tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJaneway and 7 of 9 Ch. 3

Janeway and 7 of 9 Ch. 3


Chapter 3: Dinner and the Date

Captain Janeway watched Torres leave the conference room, despite being in the worst position threatening her career to date, her aroused state couldn't stop her staring at Torres well muscled ass as she seductively left the room. Tom must be one happy man, Janeway thought to herself, sighing, as she turned around, staring at 7 still recovering from her orgasm at Janeway's touch. Even though Janeway concerned what Torres might do, she couldn't help but stare lustfully at the former Borg drone lying spent on her back. Her large tits were resting on her chest, her skin dripping with sweat. Her cunt was moist and wet where Janeway had been sucking her off.

Janeway thought about what Torres had asked her to do. Technically, her private life with 7 was within Starfleet regulation as 7 had not enlisted as a crewmember or held an officers commission. If 7 and herself wished to pursue a relationship then they were allowed, but now Torres, one of her officers and friend had 'Caught' them in the act. Torres could destroy the captain's reputation and loose the trust the crew held in Janeway. In short, Torres could destroy Janeway's position, but what she was asking was a violation of the rules Janeway believed in. Fucking Kim, fucking Harry Kim, an ensign and an officer in her crew, fucking someone under her command.

If it had been that simple then maybe, eventually, she could have convinced herself to fuck him for the greater good. But Kim was different, from the others, he was almost her son. Kim had come on board Voyager a very young, inexperienced man, but had developed over these 7 years into a rounded mature male. But he still had a lot to learn, he had always fallen for the wrong woman, and it seemed that he had fallen for her, the ultimate wrong woman.

Janeway walked forwards and dropped her hand onto 7's crotch, feeling that fine shaven cunt for the last time before reaching for her uniform jacket and black trousers, pulling them on quickly, with her boots, and throwing 7's crotch support cloth to the woman naked on the table, before walking onto the bridge, noticing the crew at their stations. As she walked close to Torres, looking at her to see if Torres would give any sign she had told the others, she felt a hand brush against her ass as she walked away, pinching her lightly. Inside, she wanted to cum on the spot, thinking of the prospect of wild, violent gay sex with the Klingon chief engineer.

She sat down in her seat, noticing the bridge crew was watching her. She looked at her first officer.

"Why is everyone watching me?" she asked quietly, crossing her leg to hide the wet patch between her legs.

"Where's your undershirt?" Chakotay asked.

Janeway reached up to her collar, realising that only her thin uniform jacket hid her breasts from her friends. She instantly wrapped her hands around her neck, trying to retain some pride.

"I'm sorry, I was in a rush this morning. You have the bridge commander, I'll be in my quarters" Janeway said standing. She walked up to the lift, stopping at the side of Kim's station, leaning in.

"Ensign, will you come with me to my quarters" Janeway asked, before walking into the lift. Kim followed her, trying to find a position that would hide an obvious growing erection. Janeway stared straight, her eyes occasionally drifting down to his crotch area, surprised at how large he had grown from a simple request to accompany her to her quarters, although the situation was far from normal.

Janeway walked into her quarters, Kim trailing slightly behind, looking for somewhere to hide his stiff interest in Janeway. The captain collapsed into her favourite comfy chair, her body tired from fucking 7 of 9 and general tension from being found out. She pulled her boots off, placing her bare feet on her stool, leaning back in the chair.

"Captain, why did you request my presence?" Kim asked, standing at attention in more ways than one, wishing he knew what this was all about.

"Harry, come here" Janeway said, leaning forward, rolling her tired head on her aching neck. Harry walked forward, stopping behind the captain's chair. Janeway looked up at him.

"Harry, I've heard you give the best neck massages on deck:4. Would you mind rubbing my shoulders?" Janeway asked. Kim walked stiffly forward, again angling his body to hide an erection from the captain, his stiff cock aching against the tight fabric. He stood behind the chair, touching her shoulder, the closest he had been to the captain. He began to rub her shoulders, feeling the knots and tightness of her muscles. Janeway sighed, moaning, surprising Kim with her emotions. She rolled her head, her eyes shut, a smile on her face as Kim massaged her shoulders, obviously realising Janeway was enjoying this as much as he was.

Janeway hesitated slightly, then slipped her jacket down her arms, crossing her arms across her breasts, not wanting to be too fast in case she frightened him away, although this was a significant move. Kim's hands slipped slightly, rubbing down her chest, stopping at the top of her tits, touching her hands. He pulled his hands back and continued to massage her shoulders now, his fingers pushing into her skin. His hands, his fucking hands were so close to her tits. Breasts he had wanted to suck and touch since he had come on board.

Kim felt his cock pressing into the chair, realising Kath-, the captain, must feel the lump in her chair. He continued to massage her shoulders, moving his hands down her back, moving them occasionally onto her ribs, and sparingly, around to her flat stomach, again, feeling the bottom of her hands cupping her breasts.

And his skills as a masseur worked, Janeway again moaned loudly, now dropping her arms to her side, revealing her small, pert tits to Kim, Harry almost ejaculating in his pants. He lent forward slightly, pushing hardly into her neck, blowing briefly onto her skin, seeing small shiver spots form on Janeway's naked skin.

Janeway sighed again, rolling her neck back, her breasts standing out, her nipples stiff and erect. As Kim slowed his massage, he couldn't help staring at her tits, realising when it was too late that Janeway had her eyes open staring at him.

She reached up into his black hair, gripping the sides of his head and pulled him down to her face, feeling his hot breath from his mouth blowing onto her skin. She stuck out her tongue and licked his lips, before pulling him into a kiss, releasing it and kissing him again, her tongue entering his mouth rubbing against his tongue.

Harry almost jumped away, realising he was French kissing his commanding officer, his hands almost touching the smooth surface of her tits, covering the age lines starting to appear around her tits. Harry was red in the face, backing away, the doors to her quarters opening.

"I'm... I'm so sorry" he stuttered, running down the corridor. Janeway stood, her breasts hanging down on her chest. She had been so close to fucking him, and now her career could be over if her revealed to any of his friends what had happened. She stood briefly at the doorway, before suddenly jumping back, realising if anyone had walked by, they would have seen her topless, and obviously lusting after someone. She reached for her comm. Pin.

"Janeway to 7, meet me on the holodeck, wear something sexy" Janeway said, walking into her quarters, pulling her cum soaked trousers down. She reached for her favourite black dress, slipping it on, enjoying the feeling of a draft between her legs, replacing the feeling of the tight fabric against her cunt. She left her quarters, maybe for the last time, walking towards the holodeck.

She loaded up her favourite program, a French Restaurant one, taking a seat and waiting for 7 to arrive. She waited anxiously, but finally 7 walked in wearing a diamond studded dark blue dress, showing off her obvious assets, her tits straining against her dress.

She stood and kissed 7 on the lips as the former drone got close, her hands moving down her body gripping 7's tight ass, her fingers pushing into the material, softening up her tight cheeks. 7 moaned, returning Janeway's kiss with such passion that Janeway would have agreed to anything at that moment.

7 pushed Janeway onto the table, the dinning set up falling or smashing against the wooden deck flooring, the bottle of wine toppling slightly before 7 grabbed it, setting it down on a chair. She gripped the hem of Janeway's dress and ripped it violently open, exposing Janeway's tired, stained, used and aged body to the drone. But to 7, Janeway was a model of perfection, her tits not to large unlike 7's, but practical, easy to grab. Her cunt hair was still damp, from a mix of 7's wanking earlier on and Janeway's own arousal. Her naked body was smooth, thin but with a slight muscle tone, a perfect body that 7 was beginning to love, and one she wanted to express that love with.

Janeway wrapped her legs around 7's body and pulled her towards Janeway's naked, waiting body. 7 extended her modified injectors, rotating them around to tickle Janeway's clit, forcing Janeway to almost ejaculate onto the drones hand.

Janeway resisted her bodily urges and reached up, gripping the straps of 7's dress and slipping it down her shoulders. 7 slithered out of the dress, allowing it to drop onto the floor, exposing her well-muscled, tall, blond, naked body. 7 began to fist Janeway, using her injectors to expand beyond her fist in Janeway's cunt, filling Janeway's passage beyond what the captain had ever experienced. It was like she had 8 stiff cocks pushed up into her cunt at the same time, to her writhing delight on the table.

"Captain, the doctor had my injectors modified" 7 said teasingly, stretching Janeway's cunt wide before squeezing her bud, rubbing it gently in her fingers. Janeway nodded, not caring what 7 was saying as long as she filled her cunt with this much force. 7 slid her other hand into Janeway's loose cunt, ready to make the captain cum like she had never done before.

"He inserted human male semen into my injectors" 7 said leaning over the captains body, her warm tongue licking the captains right tit, both hands now contracting and expanding in Janeway's cunt. Janeway heard some of this, but most of her concentration was a thousand light years away, wishing she had experienced this type of fuck before, knowing she would have chosen a more erotic profession on Risa say.

7 pulled one cum soaked hand clear and slid it under the captains body, inserting her injectors into the captains anal ring, expanding them until Janeway's shit hole was 3 inches wide, then ramming her fist up into Janeway's ass, meeting the head of a large shit in her way. She pushed her fist into the shit, feeling the captain's most intimate hot substance warm and runny against her skin.

Janeway came on 7's cunt hand, her body arching up tightly, her tits pressing into her friend's mouth. 7 continued to expand her injectors, knowing that Janeway would come again very soon.

"I'm only going to fuck you if you let me cum inside you?" 7 said, her fingers stopping only millimetres from Janeway's bud. Janeway looked up, her faced stunned.

"You want to shoot semen up into my cunt?, 7, I could get pregnant" Janeway said, breathing sharply, obviously highly aroused. 7 rubbed Janeway's cunt, her fingers pushing back into the warm folds of flesh, easy access now that her cunt was so loose and aroused, dripping Janeway's love juice everywhere.

"This is my only chance to mate captain, please" 7 pleaded, lowering her head to Janeway's cunt, her tongue stretching out and licking Janeway's soft lips, the tickle of hairs just a turn on. Janeway stared down at 7, her only reaction a simple nod, knowing that that was the only motion that would enable this bliss to reach it's ultimate conclusion.

7 bit down on Janeway's clit, the captain's cum shooting out onto the drones face. As 7 felt Janeway's hips buckle under her touch, she gripped Janeway's vagina lips and pulled them wide, her injectors extending forward towards the captain tubes, giving her semen the best advantage she could, before opening them up and allowing the sticky liquid to role out, willing them on up into the captain's body, hoping that Janeway, the woman she now loved would be the mother to her baby.

Janeway felt 7 lift her up, her body limp under the drones arms. She heard 7 speak and the environment changed, no longer her French restaurant, the scene of a hot intimate fuck but now a warm beach, the sun in a permanent setting state. Janeway was set down on some soft sand, feeling her warm shit rolling out onto the warm golden sand, her ass cheeks covered in shit, sand and her cum.

7 lay down beside her, wrapping her arm around Janeway, making sure she hugged the captains tits, enjoying the feeling of the softening nipples under her skin, although the refused to return to their soft, normal, brown state. Well hopefully they would grow soon, as they began to produce milk.

"I love you" 7 whispered into Janeway's ear, her tongue sticking out licking the soft lobe, enjoying every single taste that she could find on Janeway's body. Janeway rolled her head down, staring into 7's dark eyes, wondering why 7 had wanted to get her pregnant. She could easily have the semen removed by the doctor, and stop any early pregnancy, but did she want to? The more she thought about it, there was no one on board she would rather be pregnant with than 7 of 9.

Janeway rolled onto her stomach, her body covered in mess. She pushed her leg up onto 7's body, taking hold of one of the large breasts, kissing and licking the surface of the tit, enjoying the nice taste. Her free hand moved through 7's long blond hair, pushing it into the warm water rolling up around her body.

"Captain!, 7!" a voice said in shock.

Janeway rolled onto her ass sitting up, her hands covering her tits although she realised the visitor had a clear view up her cunt. And what a visitor, Kim, standing shocked, although his trouser front revealed more of his state.

"Harry, shut the doors" Janeway ordered.

Kim stepped forward, stunned, the two women he loved so much now naked and highly aroused before him. Both had been in the act of fucking each other, the captain on the receiving end of 7's vast knowledge of humanoid mating rituals, her cunt stretched, a mixture of cum and... shit?, the captain's sheet was evident around her ass cheeks and just under her cunt.

"What is going on" Kim demanded, walking slowly towards the two naked women. Janeway stood, no longer covering her tits or brown pubic hairs, instead walking towards the ensign.

"I think you no the answer to that." Janeway replied, stopping in front of him, her hand cupping his cock. She was about to drop to her knees to suck his cock off when Kim pushed her forward onto her ass and back, the captain stunned at this dominant move of Kim, surprised at this turn of his usual timid, respectful attitude he showed to everyone, well, except those under what command he had.

He dropped to his knees, laughing to himself, staring at Janeway's loose cunt. He pulled his cock clear, crawling forward towards her.

"Oh mother, I'm gonna fuck you so hard" he said, gripping Janeway's body, handling her tits.

"Mother?" Janeway asked, stunned, realising the deep problems that Kim might have. She knew incest was far more accepted now but never knew that Kim held those feelings, and was seeing her as his mother. But Kim was too far gone. He pinned her down, although Janeway knew she could have fought him off. He gripped her hand and wrapped it around his cock, making her guide it into her pussy.

"Mommy" Kim moaned, his cock entering Janeway's already spunk and cum soaked vagina, so loose under 7's pressure.

7 was on her feet and running forward, knowing what was about to happen thanks to her improved site, but it was too late. Kim was so aroused that he shot his load into Janeway's cunt, his own semen now moving up Janeway's cunt, so short a fucking but having the same result as the love making 7 had given her.

7 collapsed onto her knees crying, watching Kim pulling his cock away, in shock he had just raped his commanding officer. He backed away, running out of the holodeck, leaving Janeway on her back, her legs open and cunt loose, dripping semen and her own cum onto the sand beneath her ass, 7 crying close to the captains body.

To Be Continued in:

Janeway helps 7 of 9: Whose baby?

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