tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJan's Vegas Adventure Ch. 04

Jan's Vegas Adventure Ch. 04


Well, this trip has been eventful, to say the least.

I had recently showered, eaten, and sent my husband Tim off to get us a table at our favorite people watching bar in the casino. I was getting ready for the night and using all available tools to look my best. I was scheduled to meet a young stud named Bob, whom I had lured into my web. I had to admit he had trapped me in his web as well. The anticipation was palpable; I could feel it in the air tonight.

Tim had agreed to keep me safe and stay in our room when it was time to consummate the courtship with Bob. However, I was still reeling from the unexpected visit from the food delivery man. I won't repeat the details of our encounter again here, but suffice it to say I could still feel where his cum hit my chest. But that memory needed to be set aside for now, because I was dead set on making this night the most memorable of this most amazing, transformative journey that began just a few months ago. Tim and I had begun this new chapter in our lives at the beach, and now we were both all in. My sexual desire was on full throttle.

I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror checking my body. After curling my graying, highlighted hair, I was satisfied with how it looked. My face is probably my most attractive feature, and I had my best makeup on to lighten and freshen my look. I am part Cherokee, and my facial features confirm that heritage, as does the very light charcoal shade of my skin.

My boobs aren't natural, but my doctor did a great job the second time making them look that way. They appropriately sagged and were proportioned so they looked like a natural D cup, which I needed because I am a broad shouldered girl. I cupped and rolled them, examining the half dollar sized, light pink areolae. I thought they looked good, and I was proud to show them off in the pool. I knew they weren't the perky, perfect breasts like those displayed by my escort friends, but those girls were so nice and complimentary, and I believed I competed well. It felt liberating.

Of course, Tim thought I finally went topless for him, like any typical man, but it was really for me, and this was the day I felt good enough actually to do it. I resolved it wouldn't be the last time I exhibited my teats to strangers. It was a huge turn on. Thinking back on the experience now my nipples started to rise. They are eraser sized, and when aroused grow about a half inch, and very responsive.

My attention turned next to my abdomen, which I hated. No matter how hard I worked at it, I still had a bit of a pooch for a belly. It was soft, and my skin is flawless (if I say so myself), but I just get aggravated about my stomach. My hips are still well defined, but broad, betraying my country girl roots. I have a strong base, meant for work.

My sex is totally waxed. The "fatty," as Tim calls it, is a large mound of soft flesh that defines the path to my pussy. While I haven't seen many pussies except in porn movies, Tim tells me I have a big gash and a roomy vagina made for big dicks. When he first told me this, I realized it explained my preference for large cocks. It takes a big one to fill my hole. So maybe I can blame my slutty past, short term relationships, and crappy prior marriages on genetics since most guys I had with big cocks had big attitudes and turned out to be assholes once they made their conquest.

I already knew Bob had a big cock. I saw it earlier in the day at the pool, and I could not wait to introduce myself in person. I had plans for it, and him, including a long tease to build anticipation. That meant the next step in my game plan was to choose the perfect outfit. Fortunately, Tim had purchased many options for this trip, and I had given him a fashion show back home, so he knew the options. I was sure he was wondering which one I would choose. (The red blouse I wore last night was the surprise I had for Tim, and it was a major factor in drawing Bob's attention.)

I turned to inspect my ass. It is curvy, and ample. Plenty of cushion for the pushing, but I can still see a well defined ass. Even I have to admit it isn't very firm. I slapped my left butt cheek and and saw my flesh flutter. My thighs are thick, and I hate the cellulite, but all things considered, not too bad. My hope is Bob will be pleased, and hard as a rock, when he gets me.

Flipping through my closet, I had three choices of black dresses. Thinking through the night ahead, I chose the one with a plunging neckline that showed the full measure of my breasts, and it is tight enough to perk them up. It had an empire waist, and went to mid thigh level. I pulled it over my naked body and was satisfied this was the one. Unfortunately, I couldn't zip the back, so I couldn't see the full affect of my choice. I put on my favorite black strap, fuck me shoes with four inch heels. After checking out all sides in the mirror, it was time to go. I texted Tim and off I went.

When the elevator opened, no one was on, but three floors down, it opened and three men who looked to be in their 30's tumbled in, each looking at me as they did. A good sign, I thought, turning heads already. I was in the back surrounded by them.

"Would one of you mind doing me a favor?" I asked no one in particular. They all turned to look at me. I was leaning back against the wall, with my hands behind me, thrusting my chest forward.

"My dress."

They all looked at my boobs.

"It needs," I said, pausing to savor their hungry stares.

"To be zipped."

They all moved towards me.

"Hold up," I giggled, raising my hand. "I just need one volunteer."

I turned to face the back of the elevator, raised my arms up above my head and closed my eyes. My dress rose up with my arms and I felt cool air on my ass cheeks.

"I got this," one of them said, as his hand touched my back. I felt goosebumps rise on my skin as he moved his hand slowly down my skin to the start of the zipper. He then held the dress, pressing one hand at the rise of my ass, slowly raising the zipper until it reached the top.

"Please clasp it," I whispered, leaning against the wall more, bending slightly to raise my ass higher. He stepped closer, and I felt him press his pelvis against me. I reached up and pulled my hair up to clear the clasp.

"Someone hold this," I asked, as one of them stepped closer by my side and held my hair, tightly.

The hands around my neck managed to clip the top clasp, but it apparently was a challenge. I heard the elevator open, and I raised up quickly, turning to see three sets of eyes on me. I pulled down my dress, rearranged my hair.

"Thank you gentlemen."

"Hey, weren't you at the pool today?" said the one closest to me.

"Yes I was," I replied.

They separated and like gentlemen allowed me to exit the elevator first. As I passed through the elevator lobby into the casino to start the long walk to the bar, I felt like a bitch in heat trailed by a pack of horny wolves as the guys followed me. They stayed on my scent all the way to the bar, even following me to the seating area. Did they think I was an escort girl at the pool? I hoped they did. Once I approached where Tim was seated, they peeled off to take nearby seats at the bar. Tim could see them behind me as I strutted toward him.

"Hey beautiful," said Tim greeting me with a kiss.

I took my seat on the love-seat couch and Tim sat in one of the two chairs facing me. On the coffee table were two martinis. We raised and clinked the glasses, and I took a big gulp.

"I saw you walk down the center of the casino. You had lots of admirers."

"I rode down the elevator with that pack of guys," I remarked, nodding in their direction behind Tim. I caught them looking my way. I adjusted in my seat and my dress rode up my thighs. As I uncrossed my legs and parted them, I felt a rush of cool air on my thighs and aching pussy. I took another drink and looked to confirm at least two of them were practically open mouthed as they saw my snatch. When I looked at Tim, he, too, was staring at my display. He turned and took a quick glance behind him, and then looked back at me, directly in my eyes.

"Here's to a great night, and the most gorgeous, sexy woman in this joint," Tim toasted as we clinked our glasses once again.

"Thank you. This has already been amazing."

I parted my legs more, leaving myself brazenly exposed for enough time to allow each admirer visual confirmation of what they surely were talking about, and then I closed and crossed back my legs. I started swinging my leg so hard I was pinching down on my clit, coming close to climaxing.

Once my pack of wolves realized the show was over, and I was with my alpha male, they left carrying their drinks with them. Tim and I sat mostly in silence as we both waited for 8:30 to come. I kept checking my phone like a teenage girl to confirm the time and to look for any text messages.

"Here he comes," Tim said, interrupting our silence as he looked behind me. I resisted the urge to turn and look, and it seemed forever until he made it through the casino and approached Tim.

"Hey Tim," Bob said as Tim stood and shook his hand. He then turned to me and leaned down to give me a respectful kiss on the cheek.

"Hi Jan, you look lovely," he commented as he sat in the chair next to Tim, facing me.

The next few minutes were a haze for me as I heard Tim and Bob begin a discussion. They talked without paying any attention to me, as Tim was clearly intent on engaging Bob to learn more information so that Bob could earn his confidence, and his wife.

I, in the meantime, was trying to calm my racing heart. Bob was so damn good looking in his pressed long sleeve shirt and slim fit trousers. He wore tassel loafers and looked like a successful young man, which I knew he was from our pool conversation. I focused on his crotch, and visualized the cock and balls I had seen at the pool. Feeling ignored, I started to get annoyed.

"Excuse me," I cleared my throat, uncrossed my legs, and spread them. "Whats a girl have to do to get another drink?"

Tim and Bob turned, and they both immediately stared at my waxed pussy.

"Hello?" I asked, raising my glass and clinking it with my nail. They simultaneously looked up and smiled.

"Coming right up," Tim replied. He turned to signal the cute cocktail waitress.

"So, is a little gambling still in our plans for tonight?" my husband asked, giving me the option to change the game plan.

"Yep, I think Bob and I should play roulette while you play blackjack. Sound good?" I still had my legs spread. "I'm glad I got y'all's attention" as I moved in my seat to accentuate my display.

"You have had my attention since last night," Bob offered, while looking intently at my sex.

"Let's get this party started," Tim said, giving permission for us to stick to the plan. The waitress approached and I crossed my legs.

"Three double shots of tequila," Tim ordered.

The waitress looked at me and smiled. Had she seen my pussy?

When the shots got to the table, we raised our glasses.

"Here's to a memorable night," Tim toasted.

Finishing our shots, I gave Tim and Bob one last opportunity to look at my cunt. They looked up at me once I closed my legs and we got up. The three of us began our walk through the casino checking out the gaming tables. I was struck by how natural it seemed. It wasn't at all awkward, me with my husband and my fuck toy for the night. In fact, I realized Bob could be assumed by some as an escort male hired by a married couple for the night. I started to imagine the comments being made as I watched people watch us.

When we got to the right spot, Tim picked out an unoccupied roulette table. He gave me ten Benjamins, said good luck, and went to a blackjack table nearby. I got my usual pink chips. Bob and I sat down next to each other, and I started to play my usual numbers. We had so much fun. Bob kept his attention exclusively on me, and I was so flattered by that. He kept his hand on my thigh, and looked longingly at my breasts when I leaned over to put my chips down. When I hit a number, he was genuinely enthusiastic, giving me a high five and kissing me. I flirted back, rubbing his thigh, opening my legs towards him, and kissing him more deeply as time went on. I was essentially breaking even gambling, but I felt like a big winner with this hunk demonstrating to everyone he was mine tonight.

After about an hour, I was getting anxious to get to the room. I caught Tim's eye at the blackjack table and tilted my head towards the elevator lobby. He got the message, and soon walked over towards us. I cashed in our chips and the three of us stood together, our first awkward moment. I wasn't sure how this would go, but Tim surprised me when he asked Bob to come up to our room in thirty minutes. Bob readily agreed. Tim told him our number.

"Don't let anyone take you from me," I purred to Bob.

"Don't worry. Thirty minutes will seem like a lifetime."

Tim and I turned and headed to the room. As the elevator door shut behind us, Tim pressed me against the wall and kissed me hard, tonguing me deep. I could feel his erection against my belly.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked, cupping his hand against my hot pussy. "I watched you at the table. You looked so damn hot and slutty."

I grabbed his cock through his pants and gripped it so tightly, he flinched with pain.

"Yes I am ready, and I think you are, too. I am going to be Bob's slut tonight."

The door opened to our floor and I released my husband's dick. Once we made it to the room, Tim went to the closet and pulled out a gift wrapped box.

"What is this?"

"A surprise," Tim answered. "Take it to the bathroom, open it, and come out to give me a fashion show."

I love surprise gifts, of course, and had no idea what was in the box. When did he buy it? How did he hide it from me? When I opened the box, I found a note inside, sitting on top of the gift wrapping. On the outside of the card it said: Read Before Opening. This is what it said:

Dear Jan,

These last few months have been wonderful. Our marriage is as strong as it has ever been, and I am so proud you are mine. You are an incredibly beautiful, sexy, sweet woman. You are every man's dream. When you are on my arm, I am the King of the room because my Queen is the envy of men and women alike. You have worked hard getting your body in shape, and it has been a thrill to watch your sexual desire bloom again. "When we get behind closed doors, then you let your hair hang down, and you make me glad that I'm a man." Of course, the meaning of what goes on behind closed doors has changed, hasn't it?

In this box you will find a special outfit for tonight. I hope you like it. I know I, and your lover, will.

I love you.


I rolled my eyes at the Charlie Rich reference. Tim can be so goofy, but he truly is a generous, loving man and I am so lucky to have him.

I pulled open the paper and found an amazingly luxurious lingerie set. Well, I guess it could be called lingerie. Tim had chosen a black corset, except it had no cups. The material was soft, and had garter straps in the front and back. Beautiful, high quality black, thigh high hose were next in the box, followed by stiletto heels, size 9. I looked but didn't see a thong. I held the corset up and saw that it had ties in the back. I was thrilled, and had never worn anything like it.

When I tried everything on, I felt so slutty and so scandalous. My breasts were framed by the black corset, which raised them and made them look bigger and firmer. I was so horny my nipples were totally engorged and proud. The garters held the corset in place when snapped to the thigh highs, and my bare ass and pussy were both framed nicely by the contrast against the black material. The heels were a perfect addition. I liked it. A lot.

I opened the door and walked around the corner, where Tim was sitting at the table. He had moved it and the two chairs closer to the bed. The lights were lowered just a bit, and the large window glowed with lights from the Vegas strip. I could see my reflection as I pranced towards Tim. I looked good, real good.

"Wow!" Tim exclaimed. "You look amazing!"

"You like?" I slowly twirled. "I need you to tie my back."

"My pleasure." Tim tied the straps. "How's that?"

I turned to face him. "You tell me."

"Incredible." Tim sat down in the chair, checking me out head to toe. "May I suggest something?"

"Of course," I asked, wondering what else he could possibly have in mind.

"Why don't you wear a robe when you answer the door. Then you can decide when and how to present your awesome self to Bob. That is my last contribution to this night. I am here for you, and you are in charge. Remember, he said he would follow your commands."

"Yes he did. Don't worry. I remember that, and I like your idea." I sassily walked to the closet to get the robe, turning to see Tim watch my white ass sway back and forth. He loves tanlines. I put on the robe and was walking back towards Tim when we both heard a quiet knock on our door. I tied my robe tightly, turned back, and opened the door.

"Hey," Bob said.

"Hi Bob. Follow me," I said.

He did as he was told. I sat in the other chair. Ponting to the end of the bed, I told Bob, "Sit there."

He obeyed me, a bit nervously.

"Welcome. I have a few questions if you don't mind. Tim, are you ready?"

My husband looked at me, and Bob looked at Tim, neither one knowing what was next. They were in the palm of my hand. I stood up.

"Show me to Bob," I said, as I stood up a few feet away facing Bob.

Tim got up, knowing now I wanted him to present me. He went behind me, I untied the bathrobe, and Tim removed it, slowly, to reveal me to Bob. Tim sat back in his chair.

"Stand up and keep your hands to yourself," I commanded. "You like?"

"Yes, I do," Bob replied, in a nervous voice.

"I am in command, remember?"

"Yes, I do."

"No touching, yet," I said, as I started to unbutton his shirt.

His chest had no hair. It was baby smooth. His pectorals were well defined, and I cupped each one, and then kissed and bit each nipple. My hands wandered to his belt, which I opened and then undid the button, but stopped. I reached up to his face, pulled him down and French kissed him. I pressed my chest against his. The flesh on flesh contact was electric. I kissed my way down his abdomen, dropped to my knees, pulling his pants down to his feet. Then I abruptly raised up, looking him in the eye.

"Takes off all your clothes," I demanded, taking my seat.

Bob did as he was told.


He did as I spread my legs.

"Tell me why you want me." Bob's cock was at attention, but I was looking in his eyes.

"Why do you want me?" I asked again.

"Because you are beautiful."

"Bullshit. There are plenty of beautiful women here."

I started to rub my pussy.

"True, but not like you."

"Tell me more; tell me why," I asked.


"Because why?"

"Because you have a body made for fucking."

"Hmmmm," I replied, rubbing my clit.

"Stand up."

Bob did as he was told.

"Step forward to me."

"Your cock is beautiful."

I grasped his member at the base with my right hand and cupped his balls with my left. I looked at the cum hole and smiled back at it, as it did to me at the pool. I looked at Tim to my left, and slowly wrapped my lips around the bulbous head. Looking back and up at Bob, I knew he was mine. I also knew Tim was perfectly positioned to watch me suck this gorgeous cock.

Bob's dick was practically perfect. It was about eight inches, and thick. Large, swollen veins provided even more girth, and his balls symmetrically hung low in their sac. I worked his tool with all my learned experience, deploying all the tricks of my blow job repertoire. I didn't object when Bob's hands kneaded my breasts as I sucked him. I released him from my mouth, held his cock straight and pointing at my mouth.

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