tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJan's Vegas Adventure Ch. 03

Jan's Vegas Adventure Ch. 03


This installment of the "Jan in Vegas" series is written with Jan from her perspective. We hope this and the last series (How Far Will She Go?") have been enjoyable, and that our writing has consistently improved. This installment of the "Jan in Vegas" series is written with Jan from her perspective. We hope this and the last series (How Far Will She Go?") have been enjoyable, and that our consistent readers have noticed improvements in our structure and writing. There will be one more chapter about this adventure.


Tim and I made it back to our room, and I am sure I was stumbling along the way. The day at the pool had been visually and sexually intoxicating, and was topped off with alcohol in the Vegas sun. My self esteem was as high as it had ever been, and the inhibitions I had felt were cast aside, along with my top, in the glow of the praise and flirtations by Bob, Chasity, and Lisa.

It is true I am 58, and I know that no matter how much I am capable of deluding myself, I know my body is flawed. But I really did feel lust from Bob, an honest to goodness carnal desire from a 27 year old hunk of a man. The way he looked at me, the chemistry we both felt, the parting hug with my bare chest pressed against his, and our goodbye kiss, left me confident he wanted ME tonight, and I damn sure wanted him. When I left that pool, I was determined to make Bob mine.

Tim was feeling the effects of the day at the pool, too. I had promised we would fuck, but I really wasn't in the mood. I wanted to clean up, take a nap, and have plenty of time to look my best for the night in the casino, and then in our room, with Bob. We threw our things on the floor and I declared I was going to take a shower, and then draw a warm bath. Tim didn't object, which wasn't a surprise. At age 62, we both knew his get up and go had not been what it used to be. Far from it actually, and our sex life involved planning and agreement so Tim could be ready. That meant little to no alcohol, the blue pill, and then a hit or miss whether there would be a hard dick for me to enjoy.

This may sound like I am complaining, but I am not. We talk openly about the issue, and I knew Tim's diminished capacity for spontaneous erections was a motivating factor for his incredibly generous decision to encourage me to find temporary substitutes. He knew I wanted nothing more than a hard cock, so it wasn't like I was looking for a permanent relationship. I was a one night stand kind of girl back in the day, and slipping back to that state of mind seemed natural.

And our sex life wasn't bad, at all. We adjusted. Age has taken its toll on me, after all. My hormones were out of whack and though I still orgasmed quickly, my urges and my juices had lessened. And I loved our planning. As explained in our prior submissions, however, I had been working really hard on my body, and my exhibitionist desires had been reignited, which also caused me to want a good hard fucking just like I looked for in my cock hunting, size queen days. I loved the game, I knew tonight I would feel that way again. Today at the pool reminded me of the way I felt, back when I couldn't control myself, as the country song says.

So, hearing no objection, I pulled off my coverup and bikini, and hopped in the shower. It felt so good to have fresh warm water wash over my body. I soaped up the wash rag and scrubbed clean. I inspected my pussy to be sure that no stubbles had appeared since my waxing. I was starting to sober up a bit. As I was washing my hair, Tim stepped in the shower with me. He layered up my back and ass cheeks. I turned and he did the same to my shoulders, chest, and breasts.

We switched positions and I washed Tim's body, with greatest attention to his cock and balls. He started to firm up a bit, but not nearly enough to signal anything more was in store, and I confess I wasn't disappointed. We got out and dried off, and I decided to skip the bath. I needed to rest, and so did Tim. We closed all the curtains, climbed in bed, drank lots of water, and split an Ambien. Tim then started to talk about the day.

"That was fun," he said. "You were amazing, and you sure looked awesome topless honey."

"Thanks baby," I replied. "That was a blast, and I have to admit, it was a turn on to be out there with Chasity and Lisa. They were so sweet to make me feel included."

"Yes, and Bob, too, made you feel included, didn't he?" Tim responded.

"Yes, he did."

"You want to fuck him tonight, don't you"

I paused, gave my best sigh, and said, "yes, I do. What do you think?"

Tim didn't hesitate. "I think it's fine, Jan. We agreed to this. All I need to know is what you want me to do. Bob seems like a respectful young man."

"I want you in the room. I will feel much better, and safer, if you are here. I don't want to go to his room. And when it is time for him to go, you will be my enforcer. I agree it doesn't seem like that is necessary, but it is important to me."

"Okay sweetheart. You are in charge. I will follow your lead, and I won't interfere unless it is necessary. I have a feeling Bob doesn't know what he's in for, but I think you will show him. Let's take a nap, but you better make plans with him first, don't you think?"

"Good idea," I agreed, and I picked up my phone and texted Bob.

"Thanks for a great time at the pool," I wrote, to start the conversation. "Ready to make plans for tonight, thick boy?"

"Yes I am," Bob responded immediately. "You have put a spell on me, and your wish is my command."

"Good boy. Are you ready to hear my commands?"

"Yes, and to obey them."

"I plan to hold you to that, Mister. First command, no messing around with Chasity or Lisa, or both, or any other young tart. I want you all to myself, so no sharing."

"Of course. I have no desire to, and I have my own room, BTW," Bob responded, clearly with his own agenda in mind.

"Nope. Second command, we meet at 8:30 at the bar Parasol Up bar, where Tim and I will be having drinks. Then we go to the roulette table and play together, while Tim plays blackjack. You better eat some food and rest up."

"Sounds like fun, and will do."

"Are you ready for my next command?" I asked.

"I hope it has something to do with gushing!" Bob playfully replied, smartly referencing our earlier texting.

"That remains to be proven, big boy, in my room, with Tim here only as an observer. You good with that?"

There was a moment of silence at this point, but after what I assumed was a thoughtful pause, Bob said, "Yes, I am. This will be a new experience for me, but I am up for anything if it means a chance to be with you."

Bob was laying it on thick now, and I was eating it up. "Good. There will be more commands later. Remember to rest up. I want your best tonight. See you soon."

"I can't wait," Bob replied. "I am looking forward to seeing all of you...."

The game was on, and I liked his cockiness. I was really looking forward to having his cock. I gave the phone to Tim so he could see the plans. We curled up under the covers and took a nap.


I woke up to an alarm sounding off on my phone, which was odd because I didn't remember setting it. The curtains were open, and I found a note from Tim. Food was on the way, it said, he was down in the casino gambling, and to call him when the food was set up. Just then, I heard a knock on the door. Hmmm, I wondered, this couldn't be a coincidence. My robe was there on the bed. Tim must have suspected more happened than I had said when we had delivery the same morning. I was a mess, with wild, frizzy hair and no makeup, but the thought of displaying my body again energized me. What the hell, might as well keep this fun going, I decided.

I crossed my fingers, put the robe on, and looked through the peep hole, hoping to see a man instead of a woman. Oh my God! It was Malik. My heart skipped a beat, and I hesitated. How did this happen? Did he arrange to bring the order? Should I let him in? Tim wasn't here; would I be safe? I had his name and number, but I didn't text him. My doubts were overcome by the memory of his impeccable manners, his obvious desire for me when I displayed my body to him, and the enormous erection I had caused.

I opened the door.

"Good afternoon Jan," Malik said with his British colonial accent. "May I come in?"

"Yes you may," I responded, as he looked at my body, up and down. "Good to see you again."

"The pleasure is mine," Malik said as he started to push the cart in. "It is very good to see you again." Like the morning, Malik brushed by me and his muscular arm pressed across my breasts and rock hard nipples. "May I set the table?"

"Of course."

"Should I set it like I did this morning?"

"Please do," I said, following him to the table. I took the same chair, and watched him slowly set the table. My robe was open, and I sat slouched in the chair, with my legs spread open. Malik could barely take his eyes of me, and I watched his loins to see his cock start to rise. He had enormous hands, with thick, long fingers, and well trimmed nails. His pink nail beds fascinated me with the contrast of his black skin.

I started to pull my breast with my left hand and and tease my pussy with my right. My sex started to fill the room, and Malik's trousers were straining against his enormous dick. Malik finally finished the place settings, carefully arranging the table including the water glasses and a small vase of flowers.

"Should I set out the food, my lady?" Malik asked. "You don't want it to get cold, I hope."

I looked into his eyes. "Please, but leave the covers on," I whispered. Malik had trouble bending down to pull the food from the warmer, and had to adjust his cock, which he did slowly and frontally for my view. He put out the trays, and looked back at me, in my eyes, then his gaze went down slowly, until he looked directly at my pussy. I moved my left hand and opened my pussy, exposing my clit, which was engorged, blood red, throbbing and as big as I ever recall.

"May I help with that" Malik asked, in a trance.

"Yessss," I hissed.

Malik dropped to his knees and said, "You are a beautiful woman Jan. I haven't stopped thinking about you all day."

"Thank you," I said trembling as Malik put both of his hands on my breasts and started gently to caress them. I drew in a deep breath as he leaned into me and licked and sucked on my nipples.

"Yes, indeed, you are so beautiful."

Malik started to kiss down my body, and then teasingly caressed and kissed my thighs as I strained for him to give me the release I was desperate to receive from this gorgeous man. He reached my wet cunt, and began to expertly eat me out, using his tongue and lips to take in my juices, avoiding my clit. I was on fire, and ready to explode, when he took his middle finger and slowly inserted it in my hole. I arched my back, shocked at how full his one finger felt. When he deployed his tongue to my clit, I put my hand to the back of his bald head and pushed him onto my pussy, exploding in a gushing cum. Malik kept tongue my clit until I couldn't stand it any longer, and I begged him to stop. He slowed down and sucked in the remaining juices and looked up at me with a proud smile.

I was in a daze. Malik raised up, leaned in, and kissed me passionately, our tongues probing deeply. I could taste myself on his lips and in his mouth. I reached down and stroked his cock. It was positioned straight up towards his head, the only way it could be while he kneeled.

"May I help with that?" I asked.

"Yes, please" Malik replied.

He stood in front of me, perfectly positioned. I sat up straighter in the chair, and unclasped his belt. Pulling down his pants and underwear at once, a massive monster sprang free. Malik's dick was a long, thick, black baton, and his balls hung low in his sac, each the size of a plum. The head of his circumcised prick pointed straight at my face, and I stared in wonder at the bulbous shape. Large pulsating veins ran along the shaft. I grabbed the bottom with one hand, and then my other hand, as if grasping a baseball bat from the top. It was thick, and at least half his cock emerge from my double handed grasp. I have never seen anything like it. Was it 14 inches?

I started to stroke him and lick the head, tasting his precum. I wasn't going to deny myself this opportunity, but I also had in the back of my mind that I commanded Bob to avoid wasting any time with the escort girls because I wanted all he had to give. I didn't make the same promise (he didn't ask after all), but the idea of taking this thick night stick in my pussy also intimidated me.

I started to slap and rub the cock on my teats. Malik bent down so I could place it between my breasts and he fucked my chest while I pushed them with my arms to maximize the friction. As the head rose toward my mouth, I placed my lips around it and drooled spit to help with lubrication. After several long strokes, I pulled back, grabbed Malik's ball sac, and stroked his cock. My spit had created a generous lube, and I was able to feel the hard center of his pole as I moved the skin back and forth.

"I am close," Malik whispered. I picked up the pace, until I felt the shaft actually swell thicker. Suddenly, thick ropes of cum burst from his cock, covering my breasts and neck as I guided his dick like a spray hose. He was finally spent, and I held it as it slowly lost its firmness. It's length was amazing in that state, and I wondered how long it would take him to recover.

"Thank you, my lady. That was wonderful."

"You are very welcome. You are wonderful. Thank you," I replied.

"I am afraid I must leave if I wish to keep my employment. I would love to see you again, Jan, but it would have to be off the property. I hope you understand."

"I do. I have your number. Here, let me get you a towel." I got up and walked to the bathroom. I saw myself in the mirror. My chest was plastered in cum, and it was dripping down my belly toward my mound. I was tempted to take a picture it was such an amazing painting. I returned with the towel and handed it to Malik.

"Thank you again. If I may, I have now seen your beautiful, round ass. I am sure we would match well should the opportunity arise," Malik hinted, knowing I had to be unsure if I could manage his cock. "I am a gentle lover."

"Yes, you are gentle, but I might want you to be less gentle once I got the feel of this beautiful instrument," as I reached down and stroked the snake between his legs. I could feel life returning, but we looked at each other and exchanged nods of understanding that time was not on our side.

Malik cleaned up, got dressed, and kissed me goodbye, being careful not to get his own cum on his clothes.

We walked to the door. I was still buck naked and covered in sticky white cum. I opened it, and Malik went through pushing the tray ahead of him.

"I hope to see you again," he said sweetly.

"I do too." As he started to walk down the hall I asked, "Malik, how did you arrange to deliver the food to this room?"

He smiled. "Your husband called me. He said he wanted you to have the best service available."

I smiled. "It was wonderful service. I signed the check while you were dressing. Thank you."

I shut the door, leaned against it, and said to myself, "I love this place. Tim is making this the best stay ever."

I looked at the clock and realized I needed to get moving. I texted Tim to tell him the food was here and asked for coffee with double shots of espresso. He responded with a thumbs up, and I got in the shower. My thoughts were a mixture of reliving my time with Malik while deciding what to wear for the night. I couldn't imagine experiencing anything more exotic and erotic than what this trip had already given me, but something told me I was in for another thrilling time.


While I was in the shower, my husband came in.

"Another shower sweetheart?" he asked.

"Yep. I want to be at my best tonight. Washing hair, shaving legs, the whole bit."

"Excited for tonight."

"Very. You?"

"Yes, I am excited for you mostly, but me too. Should be fun. Don't put pressure on yourself."

"I am a little nervous, but this trip has done wonders for me. I think I look pretty good and have been getting positive feedback."

"No kidding," Tim replied as I exited the shower. "You look fantastic. Where is your robe?"

"Would you mind getting the clean one from the closet dear?" Was Tim fishing for information, I wondered. Did he know I knew he had arranged for Malik to come to my room? I must have left the receipt out and he saw his number. Tim left the bathroom as I was drying off.

"Here it is. I put the dirty one on the closet floor. Come on out to eat. It smells good in here." I took my seat with him and we started eating.

"This is good, but the food isn't as hot as normal. Did you get good service this time,?" Bob asked, as he looked at me with my robe open.

"Yes, wonderful service. And you ordered perfectly." Taking a bite, I observed, "I haven't tried this before, but it's really good. So many new things."

"That has been our plan for this trip. New things. You will have to tell me about the service when we get home, okay?"

"Of course."

"Let's talk about tonight. What are you going to wear?"

"I am NOT going to tell you! After we finish and you get ready, I was hoping you would head down to the bar and snag a spot that has two chairs and a small couch. And have a martini waiting on me when I text you I am on my way."

"Sounds like a plan. I assume the couch will be your throne, and Bob and I will take the chairs?"

"You are a smart man!" I teased. "I think we three have lots to look forward to."

We finished our meal in silence, as I was focused on what I would wear. Tim changed clothes and started to leave.

We kissed goodbye.

"Tim, this trip has been wonderful. Thank you."

"It ain't over yet sexy girl. Can't wait to see you, and watch you tonight. Let's win some money."

"Okay! Deal. I love you, my dear husband."

"I love you, my beautiful wife. See you soon."

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