tagMind ControlJanine Pt. 03

Janine Pt. 03


It had been a month since I last saw Janine and got her second round of programming. As per her orders, I'd been doing whatever Sarah, my girlfriend, suggested sexually, and when she let me, eating her out after coming in her. She'd definitely started to pick up on this and dominate me, although she was far less cruel than Janine, mostly just taking charge and having me pleasure her orally a lot.

But she was out of town for the week on a business trip, and I'd texted Janine the info as I'd been ordered to. I never heard anything back from her, so just kept on about my business. With Sarah out of town and my hypnotic order not to masturbate, I knew I probably wouldn't get a chance to come for a week

After getting home and eating dinner on Tuesday night, the doorbell rang. I opened it, to find a petite but busty blonde girl standing there. Before my compulsion to like only redheads, I'd have thought she was incredibly hot, but now, she was just someone standing at my door.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Sarah's coworker Tina. She said I could stop by to pick up the book she'd borrowed?"

Sarah hadn't said anything about that, but she did read a lot, and there were plenty of books throughout the house.

"Come in," I said. "Do you know what book it is?"

She came inside and closed the door.

"It's the new Stephen King."

I looked around, but couldn't find it anywhere.

When I came out to tell Tina the bad news, she pouted, then pushed up close to me.

"Sarah hadn't told me quite how cute you were. Maybe I could take you instead of the book?"

If this had happened a few months ago, I would have been incredibly aroused. I might have even given in to the temptation to cheat. But as it stood, she might as well have not existed.

"I'm sorry, Tina. I'm flattered, but not interested."

She pouted. "Fine. Can I use your bathroom before I go?"

"Of course."

She went into the bathroom, and the door opened a few minutes later, and I heard her approach the couch where I was reading.

"Are you sure I can't convince you to at least go down on me?"

"I'm sorry, Tina," I started to say as I looked up. And froze.

The blond hair had clearly been a wig, and Tina's short red bob had me instantly excited.

She smiled, and I realized this was all a plan. But it didn't matter. She was already on the couch, hiking up her skirt, and I was eating her out.

When she was satisfied, Tina pushed my head away.

"I've never actually met Sarah," she said. "But I've been sexually frustrated for a couple of weeks now, and Janine said you'd be perfect. She also said you'd do whatever I asked you to. Is that true?"

"Yes, it is," I replied.

She smiled. "Good. Take off your clothes and lie down face-up on the couch."

I did so, and she slid up my chest.

"I want you to keep perfectly still while I use you. I'm going to sit with my asshole right on your mouth, and you're going to stick your tongue in as far as it can go. When I sit down, my clit might rub your nose, and my pussy lips might even cover your nose up. Any breath you take is at my discretion."

Tina lived up to her word, making me tongue her and smell her pussy as she did so, and she rode me for a while.

After she was done, Tina got up and went to her purse, where she got a bottle of water-based lube.

"Keep lying still," she ordered me.

I obeyed, and she rubbed lube on my cock. She then sat above it and slowly lowered herself so that her butt was on it. As my cock hit her rosebud, she gasped, and then the lube and gravity did their work, as she sat all the way down, taking in my entire dick.

She started riding me, and it was way more intense than when a woman did so with her vagina. It was slower, but the pressure of her anus was incredible on my cock.

As she wriggled, I could see the look of ecstasy on Tina's face. This was clearly a woman who got a lot of satisfaction out of anal stimulation.

As I felt my arousal rising, Tina snapped at me, "do NOT come until I tell you to!"

My cock stayed hard, but the orgasm instantly subsided. The look of amazement must have been clear on my face, because even mid-ecstasy, Tina burst into laughter.

"Janine told me that would probably work, but she wanted to test it."

She continued to ride me, and when she was done, she pulled away, my hard cock still throbbing.

Tina stood up and looked at me.

"Oh, your poor cock. If I leave without giving you satisfaction, I hear you'll have to wait almost a week for your girlfriend to come back before you have a chance of coming."

She went and got her cell phone.

"Get up and kneel on the ground."

I did so, and she pointed her phone at me.

"When the light goes on, I want you to say, on camera, that you're my slut, and will do anything I ask in return for getting to come."

The camera light went on, and I immediately said, "I'm Tina's slut, and will do anything she asks in return for getting to come."

Tina grinned. "If Janine's training ever wears off, I like having a back-up option. I'm sure Sarah would love to see this!"

She then bent me over the couch while she fetched a strap-on harness from her bag. She lubed it up and slowly pushed at my anus.

"Each time I thrust, I want you to say 'thank you, Tina.' And I still don't want you to come!"

Tina started to work at me, and I thanked her each time. The stimulus to my prostate was intense, but the conditioning held, and I was unable to orgasm, no matter how much I wanted to.

When Tina was done, she removed the harness but left the dildo still inside my butt. She had me lie down, putting some pressure on my ass, and had me eat her out a couple of more times.

"Wow. Janine really was right. You'll do anything nasty a redhead asks you to." She smiled.

"Now, I've got to get home, and I don't want to leave you without a reward."

Tina had me sit up, and she took a specimen jar out of her bag and held it over my cock.

"I want you to stay perfectly still," she ordered, as she started to rub me. She took me to the edge multiple times, and when I thought I was finally going to explode, she finally said, "you can come." I did, filling the jar with my sticky liquid.

She placed a straw in the glass and held it to my mouth.

"I know Janine has you licking up your come, but I find this a little more degrading," she said, as I started to sip. The straw was thin, and it took a long time to consume it all. When I was done, Tina ran her index finger inside the jar, picking up the last of the come, and had me suck it from her finger.

When she was done, Tina packed had me get dressed, then had me walk her to the door. Before opening it, she gave me a long, lingering kiss. "Thanks, hon. Be seeing you!"

Seeing her again was the last thing I wanted, but I knew I'd be unable to say no.

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by Anonymous04/21/18

The guy with the "Men can be redheads" can shut the fuck up and just go read some gay shit. Really, you don't need to ruin this with your suggestion.

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by Anonymous04/20/18

Just saying...if you want to continue down the degredation route... Men can be redheads

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by mrwidehorizons04/19/18

Hot Series!

I would love to see how Sara uses him though

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