Disclaimer: I do not own Victoria's Secret, Starbucks, Manhattan, or BMW. I have never even heard of anything called Tugwell Fargos and Company company. So yeah, enjoy.


Janet was browsing through the Victoria's Secret Summer Preview catalog. She was sipping a Starbucks Vanilla Latte she bought earlier when she went out to do some shopping outside of her Manhattan apartment that was located near Central Park. She sat in her breezy capris with a simple peasant tunic in her favorite armchair which was located near the balcony that caught the sunlight in a glorifying manner. She let out a satisfying gulp.

As Janet browsed through the catalog, starting with the brassieres, each page showcased models with perfect C cup breasts. It filled the cups of the bras perfectly, it was rounded and full. She sighed and looked down at her own breasts. She cupped her breasts and thought, "Gee, they're round and full... For a midget."

Janet was five feet ten inches. She had A cup breasts, perfect for people who were five feet 3 inches but not five feet ten inches. Each page Janet looked at made her envious for at least a B cup breasts. B cup breasts to fill a bra perfectly with a bit peeking out and breasts to fill a beautiful strapless gown she wears every year for her company's annual charity ball.

Janet felt a familiar warmth in her groin area. She closed the catalog and went to her bedroom. There Janet slipped out of her capris easily and pulled her tunic over her head. Janet was wearing a very sexy lace lingerie set in black, but she had no one to wear it for. Janet laid her back on her bed and put her feet flat on the bed and spread them flat apart. Janet teased her clit through her panties. She felt through the thin fabric she was getting wet and decided to take her lingerie off. She pulled of the panties and let it fall to the floor, while she took out her breasts from the bra, without even taking it off.

She took some of her pussy juice and rubbed it all over clit. With her middle finger she started rubbing it. She felt her clit getting hotter and harding, enlarging as she kept rubbing it. She moaned and Janet then stuck her finger inside her pussy.

She pumped it in and out, with a "come here" motion of her finger she found her g-spot and pressed on it. Janet screamed from the extreme orgasm as she continued to do it, pussy juice just kept streaming onto her finger. Drenching her bed and finger. Janet's heart was beating and she finally stopped pumping her finger in and out of her pussy. She just let it stay in her pussy, pressing against her g-spot. She layed as if lifeless on the bed for a few minutes, then she pulled her finger out and went over to her bedside table.

She opened the top drawer and inside was as many sex toys imaginable for a bachlorette. Even a box of condoms for an unexpected guest. She took out a pair of nipple clamps and a bullet like vibrator, along with some lube. She put some lube on her vibrator and stuck the nipple clamps on each of her nipples. She winced at the pain, but it was nothing compared to the need of a real penis in her.

With the lubed up vibrator, Janet turned it on the highest speed it would go and stuck it up her wet pussy. She immediately started humping a pillow which was hard enough to get her going. With each movement, the clamps at her nipple tugged harder, and she was ready to orgasm. She thrust harder and harder at the pillow when she suddenly felt she can hold it in no more. Janet screamed and with that, she laid on the bed with the vibrator half in and out of her with her juices covering it and soaking the mattress. She shuddered as she breathed in from the intense orgasm. Still on, the vibrator teased Janet for more when the door bell of her apartment ranged.

Janet laid on her bed frozen for two minutes and rushed to get rid of the evidence of whatever she was doing. She quickly got up and the vibrator easily slid out, she kicked it under the bed and tugged at her nipple clamps to get it of her nipples. But the tugging aroused her even more and she quickly unclamped them and threw them under the bed too. She didn't have time to find her bra, but she just put on her panties and threw on her tunic.

She was still aroused from the orgasm as her own juices dripped down her legs. Janet muttered, "Who could this be.?!," under her breath. And quickly dashed over to the door. She looked through the peep hole and saw that is was her boss! Oblivious to the fact she looked like she has just been screwed, Janet opened the door.

"Hello James, what brings you here?"

James was her boss at Tugwell Fargos and Company. It was a british derived company that owns about 60 buildings in the United States. Janet was working for one of them. He was in his late twenties and looked like the hot guy next door, who was unfortunately gay. But nevertheless, the British accent of James was very seductive to Janet's ears.

James smiled as he looked at Janet, her nipples were pointing out from her arousement while he saw her legs dripping with her clear juice. And the way her hair was messy was very sexy to James and he was about to forget about what he came for and fuck her right there and then. But James regained his composure and asked her.

"Um well Janet, I came to ask you whether you would like to be my partner for the dance tonight for this ball I am intending in lieu of my father who cannot make it here to the States in time."

"Um, well, sure..." Janet said and thought how can I resist?.

"Good, do you have a suitable ball gown?"

"Oh, how about the one I wore last year for the charity ball?"

"No my dear, that won't do. Um, why don't you get cleaned up here and I'll bring you shopping for a gown?"

"Sure, I'll meet you downstairs in 20 minutes James?"

"Excellent, I'll see you in a bit."

Janet closed the door and with her back leaning against it sighed dreamily of her hot boss asking her to be his partner. While James on the other side of the door thought of Janet in her state. Her perfect rounded breasts with the nipples pointing out like a sore thumb and her black panties showing with her juices dripping from her pussy onto her legs.; all the while the tunic was almost a see through.

Twenty minutes later, Janet was donning a flirty camisole with lace lining and another pair of capris completed with a pair of simple black flats. James was leaning against his car and he peered from his sunglasses and smiled.

"Ready to go?"


Janet went inside his BMW convertible was he held the door for her. James closed the door and went into the drivers' side. He started the car and they zoomed off to a dress boutique on Fifth Avenue. James parked the car and got out of the drivers' seat, he held the door for Janet. Janet said a thank you and they both went into the dress boutique hand-in-hand together.

The owner of the boutique was a petite French woman who greeted James with a kiss on both cheeks and James vice versa. She looked about fifty years old.

"Janet dear, this is Marie. She's a dear old friend of my mum's and I bring all my girlfriends here to find dresses."

"Please to meet you Marie."

Marie came over to Janet, Janet kneeled a bit and Marie greeted her with kisses on both cheeks; as per customary for an European.

"Marie dear, I need you to find a lovely ball gown for our beautiful Miss. James."

"No problem James, since when have I failed at this task you have always given me?"

"Never as of yet Marie. Oh yes, I need it by tonight. So hurry along while I buy something."

" Alright James, now go. A fashionista is at work now!"

With that James left the vicinity of the boutique and Janet was left alone with Marie.

"Hmmm, tall, slender, I think I have the perfect dress for you my dear! Follow me."

Janet followed Marie and Marie brought out a beautiful black strapless satin gown, godet with embellishment and wrap; along with matching elbow length gloves. Janet gasped at the sight of the dress and the price.

"But Marie, the price is too much."

"Oh silly girl, don't worry about that James will pay for it. For he will make you the belle de la boule. Now try it on!"

Janet went inside the dressing room and tried on the gown, it was a perfect fit. It even accented her small breasts perfectly.

"Là-dessus est magnifique sur vous! Droite juste!"

Janet was confused with her outburst of French, but concluded it must've been a compliment. James came in with a small box.

"My god Janet, you're like the Greek goddess Aphrodite!"

Janet was blushing from their praises, "Thank you."

"Now James, since you're a familiar face here you get discounts. And what's in your litter box here boy?"

"Oh a surprise Marie."

"Sont vous allant apporter plus à des filles," Marie asked. (Are you going to bring anymore girls here?)

"Aucun Marie, je pense qu'elle est celle.," James replied. (No Marie, I think she is the one.)

Marie smiled and sent them both on their way.

James placed the dress in the trunk of his car and the mysterious box in the glove compartment. Janet decided not to ask since James already got her a five thousand dollar dress, but she was indeed curious what was in the box.

"I'll pick you up at eight thirty tonight Janet?"

"Yes, that will be fine James."

James stopped at her apartment. Janet went out of the car and took her dress and went inside the building. James zoomed off once again to find himself a suit.

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