tagInterracial LoveJanet's Birthday Party

Janet's Birthday Party


In the first story, Damian, took charge of me for the next 4 days, to dominate me, to test my limits. This is what I have asked my husband to do for me as a 55th birthday present.

This is not a long time fantasy. It came to me out of a conversation I overheard, at a lingerie party, a whim, if you will. My husband, Paul, has been supportive of me and agreed to let me do this. He told me, he has no desire to watch or know anything about it.

I hope I don't live to regret what I am about to do.

After leaving the casino, Damian drove us to his home, a big two story, in the foothills. It sat in the middle of a huge plot of land. About as secluded as one can get in the Las Vegas area.

We barely spoke on the ½ hour drive. He asked me, "Are you sure you want to pursue this because once we get inside my home, there will be no turning back. You are mine to do with as I please, for the remainder of your time here."

"Yes, I'm sure. The only thing I ask is that we have a safe word. I don't want to be hurt. Pain is one thing, being hurt is another."

"Of course, I insist my subs have a safe word. I tend to get a little carried away, as passions rise. Limits are pushed that way but I don't want to go further than you want me to. It is all up to you. Believe me, I'll get my pleasure. I have yet to have a married, white woman of any age, that didn't give me all the pleasure I wanted. You bitches, just can't seem to get enough black meat, once you have tasted it."

We fell silent for the rest of the trip.

As we walked through his front door, he stopped me and told me to take off my dress and hang it in the entry closet. I stood there in stockings, garter belt and heels.

"From this moment forward, this will be what you wear in this house, unless I say different.

"Yes, Damian."

"Janet, tonight will be for me. The rest of the time will be about why you are here. Right now I want that married mouth of yours sucking my black cock and after I blow a load down your throat, I am gonna have that tight, white pussy."

He led me to his bedroom. There in the center of the room, was the largest bed I had ever seen. Bigger than a California King. I just stood and stared at it.

"You like my bed. Had it all custom made."

He had me undress him. When I pulled his slacks down, there was a huge bulge in his boxer briefs. It was more than I had ever seen and still flaccid.

"Don't just stare at it, take it out."

I pulled down his briefs and his big black cock meat, fell out and hung down like a black fire hose. It was that big around.

Damian laid on his back and spread his legs wide. His cock was starting to swell, as I kneeled at his feet.

"Get down there and suck my scrotum. I want to see my balls laying over your nose and eyes."

I lapped at the skin below his nut sack and almost to his asshole and back up again. The taste was strong, that of a real man. The one who would dominate me over the next few days.

I savored the taste of his scrotum and sampled the texture of his nut sack with my tongue. His balls were the size of large plums. As I held them in my hand, I watched as they moved slightly inside the sack. I just knew they were churning up a good load of black cum for me to savor.

I licked those weighty balls, first one then the other. Gently, sucking each one in turn. I heard him moan, looked up and gasped.

"Holy shit," I garbled, one ball still in my mouth. His black meat was heavily veined, circumcised with a blunt mushroom shape head. I stared at it in awe. I have seen a few cocks, both in person and on the screen and not one of them comes close to the splendor of this one. If black is beautiful, this was magnificent.

"Oh, god, Damian, I need to suck your beautiful black cock." I was overcome with lust.

"That is what it's for, bitch. Make me proud of you."

I took it in both hands and the head still stuck out the top, I let go and licked and salivated on the engorged 9 inches, getting it real wet. My hand stroked him and I couldn't believe it. It became more rigid, not any bigger just harder. It was like having a large, black steel rod in my hands.

As I continued to stroke, a drop of pearly white precum appeared on the tip. My tongue flicked out, slurped it up and brought it back into my mouth, so I could savor the almost sweet taste.

Damian tipped my head up and looked at me with a smile on his face.

"We are going to enjoy our time together, you little white slut. Now suck my cock. Don't worry about deepthroating it just yet. That will come with time. Make me cum with that silky, hot married face pussy."

As hard as I tried I could not engulf more than about 3 inches before my mouth was full and lips stretched to the point I thought they would split. The length was impressive but the girth was astounding.

I continued to suck this truly impressive black tower of manhood, my tongue sliding along the bottom of his throbbing cock, he was soon on the brink of blasting his load into or on me.

"Yah, bitch, suck that black cock. That's what you were born for. Make me cum."

I was holding his ball sac in my hand and felt his balls start to squirm in my hand and his scrotum started to tighten as I heard him growl some animal like sound. I swear, because my lips were so tight around his cock that I could feel his cum rushing to overwhelm my throat and mouth.

As the first blast hit the back of my mouth, I pulled back, but he held me firmly with just the massive head in my mouth.

"Swallow that load, slut. Take it all."

I swallowed as much as I could. Soon my mouth was overwhelmed with hot, thick salty ejaculate. I squeezed out around my lips, down my chin and dropped onto the bed. It had to be at least 8 or 10 blasts before he started to subside and pulled his still hard , cum coated, shiny wet ebony rod from my mouth.

"On all fours, now, bitch."

"I couldn't believe it. He never got soft. He was ready to fuck me doggie style. His cock still dripping with a mix of saliva and cum.

That blunt, spongy head of his magnificent black cock was pressed firmly between the swollen, lips of my cock hungry pussy. As he steadily pushed forward, my pussy seemed to know just what to do. It surprised me that for whatever reason, I was able to take that large mushroom head, with almost no discomfort.

Once it was in, now that was another story. As he slowly pushed forward, it felt like my insides were being plowed to the side of my love tunnel. The going was slow and getting painful. I reached back and pushed on his hip to let him know, it hurt.

He stopped long enough to move himself higher over me and continued plowing his powerful cock, further and further into my stretched out hole.

I screamed as he came hard up against my cervix. It hurt like hell. He pulled back a bit and the pain subsided.

"Janet, I want you to take deep breathes and try to relax your pussy muscles. I have all but a couple inches in you. You have taken me like a real woman takes her man, but now you must bear with me as I push through into your womb. That's where the head of my cock will end up every time we fuck. I will have it no other way."

As I kneeled there trying to relax, I could tell Damian was going to have his way and I wanted it to be as pain free for me as possible. So I did as he instructed.

He fucked me with that engorged, thrusting cock for a few minutes to get my slippery channel loosened some. It worked. I felt less tight and when the blunt head touched my cervix, I was ready.

"Do it Damian. Push through. I have never had a cock inside me this far. I want you to shoot in my womb."

The heat of my pussy was getting to him. His breathing was raspy and he was beginning to shake all over.

As he pushed on through into the inner most sanctum of my womanhood, I squealed, more in ecstasy than pain and felt him start to cum. I know, I felt his hot cum splatter the walls of my womb. He kept thrusting against me, as he was fully impaled inside me. Finally, he started to retreat. It felt like, forever before I felt that monster meat, leave my insides, I had an orgasm as that happened. I fell forward, with my hands between my legs, rubbing my gaping, gushing pussy to orgasmic completion.

He dropped down beside me and said. "Yes, we are going to have a good time this weekend. "

I was still in my stockings, garter belt and whore shoes. I saw my disheveled self in the mirror. I looked well fucked.

After we took separate showers, he invited me to have a drink with him.

"Janet, you are one hot lady. Now I am going to give you one more chance to back out of this. If you stay, I can guarantee that you will go back to your husband, a completely different woman. One that he may not want. Tell me now."

I could still feel his hot thick cum leaking out of me.

"No Damian, I don't want to leave. I want you to teach me everything I need to know to completely satisfy my husband ,when this is over. No matter how well you fuck me. No matter how much you discipline or humiliate me I will go back to him. That was the deal. Let me enjoy these few days and learn."

"Okay. Now let's go to bed and get a good night's sleep. I expect to be woken up with a warm, wet mouth wrapped around my cock."

I fell asleep almost immediately. Morning came to soon.

Damian was laying on his back, with his hands clasped behind his head. His muscular black body stretched out to it's 6'3" length. Talk about length. His steely, ebony cock was standing straight up in the air and he was slowly stroking it. Pearlescent drops of precum would appear and he would use it to lube his magnificent cock.

He looked over at me and glanced back at his erect member. I knew my job.

I got on my knees along side of him and lowered my head to take the spongy, blunt head into my mouth. His hand came off his cock and settled on the back of my head. He put gentle pressure on it, causing my mouth to take in a good three inches. That was it. My mouth was full of black, throbbing cock.

"That will never do, Janet. You have to take a lot more than that before you are going to be allowed to leave this bed this morning, even to go to the bathroom. So you better figure out how to take at least 2 more inches. I'll make it easy for you. When your lips touch my fingers around my cock you will have 5 inches or so in."

"I think before we proceed, this would be a good time to set up a safe word. No, no keep working that cock, bitch."

"If you can't speak, like now. Raise you left hand and extend the first three fingers. If you can speak, say "alligator."

Now get more of that into your mouth. Take deep breathes through your nose and when the head hit's the back of your mouth, start swallowing. We need to get it past your gag reflex and then it is a straight shot down your throat. I love my cock in a white, slut's throat. Much tighter than either her pussy or ass. Which we will experiment with later."

"Umppp, umpp." I wanted to say no to the ass fucking.

With his steady pressure and talking me through it, I was able to get a little more than the five inches in. I could feel his fingers slide a little further down his black cock as I impaled my mouth further. He was letting me test my limits. My heart fluttered with the thought. That was why I was here. My training had begun.

It took a long time to get the head of his throbbing cock into the fleshy entrance to my throat. My swallowing was doing the trick. It was also getting him really excited and in a few more minutes, I felt his cock grow to enormous proportions, which cut off all my air, as he shot his load directly into my stomach.

Knowing I had taken his load down my throat, caused me to have a mild orgasm. Just enough to take the edge off.

As he pulled his cock slowly out of my throat and mouth, I could taste the salty remnants of his cum. As he popped out of my mouth, I swallowed the cum tasting saliva in my mouth.

Even though I have deep throated my husbands 7" cock, to many times to count, I have never felt the way I do right now.

He told me that I did good and that my husband would be as proud of me, as he was. I was a great cocksucker, but by Monday morning I would be a world class cocksucker. That is when I go back to Paul.

I took a shower and found a new pair of sheer black stockings and purple garter belt laying on the vanity.

After eating a light breakfast, in just my stockings, garter belt and heels, Damian said that it was time to start my day.

We walked toward the back of the house. He had his hand on my ass and running a thick, black finger along my crack. Just before he opened a door, his middle finger pushed on my tight rear hole.

Looking up at him I whispered, "No, please, no." I have never been able to relax enough for anal sex.

As the door swung open and he turned on the lights, I shuddered. A feeling of panic came over me as I looked around. The lights that came on were illuminating a wall with all kinds of paddles and whips. Another light, lit up a table alongside of a padded, sawhorse looking thing and on the table was an assortment of vibrators and large black dildos.

He flipped another switch and an large wooden X lit up. There were straps on the ends of each arm. Alongside of that were chains hanging from above and chains laying on the floor.

He spoke as he turned on another light. "What do you think of my playroom, Janet?"

"I..I don't know what to say."

"There is really nothing for you to say. You will tasted some of everything you see here, in the next couple days. Do you want to use your safe word?"

"No, I wanta...I wanta go ahead with this."

"Very good." He led me towards the platform with the chains.

"Stand on the platform and raise your arms above your head."

He attached the cuffs around each wrist buckled them.

Then he kneeled down, told me to spread my legs as wide as I could. I was able to get them spread wider than my shoulders.

"Very good, Janet." He buckled the cuffs around my ankles. There was almost no slack, in either my arms or legs.

Damian picked up what looked like a remote control and I heard a whir and my arms started to be pulled up and out and my legs being pulled further apart. I looked down and saw the chain moving along a track. My body was stretched taut by the chains.

"What was he going to do to me?" Was all I could think about. My shoulder joints started to ache.

He walked up to me and ordered in a stern tone, "Open your mouth, wide."

He pushed a ball gag in and secured it tightly behind my head. Then a blindfold mask was placed over my eyes.

I heard him walk in the direction of the wall and a moment later I heard him come back and stop in front of me.

"Are you ready to begin Janet?"


"I'll take that as a yes." His forefinger and thumb of each hand, grabbed a nipple, pinched, twisted and pulled all at the same time. I tried to scream but all that came out was a muffled, "arrrrrrrrrrrrh."

After a few minutes of this nipple torture, he let go and slapped both of my tits. One side and the other, until they started to burn.

"aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee," I screamed into the ball gag, as he snapped a nipple clamp on my sore nipples. I thought I would pass out from the pain. He took the blindfold off and I looked down to see my tortured tits all red and the nipples clamped almost flat. Something cold was sprayed onto my nipples and they went numb.

Next I saw him pick up a chain and attach it to each clamp. There was a loop in the middle that he attached what looked like a large fishing weight to it and let it drop.

The pain was still there but because of whatever he had sprayed on my nipples, I was not that aware of it. Mostly pressure, at this point.

There was a whip laying on the table with a lot of braids hanging from it. He picked it up, laid it on my shoulder and let it slide down over my tortured tits and drop, back down by his side. His arm went back and he came back with the whip and struck me between my legs. The braids, stung against my inner thighs, just before that sliced into my stretched out pussy.

I screamed and screamed as he kept hitting me there. Of course, the gag kept the sound from going anywhere. I was started to get dizzy. He must have suspected I was about to pass out because he changed tactics and brought it around and laced my ass cheeks with it.

Jerking against the tightened chains only brought more pain. I wanted to use the safe sign, but I also wanted to see what my limits for pain were. I felt I had about reached it.

Damian was behind me and asked if I was alright and did I want to use the safe sign.

I shook my head no. He reached up and took the ball gag out of my mouth.

"You can scream to your hearts content now. This room in soundproof. I just wanted you to experience the ball gag. You do want every experience possible, don't you?" I shook my head, "Yes."

The next whip he picked up had many more, but thinner strands.

"This will sting, Janet, but will not leave any lasting marks. In fact, in lieu of what you have just been through this may be pleasurable to you."

With that he walked behind me and brought it down against my back. It did sting, but also felt real soft.

"Count them Janet. I am going to give you 20 lashes."

I counted each one. They stung but did not hurt, in fact, I was getting wet from the stimulation of this silky feeling whip.

When he got to 20, he put the whip down and picked up a bottle. "Aloe."

Whatever he sprayed on my clamped nipples was wearing off and I started to fidget.

"I don't want you passing out, when I take the nipple clamps off, you hear?"

"Yes Damian, I hear." What did he mean by not passing out.

I soon knew exactly what he meant. As he pulled them off and the blood rushed back into them. The pain was excruciating, but after a few seconds was tolerable.

"They will be alright. Just a bit tender for a day or so."

"How is that hot little white, married pussy doing. Does it need more stimulating or is it ready to proceed to the table for a bit of stretching."

"It is alright now. What do you mean, stretching."

He pointed to the assortment of black dildos.

"Yes, I'm ready. I won't be permanent will it?"

"No, by Monday you will be back to normal, almost. Depends on how much fucking you do the rest of the weekend."

I knew there would be a lot more fucking this weekend. Looking at the dildos, I noticed two of them were bigger than Damian's black monster.

"Get up on the table, put your feet in the stirrups." I did as I was told. It was like a gyno table.

With my feet in the stirrups, he strapped them down and swung the leg pieces out and they snapped into place. The table had pieces for my arms to lay on and he strapped me to them and snapped them into place. I thought, "God, I am wide open. Wider than I ever have been. Just then the bottom of the table beneath my butt started to raise and the legs moved further out. When it stopped, I was even more open and exposed.

"Janet, you are about to be taken places you can only dream about." With that he shoved a bottle of lube into my wide open pussy and squirted a liberal amount in.

Damian picked up a flesh colored dildo, about the size of Paul's cock and slowly inserted it all the way into my sodden pussy. He fucked me with it for about 5 minutes and then asked, "How long does your husband usually last before he cums? I told him it depends, but usually lasts at least 10 minutes.

The flesh colored dildo fucked me for another 5 minutes or so. I was not even breathing hard yet.

"Is that about the right amount of time?" I told him, "yes."

Out it came and a black dildo was held up. It was smaller than Damian, but larger than Paul.

The head was up against my opening. I was still somewhat open from the other one.

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