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January Friend


"You think we're almost there?" Hailey asked, stretching as she woke from her nap in the passenger seat. She glanced up at her husband Liam, who was speeding down the freeway.

"Yeah, hon. Another hour or two."

"Okay, good. So, we're visiting with your family all tomorrow, and then what, it's New Year's Eve. What do you think we should do?"

"Well, we could always go out and hit the town."

"That could be fun. I've always stayed home on New Year's before," she mused.

"We could always try and call Devon, see what he's up to," he said, looking at her out of the corner of his eye.

"Hmm," she said noncomittally.


Hailey had been in her junior year of college when she met Devon. Both studying the same subject, they had struck up a friendship, and an occasional flirtation. She was only a little surprised when he started dating her good friend Maureen - also in their major. She hadn't been bothered, really, but it did cool their flirting somewhat. She'd been so busy her senior year in college that she hadn't paid too much attention to the relationship developing between her two friends, though Maureen did occasionally bitch to her that Devon didn't seem to have much of a sex drive.

Still, the longer they dated, the more Devon apparently felt free to resume flirtation with Hailey whenever Maureen wasn't around. Maureen's complaint did make her wonder if Devon was really all bark and no bite. Maybe he flirted because he knew it would most likely not end up going anywhere. Who knew? At first, she felt a little weird about it, but reasoned that if he wasn't even having sex with his girlfriend, he definitely wasn't going to have it with anyone else.

Her 21st birthday had been three months before her graduation from college, and she went out to celebrate with Devon and Maureen, and a couple of other friends. She'd had a few cocktails, but was still feeling pretty sober when they returned to the dorms.

"Okay, okay, lets grab some drinks and head out to the hot tub!" suggested Maureen.

"But I don't have my suit. I'll have to go back to my room to change," said Hailey.

"No, come on, just go in your underwear. It probably covers just as much."

"I - well, okay," she agreed. While Maureen was changing into her bathing suit, Hailey and Devon grabbed the drinks, and they all trooped out to the hot tub behind the dorms. Hailey popped the top of her "liquid courage" gulping some of it down.

"Come on, come on!" encouraged Maureen, clearly already more than tipsy. Hailey tried to ignore Devon's eyes on her as she stripped her jeans and shirt off, standing in the chilly air in her purple striped panties and matching bra. She slid into the water without delay, enjoying the bubbling warmth as it enfolded her.

The three friends chatted long after the others in their group had gone home, and soom Hailey felt a hand on her thigh. She glanced up at Devon, but he smiled at her innocently. Eventually, Maureen announced that she was starting to fall asleep, and that she and Devon would go back to her dorm room for the night.

Hailey said goodbye to them, feeling almost relieved that Devon had left. She floated on her back, letting her mind wander, until she heard a voice. She sat up suddenly, looking up to where Devon was standing. Her head felt fuzzy from the alcohol.

"Why aren't you with Maureen?"

"Oh, she's asleep already. She told me to come back and make sure you got home safe."

"Mmm, oh, I'm fine," Hailey said, hoisting herself out of the hot tub. She felt a little dizzy, but she shook her head, hoping to clear it.

"No, let me walk you back to your room at least," he said, taking her arm. When she stumbled a little, she knew she shouldn't protest, and let him walk along with her. She shivered in the cold breeze, feeling her nipples hardening and standing out through the soaked fabric of her bra. He drew her in a little closer, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

"You know, uh, I really wanted to ask you out last year," he said.

"Why didn't you?" she asked, surprised.

"Well, because I guess I always thought you were dating someone."

"I was when we first met, but I broke up with him pretty soon after that."

"Oh. Would you have said yes?" It was a dangerous question. Even in her inebriated state, she could see that. They were close to her dorm, but not close enough for her to ignore the question. She thought about it. He was pretty cute, with curly light brown hair and a nice body, perfect for cuddling or... other things.


They walked up to the door of her suite together, and she unlocked the door. Seemed like her roommates were either out or asleep. She turned to Devon, shuffling her feet, looking up at him and feeling like she was on a date.

"Well... thanks for walking me home."

He held his arms out for a hug. Oh, what the hell, they'd hugged plenty of times before. Just never when she was in her underwear. She moved into him, let him pull her close. But when she went to draw back, she found him leaning down toward her, covering her mouth with his. She couldn't have said why, but she kissed him back. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, and she felt a flood of moisture in her already-wet panties. God, he was a good kisser. But oh, she had to stop this. If he came into her suite, she knew they would have sex. Maybe it would be amazing, but would it be worth it?

She pulled back, breathing faster. "No, no, we can't. Not while you're dating Maureen. It wouldn't be right."

"I know, I know you're right. I'm sorry," he said, before he kissed her again. She was crushed up against him, and she felt something hard pressing into her abdomen. She felt heat rush up to her face, and she pushed back again.

"Maureen told me you didn't have much of a sex drive," she said.

"That's what I told her, but it's mostly that I don't want to have sex with her."

"Then why did you ask her out?"

He gave her a pained look. "I guess I thought maybe I would start wanting to have sex with her. She is really nice and we have a lot in common. But she's not like you," he said, his eyes roaming her body again. She felt flattered, but...

"I have to go inside now. See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, yeah, of course," he said with a smile and a wave. Hailey went in, shut and locked the door, took a deep breath. It was all for the best, she thought, and she knew Devon would agree. If not tonight, then tomorrow, when they were all sober.


Hailey wasn't all that surprised when Devon hadn't broken up with Maureen to be with her after that night, and they had never spoken of it since. She met Liam - one of Devon's friends - not long after, and when Devon and Maureen finally broke up, Hailey and Liam were getting serious. It had been three years since that night, and she and Liam were now married.

"Sure, I guess we could go see Devon. But I'm not sure it would be a good idea for us all to go drinking," she mused. She had, of course, eventually told Liam about what had happened between herself and Devon. He hadn't thought much of it.

"Why, do you think something might happen?" he asked casually.

"Maybe," she replied carefully.

"Do you want it to?"


"Okay, well, let's just see what happens," he said. She narrowed her eyes, looking at him, but his expression gave nothing away. Early on in their relationship, they had discussed who they would want as a third if they ever decided to invite someone into their bedroom. Devon's name had come up as someone they both knew and trusted. So obviously Liam knew she was attracted to Devon, but that conversation had never gone anywhere. Probably never would.


The last night of the year. Hailey and Liam were spending it somewhere that almost never got cold, and she was thrilled to be able to pull out a sexy outfit for the night. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but she was dressing for Devon even more than her own husband. She spent longer than usual in front of the mirror, making sure everything looked perfect. After awhile, she got a glimpse of Liam giving her a knowing smile in the mirror.

"You ready to go, beautiful?" he asked.

"Sure, absolutely."

Apparently he could sense her jitters, because he laid his hands on her shoulders. "Hey, it's gonna be a fun night. Whatever happens, we'll deal with it in the morning," he said over his shoulder, heading toward the door.

They hadn't seen Devon for over two years, and Hailey wasn't sure what to expect. They pulled up to his apartment complex, and he was waiting on the curb outside, looking just as she remembered. He pulled her into a big hug, the overlong kind he had always given her.

"It is so good to see you guys!" he exclaimed. "Come on inside." They followed him into his apartment, done in a stereotypically sparse bachelor-pad style. He led them into the kitchen, pulling out bottles of booze and mixers. "Thought we'd start a little early here before heading downtown. So, rum and coke for Liam, and ah, gin and tonic for the lady?"

"You remembered!" Hailey said. She took a hesitant sip from the glass he handed her, feeling the alcohol and carbonation burning the back of her throat slightly. Strong, just like he used to make them as their unofficial party bartender. They stood around chatting and drinking. It wasn't long before Hailey started to feel a warm, throbbing sensation between her legs. She shifted her stance; it happened almost every time she drank - one of the reasons she infrequently drank without Liam around.

She shifted again, and this time Liam looked over at her with a grin.

"You feeling okay, babe?"

She gave him a warning look. "Fine, just a little... hot." Liam and Devon exchanged glances.

"You want another one, or should we head out to the bar?" asked Devon.

"Let's go." Maybe the cold air would do her some good, though suddenly she didn't want to go anywhere. Still, they went downtown to a bar offering free champagne all night. Bad choice for Hailey, since it got her drunk pretty quick, but wouldn't you know, it was just what Liam handed her.

"Asshole," she muttered, as he just laughed. None of them were much for dancing, so they went up to the balcony level, just watching, drinking, talking to others up on that level. When Liam had drained his beer glass, he announced that he was going downstairs for some more. He gave Hailey a little smile, wiggled his eyebrows, and left her with Devon.

She had stopped listening to whatever Devon was saying to her. It was so strange to be alone with this man, who she wanted, and who, from his flirtatious jokes, obviously still wanted her, too.

"Hailey, hey," he said, getting her attention.

When she looked up at him, though, he didn't speak. Instead he leaned down, kissing her intently. Little sparks of pleasure went off between her legs as the champagne kicked in. She remembered what an amazing kisser Devon was as he used his tongue and teeth to elicit little sighs from the back of her throat. She could feel her panties already getting damp under her short skirt.

He pulled away, and she wondered if she looked as dazed as he did. He looked around quickly, and then pulled her farther into the shadowy corner near their table. He backed her against the wall and kissed her again before she could say anything.

Then she felt his hand trailing up her inner thigh. She squirmed a little, feeling conflicted for a moment. But her indecision evaporated as he slid his hand into her panties, fingertips finding her clit and rubbing as he kissed down her neck.

He moved back up to her lips, murmuring against them, "Fuck, I love how wet you are already." Not knowing what to say, she angled her head up, kissing him again. His lips trailed over her cheek to her neck again, and this time, she peered over his shoulder. Liam was standing with his back against the opposite wall, staring at them with a heated expression on his face.

They made eye contact, and Devon chose that moment to slide two fingers into her, grinding his palm against her clit. She cried out softly, trying to keep her facial expression neutral, but she couldn't hide it from Liam. He knew what she looked like when she was being pleasured. She wondered if Devon knew they were being watched. Surely he knew Liam had only gone to get a beer and wouldn't be gone that long.

Maybe he didn't care. "I've been wanting to fuck you since I first met you," he breathed into her ear, making her shiver. He pistoned his fingers in and out of her quickly, and she could feel the pleasure growing inside her. "I still think about that first kiss we had, how much I wanted to peel off your panties and lick your pussy right in the doorway. Then take you inside and fuck the shit out of you."

"Yes, yes," she moaned, "I did, too."

"You're going to come, aren't you?" he said, grinding his hand into her firmly.

"Yes," she whispered, shuddering as the feelings flooded over her. Her pussy tightened around his fingers and he kissed her again. She gripped his shoulder tightly, and her eyes fluttered open again. Liam was still watching them, one side of his mouth quirked up in a smile. He started to walk over to them, and Hailey looked up at Devon.

"He's coming," she said. He reluctantly pulled his hand out of her panties, wiping it awkwardly on a napkin as Liam approached.

"Here you guys are," he said, kissing Hailey on the cheek. "The ball's about to drop."

They listened as everyone counted down to midnight, and then Hailey wrapped her arms around Liam, kissing him. Taking another swig of champagne, she then turned to Devon, kissing him, too.

"You are too sweet," he said.

She glanced at both men. "Let's go back to your place."


They were all pretty quiet on the way back to Devon's apartment, and when they got there, they just stood in the living room, looking at each other awkwardly.

"Well, I guess you guys never got the grand tour before. Want it now?" Devon asked, leading them down the hallway. They had already seen the living room, the kitchen. All that was left was the bedroom, and they all knew it. He opened the door to his bedroom, and they filed in, sitting on the edge of the bed. Devon picked up the remote and turned it on to some random channel, but no one was really watching it. They all knew why they were there.

Hailey, at least, was still horny beyond belief from the enormous gin and tonic, and the four (or so!) flutes of champagne Liam had kept handing her.

"Fuck it," she muttered, turning to Devon and surprising him with a kiss. He pulled back momentarily and glanced over her shoulder. Whatever he saw must have reassured him, because he leaned in to her, kissing her in that glorious way he had. She moaned into his mouth as he squeezed her breasts gently, feeling her pussy flooding with moisture again. She leaned back, falling onto the bed with Devon on top of her. He pressed his thigh in between her legs as he kissed her, and she felt sparks of pleasure shooting off as the friction heated them up.

Devon kissed down her body, then slid his fingertips just underneath the waist band of her skirt. He looked up at her as he slid it, along with her panties, down her legs. Hailey tingled with the anticipation of finally feeling his talented tongue on her, and he didn't disappoint. Pushing her legs apart, he attacked her with a ferocity she wasn't expecting, his tongue dancing over her furiously.

When she closed her eyes, she saw herself with Devon in the doorway of her dorm room again, but this time, the ending was different. It was like she'd been waiting for this moment for three years.

Devon wasn't better than Liam, exactly, he was just...different, and that difference was what had her coming breathlessly in seconds. Her skin was positively tingling, and as she opened her eyes, she saw her vision was still a little fuzzy. It cleared right up when she saw Devon, his hard cock already out, crawling up between her legs on the bed. She glanced over at Liam, and from the expression on his face, she thought he must have wanted it almost as badly as she did.

"Are you sure...this is what you want?" Devon was asking.

"Definitely." She wasn't sure where to look as he slid his cock into her. Each of the men was giving her a different, very intense, expression, and she eventually settled for watching him sink into her. It was so big inside of her that she thought she might come again just from the feel of it, but as good as it felt, it was nothing compared to the waves of pleasure that poured over her when he started fucking her. Her arm flung out, fingers grasping at nothing in particular, and she felt her hand being gripped by Liam. She turned her head to see him watching them, and saw that he was guiding her hand toward his own hard cock.

He shifted closer then, and she curled her upper body around to take him into his mouth. He was so hard, like a rod of steel in her mouth. She ran her hand up and down her shaft as she sucked him, moving her head around the head of his cock. She looked up and saw that his eyes were still riveted to the spot where she was joined with Devon, and another thrill ran through her at the very thought.

Then he was leaning over slightly, and he was reaching for her. His fingertips brushed her clit as he started making firm circles around it. She cried out then, mouth still full of his cock, and suddenly another orgasm was rushing up from behind her. She writhed, caught between the men as she came harder than she ever had before, keyed up from the alcohol and the satisfaction of old desires.

"Oh God," Devon was muttering above her. He pulled out, turning her onto her hands and knees. Liam changed his position again, moving right in front of her and grabbing hold of her hair to help her stay upright. Then Devon slid his cock home, deeper than it had been able to go before. He pumped his hips against her, fucking her harder than she'd thought possible. She felt herself tightening up against him reflexively and he groaned behind her.

"Fuck, I don't think I'm going to last much longer," he said. Hailey pulled Liam's cock out of her mouth, stroking it firmly with one hand while she looked back at Devon.

"Yeah, come on, give it to me Devon. I want your come in my pussy," she said with a devilish little grin.

He only groaned, picking up the pace and slamming into her so fast that it nearly took her breath away. Turning back to Liam, she licked her lips, alternately sucking him into her mouth and talking to him.

"Baby...you like watching another man fuck your wife?"

"Uh-huh," he grunted.

"You wanna watch him come inside your wife?"


"Are you gonna...mmm...gonna make me swallow your come while another man fucks me?"

"Fuck yes!" he said, as the first shot of come surprised her, landing on her cheek. She closed her mouth over him, sucking it down as he gripped her hair almost hard enough to hurt. Behind her, Devon was slowing down a little, and then he was coming too, pumping his seed inside her. She felt his cock jerking inside her and she moaned, curling her toes under from the sensation.

Hailey rolled onto her back, looking up at Liam upside-down.

"So baby...we're staying the night, right?"

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