tagLoving WivesJanice and Jason Ch. 01

Janice and Jason Ch. 01


Janice's story:

Jason and I have been married for a little over 5 years. We've had a good relationship, with a few up and downs, but who doesn't. We have two children that would be staying with my parents for the weekend. It's a long weekend and Karl, an old friend of Jason, is coming with his wife to spend the weekend with us. It's Friday afternoon and they should be arriving shortly, Jason just called me to say he was on his way form the office and that Karl had just called him to let him know they had arrived in town and were headed to our place.

I had just come out of the shower and was drying my hair when I heard the door chimes, I just threw on a light summer dress and pulling the zipper up my back I padded barefoot to the door. Karl hugged me and kissed me lightly on the lips as we used to do in the old days and introduced me to his wife. I knew Karl since I had met Jason, we went out a lot with and a girlfriend he had then, but a couple of years ago, he moved to another town and we hadn't seen him since. Neither Jason or I had met his wife. Leyla was a tall brunette, slim and with a nice body, she had on a pair of jeans and a halter top, I noticed her nipples pushing out through the thin material.

I showed them to the guest's bedroom and gave them some towels in case they wanted to take a shower to freshen up. Just as I was leaving the bedroom, Leyla came up to me from behind and held me by the arm, "Here, let me finish zipping you up," in my rush to open the door I hadn't pulled my zipper all the way up. I felt a warm sensation spreading through my body when she put her hand on my shoulder and let it travel down to my elbow slowly. "There, all set." I thanked her and left the bedroom without turning around, I didn't want them to see the flush on my cheeks. "Take your time," I called from the hallway, "I'll be waiting for you guys in the back yard and I'll have drinks ready when you come out."

Jason arrived before they came out, he kissed me and headed to our bedroom to take a shower, then Karl and Layla came out into the patio, he was wearing a pair of shorts and a tight t-shirt, I noticed his hard butt and strong legs as well as the muscles in his bare arms, he had kept in shape. Layla had a pair of cut-offs and a white t-shirt, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, as her nipples were clearly outlined through the t-shirt. Jason came out a little later and started the charcoal on the grill to cook some steaks.

We had a couple of beers waiting for the grill to be ready and Jason and Karl did most of the talking. After dinner and quite a few beers, we weren't feeling any pain, Jason put some music on and we danced for a while trading partners every song. Jason and Karl were like brothers, and I liked Karl a lot too. Jason and I immediately liked Layla too, she was easy going and had a nice laugh.

Around ten o'clock Karl and Layla excused themselves, they were tired from the trip, and headed for their bedroom. Jason helped me with the dishes and said, "I noticed that you were flashing your panties at Karl, he kept glancing under dress."

"No I wasn't!" I replied, although I had noticed Karl looking under my dress every time I opened my legs a little, at first I did it without thinking but then I started opening my legs a little more every now and then.

"Yes you were, admit it", with this Jason gave me a light pat on my bottom.

"No I wasn't. I couldn't flash him my panties," I said turning to face Jason who was now sitting at the kitchen table finishing his beer. I lifted my skirt and said "You see, I'm not wearing any!"

"Oh, you little..." he said reaching out and grabbing my ass he pulled me close to him. He ran his hand through my pubic hair, parted my lips and rand his finger down, grazing my clit until he found the opening of my vagina, I was all wet. I must admit that I was really horny, the heat in the air, Karl looking up my dress, remembering Layla's touch, and the beers had me a very mellow mood. "Come on, love, let's go to the bedroom," I said pulling Jason to his feet. He got up and kissed me hard on the mouth, I could feel his cock pressing against me, he started kissing my neck and lowered the zipper down my back, then he put his hands inside my dress and sliding them slowly down my back he grabbed my ass.

"I think I'm going to fuck you right here." he said in a husky voice.

"But Karl or Layla may come down and see us," I replied.

"Mmh, maybe they could even join us," he said half jokingly. Jason had been talking about doing it with someone else for the last few months, he said he'd like to see another man fuck me, and he also wanted to do it with another woman. He even mentioned the name of one of his co-workers and his wife, with whom we went out occasionally. But I wasn't sure. We had a great sex life, the two of us did everything, even after 5 years of marriage we did it at least once a week, and some times two or three times in the same week. So I wasn't sure.

That is until now, I must admit that I wouldn't mind making it with Karl, and Layla's touch on my arm, and the way she looked at me... But what was I thinking. By now, Jason had pulled my dress from my shoulders and was happily sucking my nipples. I pushed him gently away and said again, "Come, I rather do it in the bedroom," and almost as an afterthought I added,. "at least tonight" I started walking ahead of Jason and was trying to pull my dress up when he said, "No leave it like that, They probably are already asleep."

I thought he was right, and instead of covering my breasts, by the time I got to the stairs I pulled my dress over my head, I was totally naked now, except for my sandals. Mark quickly shed his clothes and ran up the stairs to catch up with me, we put our arms around each other and walked naked down the hallway to our bedroom. When we passed the guest's bedroom, the door was ajar, and we could hear Layla moaning and Karl panting. Once inside our room Jason pushed me down on the bed and climbed right on top of me guiding his cock to my entrance he penetrated me with one powerful thrust. He hadn't closed the door, and I was sure he wasn't going to get up and close it now, and neither was I.

I tried not to moan to loud as Jason fucked me, but then I heard Layla scream in orgasm from the other room and I didn't care anymore. I started pushing my hips up to meet Jason thrusts and pretty soon I was coming moaning loudly, Jason came shortly afterwards panting heavily.

* * *

The next morning we all had breakfast together, nobody mentioned the moans and grunts from the night before, and I while later Jason and Karl went out to play golf. Layla helped me with the dishes and then we went out to the back yard to have coffee.

We talked for a while and then Layla commented on how nice it was to have a fenced yard so the neighbors, couldn't look into our yard, I said we had put up the fence mostly so I could let the kids play out there without worrying about them running off. Then she asked, "Don't you ever sun yourself naked out here? I bet you and Jason often fuck out here." This remark caught me kind of off guard and all I could do was mumble, "Well, not often, you know, the kids..."

Without saying anything, Layla stood up and went inside the house. She came out a couple of minutes later carrying a couple of towels and some suntan oil, she spread the towels on the the grass, took off her dress, and lay on one the towels. She wasn't wearing any underwear, so there she was, naked in front of me under the sun, she had beautiful breasts, not to large, with small nipples darker than mine, her belly was flat, and her legs long and nicely shaped, her pubic hair was trimmed very short. "Aren't you going to join me?" she said.

"Sure, why not," I answered, "after all there is no one to see us." I got up from my chair and pulled my dress over my head, I was wearing small bikini panties but no bra, I was a little embarrassed when I noticed the way Layla was looking at me, "You have beautiful breasts, Janice" she sad admiringly. "Oh no, they are beginning to sag a little," I replied straightening my back involuntarily and making my breasts stick out. "No, Janice, they really are beautiful, I like the color of your nipples, you know, sometimes I wish mine weren't so dark" Layla said touching her nipples at the same time, making them get hard.

I peeled off my panties and lay on the towel next to her. We talked for a while laying on our sides facing each other, I could feel Layla's eyes traveling over my body. Then we turned on our bellies and enjoyed the sun for a while. My skin was lighter than Layla's so I felt the sting of the sun first, I reached out for the suntan oil but Layla took it and kneeling at my side said, "Here, let me do it, then you can put it on my back."

She spread the oil all over my back, rubbing me gently, then she skipped my bottom and went on to rub my legs, the feeling of her hands rubbing my body was very nice. I spread my legs a little involuntarily and she rubbed the oil on my inner thighs, I was beginning to get excited, and the she started massaging my buttocks, sliding her finger in the crack between them, her finger kept going down and brushed the lips of my pussy. Then she took her hand away and said "It's your turn." I rubbed the oil all over her body pretty much the same way she did, and when I started working on her buttocks, she opened her legs and I got this urge to touch her cunt, I was blushing deeply, and not from the sun. I slipped my finger between her lips and felt the moist tender flesh. Then I pulled away abruptly and lay on my belly, facing away from her.

I must have dozed off for a while, because I woke with a start when I felt something icy on my back, Layla had placed a can of beer on the small of my back and then rant up and down my spine, "I though you might want one" she said. I turned around and took the can and had long swallow, feeling the cool liquid going down my throat. We were into our third beer, when Layla said it was time to turn around, "Let me rub the oil on you first, then you can do it to me". The way she said it made me tingle with anticipation, By now I was sure that she wanted more than just rubbing the oil on me, I still wasn't completely sure. One part of me wanted to make love to this woman, desperately, but another part hesitated. I downed my beer, and said what the hell, I can always stop it anytime I want... if I want.

Layla started to rub the oil on my lower legs, she wanted to start at the bottom this time, and she was kneeling between my legs, watching my pussy while I looked at her body, there were small bead of perspiration covering her shoulders, her breasts and all over her body, she was just working her way up my thighs, just past my knees, when we heard Jason's car pulling up the drive way. I pulled away trying to reach my dress, but Layla held me back saying, "Let's surprise them, I know Karl is dying to see your beautiful body." I stumbled and fell on top of her and she kissed me on the lips, then we got up and Layla grabbed a couple of beers from the cooler. Jason and Karl walked directly form the driveway into the back yard, Jason stopped on his tracks staring at us, Karl was cooler about it and he just stared at me.

"Welcome! "Layla said handing them their beers, she then embraced Karl and kissed him deeply, I saw his hands sliding down her back to her ass just before Jason came to me and kissed me too. His hands quickly found my ass, and he slid a finger between it's cheeks. I saw Karl watching this. Then Jason said, "Well, this really is a nice surprise".

Layla stopped kissing Karl and turned around so Jason could get a good look at her, then she said "OK you guys, off with your clothes and sit down to enjoy your beers. Janice and I were just going to finish oiling each other." She came to me and holding my hand led me back to the towels. Now I hesitated again, I didn't know how far she planned to go in front of the guys, just a few minutes ago I was ready to accept anything she did, but now, what would Jason think. I turned to look at them, they had shed their clothes quickly and Karl said, "Don't let us interrupt". Both of them were standing there naked holing their beers, I knew every inch of Jason's body so now I looked at Karl, as I said before, he was very fit, he had strong muscles in all his body and I looked at his cock for the first time, it was only half hard but it hung down quite nicely. A soft moan escaped from my throat, Jason had been telling me he wanted to see me fucking another guy for quite a while now, and now I wanted it too. I wanted Karl to fuck me and I wanted Jason to watch, and I wanted to see him fucking Layla... But, what would happen if we did? Would we do it just this one time, or keep on doing it? What about Karl and Leyla, would they agree? And what would this do to our relationship? Would Jason still love me afterwards?

I felt Layla´s hands on my shoulders, pulling me gently on my back. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, I felt Layla's hands rubbing the oil on my shoulders and going down my arms. Layla poured some oil on top of my breasts, hitting first one nipple and the the other one with the cool liquid, then she made a trail down my belly all the way to the top of my pubic hair.

She rubbed the oil on my body, her touch was firm and soft, but it was not as sensual as when we were alone, she did, however, spent a little more time that was really necessary rubbing the oil on my breasts. The feel of her palms rubbing against my nipples made them get hard. She moved down to my legs, rubbing the oil all along their length, she pulled my thighs apart so she wouldn't miss the insides. My pussy was completely exposed to Jason's and Karl's gaze, I had never been exposed in this manner, Layla's hands just barely rubbed the outside of my lips, but it sent shocks all through my body.

She pulled her hands away and I heard her say "My, my, what do we have here? Come on Janice, just look at these guys." I opened my eyes and saw that both Jason and Karl had a hard on. Layla stood up and pulled me to my feet, "Now I want you to see how I do Karl. You go sit by Jason." She led me to the chair and extended her other hand to Karl, his thigh brushed against mine, sending another shiver up my spine, as he passed by my side. I pulled the chair closer to Jason's and sat down.

Layla had Karl lie down on his belly on the towel in front of us and she started rubbing his back and legs, he had his head turned in my direction and I could feel his gaze between my legs which were slightly parted. Jason had placed his arm around me and his hand cupped my breast. He pulled me towards him and kissed me, it was a long kiss, I parted my lips and felt his tongue slide into my mouth. His other hand slid up my thighs, parting them even until his fingers began to caress my outer lips. We broke our kiss and I turned back to see what Layla was doing.

Karl was now on his back, his cock standing straight out form his belly. Layla was stroking it softy. Mark was pulling Layla's nipples between his fingers, but his gaze was still fixed between my legs. This turned me on even more, and I parted my legs even further to give Jason a better access to my pussy, and as I felt his finger slipping inside my cunt, I grabbed his cock. Layla bent down and began to lick the head of Karl' cock, she kept shifting her gaze back and forth between Jason and me. Then she took Karl's cock into her mouth and began to suck it.

Jason's fingers were bringing me to the edge. "Oh God, pleas fuck me, honey". I said to Jason, I got op, and with my back to Jason I straddled his legs, I wanted him inside me but I didn't want to miss what Mark and Leyla were doing. I felt Jason pushing up to rub the inside of my lips with the tip of his cock, and when I felt it at the opening of my vagina I let myself go down until Jason's cock was buried all the way. I started to pinch my clit with one hand and my nipples with the other and letting out a low moan I began to cum. Jason had circled my waist with his arms, and he held me while my orgasm made my whole body tremble. When it subsided I began to ride up and down the length of Jason's cock as he hadn't come yet.

By now Layla was on top of Karl, riding his cock wildly, they had shifted their position slightly and we could see his cock going in and out of Layla's cunt as she rose and fell on top of it. I placed my hands on Jason's thighs so I could move better and I increased the tempo of my movements, I was leaning a bit forward and I felt one of Jason's fingers sliding into my asshole. At the same time, Karl lifted his hips and letting out a deep growl he started cumming, shooting his sperm into Layla's cunt. All this brought me over the edge and I also began to cum my inner muscles began to contract and my juices flowed from my cunt, wetting my thighs. Jason began to shoot his cum into my pussy and I knew that both Karl and Layla could clearly see his sperm spilling from my pussy, mixed with my own come, drenching my thighs and running down Jason's legs. Layla was the last one to cum, she screamed and her whole body began to shake uncontrollably.

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