Oh Sam, it hurts. I can't take any more." I grabbed the Vaseline and smeared my dick. Then I shoved it in nice and slow. Janelle was moaning as I pushed in inch by inch. "Take that dildo and fuck your pussy you lezzie slut. Work it all the way in. I want to feel it rubbing against my dick as I fuck your slutty ass." Janelle grabbed the dildo and slowly worked it into her pussy. "Oh shit! I feel so stuffed." I was starting to fuck her ass harder. "Are you my slut?" I shoved all my dick in her ass. Janelle screamed. "Yes Sam, I'm your white slut!" I slapped her across the ass. "And from now on, you'll do what I tell you to do?" I shoved in again. I loved hearing her scream.

"Yes you black bastard! Now fuck my ass! You want this slut cunt? Fuck me and show me you're man enough. My women fuck harder than that." I pulled back until just the tip was inside. Then I lunged with all my might. I pulled back and lunged again. Janelle grabbed the pillow and screamed into it. I was caught up in rage from her words. I wanted to tear her ass apart. I moved my hips sideways as I fucked her. I wanted my dick to rub against the inside of her ass. Janelle was crying and begging for me to stop. Finally I could hold back no longer. With a grunt, I grabbed her hips and buried my dick deep. I felt my hot cum splash up into her ass. Janelle began to cum also. She shook as she humped her ass back at me. "Fuck me Sam! Oh shit, it feels so good. I feel so nasty. I'm your slut Sam. Fuck me! Use me!"

It took a few minutes for both of us to calm down. When I felt my dick begin to shrink, I pulled it from her ass. Janelle whined as it came free. Then she just collapsed on the bed. I let her lay there as I went into the bathroom and washed my dick. Then I brought a warm washcloth and washed her ass with it. Janelle just lay there, then she began to cry. I should have felt sorry for her. But she had frustrated me for far too long. I grabbed her by her hair and lifted her head up. Her tears smeared her makeup. "Are you my slut?" I said the words softly. Janelle opened her eyes and looked at me. "Yes Sam! I'm your slut now." I bent down and kissed her. This kiss was all tenderness. "Lay here and rest. I'm going to my apartment to get some ointment. I'll be right back." I left her there and went to my apartment. When I came back, Janelle was sitting on the bed sipping from a glass. She looked at me and didn't say a word. I stopped in the doorway.

"Come to me on your knees slut." Janelle put her glass down and got down on her hands and knees. When she came near, I unzipped my pants. I pulled my dick out and let it dangle. "This is your dick. I'll give it to you whenever I want. I'll even fuck some of your lezzie friends while they fuck you. But your pussy belongs to me. Do you understand that Janelle?" Janelle looked up into my eyes. Then she smiled. "My pussy belongs to you." she took my dick in her mouth and her tongue brought it to hardness. This time I held her head while I fucked her throat. Then I gave her a soothing cum filled drink. Janelle never took her eyes off mine as she sucked my dick deep in her throat. I pulled her up and laid her on the bed. This time I took great care as my tongue brought her to crying climaxes. I had even more in store for her tomorrow.

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