tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJanine's Loving Surprise

Janine's Loving Surprise


Janine set her empty wine glass down as Mark wrapped his arms around her from behind. He kissed her neck and she spun herself around and embraced him. They kissed and pressed themselves together. In a flash they were headed to the bedroom, pealing their shirts off as they went.

They reached the bedroom and Mark undid her belt and pulled her jeans off, leaving her panties in place. Janine wasn't as restrained and grabbed Mark's boxers along with his shorts as she undressed him in one motion. As she stood back up she removed her bra and caught Mark taking in an eyeful of her figure.

As they stood together kissing with a fevered intensity Mark cupped her breast and played with her nipple. He bent slightly and ran his tongue across it and returned to her lips. Janine reached down and grabbed Mark's bare ass and pulled his hips into hers as they kissed.

Mark dropped to his knees and began to slide her panties down. She had shaved clean and he let the tip of his tongue slide down the creamy smooth skin between her legs as her panties came off. He lingered, taking her in and kissing her flesh.

Janine was already drenched. She hadn't been able to masturbate all week, things had just been too hectic, and her body was ready.

She guided him back to his feet and pushed him onto his back on the bed. She got between his legs and ran a hand down his stomach. As she slowly ran her tongue up Mark's shaft his abs shuddered. Janine wanted him deep inside her, but she wanted to tease him a little longer. She kissed the tip of his cock and ran her tongue back down to his balls. She gently took a ball in her mouth and sucked on it. Mark let out a gentle moan.

"Come on baby, let me eat you," he plead "I want to eat your pussy."

She heard him, but said nothing, knowing what she wanted, needed.

She stoked his shaft and sucked on him as he reached for her gorgeous breasts. She knew she couldn't hold out much longer. Janine slid her body up Mark's stomach and chest, being sure to let the weight of her breasts drag along his warm body. She lingered as his shaft slid between them, and she squeezed him between her breasts. The couple kissed deeply when she finally reached his face and Mark squeezed her breast, and began rubbing her nipple. Her nipple was rock hard and she reached down between her legs and guided him into herself.

They exchanged no words, just noises and movement. Mark took her breasts in his hands as he continued his slow rhythmic motion. Eventually Janine sped up, trying to take Mark deeper, while Mark tried to slow her down to make sure he lasted for her.

"Slow down, Slow down, I want you to have time to cum", Mark grabbed her hips and stopped her motion, "Do you want me to get you off with my mouth?"

"I'll cum, don't worry about that," She purred.

She could tell Mark was holding back, and she wanted to feel him swell up and explode inside her. Mark resisted not wanting the evening's pleasure to end, he pulled out of her and reached up to suck on her nipple.

Janine allowed him to flick her nipple with his tongue, but her pussy ached for his cum.

She turned around and mounted Mark reverse cowgirl, giving him a clear, and very appreciated view of her posterior. She once again guided him into her pussy. His hands found her round ass and he began thrusting into her. Her womanhood rejoiced. Her pussy was getting just what it wanted and her clit was alive. To her annoyance she could feel him slowing down again. Rather than speaking, she began to massage his balls, and used them to pull him deep into herself. At her touch his movements sped back up. She kept him going faster.

"Slow down Janine, I'm getting close."

"Fill me up baby."

"I want you to cum, let me eat you," His voice was sincere.

"I'll cum, just cum inside me!" Janine could feel him grow more rigid and larger and she yearned to feel his release.

"Oh FUCK!" Mark's body obeyed her request, and Janine could feel the undulations of his orgasm. His hips drove into her in gradually subsiding spasms. She could feel his body shiver.

Now it was her turn.

Janine reached down between her legs, feeling her warm throbbing clit pass by her hand as she traced the smooth white skin between her legs. With her fore and middle fingers, she squeezed together her pussy lips and she pulled herself off Mark's shaft. She squeezed her fingers together to make sure she didn't spill even a drop on his stomach or chest as slid herself backward onto Mark's face.

"You said you wanted me to cum. Prove it," She said with a devilish tone. She felt his body tense.

Ten seconds earlier he would have begged for this, but Mark wasn't as excited at the prospect as his hormones subsided. He didn't move, trying to think. When she placed a meaningful hand on his balls he knew she was in control, but what did it matter, he did after all truly love to make her cum.

"Put my whole pussy in your mouth," She squeezed a handful of his balls gently. His mouth opened slightly and she could feel his lips engage her slippery nude skin.

"You said you wanted to eat my pussy. Now there's plenty for you to eat." She rocked her hips forward and using the fingers that still clenched her sex closed she lined up her hole with his open mouth.

"Open your mouth all the way," She squeezed his balls very firmly this time, exhibiting her control, and as she felt his body flinch in response to her clenching fist his mouth sprang open and pressed against her.

She felt his mouth engulf her sex and as she pulled her hand away from her womanhood, releasing the cum in her pussy, she added "and you BETTER not spill any!"

Knowing the halfhearted efforts he'd put into this task in the past, her grip on his balls remained in place and she leaned her weight back on his face, reached under her thighs with her free hand and pulled herself open a little further and pressed her well-fucked pussy onto his mouth.

As she began to grind her open hole into his face, she could feel the cum leaking into Mark's mouth (or maybe she could just feel him swallowing her creampie). Either way they both knew he belonged to her tonight and she would not have to go to sleep without an intense orgasm. She rewarded his compliance by releasing her grip on his balls.

As Mark worked his tongue, Janine took his half hard cock into her mouth and sucked on it. Excited by the taste of her own juices mixed with his and the feel of his manhood once again in her mouth, she began to gyrate her smooth wet pussy on Mark's mouth. She gave a long deep slow suck as she let his cock slide out from between her lips.

"Good Mark, take it all, tongue fuck me and clean me inside, and then make me cum." As she felt his tongue plunging into her tight recesses she began strained her muscles harder and harder to push more of their combined juices out of herself and into his now completely submitting mouth.

In the dark part of his mind, Mark knew even though he had once again changed his mind when her full pussy approached his mouth, he would jerk off for weeks thinking about this night. The way she took control, manhandling him and forcing him to submit. He would probably wake up hard in the morning with a mixed feeling of humiliation and burning desire to repeat everything. He wondered what she must think of him.

By now Mark could no longer get any cum from her depths and satisfied he had finished cleaning her up he began to work his tongue on her clit. He wanted to make her cum hard.

Janine took his shaft back in her mouth as she felt him working and as she played with Mark's manhood, his sucking and licking began to speed up. He was taking in the night's transgressions as he pleasured her. He was playing sex toy to his mistress, and he liked it.

She could feel him alternating between feverishly licking her clit until her hips were on the brink on bucking and then plunging his tongue deep inside her hole, fucking her with it, and then sucking on her.

She moaned into his lap as she squeezed both her breasts. He was back on her clit and it brought her nerves into a frenzy. Over and over this cycle repeated. Her entire sex was on high alert, as her pussy repeatedly came within seconds of a crescendo only to have it stolen from her. She needed to cum.

"Don't stop Mark!"

He plunged his tongue back into her, leaving her clit unsatisfied.

"Oh God, make me cum," Her legs trembled and her hips ached for more.

Mark returned to her clit. She could feel it building again.

"Oh God please don't let him stop," She thought to herself.

She felt his mouth move away again.

"Let me Cum!" She slapped his balls a bit harder than she intended to. His tongue returned instantly.

She felt his arms wrap around her waist, and his hands pulled her onto his mouth. She was so close. His tongue was electric. She felt him moaning, or maybe humming, and the vibrations were too much.

"OH FUCK! SHIT!" She lost control and a deep wave exploded from her clit, through her pussy, up her spine and down her legs. She didn't even realize her hips were thrusting into Mark's face at first, until the sensation was too intense and she tried to pull her hips away. His arms held her in place and he tormented her clit with pleasure.

Just when she was about to shove her hand down to stop him, Mark eased off and let her relax. She could feel his tongue begin to consume her juices that had suddenly flowed freely. His tongue cleaning every glistening bead of her nectar from her folds. He licked her smooth creamy skin from just below her belly button all the way back to her sex. He sealed it with a deep kiss.

When he pulled away she was spent. She turned back around and dropped on top of him. They kissed deeply. They could both taste themselves on their lover. Exhausted they both fell asleep in each others' embrace.

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by Anonymous07/26/17

Get out of my head!

It's like you ripped this fantasy from my brain! My lead up to the creampie is a bit different, but when she sits on his face...it's like I was dictating the story to you! Thanks for capturing my fantasymore...

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