tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJanni is Forced to Face Her Fantasies

Janni is Forced to Face Her Fantasies


Author's note:

Janni contacted me some time ago after reading my stories. After exchanging emails for many months I suggested that I write the following story about her. I hope that both you and she enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Janni was naturally athletic and in her younger years had trained almost daily as a track athlete. She was in her mid twenties and quite petite at 5feet 3inches tall and weighing 55Kg (120pounds). Her 32B breasts complimented her slim build perfectly which was topped by shoulder length blond hair.

It was an early Friday morning in the suburban Denmark town where Janni was busily getting ready to go to work. She enjoyed her work with a small property company. Her overall boss and owner of the company, Frederik, had always been courteous and friendly and she got on well with the rest of the staff. However during the past week things had changed; changed a lot.

It had all started the previous Friday afternoon. Frederik seemed different somehow as she entered his office for an informal meeting. In all the years she had worked for him he had always behaved like a perfect gentleman. He had told her on a few occasions that she looked nice in a particular outfit but had never made suggestive remarks or touched her in any way.

It was quite usual for him to call her into his office on Fridays to discus how the week had gone and to plan ahead for the following week. Sometimes Magnus, her immediate boss would join them but today he was out on business and so it was just her and Frederik.

He usually stayed seated behind his desk but today he was sitting on one of the two sofas that faced each other across a low coffee table.

As Janni entered he beckoned her to sit next to him.

Although she had no way of knowing yet, Frederik had read all of her private emails that she had been accessing during her lunch break at work over the past few months. Emails she had been exchanging with an older Englishman called Jack who wrote erotic stories for a well known web site. In these frank exchanges with Jack Janni had opened her self to him, telling him of her sexual fantasies and how she regularly masturbated whilst reading his stories and those by other authors; her favourite topic being tales of submissive women being sexually dominated and humiliated by one or more men.

Before he called her into his office he had again read of her fantasy involving him groping her at work. He had also checked out the explicit pictures she had sent Jack of her in various naked poses.

By the time she entered his office he was already very aroused.

As she sat down next to him he tried to keep up the business like atmosphere by opening a file on the table and asking her about the figures on the account.

He hesitated before making his move; nervous that he had somehow got it all wrong but the painfully hard erection straining to get out of his trousers convinced him that she would just submit quietly as she had stated in her various emails to her author friend.

With a little trepidation he placed his hand on her knee. She turned her head toward him but, other than a faint smile, did not react in any other way. Encouraged by this he slowly moved his hand upward, pulling the hem of her skirt up with it. His heart was pounding in his chest but outwardly he appeared calm and in control as he moved his hand inch by inch, higher and higher until the tops of her hold ups became visible. He had read in her emails to Jack that she always wore holdups but now he knew for sure. Just the thought of touching the naked soft flesh of her thigh above the tops of holdups made his erection twitch.

Janni let out an involuntary sigh but remained otherwise passive as Frederik's hand reached the naked flesh of her upper thighs. She knew that any of her colleagues could enter the office and see what she was doing but she obeyed immediately as he turned to her and instructed, "Open your legs".

He squeezed and stroked the soft flesh of her thighs; his fingers lightly brushing the gusset of her knickers. He could feel that she was wet and, using a couple of fingers, he pulled the moist gusset to one side and pushed a finger straight up into her hot wetness.

He felt her start to move her hips but immediately pulled his hand away, denying her the chance to get more pleasure.

Their eyes met briefly as he said, "I didn't ask you in here for your pleasure; you are here to please me. Now, kneel in front of me.

Janni slid from the sofa. Frederik shifted his knees apart allowing her to kneel between them. He noticed how her cheeks were flushed as he told her, "get my cock out Janni and suck me until I cum."

He leaned back on the sofa as she obediently unzipped him, fished around inside and eased out his throbbing erection. He knew he wouldn't last long as she lowered her head, opened her mouth and took him into her mouth.

This was just part of what he had always dreamed of since Janni had first joined the work force but now it could all come true.

Her young tender mouth sucked him eagerly as he placed his hands on her head and started to fuck her mouth. Her blond hair felt soft and her sweat mouth hot and eager but his overwhelming desire was to ejaculate into her mouth and feel her swallow it all.

Just the thought of any of her colleagues suddenly entering the office and seeing her doing this to her boss mortified her but her desire to please Frederik over ruled these fears.

She liked the feeling of his stiff shaft thrusting between her lips; the familiar male salty taste on her tongue as the exposed head of her boss's erection snaked over it. She could feel him gripping her head harder and pulling her toward him as his thrusting became more urgent. She gagged a few times as the tip of his cock touched the back of he throat but she didn't care. Her total focus was to please him; to feel his cock pulsate between her lips and then ejaculate into her mouth.

She didn't have to wait long. She felt him tense his body as he gripped her head. She tightened her lips around his shaft as she felt it pulsating. She started to suck hard, as if trying to draw the spunk from him and then felt his hot salty fluids flooding her mouth. She gulped and swallowed, feeling the salty slime slide down her throat and felt pleased with her self at what she considered a job well done.

Frederik released his grip on her head as she let his softening penis slip from her mouth.

There were a few last dribbles of spunk still coming from his cock and, much to his delight, she instinctively licked him clean.

There was an awkward silence as Frederik stood to zip himself up. Janni then stood up, straightened her skirt and wiped her lips. After the spell of silence Frederik just said, "Have a nice weekend Janni," as though nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

He then returned to his desk and Janni left his office.

Janni felt relieved that her colleagues had already left for home as she tidied her desk and prepared to leave herself. Her mind was racing all the way home. The incident with Frederik had taken her completely by surprise. It was the type of encounter that featured regularly in her fantasies but never for one moment did she think it could happen for real.

During the journey home she knew that things had now changed at work. From her past experiences with men she knew that Frederik would now want more from her; want and demand more. She started to worry if he would tell others at work. She had always dressed very conservatively and prided her self in her professionalism in the office. Now, as the taste of Frederik's spunk lingered in her mouth she had a strong feeling that she risked becoming the office tart.

The idea both horrified her and aroused her to the extent that by the time she reached her apartment the desire to satisfy the burning lust inside her was almost overwhelming. She opened the front door and rushed inside, pulling her knickers down as she hastily made her way to the bedroom. By the time she collapsed onto the bed she had already lifted her skirt and plunged a hand between her legs. Her pussy lips were engorged and aroused, oozing her musky mucous as she brushed her fingers over her clit. Her eyes were closed and images of the afternoon's events flashed through her mind. Frederik in his smart business suit and tie; his erect penis jutting out from his open fly; the look of pure lust in his eyes as she knelt subserviently at his feet, gazing up at him as she took him into her willing mouth. The way his hands had gripped her head as he used her mouth for his own selfish pleasure and the final eruption of his spunk.

The recollections were all too much for her as she felt her orgasm building rapidly. With her hand pressed against her clit and a finger delving into her wetness, her whole body convulsed with pleasure as she thrashed about on the bed and reached her orgasm.

The weekend passed by uneventfully but by Monday morning Janni felt nervous and apprehensive as she prepared for work. She dressed in her usual conservative style; simple white cotton bra, matching string bikini knickers and white hold ups beneath a knee length full skirt and white cotton blouse fastened to the neck.

After her initial apprehension everything appeared normal as she greeted her work colleagues and settled into her chair to start work.

After about an hour and a coffee, Frederik called from his office, "Janni, please come in here for a moment."

Her heart started to race as she stood and walked over to his office and paused by the open door.

"Come in Janni", he said jovially, close the door and come and stand next to me."

As she walked over and stood next to him he said, "Janni, the events of last Friday in my office happened for a reason. We have been monitoring private internet usage and emails by staff members during working hours."

Janni felt flustered and gazed down at the floor as he continued, "And last Friday I was reading your frank admissions of your sexual fantasies to your friend Jack, the author whose stories you read on that erotic story web site you frequently visit. In case you are in any doubt I also saw the revealing pictures of your self that you had sent him."

At that moment Janni wished that the floor would open up and swallow her.

Now at least she understood Frederik's sudden change in his behaviour toward her last Friday but felt nervous and afraid of what action he might take.

"Janni," he continued in a stern voice, "at first, when I was shown the emails my first reaction was that I should sack you for gross misconduct."

Janni continued to stare down at the floor, even more embarrassed as it was now apparent that if Frederik had been shown the emails then at least one more person at work must have also seen them.

She was about to beg him not to sack her as she began, "please, Frederik I ...

"I'm not going to sack you Janni so don't look so miserable. However, after reading about your sexual fantasies, seeing your revealing pictures and sampling your skills last Friday I have decided to change your duties a little."

Janni felt the sudden relief of keeping her job rush through her like a pleasant warm glow.

Frederik continued, "I was impressed by your little performance last Friday."

"Good," she replied softly, blushing and gazing down at the floor as she remembered fondly the moment when he had cum in her mouth; knowing that she had given him great pleasure and pleased him.

She then raised her head and their eyes met. She became aware of him checking her out in a way she hadn't noticed before; slowly appraising her from head to toe.

"You have a nice figure Janni; the type of figure that should not be hidden under those conservative clothes. So, as part of your revised duties we have decided that you should dress differently for work every Friday afternoon."

Except during extremely busy times the company usually closed at lunch time on Fridays.

"What do you mean differently?"

"I mean much less conservative and more revealing Janni; clothes that show off your body rather than concealing it.

Now lift up your skirt and show me your legs Janni."

Frederik felt pleased by her submissive response as, with only the slightest hesitation, she reached down, gripped the hem of her skirt and started to lift it up. She stopped as the tops of her hold ups were revealed.

"Why have you stopped?" Frederik said in a very stern voice; "you'll stop only if I tell you to. Now lift it higher."

Frederik watched as she slowly revealed more and more of her thighs, aroused not only by her looks but by her obedience. Finally the crotch of her white knickers was revealed and once again she paused.

"What did I say earlier Janni," he barked.

"She immediately apologised, "sorry, I'm sorry."

"Stop apologising and lift it right up."

She stood passively with the skirt pulled up around her waist while Frederik stared directly at the crotch of her knickers.

"I noticed in the pictures we saw that your pussy was hair free. Do you always keep it like that?"

"Yes," she mumbled, embarrassed by his reminder that he and someone else had seen her naked in the pictures she had sent to Jack.

At that moment the office door opened and Frederik's secretary Christina walked in.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I did not mean to interrupt you Frederik," she said.

Much to Janni's embarrassment Frederik said, "no, please come right in, Janni was just showing me her knickers."

Janni had quickly let go of her skirt allowing it to fall back down and cover her.

At the same moment she saw the severe look of disapproval in Frederik's face as he barked, "I did not say that you could let go of your skirt Janni. Now lift it up again, right up like before."

Janni did as he asked; her cheeks flushed scarlet as she stood with her knickers revealed to both of them.

Frederik's secretary Christina was a little shorter than Janni at about 5feet 1inch. Like Janni she was slim and well toned; the result of daily workouts at the gym. Her hair would be described as dark blond or light brown framing an attractive face. Unlike Janni, Christina regularly wore much more revealing clothes to work. This morning she was wearing a tight dark skirt cut a few inches above the knee and a close fitting top with a plunging neckline which, when she walked up to Frederik's desk and, with her hands placed on the desk and leaning towards him, gave him a good view of her firm 32B breasts.

Speculation that Frederik and Christina were having an affair had been office gossip for a long time but this seemed to contradict another popular rumour that she was a lesbian. What ever the truth Janni was in no doubt that she was enjoying Frederik gazing down the front of her top at her breasts.

As she brazenly showed her breasts off to her boss she looked at Janni, or more specifically looked at the toned soft flesh of her upper thighs and the gently feminine bulge of her vulva beneath the white cotton of her knickers.

"Christina, I've been telling Janni that the email communications we uncovered are unacceptable but that she would not lose her job over it. I have also told her that as part of the deal to keep her job she would be given extra duties. Christina, as it was your idea perhaps you would like to explain to Janni what will be expected of her."

Janni could sense how much Christina was relishing the situation when she turned toward her and said, "As I think Frederik has already said you will dress quite differently at work each Friday afternoon. Your underwear is OK; especially the hold ups but your tops and skirts will need to change dramatically. Frederik gave me a budget to spend on your clothes so at lunch time today I'll show you what I bought and you can try some on for size."

With that, Christina walked out of the office.

Janni was still standing self consciously displaying her knickers to Frederik. She tensed as he reached out and touched her knee.

"Just so that we are clear Janni," he said, "during the week from Monday to Friday morning, your duties and dress code will be unchanged. Now move your feet apart."

She did as he asked, tensing as his hand immediately slid up the inside of her thigh until he was gripping the flesh of her labia through the fine cotton of her knickers. He both caressed and gripped her tender flesh, enjoying the discovery that her knickers were wet, as he continued, "On Friday afternoons you will dress like a tart, short skirts and low cut tops to show off your body and accept the fact that you will be treated like one."

He gave her labia once last squeeze before removing his hand as he said, "now go and get on with your work."

Christina and Janni both had desks in the main reception area and as midday approached Christina walked over to Janni's desk and said, "Let's go; the clothes are in Frederik's office.

It had not occurred to Janni that she would be trying on the outfits in front of Frederik. The idea made her feel both awkward but at the same time aroused. She already knew how Frederik was excited by her and the chance to please him again in what ever way appealed to her.

She got up from her desk and followed Christina into Frederik's office. As usual his door was open and they walked straight in. Frederik was seated at his desk. Christina walked over to a pile of clothes that were piled on the coffee table that was between the two sofas on the opposite side of the office to his desk.

Frederik looked up from his desk; "shut the door Janni," he said, "then go over to Christina and she'll help you with the outfits while I watch."

Frederik could see how Christina both looked and sounded excited as she said, "Janni take off your skirt and blouse and we'll try on some of these outfits I've chosen for you."

Janni hesitated and nervously glanced across to Frederik. He just smiled as Christina said, "come on Janni, let's get those sensible clothes off and let's show Frederik how good you look dressed as a tart."

With that Janni started to slowly unfasten her skirt. Her actions were obviously too slow for Frederik as he said, rather impatiently, "Christina, give her a hand to get undressed."

While Janni was still unfastening her skirt Christina quickly unfastened her blouse. Both the blouse and skirt were soon laying on the end of one of the sofas and Janni was stood self consciously dressed in just her white cotton string bikini knickers and bra set off nicely by her white holdups.

"Take off the holdups as well Janni," said Christina, "I've got some sheer black ones here that are more suitable for a tart."

Christina passed the black holdups to Janni and then waited and watched while she took off the white ones and pulled on the black ones.

In the mean time Christina had pulled out a red micro skirt from the pile of clothes on the table. "Put this on," she said, handing the miniscule scrap of stretchy fabric to Janni.

She felt awkward as she stepped into to skirt and struggled to pull it up to and over her hips. It felt tight as the fabric stretched over her upper thighs and hips; barely covering her and at the same time hugging every inch beneath it.

Christina then held up another scrap of white fabric and said, "Take your bra off Janni and we'll try on this top."

Janni knew that at any moment someone could walk into the office. She heard the excitement in Christina's husky voice and saw the look of lust on Frederik's face. She felt shy and humiliated by the thought of baring her breasts to the two of them but at the same time aroused by the idea of pleasing them.

She reached up behind her back and released the bra. As she removed it and bared her breasts she gazed down at the floor; her cheeks flushed but with a growing feeling of arousal flooding her senses.

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