tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJan's Vegas Adventure Ch. 01

Jan's Vegas Adventure Ch. 01


The day finally came for us to leave home for Vegas. We have planned this trip for months, which provided incentive for Jan to work out consistently. She had a goal to firm up her body, lose weight, and look her best. At age 58, she can be very self critical in private and I sensed she was striving for an unattainable goal: to look like she did at 40. I believe she felt satisfied with the results, which she displayed during her pre-Vegas fashion show for me, and which ended in a fuck session in the same clothes and position as when she fucked another man, her first since our relationship began. (See the Prelude to this story.) Whether and how far Jan would take this, the awakening of her inner slut, had not been discussed. We both knew Vegas would be the next time, and the most opportune environment, to test the limits, hers and mine.

We arrived late afternoon and settled in to our room, looking over the strip. We went to the sports bar for food and drink, a martini for Jan, who was wearing a maxi-dress she had travelled in. It hugged her body and had a low enough neckline to show eye-catching cleavage. Walking through the casino I could tell it wasn't a crowded week, no fights or big shows to draw people in, but there was still a good vibe.

I watched men young and old check out Jan, whose prominent hips and round ass were on display for those who know and appreciate a mature, confident, experienced full grown woman. At the bar, I asked Jan about the next day's plans, and she requested a lilly pad day at the adult pool. This is an expensive indulgence for two people, but it gives plenty of space at the edge of the pool for sunbathing, people watching, entry and exit to the pool, and great service for food and drinks. Her request gave me the opportunity to bargain with my bride in a teasing way, remarking it all depends on which bathing suit she intended to wear.

"Why waste money on a prominent location if she dont intend to strut her stuff?"

Jan looked me dead cold in the eye and said, "you won't be disappointed, I promise. I brought other options for the pool, for all THREE days at the lilly pad."

This was a green light, and augured well for exciting times ahead.

"As a matter of fact," she added, "I will go to the room and change, come back here, and let's go gamble. Make sure there is a fresh martini for me. I will text you when I am on my down."

Off she went, and I noticed I wasn't the only one watching her ass work its way through the crowd out of the sports bar. When Jan returned I was surprised to see she was wearing the same skirt she wore at the beach, the night she fucked the young stud. However, this time she paired it with a blouse I had never seen before; it was a bright red, silky material, that popped with a look at me appeal. The front essentially was two pieces, separated by Jan's breasts, which were exposed as close to her buds as possible.

As she walked in, her breasts bounced with each step, and her nipples were clearly at full mast. It looked like her teats might fall out at any moment, which of course kept her audience's rapt attention. She had on black heels that gave a taut look to her thighs and calves. Damn, she looked fine. She took back her seat, giving quite a show as she pulled the heavy chair out and then scooted in to my side, where her martini awaited.

"Hey beautiful," I said as I leaned in to give her a kiss and to mark her as mine. "How are you keeping those amazing teats inside that blouse?" I asked.

I learned about some kind of sticky substance women can use to prevent such a wardrobe malfunction. It was hard for me to take my eyes off her chest, and her, but I managed to carry on conversation as we watched baseball and I studied the CFB and NFL betting sheets. Jan finished her martini and we walked out, her ahead of me, which gave me a great perspective of her head turning performance.

Our favorite casino is the smallest (though still huge) and classiest one on the new strip. It is luxurious in every detail. It happens to be Jan's all time, hands down, favorite place to be. For those of you who have learned about Jan through these stories, I want you to know this place truly is magic for her, and thus for me and our marriage. The bright lights and sounds of the place, the pulsating vibe, plus the extraordinarily interesting people watching, all conspire to excite Jan in ways unique to that city, and to this place.

On our previous trips, Jan would willingly wear her Vegas outfits, and strut her stuff for me, denying any knowledge of or caring about attention from others. But this first night was a whole next level.

As we walked towards her favorite slot machine, I pondered how things would likely be different this time, and I decided we needed to talk about the limits, if any, we would agree upon so there would be no risk, or at least less risk, that Jan's potential adventures could negatively affect our marriage. I am so proud of her, and I realized I had been the catalyst for Jan dropping the pretense she had maintained for so many years. Bottom line: she loves attention, loves the game of flirtation, and loves to fuck, and the truth is she loves variety.

Another important thing about her: Jan doesn't have a long attention span. I tell her she is my hummingbird: a beautiful creature who moves from one object to another, quickly. I wasn't worried Jan would settle in to any kind of relationship with any other man. She is 58, we had been together monogamously for 18 years, and I am secure with the knowledge she loves me and has no desire to move on. I am also secure in our sexual relationship, but with some settled differences.

Jan isn't into foreplay. She doesn't respond to oral sex with the same level of desire I had experienced with other women. She would always say she likes it, but her response wasn't to encourage it in our seduction game. No, she wants to fuck as soon as I am ready. Warm up with kissing and fondling, vibrator to get the first hard orgasm, then fuck. Prolonged, sensual giving wasn't her objective either. Instead, she is the object, the one to be sated. Do I wish some things were different? Of course, but our sex life was great, and I no longer resented there was much more taking than giving in our marriage, though I used to resent it.

All these thoughts rolled through my mind as I then visualized Jan when she fucked Ted, her first, very recent and only foray, with my permission. That was the same Jan I fell in love with; a sweet, beautiful woman who becomes intensely sexual in the right moment. I resolved to talk through the tough questions with her before she consummated another flirtation, but to do so with strategic patience. Aggressive questioning and insistence on decisions would likely make Jan pull back, fearing I was not truly accepting of the concept of her becoming a so-called hotwife, a word we had never discussed and a term I was not sure she knew the meaning. Plus I am real sure she doesn't know the stag/vixen concept.

We found the right slot machine, and Jan took her seat, holding her hand out for one Benjamin and the room card. Jan and I are both from small towns, and we feel very lucky (though earned from very hard work) to be able to enjoy trips like this one. So Jan is very modest when gambling on slots. I always sit by her checking out the scene until she loses enough money that she is ready to move on to the tables.

Once she got started, Jan stared intensely at the turning screen, max bet ($3), spreading and shaking her legs, skirt starting to ride up her thighs. She crossed her legs openly, not knee on knee. I got up to scout out the craps and roulette tables. When I returned, I approached the slot area and was stopped dead in my tracks. Jan's pussy was on display beneath her dress from the angle of my view. It wasn't exposed in a blatant way, and I couldn't be sure if she was intentionally baring her waxed cunt or if it just happened as she moved around in her chair. Man, what a surprise.

I sat down and Jan turned to me. We kissed. I decided not to mention she wasn't wearing panties, a request I had made many times before. I was amazed at the display I saw. Jan has a large pussy, as I have described before. Her labia are not prominent, but her gash is long, and her honey hole wide and deep. Her clit is very responsive, and when engorged, feels like a large, hard button underneath its hood. And now, Jan had decided to include this exposure in her expanding repertoire.

We scouted out the crap tables. It was about 10p local time, so things were getting a bit more amped. We found a spot at the end of a table that had five guys playing, all looked to be in their late 20's or early 30's. They ranged in height, but all of them were in good shape and well dressed, not slouchy or grungy like so many guys that age seem to think is cool. They were all playing, and I plopped down several hundreds, gathered our chips, and started to play.

Jan caught everyone's eye when we approached, and she seemed not to notice a few elbow nudges between the guys. I had a good view beside her, but I could also see one of the open bars, where escort girls had started to gather and work the men, a process Jan and I have enjoyed watching while weaving stories based on speculation about what is being said, and commenting on appearances. Jan didn't look like an escort girl, but she was formidable competition for attention.

Craps can be a social experience, especially with the right mix of people and a good run of the dice. The runs by each guy were decent, keeping money going out and back in on the table. With good rolls, Jan would give her trademark woohoo and bounce enough so that her breasts jiggled. The risk of one plopping out seemed high. The fact Jan was turned on was apparent as her nipples were poking though the red silk, and when it clung to them, you could see her raised buds.

We all introduced ourselves and talked about where we were from etc., so that all present knew about us, a married couple with children and grandchildren. NO WAY was said almost in unison when Jan said she was a Grandmom. NO WAY was she 58. Jan blushed so much her chest and neck turned red.

Finally the dice came to me. I asked if anyone would object to Jan taking my roll, and HELL YEA could be heard loudly as the guys were clapping and yelling GO JAN!

The dice were as hot as Jan. She hit the difficult combinations, double 2s, 3s, 4s, staying away from 7. When one of the guys had money on a number that won, he would walk to Jan and give her a high five. Jan's whooohooos got louder, as did her shaking and shimmying. As the dice were pushed back her way after each lucky roll, she heard different variations of encouragement, increasingly loaded with sexual innuendo.

Better blow on that dice Jan."

"Make them explode."

"You want double numbers."

"I'm betting on you sexy girl."

"Shake and roll Jan."

"Your touch is so good Jan, don't stop."

Work it girl."

"My pocket is bulging in chips because of you Jan."

"Keep it up and let's make this last a long time."

"Ride this horse to Neil it's spent, Jan."

"This has to be the best and biggest you have ever, and we are all getting in on this action."

"This is your lucky night, Jan."

She responded to each offer of encouragement with her own innuendo, the most significant being, "you guys are gonna owe me."

It was an epic run. People started gathering around, and Jan was the star of the show. She absolutely loved it. So did I on many counts. It was a rush, and $7,000 later to the good, Jan finally crapped out.

Everyone at the table was thrilled and flush with winnings. The guys lined up and gave Jan a hug, and Jan made her chest available for each one to press against her breasts. A couple of the guys gave her a kiss on the cheek. By the time that was finished, Jan was flushed again and grinning from ear to ear. I got the last hug, and kiss on the lips, with a quick tongue action, subtle enough but still enough to provoke a holler from one of the guys.

Naturally, we were invited to the bar, and we followed along with our new friends.

Champagne (Dom) was ordered, we all circled around Jan, and we toasted her skills at the crap table, thanking her for making us all loads of money. By this time it was late and Jan was drunk. We declined the invitation to join them at one of the clubs, but Jan did promise we would see them at the pool the next day, unless, she teased, they forgot about her, had a hangover, or hooked up with one of the beautiful girls in the casino.

"But remember guys, you owe me," she said with a touch of slurred speech.

We headed to our room but only after another round of each guy copping a feel with good night hugs, including a squeeze on the ass by two of the more brazen in the bunch. Jan was holding my arm tightly for balance.

When we got in the elevator, I started to smell her sex. When her juices start to flow, Jan fills a room with the pungent aroma of her aroused pussy. Because she was commando, there was no barrier except her dress, so that my nostrils were filled. As the doors closed I kissed Jan deeply and mauled her teats through the silk, pulling one side open to expose her right nipple. I sucked on it and she moaned with pleasure. The doors would open soon, but I moved my hand under her skirt and pushed my finger in her vagina; she was very wet, and I slid in easily.

"Damn baby, you are on fire."

She moaned again. I quickly withdrew as the doors opened and we made our way to the room. Jan had to pee. When she returned, her shoes were off, and she danced and snapped her fingers.

"Baby, I was hot tonight!"

"Yes you were Jan. Get your ass to the bed and let me see how hot."

The room lights were set low. The Vegas night was clear, and the lights from the strip and the tall casinos, phallic displays all, cast a subdued glow in the room. I approached Jan and pulled each side of her blouse to expose her breasts.

"Honey, you looked amazing tonight."

"Did I really?" she asked, as I cupped each breast and sucked on her nipples.

"Yes, really."

I unzipped her skirt and pulled it down after removing her blouse. Cupping her vagina again, I looked her in the eye and told this was quite a surprise.

"I did that for you, sexy man."

"And its mine tonight," I replied, and gently pushed her on the bed. Jan opened her legs for me. She took both hands and pulled her pussy open, exposing her labia; her clit was peaking from its hood. I undressed, and my cock was hard. I knelt down and started eating her pussy. It was very wet and emitting even more of the pungent smell her arousal produces. She quickly tensed to a gushing orgasm as I diddled her clit with my tongue. I stood up and she looked at my cock.

"Looks like you are ready to fuck me," she hoarsely whispered.

Boy was I. Jan turned flat on her stomach and raised her ass, inviting me. I pulled a cock ring from the nightstand and managed to apply it under my balls and over the base of my dick. Climbing on the bed, I moved in position and worked my cock in her pussy. Jan loves this position. It makes her feel full and she loves the feel of my balls on her ass as I fuck her. I used my arms to hold me in position and jackhammered her pussy, feeling her ass cheeks against my groin and sac with each stroke. When Jan starts to clinch the sheets with her hands, I know she has reached the state when she her mind and body are in synch, and she is in a frenzy of pleasure. I felt her pussy tighten around me, and then the glorious gush of warm juices covered my cock, the best affirmation I can get.

I let her rest, lying on top of her while slowly grinding my cock like a plunger until her breathing subsided, and then I started long, slow strokes, now intent on my pleasure, using her pussy to bring me to climax, pushing one last time, balls deep to unload my cum. This fuck session was on my personal top 25, maybe even top 10 list.

I pulled out after a rest and rolled over. Jan stayed on her front, splayed out, but I noticed she was moving her pelvis left and right. Damn, she wasn't through, but I sure was. This 62 year old man had given all he had to give, but Jan was still on fire. I got up and went to the toy drawer and got the cyber skin dildo. It is brown, much longer and thicker than I am. Jan rolled on her back and I propped up on my side.

"Baby, you were the hottest woman in the place. You really looked good," I whispered as I held the dildo between her breasts.

Jan, quietly, said "thanks, I had fun."

"You rolled those dice good, and these things (fucking her breasts with the dildo) did ya proud too. Our new friends couldn't take their eyes off you."

"I am too old for them," she replied. "They just liked me cause I was on a roll."

She was spreading her legs wider, and I handed her the dildo. Jan took it and opened her pussy with her left hand, and started to work the dildo in slowly.

"You have to admit you were the center of attention, and that red blouse was killer," I said to encourage her.

"Did you really like it? It wasn't too much?"

The dildo was halfway in, as Jan worked it back and forth.

It was amazing, and perfect. "I sure wasn't the only one who thought so."

The dildo was going in deeper, slowly.

"I can't wait to show you off at pool and see what you wear."

The dildo was now in to the hilt, then pulled out slowly. I took it from her hand.

"I bet those guys will be sure to be at the pool."

"Do you think so?"

"I know so baby."

The dildo was now in my control, and I picked up the pace. She started bucking against it. "Don't stop," she whispered.

I picked up the rhythm, fucking her harder.

"You know every man in the place wants to fuck you, don't you."

"Yes, I do," she exclaimed.

"You are the hottest piece of ass here."

At this point, Jan grabbed my hand and held the dildo tight into her cunt as she spasmed on it. Her neck veins bulged, head thrown back. Maybe one of her top 100 orgasms, but I couldn't know that for sure. As Jan started to doze off with the dildo still resting in her pussy, one thing I knew for sure was tomorrow would be an interesting day.

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