tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJaneway and 7 of 9 Ch. 2

Janeway and 7 of 9 Ch. 2


Janeway walked into the briefing room, constantly aware of her surroundings as memories of the previous night filled her mind. Despite her best efforts, the image of 7's hand rubbing her clit and pushing up into her sex wouldn't leave her mind, or reality. As she walked into the room, she almost freeze, seeing 7 talking causally to Torres on the opposite side of the table.

The crew member's settled down, 7 herself simply nodding at the captain as she took her place at the table. Her first officer began the daily briefing, noticing Janeway was more quiet than usual. Janeway for her part just sat in her seat, trying to stop herself staring at 7's body. She heard her PADD go off on the table beside her and looked down, noticing it had an incoming file. She picked it up slowly, noticing 7 had glanced up at her for a second before continuing to listen to Chakotay.

Again Janeway appeared naked on her bed in her quarters, this though, a new image. Here Janeway was again asleep but her legs had been spread wide, allowing a complete view of her vagina. Two of her finger's were pushed up into her sex, a thin trail of her cum juice had soaked the small area beneath her crotch. Janeway had wanked and cum in her sleep, an act captured by the internal sensors in her quarters.

"Anything to add captain?"

"7" Janeway said looking up, placing her PADD on the table. She noticed all the senior crew were staring at her, especially the men in the room, and most alarmingly, 7 herself, looking worried at the captain's own action.

"Captain?" Chakotay asked.

"Nothing. Thank you for the briefing, 7, please stay behind" Janeway said calmly.

The officers stood and moved slowly out of the briefing room. Janeway, not for the first time, caught the way Kim stared lustily at her body.

It had been Kim's first assignment to Voyager when she caught lost. Janeway had always thought Kim saw her as a mother figure, but recently, a mother figure he perhaps wanted to have sex with. Janeway herself had always seen Kim as a sort of adopted son, but she would be lying to herself if she didn't admit that she hadn't once looked at Kim when he had left the holodeck, his body glistening with sweat exposing his well muscled body. Only several hours of masturbation had satisfied that sight.

But now she stood alone with 7, watching the former Borg drone sit quite comfortably at the table, her log's crossed, a slight smile across her face. Janeway walked uncomfortably forward, resting on the edge of the table, trying desperately to think of a way to start a conversation that was changing the nature of their relationship.

"7, you should not have done that" Janeway said simply, trying to scorn 7 for what could have potentially ruined the image and reputation of Janeway amongst the crew.

"Captain, my research on human sexuality and human mating rituals does describe the next step on an intimate secret affair" 7 described with her usual type of voice that echoed both fact and humanity.

"And what did you find out?" Janeway asked, swallowing, nervous at where this 'research' had taken 7.

"That for a secret affair to continue, one partner usually has to take control, become the dominant partner in the mating ritual." 7 said coolly, standing and walking around the table to where Janeway sat. The captain tried to inch away from the blond drone.

"7, some relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. Didn't your research show you that?" Janeway asked, putting slight distance between 7 and herself.

"Secret affairs based on mutual trust tended to end quickly. Relationship's based on one dominant partners over another tended to last a lot longer. Clearly" 7 replied, quickening her step and stopping in front of Janeway.

"You enjoyed yourself last night. I've still got your scent on my skin. Now what would the doctor say if he was to examine me now and find traces of your cum on my hand?" 7 asked raising an eyebrow.

"7 please don't do this" Janeway pleaded.

7 raised a finger to the captain's lips and pushed her backwards onto the table.

7 climbed on top of Janeway's body, reaching up and pulling the pin out of her hair. Her long blond hair fell downwards, falling over her ample assets. She reached down and gripped the edge of Janeway's jacket, pulling it open, revealing the lack of under shirt Janeway wasn't wearing.

"So, you didn't report to duty with your proper uniform" 7 said grinning, massaging the swelling nipple's on Janeway's small breasts. Janeway moaned, her head rolling to the side as 7 continued her expert manipulation.

Janeway reached up and pushed her fingers into 7's mouth. 7 sucked down on Janeway's finger's, releasing one of Janeway's breasts, and pushing the hand further into her mouth, sucking on each finger individually, until Janeway's body began to tense up, 7 obviously knowing how to find the sexually sensitive spots on human female's.

7 pulled Janeway's jacket clear and through it across the room. Janeway watched it go, and didn't care. For the second time in a month, an actual living being was giving her the satisfaction and sexual pleasure she hadn't felt in years. Janeway didn't care if she was having hot lesbian sex with 7 of 9, and the crew walked in on her right now, she was being fulfilled like no other person had satisfied before. Not even her former fiancŽe.

Janeway pulled her dripping hand clear and reached up to 7's sealed blue one piece jumpsuit, pulling the edges apart and exposing the silver breast support piece 7 wore for comfort.

"You want to touch my breasts?" 7 asked. Janeway nodded.

7 slipped her top off her back and gripped the breast support, taking it off and allowing her large tit's to fall free, banging against the surface of her chest. She shook, allowing her breasts to flap around, Janeway pinching 7's nipple's in mid motion.

7 herself moaned now, Janeway feeling 7's large brown nipple's grow erect in her hands. Janeway grinned, pulling them further from her tit's before allowing them to snap back against 7's breasts, 7 falling back.

"Captain Janeway!" 7 said now smiling, obviously experiencing her first sexual feeling. Even though Janeway had only had sex with Mark, her former fiancŽe many times, she knew when she was getting someone aroused. Even though she was in her 40's, she still had the ability to get some one off.

Janeway continued to pull 7's suit apart, pushing her hands down into 7's muff. She moved her hands along the edge of 7's vagina, bringing them out briefly and taking a handful of blond pubic hair. 7 reached down and took one of her short blond pubes, placing it on her tongue and sucking it clean, tasting the oily scent of her cum.

Janeway pushed her hands back down and gripped the edge's of 7's vagina, pulling her outer lips apart, 7's cunt almost exploding all over.

7 screamed Janeway's name, gripping the captain's wrists and pushing them further down, Janeway's fingers pushing up into 7's pussy, almost pushing up into her wrists. 7 rotated on Janeway's wrists, grinding downwards until a strange sensation began to build up between her thighs.

"Captain, something is happening" a mixture of lust and fear in her voice. She wanted this strange feeling to leave, but on the other hand it was the most purest and pleasurable sensation she had felt.

Janeway gripped 7's head tight with her one free hand, allowing 7 to use the other as her own artificial cock.

"7, your about to have your first human orgasm" Janeway said simply, expanding her hand outwards in 7's pussy. The drone collapsed back onto the table, Janeway switching positions and pushing her clenched fist in and out of the drone's cunt, hearing the moist juices slurping against the pressure of her skin.

7 screamed Janeway's name as her head crashed down onto the table, her first orgasm releasing a stream of cum down Janeway's cunt. She pulled her wrist clear, shaking the cum off her arm onto 7's pubes, drop's soaking into 7's shortest, and smelliest hair.

"Captain" she muttered, looking up in lust at Janeway who stood whipping the cum off onto 7's naked belly, gripping the bottom of her breast with her wet hand. She lent in and sucked 7's left nipple, licking up the breast before dropping her tongue onto 7's lips, pushing into 7's mouth.

7 responded sucking on Janeway's tongue. She used her Borg strength and lifted Janeway over, dropping her on her stomach, moving down her body and ending at the edge of her pants. She gripped the dark material and yanked them down, exposing Janeway's naked ass, still slightly red from where 7 had penetrated her with her Borg injectors.

"My ass is still sore from you last night" Janeway said, moving her hand around her body to block 7 from pushing her hand up into her anus again. 7 reached down and pulled Janeway's hand's away, taking each bum cheek and pulling them gently apart.

She lowered her head and rested her tongue on Janeway's anus, tasting the scent of shit. So, the captain needed to excrete? 7 pushed her tongue down further, penetrating the relaxed muscles of Janeway's rectum, feeling the head of a shit inside the captain's ass. 7 licked the head of the shit, tasting the bitter taste, hoping she might be around when Janeway pushed this one out.

"7, are you tasting my shit?" Janeway asked in surprise, staring down at 7.

"Amongst other things" 7 said grinning back. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth, swallowing the captains own shit and pushed Janeway's thighs further apart, exposing the captain's vagina.

Janeway felt herself juicing as 7 stuck her tongue out and licked the captain's vagina, tracing the folds and lines of her pussy before pushing it in, gripping the lip's of the captain and allowing her full access to Janeway's private sex.

"Oh yes 7" Janeway moaned, face down, as she gripped her breast and squeezed her nipple, arousing herself completely as 7 worked her tongue once more to Janeway's clit, and sucked down on it, biting it briefly with her teeth, Janeway screaming in pain and pleasure.

"7!" she screamed, ejaculating her own cum into the drone's mouth.

"Captain!" a hoarse voice demanded.

Janeway looked up, and stared into the cold eye's of Torres, the half-Klingon, half-human chief engineer. There was no way she could explain this, with 7's tongue stuck inside her vagina, her body limp after a powerful orgasm.

"Torres" she said limply, releasing her breast and stretching out her hand.

"So that's why you and 7 of 9 are so close" Torres said grinning, a ruthless smile. Janeway was afraid at what was going to happen.

Janeway rolled naked off the table, trying to walk seductively forward, even though her legs were trembling after the best orgasm she had had, thanks to 7's knowledge and powerful tongue. Here she was, a randy middle aged women with smallish tit's trying to seduce a half-Klingon women who was engaged to her best pilot.

"I don't want you" Torres said stepping back, her grin widening.

"But I know someone who does" Torres continued, stepping forward and pinching Janeway's nipple with Klingon strength, twisting it slightly.

Janeway couldn't help but moan, feeling her cunt trembling as another orgasm began to build in her pussy. Torres laughed slightly, enjoying this control over the captain.

"Who?" Janeway half asked, half sighed.

Torres reached down and pushed her hands between Janeway's thighs, her ridged hand masturbating Janeway until the captain came over the engineers light touch.

"Harry" Torres said, pulling her cum covered hand free, leaning forward and kissing the captain lightly on the lips, between stepping into the open doors.

"And maybe I will keep this our little secret. Maybe" she said, leaving.

To Be Continued...

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