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Many years ago, when I was putting in four years as a member of the US Air Force, I spent some of my most memorable times stationed in Japan. It was considered by most members of the Air Force to be good duty, mostly because of the many women who were so easily available. The women I refer to as being available were all prostitutes, but nobody minded that, least of all me. I was strictly looking for sex, with no kind of long term relationship beyond that, and I suspect most of my fellow GI's were doing the same.

The money we paid them was less than we would have spent on a date with a girl stateside; the sex was a sure thing and probably a lot better than with most of those American girls or women. The josons, which is a Japanese word that means "girls," seemed to enjoy fucking American men too, which made it a lot more fun for us. This was long before AIDS was even heard of, and a dose of clap was said to be no worse than a bad cold, and a lot easier to cure, if somebody happened to be unlucky enough to get one. I was fortunate enough that I never did.

I was stationed there about six years after the Korean War ended and a couple of years before the Vietnam War started. With no chance of getting shot at, neither I nor anybody else I hung out with was concerned with anything except drinking and regularly getting laid or being sucked off by one of the josons who specialized in that particular service. One Friday evening, which was doubly a great night because it was also Payday, my buddy, Charlie, approached me with something unusual on his mind.

"George," he said to me. "I've heard about this special girl in a whore house in town who takes on two guys at a time."

"You mean she sucks off one guy while the other one fucks her?"

"I suppose she'll do that if you want it, but this girl's specialty is having one guy fuck her pussy and another guy fuck her ass at the same time."

"Wow! Both at the same time? That sounds like really something."

I knew that some gay men, which was not what I would have called them at the time, liked getting fucked in the ass, although I had no personal experience with homosexuals. If I thought about it at all, I would have supposed a woman might want to do the same thing, because I still thought of them as desiring pretty much the same kind of sexual activity as gay men did. I realize the big differences now, but this was a long time ago when I was much younger and still something of a country bumpkin. However, even if a woman wanted to get fucked in the ass, I couldn't see why a man would want to do such a thing if her pussy was available, but the thought was still an intriguing one.

"Do you want to come with me and team up on her?" Charlie asked me. "It's kind of expensive, four thousand yen apiece, but it's something a lot different."

That really was expensive. Both of us would be paying seven or eight times as much as the price for the usual short time, but something like that did sound interesting and exciting, maybe even a once in a lifetime experience. Besides that, it was Payday and Friday, and I had money in my pocket. On any other day of the week or of the month, I most likely wouldn't have even considered it.

"Okay. It sounds like fun and, like you say, it's sure different."

Wearing civilian clothing like all the other GI's heading for town, we walked to the main gate of the airbase, showed our passes to the Air Police there, and strolled out into the neighboring sin city. There were streets, but very few vehicles except a few taxis. All the many bars along the strip were garishly lighted and all around us were young Japanese women who approached men as they passed by. It was a typical payday night in the town.

"You want go short time, GI?" was the offer we heard over and over, but Charlie and I had something special in mind. He knew where the place was, so I just followed him.

On a gravel street just off the main thoroughfare, we came to what looked like a better building than most around there. My guide approached a big, muscular man who had a long nightstick stuck in his belt, and engaged him in a brief discussion, which included a lot of gestures. The man looked Charlie up and down carefully, and looked at me too, before nodding his head and opening the door. I don't know what he was checking us out for, but we certainly weren't going to cause any trouble for anybody.

"C'mon, George," Charlie told me. "The girl I told you about is here tonight."

We entered, and immediately removed our shoes and left them with several other pairs in a sort of closet that was there for that purpose. As could be expected, we were not the only people patronizing the brothel that night. A fat woman wearing a red and blue kimono was sitting beside a lacquer stand. She was apparently the house mamasan, which was a general word for older women, especially madams or bar owners.

"Hi, GI," she greeted us. "You want good time?"

Charlie answered for both of us. "Yeah, Mamasan. We want DP girl."

"Ah, so. DP girl cost you four thousand yen each. You pay me now."

We handed over the money, in thousand and five hundred yen notes. It may sound like a lot now, but with the currency exchange at that time, it was a little over eleven dollars each. Sex with cute and sexy Japanese prostitutes at that time and that place was one of the greatest bargains I had ever seen before or since. The mamasan counted the money and stashed it in a drawer in the stand.

"DP girl name Kimiko. You go down room there." Mamasan spoke to us in the Pidgin English that everybody used, as she pointed down a hallway. "She come see you. Have fun."

That, of course, was our intention and why we had paid her so much money. Down the hall we went, until we came to a door with the name "Kimiko" and something in Japanese, probably her name also. We entered a small room furnished with a low couch, just long enough and wide enough for me to lie on with my feet hanging over the end. That was okay, because I didn't plan on sleeping there anyhow. Charlie and I took off most of the rest of our clothing, stripping to our underwear.

A few minutes later, a pleasantly chubby woman entered, presumably our DP girl. She was short, like most Japanese women, looked to be about thirty years old and had long, black hair that was tied back from her cute face. Kimiko was barefoot and was wearing a short green skirt and a halter, and we didn't expect her to be wearing anything under it.

"Hi, GI. You want Number one DP?" she greeted us.

"Hi, Joson. Yeah, that's what we want," Charlie answered her. I had decided to let him do the talking for both of us, and he didn't seem to mind.

"You take off skivvies," she instructed us and, after we had removed our jockey shorts and were naked, Kimiko peeled off her skimpy attire. As expected, she had been nude under the skirt and halter. Our DP girl had yellow-brown skin, a nice, shapely ass and small breasts, typical for Japanese women.

She inspected our cocks, which had become hard at the sight of her nakedness and the thought of what we were about to do. "You lay on back," she directed Charlie, who was hung slightly larger than I was. As he lay down on the low couch, she turned to me. "Get oil from shelf," she told me, pointing at the opposite wall where there was a shelf that held a small bottle of some kind of transparent liquid.

I went over, picked it up and saw that it was baby oil. When I returned to my buddy and the woman we would be sharing, he was lying on his back and she was straddling him and stroking his cock with her mouth. I thought she might be going to suck him off, which would have been something of a gyp for the amount of money we had paid, until I realized that she just wanted to get him wet. She was there for money, and was not aroused at the sight of two horny and naked young American men. She might have expected to enjoy it, maybe even to climax from what we did with her, as the women sometimes did, but her pussy wouldn't have been wet from sexual arousal, at least not at that point in our encounter.

When she thought he was ready for her pussy, Kimiko, still kneeling, moved up until her body was over Charlie's. He held his cock upright for her and she reached between her thighs and guided it into her pussy. She must have been pretty loose there, because he had a fairly good sized cock, and it slipped into her easily. With the first penetration complete, Kimiko turned to me and told me what I should do to get her ready. I probably could have figured it out on my own, but I was only twenty years old at the time, and pretty naïve about sex, and what I was doing that evening was still new to me.

She had stretched her legs out beside Charlie when she turned her face to me, and her hands were holding her ass cheeks apart. "You put oil in here now, GI, and on your dick."

I wasn't sure just how to do that, because it was a glass bottle, not the plastic squeeze type that it would probably be now. I removed the cap and poured a healthy dollop into the cleft of her ass and followed that by sticking my middle finger into her to spread it around. I stuck the finger in as far as I could reach and coated her as far in and as evenly as I could. When I looked more closely at Kimiko's chubby ass and how she was holding it open and waiting for me, I got even hornier, and eager for the new experience. Quickly, I coated my cock and leaned forward, holding my shaft with one hand to guide it.

My other hand was placed next to Charlie to support my weight. I felt the softness of her anal cleft against the tip of my cock, and she reached out with some of her fingers to guide it to the spot where it belonged.

"Right there," she said. "Now, stick your dick all the way in me."

I could feel the soft edges of Kimiko's puckered hole surrounding the tip of my cock, and I gave a strong push forward. I felt it pop through, and the head and the ridge were surrounded by a ring of muscle. Her oiled up ass may well have been the tightest place my cock had ever gotten into, and I felt a wave of sheer pleasure coursing out, even from the small part that was inside her.

"That's it, GI. Now, give it to me," Kimiko urged me.

I really gave it to her as she asked, thrusting forward again and again. When I reached the point where I no longer had to guide my cock, I put my hands on Kimiko's ass and hips for leverage and so I could stroke and fondle her there. Her skin was warm and smooth and soft, and felt as good to my hands as her ass did to my cock. It took about five thrusts before my shaft was imbedded in Kimiko to her satisfaction.

"Okay, now you guys take turns sticking your dicks into me," she instructed us.

We were new at this, so neither of us had any problem taking her directions. I wasn't sure how everything would work out, but I slowly drew my shaft out of the wonderfully tight hole it was cramming until just the head was still inside, paused, and plunged it forward again. As my cock plowed into Kimiko's ass, I could feel Charlie withdrawing his from her pussy, which was a very strange and very new sensation. The entire length of my shaft had burrowed its way into the channel that still felt wonderful, but was no longer so tight, when I felt Charlie's cock driving into her pussy again. I pulled mine most of the way out, leaving just the head inside, and waited a few seconds before fucking it deeply into Kimiko's delightful ass again.

We quickly set up a rhythm, taking turns plunging our cocks in and out of the woman between us. She seemed to be enjoying herself as much as we were, her body writhing between us and both her holes fucking back to meet us. Charlie and I took it slow at first, first to set up the rhythm and, much more important, to make our pleasure last. Kimiko encouraged us to keep fucking her, telling us repeatedly how great it felt to her too, which I thought might or might not have been the truth. Whether it was or not, our new experience was nothing short of fabulous for me and Charlie.

"Okay, GI's, now you both fuck me at once," Kimiko further instructed us.

My cock was so deep inside her ass that my pubic hair was brushing against the insides of her cheeks when she said that, so I slowly drew it most of the way out, and Charlie waited for me to stop my withdrawal. At a further word from our partner, we both plunged our cocks back into her. I was gripping Kimiko's shoulders, and I pulled against them as I drove my entire shaft into her. Charlie's hands rested on her hips, and he pulled down on them, giving himself leverage to help thrust his cock deeply into her pussy.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Kimiko enthused as she felt our cocks surging into her. "Oh, that feels good. You guys keep fucking me like that." With every combined thrust, she loudly expressed her joy in what was happening to her.

We did what she asked, because the two holes we were packing and unpacking in unison felt incredibly tight, when we drove our cocks into her. Besides her sounds of pleasure, Kimiko's body was thrashing between us and her head was tossing up and down and from side to side under my face. I wasn't sure then if it was an act or not, but Charlie told me later how he felt her pussy lubricating, which is how he was able to keep cramming his cock into her the way he was, so she must have been getting some fun out of it too.

I was getting an enormous amount of fun from what we were doing. At twenty years old, in 1959, I was pretty naïve, especially in matters relating to women. Sexually, at least, my tour of duty in Japan was probably the greatest two years I ever spent, and that night when my cock was plunging in and out of a pretty woman's ass was the best time I had up until then. Although we were fucking her slowly, I could feel my climax building up, and I knew I was going to cum soon.

Charlie must have been at the same point. "Are you ready to cum yet, George," he asked me.

"Just about," I told him.

"You guys fuck me faster then," Kimiko chimed in. "Make me cum too."

We started driving our cocks into her harder and faster, and she matched our increased pace, still fucking back to meet every stroke. Besides that, Kimiko's movements were steadily becoming more erratic, and I saw her reach between her body and Charlie's. Later, I realized she must have starterd playing with her clit, because she really did want a climax, maybe even as much as the men above and under her did.

"Oooo! Oooo! Oooo!" Kimiko started blurting out in time with our two cocks plowing into her. Less than a minute later, "Oh! I cum, GI's!" she cried out ecstatically, followed by some words in Japanese.

I didn't stop, and neither did Charlie. I don't believe I could have, even if I had wanted, because my climax was seconds away, and his couldn't have been much farther. Both of us kept fucking Kimiko's two holes as hard and as fast as we could, without trying any longer to stay in unison. She didn't seem to mind, because her body was rocking from side to side between us, and her arms and legs were flailing the couch.

Like a great fountain of joy, my climax bubbled up and erupted, and I shot a huge load of cum into Kimiko's ass. At that same time, I felt her muscles there and all over her body spasm, but I was too far gone to really notice it. I kept pounding my cock in and out of her, and ejaculated three more times before I was through cumming.

When I looked down at Charlie's face, he was grimacing in pleasure, with his eyes closed, his lips peeled back and his teeth clenched. My shaft was still buried deep in Kimiko's ass, and I could feel his inside her too but it was still driving in and out. Finally, his movements stopped, with both of our cocks still erect and buried deep inside the holes that given us so much pleasure and, I like to believe, had gotten so much from us.

We lay in a pile like that, catching our breaths and resting for a few minutes, until Kimiko spoke up. "You guys fuck me real good," she said. "I cum real big." She was moving as if she wanted to pull her pussy out from around Charlie's cock and get up.

"I cum real big too," I answered, and Charlie echoed the sentiment.

It was obvious Kimiko wanted to get up, and I had rested long enough, so I slowly drew my cock out of her ass, as she pulled her pussy loose from the hard cylinder that had been filling it. My hands were still resting on her ass, because it felt so good to them, with its soft and supple skin.

I found myself gazing on one of the most erotic sights I had ever seen. The hole where my cock had been plowing in and out was stretched wide open, and I saw a sticky white stream of my cum oozing from it. Her pussy was stretched the same way, and Charlie's semen was dripping from there. At that time, I vowed I would return to visit Kimiko for more of the same action every payday, either with Charlie or some other guy that I could talk into wanting to do something different.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Charlie and I did, and Kimiko apparently did. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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