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Janeway and 7 of 9


Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager sat in her private bath in her quarters, feeling the water moving over her body. She loved the feeling of hot water moving over her naked skin instead of the pressure from the sonic showers. Occasionally when she had her physical with the doctor, he might remark about her odour, and that bath's didn't remove all the dirt and grime from her daily activities, but none of the crew she worked with cared too much. Indeed, deep down, she guessed some of the men in her crew might even like her smell. But she could never mate with her crew.

She reached down with her hand into the water, washing her vagina lips and inner thighs, feeling a nice sensation as she rubbed against her clit. How she wanted someone to fuck her on the ship, she knew no one ever could as she was the captain. Which left the holodeck.

Janeway had spent many days hidden in there, programming up the perfect male with the largest cock she could handle. She would spend hour's in there getting fucked in there until her pussy couldn't take the strain. But then it would be time to leave, and she would have to return to her normal life, longing to be back there. But holograms were not enough for her. She wanted a real man, one of her friends who knew her, to fuck her brains out. Maybe Chakotay, Kim, Tuvok or even Paris, although he was with the chief engineer.

The only person she had ever been close with was the doctor. When he had lost all his memories, she had taken that as an opportunity to reprogram him to her specifications and had allowed him to fuck her, his 12' cock bashing in and out of her red strained vagina. But she had deleted that memory so that he wouldn't have to face all the moral obligations that would entail.

So here she lay alone, in a hot bash, her hand brushing against her clit so that she might get a cheap thrill. When the door chime to her quarters went.

Janeway closed her eyes, then pushed herself out of the bath, reaching for the gown on the chair and wrapping it tightly around her body, feeling the material pressing against her breasts. She walked forwards taking another towel and rubbing her hair furiously to try and get it back into some sort of order for her guest.

She opened the door.

7 of 9 stood there, her blond hair hanging loosely around her shoulders, a grey short top sticking to her skin where a trail of sweat gripped it between her tit's. Janeway guessed she had been in the holodeck playing their targeting game and worked up a real sweat, although why she hadn't made the effort to change surprised her. 7 of 9 had caught the attention of many of the male crew members, she wouldn't be surprised if given the opportunity, many of them wouldn't fuck 7 until she left Voyager and rejoined the Borg.

And it was a further surprise that given 7's knowledge of humanity and obvious awareness of her own beauty, she hadn't chosen a mate from the Voyager crew, as there were many prime candidates.

But instead, 7 stood at her doorway, sweat rolling down her neck into the collar of her work out suit.

"7, I was in the bath, what do you want?" Janeway asked flatly, obviously feeling uncomfortable now, almost in the nude except for the gown she wore, in front of 7.

"I need to talk to you, the doctor said you could help me. It is most urgent" 7 said, obviously not noticing Janeway's situation. Janeway stepped back and motioned her in, not helping herself by watching 7's ass as she walked by. Tight and hot in her silver jump suit pants.

"I've been working out captain, may I freshen up?" 7 asked. Janeway nodded, watching her walk into the captain's private bathroom.

Janeway followed 7 into the bathroom, and watched, slightly taken aback, as 7 gripped the edges of her top, and pulled it off, her large breasts hanging free. She reached down and pulled her grey pant's off, again revealing no under shorts which all the crew wore. Janeway couldn't help but watch a trail of sweat roll down her back and into the crack of her ass.

"Captain?" 7 asked, noticing that Janeway was staring at her ass.

"I'm sorry 7 it's just not custom for someone to enter someone else's private quarters and remove their clothes like you have done" Janeway explained, looking up at 7's face, her eye's passing by 7's breasts, beads of sweat stuck to the surface of her skin.

"I'm sorry, would you like me to leave?" 7 asked, her voice calm and neutral despite the obvious rebuff Janeway had just given her.

"No 7, as long as you will not stay... nude, for the duration of your visit. I'll be in the lounge" Janeway said, leaving 7 to use Janeway's usually defunct sonic shower, retreating back to the sofa.

She sat, unable get the image of 7's naked body out of her mind, picturing that fine Borg ass, those perfectly round large breasts handing loosely. Her long blond hair, hanging down in front of her face.

What was she doing? thinking like this about 7. It was true 7 was not an enlisted or commissioned crewmember, but she was still part of the Voyager crew. What was true though was that 7's hot, sweaty body had made Janeway wet.

Janeway parted her legs and used the edge of her towel to dry her vagina off, smelling what she knew was her own cum juice excreting out from her sex.

"Were you masturbating Captain?" 7 asked calmly. Janeway pulled the gown over her pussy, realising 7 had seen her rubbing her vagina dry. She looked up.

7 of 9 stood there in Janeway's spare gown tied around her body, her breast's pushing out against the material. Janeway realised that here stood a model of perfection, a queen of beauty, one who had made Janeway herself aroused. She realised that she wanted 7, in a way she shouldn't.

"7, sit down" Janeway said, crossing her legs.

7 sat, also crossing her legs but know much more relaxed, resting her elbow on the sofa back and staring at the captain.

"Captain, do you find me attractive?" 7 asked calmly, looking straight at Janeway.

"7, you have a very beautiful body. I know personally there are many men on board who want to mate with you, even a few women. Seeing you, in the nude, did, make me want you, but nothing could ever happen" Janeway explained, her eyes trying to focus on 7's, and not at her breasts.

"You wanted... to mate with me? Are you homosexual?" 7 asked, her voice wavering slightly.

"7, I have needs like every person on this ship. I can't mate with them as they are my crew but you are a civilian, one with a beautiful body." Janeway explained, almost pleading.

"7, I am not... homosexual. But you are so beautiful I couldn't help but be turned on" Janeway finished, staring at 7, hoping she could understand what the captain felt.

"You are clearly in confusion. Here, let me help you discover your true sexual orientation" 7 stated.

She reached forward and with Borg strength, pulled Janeway close, kissing her with the knowledge of thousands of species in her mind, allowing her to kiss the Captain with such skill Janeway almost came on the sofa.

Janeway struggled briefly, pushing at 7's thighs, trying to push them apart, but finally she relaxed, enjoying the sensation of 7's knowledgeable tongue exploring her mouth, massaging her tongue. She reached up and pushed her hand inside 7's robe, gripping her left breast, feeling the cold Borg technology under her nipple.

7's hand reached down between Janeway's legs, and expertly, and almost instantly, found Janeway's clit and pinched and rubbed it, the knowledge of thousands of sexual beings and practises in her head as she brought Janeway to a screaming orgasm.

Janeway released her kiss and screamed, her orgasm passing through her body. She dropped her head onto 7's shoulder, feeling 7 mopping up her cum with her hand, her other arm wrapped around Janeway's back.

7 reached up with her cum soaked hand and lifted Janeway's head up to face her, allowing her to see the cum from her sex.

"Clearly you find me very attractive. For your comfort, I will remove my gown" 7 said. She shifted in her seat and pulled the white gown off, dropping it onto the deck floor.

Janeway stared at 7's sex, the tuffs of blond pubic hair sticking out from 7's vagina. Janeway desperately wanted to reach down and taste her, but knew that would cross a line she could never go back over.

"Would you like me to remove yours?" 7 asked raising one of her eyebrows. Janeway nodded slowly.

7 lent forward and pulled the robe open, exposing Janeway's smallish breast to her former student. 7 pulled the gown down her body, hesitating at her mid section, before untying the sash and opening it up.

Janeway shifted as 7 pulled the gown clear from beneath her, and sat there exposed, her brown pubic hair curled and barely hiding her vagina. And the two of them sat there, two women, one slightly older. The other, a blond, beautiful, former cyborg, both obviously aware of the situation that would probably continue from here.

"Would you like to mate with me captain?" 7 asked calmly.

"Yes 7" Janeway replied, her head down in shame.

7 stood from the sofa and faced Janeway. She pushed her hands under Janeway and lifted the captain's naked body into the air, her cold hands gripping Janeway's legs and back.

7 carried Janeway into the captain's quarters, resting her on her own bed. She laid down beside Janeway and reached down between the Captain's leg, her assimilation injectors changing format to act as exploration tendrils.

Each of them moved over Janeway's vagina, three expanding and pushing in until Janeway would sweat she had over two fists inside her. She moaned and sighed, rolling on 7's tendrils, feeling them pushing up into her body, manipulating her to 7's will.

7 lent across and took Janeway's head, kissing her on her lips softly, each kiss making Janeway want to cum on 7. 7 pushed her tongue inside Janeway's mouth, again sucking and manipulating until she felt Janeway tremble once more, this time, the cum soaking her entire hand. Janeway too 7's head and pushed her down to her chest, 7's, mouth instantly fastening around Janeway's swollen nipples. Janeway moaned, feeling 7's other hand reach around and insert her injectors into Janeway's anal hole, again expanding until 7 filled not only Janeway's cunt but also her ass.

Janeway arched her back, allowing 7 to expand and contract her injectors until her final load of cum squirted out from her vagina, warming 7's cold metallic injectors with Janeway's own hot love juice.

7 continued to kiss Janeway softly, lowering her back down on her back as she pulled her injectors clear, covered with Janeway's cum and shit. Janeway just moaned, lost in the bliss of orgasm as 7 cleaned Janeway's body with her knowing tongue.

7 watched Janeway relax into sleep, staring down at the naked, used, body of the woman who had taught her about humanity, essentially, all to well. She smiled, kissing Janeway once on the lips before leaving her side.

Janeway woke, the computer stating that it was time for her duty shift.

She looked down and saw her naked body, wondering why she had slept in this way, until the memories of the night before filled her mind, of 7's seduction and the orgasms she had brought the Captain to. She had had her wish granted, and been given a good fucking, even if it was with another women.

"No" she said softly, seeing a 'Message Waiting' sign on her monitor. She reached across and hit the play button, leaning on her side.

An image of Janeway naked, asleep, appeared. A broad grin was on her face, obviously after she had fallen asleep after orgasm. Her right hand was between her legs, one of her fingers pushing into her vagina. A simple bar of text was beneath the image.

'Thank you for you lesson. We both learnt things about our humanity and sexuality. I'll leave it to you to decide whether we continue these lessons'

To Be Continued....

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