tagMind ControlJanet & Maria Get Caught

Janet & Maria Get Caught


I went to work early that Sunday just to get back early enough to see what Janet, my wife, was really doing on her day off. I shut off the engine and glided up the driveway and snuck into the house. Sure enough, my wife Janet and her daughter-in-law, Maria were sipping wine in front of the fireplace. One thing I have to note, they were both naked from the waist up and their hands were moving over the skin of their thighs while they drained the last of the wine onto each other's tit's. Janet lowered her head and captured Maria's nipple in her mouth.

I could see Maria lean back and heard her moan through the door. I couldn't believe it. My wife was having sex with another woman. I looked on some more and Maria had taken one of Janet's tit's in her hand while she continued to rub her other hand along Janet's thigh. My voyeur's position was ideal... I was out of sight and no one outside could see me so I took the opportunity to open my pants and pull out my 8 inches of throbbing cock. Suddenly Janet pulled her mouth off Maria's tit and moaned. It seemed to me Maria had stuck her finger inside my wife's cunt and the results were electric. Maria pulled down my wife's skirt and panties leaving only the garters and stockings and she moved her head down to Janet's pussy.

I clearly saw her tongue go straight for Janet's clit as Maria pulled Janet's leg up and out. Janet was intently looking at what was happening between her legs and when the tip of Maria's tongue touched, she groaned "YESSSSS!" and started thrusting her hips forward onto the tongue. Maria's lips closed onto Janet's clit and she literally sucked it into her mouth. She must have been moving her tongue inside because Janet was shaking as if holding on to a live wire. I knew it wouldn't be long before Maria was drinking Janet's juice's.

I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. I was watching and sweating right along with the hot women in front of me as I jacked off to the incredible sight . I had often wondered what it would be like if I could be with two women, so, I slowly undressed as I continued my vigil at the window to the family room. Janet had recovered somewhat and began to move over the top of Maria, her tit's pressed into Maria's and their lips met with a passion I thought was only reserved for me. I slowly opened the door and walked in to the sex filled room.

Maria's eyes met mine and I raised my finger to my lips to keep her quiet. Maria pushed my wife's head down to her tit's and she began to suck them alternately, rubbing her face in the cleavage as she went back and forth. I came up behind my wife and entered her wet pussy in one thrust. A shocked howl escaped her lips and she pushed Maria back as she tried to gain her balance. Maria pushed her head down so she couldn't see who it was and lifted her hips until her pussy was pushed into Janet's face. Maria and I started to move together. As I pushed in, Maria pushed her pussy against Janet's mouth. Sooner than I would have liked, I started to come. Intense shots of sperm splashed inside my wife and Maria also groaned in orgasm as Janet's stiff tongue got her off, too. Then I felt the contractions in Janet's cunt and she groaned as she went over for the second time that afternoon.

I slowly pulled out as Janet turned to see who fucked her. "What are you doing home so soon?" she asked. "I wanted to see why you were always so tired on the Sundays I worked, so, I took the early shift and came back early"

"I'm glad I did, you girls got me so hot, I couldn't stand to watch without jumping in."

"Speaking of jumping in, I didn't know who was fucking me and got so excited at the prospect of someone other than you in me, I almost passed out when I came."

I looked at her, "Janet, who else but me could it have been?" Maria said Jeff was going to pick her up at two and I almost guessed he was early" I was incredulous. "You mean you would have let Maria's husband, your son, fuck you and come in you?" Janet looked down at the floor and softly said," I was so hot, I didn't care who came in me. I was just a cunt to be filled and was waiting for Maria to go back down on me. When your cock entered me, I saw stars and came like never before."

"Maria, do you want to get dressed before Jeff comes to pick you up?"

"Actually, I don't. I'm still so horny, I could fuck your husband AND Jeff AND anyone else who wants to fuck me." What do you say, Norm, "are you up for round two while your wife watch's?" I looked at Janet for her reaction and she just shrugged her sexy shoulders. "If Jeff knocks while I'm busy with Norm you can take him into the bedroom and fill him in on the new twist our friendship has taken."

Maria took my hand and pulled me over beside her. We kissed and I got to feel those beautiful tit's my wife had been kissing. She reached down and began to squeeze my cock back to full length as I moved my kisses down her neck and to her nipples. As I began to suck at her tit's, I turned my head to see what reaction Janet was having to my sudden infidelity. Her left hand had reached out to grab Maria's right tit and her right hand slid down between her wet pussy lips.

She said, "I might not be able to wait for Jeff. I might just cum again just watching you two. Maria and I really went at it with inspiration. I don't know what excited me more. Making it with my daughter-in-law or having Janet watch us. All I know is that I felt like I could stay hard all afternoon and take turns fucking the hell out of both women.

Maria got on her hands and knees and I pushed into her from behind. Janet slid under Maria and began sucking her tit's Janet's finger was still locked into her snatch and I could see our moisture leaking onto the rug as she tried to bring herself off again. In the distance I heard the doorbell ring and Janet slid out from under Maria. I kept on pounding into her and I knew she wanted all I could give her. Janet had not returned and I was getting close to a powerful orgasm. Maria had already had her third one and was building to another strong contraction. Then it was on me. I shot stream after stream into Maria and she just moaned at each shot.

We collapsed on to the floor in front of the fireplace and basked in the warm glow of the fire. I told her how good it had felt to come inside her and she whispered back that she now knew why swinging was so exciting. I asked her how long she had been going down on my wife and she admitted that for a little over 7 month's now she and Janet had been lovers. It started the snow day I had to work late and Jeff had been out plowing for 15 hours straight. Janet invited her over, they got sloshed and were lonely and horny. Well one thing led to another and my wife had to show Maria how to use her new vibrator. They had fucked themselves silly on it all day.

We heard moans from the other room and realized that there were still some people getting satisfaction. We both got up and walked arm in arm to the bed room where Jeff was still on top of his Mom fucking her with short strokes. We started to get turned on again when Jeff let go inside of his mom. I could see his creamy sperm oozing out around his cock and Janet was telling him she loved the feeling of his hot come filling her up. Janet looked at the two of us and invited us into the bed. When Norm saw my wife hugging His wife, I could almost see him start to get hard again. Janet said, "Jeff, I want to watch you fuck Maria. Maybe Norm and I will get some inspiration and we could take notes."

Maria laughed and said." If we took home videos, we could get inspired over and over again Janet, You want your husband turned on all the time. Let's video tape the next round." That's how it started 6 months ago. There was just one problem. I've had a vasectomy and Maria was never in any danger of getting pregnant. Maria was on birth control pills anyway. Janet, on the other hand, took all of Jeff's sperm inside her time and time again and got knocked up.

Now I'm going to have to raise my son-in-law's kid. Janet is 3 months pregnant and just told me Maria went off the pill to get pregnant. I feel kind of strange thinking we were done raising kids and now we're going to raise more. Well, we have got quite the extended family now. Jeff love's fucking his Mom and I love fucking my daughter-in-law. Maria is some of the best pussy I have ever had and Jeff told his Mom that he never, ever imagined that she was such a good fuck and how tight and wanting her pussy is and he could not believe how great a cock sucker she was!

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