I've been working as a janitor at central high for the last 4 years- crappy work, but what the hell. The kids are all a bunch of brats, and most of the teachers are assholes and cunts.

I got stuck working the day after Christmas last year, because the kids' winter break was on some kind of fucked up schedule where they come back for class on Dec. 27th, and so someone has to get the school ready. I was having fun playing with the digital camera that my parents had been nice enough to buy me as a present the day before as I went from room to room emptying the trash, cleaning the boards, and what not. As I came around the corner I heard a few people, and saw that one of the class rooms was opened. Now, as far as I knew I was supposed to be the only person in the school, but it wasn't unheard of for teachers to show up to do work at odd hours, so I didn't think much of it.

Walking past the room I looked in and saw the 10th grade physics teacher, Mrs. Anderson slurping away at the crotch of the 12 grade physics teacher, Mr. Phelps. I must have stood and stared speechless from the doorway for 10 seconds. They were obviously way too engrossed in what they were doing, because neither one noticed me.

I quickly stepped back from the doorway, my heart beating with excitement, and my dick stiff in my pants. Damned! I knew that they were both married- I spend enough time rummaging through the teacher's shit to know stuff like that, especially Mrs. Anderson. She was 22 years old- just out of college, beautiful petite little thing, sandy blond hair, sexy as all hell. I'd been lucky enough that she had a college vacation picture of her, and some college friends, all in bikinis at her desk. Of course, I swiped it. Boy did it look good with my jizz all over it! It was really funny, because the next day, I heard her berating one of her classes, blaming the students for stealing it!!!!

Mr. Phelps had plenty of pics of his nice looking wife, and kids in his room, nothing as good as Mrs. Anderson, but enough that I had no doubts that he was married. They must have thought that going to school to catch up on some "work" would be a good excuse to give to their spouses. Too bad they didn't plan for the custodial staff! Idiots!

Just then I had a brilliant idea. Heading back to my cart I grabbed the camera. I stood back from the door, in the relative darkness of the hallway and started snapping pics. God she looked good, those thin lips of hers sliding up and down his shaft. I must have snapped about 30 shots before I got an even better idea. Fiddling with the camera I found the flash setting. This time I stepped up into the doorway...

The light from the bulb filled the room, and they jumped! They looked at me stammering. "Um..um..um...um..." was all that they were able to say.

I spoke, "I know that you're both married, and rest assured, I took more pictures than that."

"What the fuck do you want?" stammered Mr. Phelps.

Closing the door behind me, I walked over to them. I was standing by him, looking at Mrs. Anderson, still sitting in her chair. Her blouse half-unbuttoned, from here I could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra. I put my thumb on her chin. Looking her right in her worried eyes I said, "I want what he was getting."

The worry almost seemed to change to relief.

"The hell you will....." Mr. Phelps began, but I cut him off.

"Relax, fucker, you'll get more, and besides don't for get that I already uploaded the first set of pics I took" Yes, that was a lie, but what did he know? Before I had finished speaking, I could feel Mrs. Anderson's hands on my waist band, undoing my belt. I looked down at her. Christ, did she look hot like this, just the way I'd pictured it in my mind. I watched her as she opened my fly and dropped my pants.

"I want those pictures back you dick" was all that she said before she plunged down on my cock.

"Fuck yes! You'll get them back....don't worry, just don't stop sucking." She didn't, she just wend down even further. Goddamned did this little woman know how to suck cock! "Dammed you're such a sweet little cock-sucker" I said to her.

She let out a little moan of pleasure when she heard this. I think it shocked the hell out of Mr. Phelps, because he started to say, "Hey...I don't think..."

I just started to laugh at him. "Man, I don't think you realized what a slut this little bitch is," my words seemed to excite her even more, "look at how much she's enjoying this!" Trust me, she was. She had my cock in her mouth, and was licking my balls at the same time- that's how deep on me she was. She had lifted the skirt that she was wearing, and was rubbing circles on her clit. She had also let her other hand find Mr. Phelps's cock, and was stroking away as she sucked me off. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her away, feeling her lips "pop" as they released from my head.

"You fucking love this don't you?"

"mmm-hmmmm" as she dove back to my cock.

I pulled her away again. "Tell Mr. Phelps here that you're a little cock-sucking whore"

"mmmmmmm...I AM a little cock-sucking whore."

"Why don't you suck on Mr. Phelps some more? Prove to him what a slut you are." She smiled and licked her lips. Stroking me now as she sucked him. I was loving watching her work his dick. It was pure heaven to see that cute little face going up and down.

I could tell that he wasn't going to last a whole lot longer. I said to him, "You'd better nut on that sexy face, buddy. If you want to keep this secret, that is."

She pulled him out of her mouth, and looked up at me, "Nope, I can't do that" she said.

What the hell??? She had no problem sucking us off, but had a problem with this. "WHAT??" I said the anger obvious.

"Well, I have to go soon, and my husband's home, plus, I've never liked it on my...."

"Put my dick back in your mouth!" I interrupted her. She complied, but seemed to be lacking her previous enthusiasm. "First," I said to her, "Your husband NOT finding out about this is dependant on your doing what I want you to do." I looked at Mr. Phelps, and said to him "Stroke your dick. You'd better be ready to go." I grabbed the sides of her head, and started to fuck her sweet mouth, making up for her lack of energy. "Now, second, Mrs. Anderson, You're MY whore." I drove my cock in deep to make this point. "So I don't care if you like it. A dirty cock sucking whore isn't just a made up name. It's who you are." I took a couple more strokes, and then pulled out.

"Do it." I ordered Mr. Phelps.

"Bill..." she pleaded. God, the look of conflict on his face was priceless! He was stroking his cock pretty hard. She had the most worried look, just begging him not to. I still couldn't believe that she felt that way.

I could tell he was close. "The pictures..." were all that I had to say. He grunted, and a thin string of cum shot on to her lips and chin. A tear actually fell from her eyes! He shot another one. And another. The third one didn't really shoot, and mostly trickled onto her blouse.

"You're such a pussy" I laughed at him. I was stroking my dick harder at her displeasure. I spied a hand mirror lying next to her desk, and grabbed it. I showed her her reflection.

"See? This is what a whore looks like. Like you. With a man's cum running down her face. Imagine your husband seeing you like this!" That was it! She began to bawl uncontrollably.

I was stroking my cock and looking down at her. THERE was the face I'd fancied about! Her sexy eyes red with tears, rolling down her face. I let a thick rope of my cum shoot out at her. It landed right in her eye, and rolled down her face, mixing with her tears. The next one landed on her other cheek mixing with the tears on that side. She was sobbing like hell. I fired another wad of my jizz onto her forehead. And another. I aimed one at her mouth, which was slightly parted as she cried. One last one, I made sure to squirt onto her shoulder, on her blouse, just to give her something that was harder to clean up.

"Mmmmmm oh, fuck yeah!" escaped my lips as I finished. The only other sound in the room was her sobs. I quickly pulled up my pants and buttoned them. I pointed at the camera and said, "I didn't have any-time to upload them, make sure that I get the camera back WORKING."

With that I sprinted out of the room, grabbed my cart, and ran off down the hall!

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