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Japanese Dream


It was my first time in Japan. The world around me spoke of hidden promise and new opportunity. The exotic spices of the small food vendors coated the atmosphere and the fairy lights peeping out from under paper lanterns lined the streets, illuminating the vibrant city. I walked as if I were a monk in a place of pilgrimage, silenced by the splendour of what I was seeing. Anna, my younger sister barely noticed her surroundings, she was busy pushing through the crowds of locals and tourists alike, towards a large dark glass panelled tower block. She walked so fast, darting in and out of individuals in the crowd, her hands clenched by her thighs. She always acted like this when she was nervous.

I knew this job interview meant a great deal to her or she wouldn't have asked me to fly with her half way around the world. It could be her big break at last. In America she had attended theatre school since she was seven and now aged eighteen it was time for her to make a name for herself. Before she had not had much luck with work, the film industry was competitive and difficult to break into and advertising agencies had been impressed with her but all said the same thing, her look was too glamorous, too seductive and not family friendly enough. Of course you must be thinking why didn't she become a make-up model or endorse shampoo, are those women on T.V not glamorous? But, in truth, my sister is no gorgeous honey nor is she a blonde goddess or Latina beauty. She goes unparalleled by any woman I have ever seen. Her face is sweet as a peach; central to it is a small delicately pointed nose, her skin is smooth and pale; a permanent pink blush rests upon her high cheek bones. Below this she has a sweet pout of a mouth which she inherited from my mother and also her small delicate chin. But it is her eyes, her eyes, that have men and women alike, captivated. Imagine the flame from a candle burning within an orb of grey smoke or perhaps the light of a star struggling through dense cloud. This is the haze and hue of her eyes, so elaborately framed by soft lashes. Sometimes I find myself puzzling over them, sometimes I think I am close to working out what lies beneath them, other days I believe I could drown in them. She is extraordinary, completely intriguing, a wolf among sheep. A panther! Beautifully mesmerising; potentially deadly.

'Ben! Quit day-dreaming! We're going to be late!'

The Lobby of the building was empty when we entered but Anna informed me that she had instructions to take the lift, number 5, to the top floor where she would be met and taken to the interview. We found the elevators at the far side of the establishment; lift number 5 was the last one on the right. As we approached the doors slip open for us us. To our confusion it was full and even though we were already on the ground floor nobody inside stepped out. From inside the lift about fifteen Japanese, what can only be described as business men, stared back at us. All looked the same, the same dark hair, the same white shirt, black tie and black suit. I would have laughed had it not been so menacing. I was quietly contemplating to take another lift when one of them motioned for us to join them. We obeyed. I must admit, the elevator was probably one of the largest I had seen, it was one of the industrial metal ones, with bare floor and shiny walls which almost acted like a mirror. Indeed it was huge though I could still feel the breath of the man behind me on my neck. The vessel creaked as it began its assent upwards. The silence hung like a heavy veil upon us all. Then Anna leaned towards me slightly and whispered, 'Somebody's touching my ass,' in my ear.

Anna: I could feel the pressure of a hand on the back of my skirt, just central of my ass. I stepped forwards slightly and to my discomfort the individuals hand remained there. I glanced either side of me, trying to attract the attention of one of the other businessmen but they were either ignorant of the harassment or had chosen to ignore me. Then I felt the hand slide lower and lower on my body, following the crevice between my two butt cheeks, inching further and further towards my hole. I could take it no more. 'Stop it' I desperately whispered and though the hand remained there it didn't creep down any further. But then another arm moved around me until it settled on my chest, holding me tight. I began to struggle, but the man had me locked in his grip. I could feel the warmth of his body on my back as he pressed himself against me and the hard tip of an erect penis. 'Ben,' I yelped but from the corner of my eye I could see that two arms had snaked around his wrists holding him tight as well. I was on my own. To my horror another arm crept forward over my chest and then paused mid-way, the hand hovering over my breast for a moment before it settled there. The hand began to squeeze and cup me methodically as I struggled in vain. My chest was rising up and down with my heart beat that was thumping with panic.

'Aggh.' The hand on the back of my skirt had crept beneath the ruffled layers and slid between my legs. One finger began to massage my clitoris through the cotton of my knickers. The pressure was soft and the finger moved slowly and deliberately. The motion was hypnotising, I barely noticed when another pair of arms reached over me and began to unbutton my blouse. The extra flesh seemed to excite the other businessmen in the elevator as one forced his finger into my mouth so quickly I couldn't prevent it. I gagged upon it and a small chorus of laughter rose in the air before he withdrew it and put it in his own mouth. He then reached for my mouth again and managed to force his fingers through the barrier of my clenched teeth.

God help us. They just took Anna's blouse off and I can't do anything to help her. Some pervert keeps thrusting his fingers down her small throat, I can't see her face but I can hear her gagged sounds of resentment. If those Japanese pricks hurt one hair on her head or disgrace her... I struggle furiously but at least two men are holding my arms back. They are so strong. Anna doesn't have a chance unless I can get free of this. Oh God, and as I struggle more and more men are rubbing their filthy hands over her body. They are like animals, ripping and pinching until her blouse is shredded and her bra snapped. I catch little glimpses of her flesh, her birth-mark, a nipple through some ripped silk. I am ashamed, I am ashamed to see this and ashamed because I am unable to stop it.

Anna: I feel completely alone, I know now that Ben can't help me. I struggle but I can barely move for hands and fingers moving over my body. I can feel my nipples erect each time a finger passes over them. I don't feel aroused, just disgusted. But then my clitoris is swollen and throbbing. Excitable bastard fingers are brushing over it and occasionally a sick fucker twists it so that it hurts. I bite my lip to stop from crying out, I won't give him the satisfaction but 'oh ow!' That really hurt me. One of the men has got down on his knees in front of me and peeled down my underwear to expose my wet pussy. He's licking it all the way up to my clit and then bitting down hard and each time he does I can't help but cry a little. I can feel his tongue lapping up the wetness of it and pawing teasingly at my vagina. My whole body feels alive, there must be ten men swarming over it. There are at least two men down there, one is holding open my flaps whilst the other is licking me like a dog. I can't take more of this, I can feel my disgust meld into a strange sensation of enjoyment. I have never been touched by a man like this; but I will never stop resisting. Ah! My body is being attacked, they are rolling my nipples over their tongue, trying to suckle like a new born kid, burying their faces deep into my softness. One businessman has taken hold of my head and forced his tongue down my throat, he wants me. Another man is brushing up behind me, dying to get his fingers into me. I can feel another pressure at the base of my asshole but to my horror I realise it's not a finger. The erect penis teasingly slides along my body, steeling for a moment on the opening to my asshole but then moving on. I can feel a slight surge of pre-spunk oozing onto me, polluting me. Then suddenly two hands grip the underneath of my legs and I am lifted upwards and impaled upon the penis.

I close my eyes, ready to scream but before it is even fully within me I am lifted off and placed on my feet. I shudder where I stand and wipe tears from my cheeks. When I turn I see all the men stood still, their hands by their sides, expressionless. The only indication that they have done anything is their engorged penises pushing upon the material of their pants.

They set Anna free just as the lift jolted to a holt. I hope to God that they have not done anything in her, I hope to god she's not been raped. Her cries still ring in my ears though I am fairly sure that now there's silence. I lost sight of her as they swarmed around her like bees on honey. The hands release me as the lift doors slide open, I rush forward, grab Anna and the pair of us step out into the hall. Neither of us daring to look at the other.

'Ah, Miss Anna Juniper... and you must be?' We find ourselves in a wooden panelled hall, finely decorated with red satin drapes and upholstery. I look back at the asian man offering my sister his hand. He is small and lean, perhaps once a handsome man thought now his eyes have wrinkled and his hair has thinned on top.

'Her Brother. Now will you tell me what the fuck is..'

'Oh yes, of course, how could I be so rude. Here we are,' he says as he takes a silk kimono style robe from a peg and offers it to my sister. He watches her cover herself before saying, 'Now that we are all clothed we must discuss further the compatibility of yourself and my company. Have a seat my dear. Can I offer you some chai tea?'

I do not know what to do or say, how can this be? I follow Anna though and sit upon a futon whilst two young geisha pour us chai. The company president peers at us both, turning from Anna to me for a while before saying, 'How did you come by such peculiar eyes? They promise a man the world and teasingly refuse him. I could make use of such eyes. You see, my dear, this company is not like Avon or Maxfactor or any other make-up manufacturer in the world. We don't want to paint a pretty face we want to paint a vision of lust and sin, fire and passion, sex. We want to unleash the raw animal within the woman, unleash her vengeance and her mercy upon mankind. We want pleasure and pain for one is only intensified by the other. We want the face of our company to be a siren, an angel of sexual desire who can command the masses through the power and dominance of sex. We are much more than a manufacturer, we are a fraternity.'

I am horrified, it strikes me cold the intensity of his words whilst his expression is as collected and placid as could be. I feel sickened, I feel it is time to leave. But as I glance across at Anna I can see her eyes sparkling as she looks devotedly up to this multi-million dollar freak.

'Of course,' the president says glancing down for the first time, 'such a woman would have to prove herself, would have to make any man hard, would have to make any man desperate just to be with her, mad just to touch her. How do you suppose I go about finding such a woman...'

He then glances at me with a sly look on his face I don't at all like. The wirly bastard. 'Come on Anna, it is time to leave this mad house,' I say as I stand up. Though to my puzzlement Anna remains where she is, her gaze fixed on the President. And then, to my relief, the moment passes and she stands. She slinks towards me with the strangest look in her eye and places her arms gently round my shoulders. I can feel her soft breasts on my chest as I try to push her away confused. 'What, what are you doing?'

She answer me with a smile as she slides her hands down my chest and feels the bulge of my penis through my jeans. In embarrassment I turn away. I had been trying to conceal my erection ever since we stepped out of the lift. I am disgusted with myself, turned on by my own sisters abduction. Her touch is so soft; I realise not for the first time how delicate and vulnerable she is. Ever since we were small children I knew I had to protect her.

'You are a strong man Mr Ben Juniper to resist such a temptress. I like that. It is even more challenging for sweet Anna to prove herself. Perhaps you should give him some space? Mai Sumuno and Haiti San are going to practice their Shamisen. Perhaps you could dance?'

I am bound to the room, why can't Anna see that this is fucked up. We have to leave now. But as I peer over my shoulder I see her twirling and dancing as the two geisha pick up wooden guitar like instruments. I can't look away from her pulsating body as she shakes her hips and brushes her self with her hands. I want to go and slap her, bring her back to me so we can leave but I can't move my feet or my eyes from her. She seems to notice and her movements become even more pronounced and she spins faster and faster as the music picks up pace until with one sudden chord strike it stops and then resumes more delicately. She is walking towards be like a belly dancer, draping her fingers over her hair and down her body. Where did she learn to dance like this, part of me always knew she was born to dance like this. It kills me to look at her, to feel my cock pushing hard against my trousers. And then she pulls the string of her robe and begins to teasingly inch it down her shoulders just above her breasts. God, don't do this to me Anna, don't do it to yourself! . And then she casts her silken suit away and my sister is stood right in front of me, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. 'Anna, don't...I.'

I watch her fall onto her knees and crawl towards me like a wild cat until she is level with my crotch. She reaches to undo my flies and instinctually I grab her hands. For a moment she looks at me and I believe she has been awakened from whatever spell she has been put under but then stretches a finger out to rub my crotch. And gradually I allow her hands closer and closer until she undoes my buttons and stretches into my pants and releases my penis from them.

Her grip upon it is deliciously strong as she begins to wank me off. Oh, Anna, how can you do this to me! How did this happen. My sister, my sweet little sister who I said I would protect, look out for. I think about all the times I punched a guy for trying it on with her. But I must have failed, she must have been doing this with guys for years. I wish we had never come to Japan but at the same time I feel as though I am walking through a dream. I love her. Oh Anna, my Anna!

'Ahhh, oooo,' I moan as she pops the tip into her sweet little mouth and sucks. Deeper and deeper she pushes me in until she is almost gagging, but she holds it for a long time for finally letting me slip out. And as I leave her mouth I know I cannot allow this to happen, even if I wanted it to. I take my chance, I know I can't let this happen. Whilst I'm still free of her I firmly push her away and stand in an opposite corner of the room. As I pass the futons I notice Mr President is cupping his own little gushing prick.

'What a test. If sweet Anna Juniper can seduce her own resistant brother then she can seduce any man! What a strong man you must be, so moral, so...saintly. What chance does little Anna have?'

Almost as though on cue Anna slides herself onto the floor and begins massaging her breasts and nipples. Her legs in constant movement as enjoyment courses through her body twisting body. I cannot take my eyes off her as she licks her fingers and brings them down to her exposed pussy and begins to masturbate groaning and rolling on the ground. I see her insert her middle finger as deep as it will go; when she pulls it out I see a layer of cum glisten in the light. And again she thrusts her finger in as she pounds her pelvis against her hand, lying on the cold alabaster floor.

A shot of cum erupts from my penis, I think she notices as the noises she makes become audibly louder and she pushes her hips out in my direction. Her hands hold her arse cheeks as she stretches out to expose her beautifully pink hole. She is teasing me, she is testing me.

'Stop it! Stop it! Don't make me Anna. Don't you fucking dare. Stop it! It's not worth a job. You're better than this place, better than me. Don't make me prove that to you.'

'Ohhhooohhh Ben, I just want you. Forget about the rest. Come here, let me look after you. Let me thank you for looking after me for all these years. Arrgh,' she pants as she fingers herself. I stare at my little sister, every ounce of me wanting to be with her, inside her. 'Ben, I want you now, I want you inside me. I want your sperm and your cock deep within me.'


'Fuck me Ben. Fuck me!'



I can't bare it any longer my body turns and within a seconds I am bent over her squirming body, my cock bent upon her stomach. With two hands she takes hold of me and guides me to her slit. I know that with one thrust I will be inside her. I am trembling and I can't do it.

'It is just you and me brother,' she whispers, 'I love you.'

And as though that was all I needed I thrust into her hard. With my movement she curls upwards and holds me close and tight, her eyes wide. I don't understand until I look down as see blood dripping between us. Oh God, don't let it be true.

'Anna, have I hurt you? What's the matter?'

'What do you think? I'm a virgin.' I shake my head, I can't have taken her virginity,

'What about Max and John and all the other boys you went out with?'

'I only ever wanted one boy and that's you. I've always wanted you. Nobody else was anything in comparison. No one was as sweet, as protective, a strong, as handsome, nobody could ever love me as much as y..y...yu,' She began to sob and all I could do was kiss that beautiful mouth that was so like my mothers, and push myself in and out of her tightness.

Then I had her nipple in my mouth as I forced my huge shaft again and again deep into her. She screamed as her knees buckled and her feet twitched as torturous pleasure swept through her. I wanted to give her the best sex I could. I wanted to make her scream my name. I wanted the president to pull his little dick off in excitement just from watching us. We were the same, me and her. The same genes, the same DNA Of course we loved each other, of course we always knew we were created for each other. This is all I have ever wanted.

'Ahhhhhhggghhhh' Anna began to scream as I felt her tighten around me. 'Just hold on,' I whispered to her, as I held back all my cock had to give. And then with one final thrust I could hold it no longer and released the huge pulp of sperm deep into her little body as she orgasmed.

Then we were both breathing and clutching each other. My flaccid cock still in her as we panted and sweated and kissed one another. And then applause ruptured the silence as the president and the geisha began to clap and laugh and cheer and we smiled at one another.

'My dear! Miss Anna Juniper, you have the job. I could not find another woman like you if I searched for a million years. Congratulations!'

Then Anna pulled away from me and I felt a hole as though I was loosing something very valuable after only just discovering it. The reality of what had happened hit. She had used me, she had used me for a job. Her dreams would come true, but I would only get to live mine for one afternoon. I know I will never be with her the same way again. I hang my head and turn towards the lift. How can I bare to look at her now? But then I stop as I hear her cough politely before speaking:

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