tagIncest/TabooJanet Does Her Brother

Janet Does Her Brother

byjames chandler©

"Did he feel your tits?" ask Mary.

"Yes" said Janet.

"I would have let him do more than that" said Mary.

"What?" she ask.

"I would let him fuck me" said the girl.

"But he's my brother!" gasp Janet.

"So what, he's a man isn't he?" giggled the girl.

Janet thought for a moment. She was on birth control pills. Tommy couldn't get her pregnant and she knew he wouldn't tell anyone. If she did it with some boy in her college he would blab it to everyone. Janet wanted to lose her virginity, after all she was eighteen. What the hell. She would let Tommy do her.

"I'm going to let him fuck me, I'm tired of waiting" she said resolutely.

"Now your talking" said Mary.

Janet went home and confronted her brother. She said she would let him have sex with her on one condition.

"What is that?" he ask.

"Never ever tell anyone!" she warned.

"When can we do it?" ask Tommy excitedly.

"Sneak in my room tonight after mom goes to sleep" said Janet.

Tommy was impatient. Time seemed to stand still. Finally his mother went to bed and he waited until he was sure she was asleep. Janet was waiting for him. The night light illuminated her nude body. He took his clothes off and climbed in bed with her. They lay there kissing until his sister whispered.

"I'm ready, do it before I change my mind"

Tommy got on top of his sister and fucked her. She spread her legs wide and whimpered like an injured kitten when he broke her hymen. It was a wonderful feeling. He did his sis again and again until almost daylight. Then he went to his room and rested. Doris called the kids to breakfast. It was time to go to school. Janet looked at her brother and smiled. He smiled back. "Do you want me to drive you to college sis?" he ask.

"Yes" she replied.

Doris was astounded. Her son had never been nice to his sister before. It was about time he noticed her. As soon as they left the driveway Janet moved close to her brother. He put his hand on her leg and gently squeezed.

"Can we do it again tonight?" he ask.

"Yes" she whispered.

After classes Mary ask Janet.

"Did you do it?"

"What do you think"

"Oh my god, how did it feel?" cried Mary.

"It was wonderful!" gushed Janet.

Mary followed Janet to Tommy's car and said.

"My god, is Tommy driving you to college?"

"Yes" she laughed.

The girls sat in the car talking about Janet's sexual experience. Tommy was at football practice.

"I wish I could have watched you and Tommy doing it" said Mary.

"Maybe I can arrange that" laughed Janet.

"Please, please, PLEASE!" begged the girl.

Tommy was surprised that Janet and her girl friend was in his car.

"I told you I would be late, why didn't you walk home?" he ask.

"I want to park by the lake and do it" said Janet.

Tommy looked at Mary and laughed.

"Is she going to come with us?"

"Yes, she is going to watch"

Tommy was delighted. This would be fun. He drove to the lake and found a secluded place to park. Janet pulled her panties off and lay back on the car seat. Tommy pulled down his pants and fucked her. Janet was delighted that she could make noise when she climaxed. She didn't have to be quiet so her mom wouldn't hear. Tommy did her several times. He pulled his prick out of his sister's cunt and squirted cum in her face. Janet giggled and said.

"You nasty show off, you did that for Mary's benefit didn't you?"

"Yes" he admitted.

Mary had her hand in her panties finger fucking herself.

"Can I borrow your brother Janet?" she begged.

"No way, he's all mine" she replied.

Tommy drove Mary home and he and his sister sat in their driveway and talked.

"Why didn't you let me fuck Mary?" ask her brother.

"I don't know, maybe I'm jealous" she blushed.

Tommy held her close and then he kissed her.

"Stop Tommy, mom might see us!"

They went into the house and ate dinner. While Doris was washing the dishes Tommy told his sister he knew a boy that would love to go out with Mary.

"Who is it?" she ask.

"Larry Tate" said Tommy.

Larry was the star quarterback on the football team.

"My god, Marry will wet her panties" giggled Janet.

"I'll call Larry. We will skip school tomorrow and go to a motel" said Tommy.

"We can have sex all day long!" exclaimed Janet.

That night Tommy and Janet had sex again. She whispered that she loved him. Tommy said that he loved her too. Now they were lovers. Not just brother and sister. The next day Tommy called his friend and Janet called Mary. They went to a motel and a room with two beds. Mary couldn't keep her eyes off Larry. He was big and handsome. Larry walked to the liquor store and brought back a bottle of whiskey. They drank the warm whiskey out of paper cups. Mary gulped the nasty stuff down until she was drunk. She smiled at Larry and took her blouse and bra off.

"Nice tits!" said Larry.

Janet and Tommy watched with amusement. Mary was hilarious. She was like a bitch dog in heat. Larry sucked Mary's breasts. He unzipped his fly and pulled his prick out. Mary garbed it and played with it until it was ready to squirt.

"Put it in me Larry" she begged.

Larry removed his clothes and Mary pulled her panties off and lifted her skirt. Janet and Tommy watched as Larry pushed his prick in her pussy.

"Oh my god that feels good!" screamed Mary.

"Be quiet, someone will think you're being killed" laughed Janet.

Mary didn't answer. She was too busy enjoying herself. Tommy and his sister undressed. Janet lay back and let Tommy fuck her. The sounds of sex filled the room.

"UUUUnnnnhh" screamed Janet as she climaxed.

Tommy was delighted that he made his sister cum. He pulled his prick out of her hole and squirted cum on her face.

"You're supposed to do it in my pussy Tommy" she giggled.

Tommy kissed her wet face. They heard Mary moan. They watched Larry lick her cunt.

"I want to do that" said Tommy.

Janet spread her legs.

"Eat my pussy like an ice cream cone" she giggled.

Tommy dived in parting her pussy lips with his fingers He licked her clit and stuck his tongue in her asshole. Janet wriggled and squirmed with a climax so strong she felt faint.

"Oh god Tommy, make me cum" she begged.

Mary was on top of Larry riding his cock. The sex orgy went on for hours. Finally it was time to go home and they got dressed.

"Can we do this again?" ask Mary.

"This weekend" said Tommy.

Doris met her kids at the door and said.

"The school called and said you both missed classes" she snarled.

"I'm sorry we skipped school mom, we won't do it again" said Janet.

"You better not, I'm paying good money for your education" warned their mom.

That night after Doris was asleep Tommy made love to his sister.

"I want to be with you forever" she whispered. "When I finish college I'm taking you with me" said Tommy.

"Where will we go?" she ask.

"We will go where no one knows us" growled the boy.

"Can we live as man and wife?" ask Janet.

"Yes" answered Tommy.

When her brother went to his room Janet lay in bed dreaming about married life. Maybe they could have children. She would love that. The next day was Saturday. The girls had sex with Tommy and Larry until they were tired. Tommy told them about moving away with his sister after he graduated.

"That's next week" said Larry.

"Can I come with you?" ask Mary.

"Of course" said Janet.

"I'll go with you baby" said Larry.

Mary kissed him and ask.

"Will you marry me?"

"YES!" he exclaimed.

Mary sucked his prick while Tommy and Janet watched. Graduation day came and Tommy loaded his car with the suitcases they had already packed. Doris didn't have a clue. Janet left a note telling her mom she was having sex with her brother and jumped in the car. They picked up their friends and left. Larry got a job as a stock broker and Tommy went to work for an insurance company. They rented a three bedroom house so they could all live together. Janet quit taking her birth control pills and got pregnant. They loved watching each other have sex. Larry said he wanted to be a father. Mary stopped taking pills and fucked her lover like mad.

Doris read her daughter's note over and over again. She wondered how she could have raised such sinful perverts.

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