tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJared and the Witch

Jared and the Witch


My second submission I would love to get feedback. If you are underage or this is illegal where you are from, why are you on this site?

Jared looked nervously about as he opened the plain red door and stepped inside. He had never been here before but heard that this brothel catered to his kinky desires. Jared was a submissive and a bit of a masochist. He walked up to the counter, took a deep breath and rang the bell.

A tall busty blonde sashayed to the counter. Jared stammered out "hello" She smiled back and asked what she could do for him. Jared said he was interested in a BDSM session. She pushed a button a buzzer sounded and Jared opened the inner door. "Follow me" she said.

She led him down a dark hallway and opened a door. Jared entered. The room had a couch, a refrigerator and a coffee table under a pool of light. The madam looked him over; Jared was five foot ten, with a slender build, green eyes and red hair. She asked him to sit down. Once they were both seated. "Tell me what you would like in a BDSM session" She said as she looked into his green eyes.

Jared couldn't meet her gaze as he replied "I want to be treated like a bitch by a dominant woman. I want to be tied up and feminized and then fucked just like a woman." This had been Jared's fantasy since he was a little kid. When Jared masturbated he always saw himself as the female.

The madam replied with a smirk. "I have just the woman for you. This won't be inexpensive. It will be your wildest fantasy fulfilled however. "

As Jared paid the madam she clapped her hands and the lights in the room turned up. As Jared looked around he saw a pair of stocks, Saint Andrews Cross, spanking horse, full medical exam table with stirrups and a metal cage. On one wall hung all kinds of whips, strap-ons, humblers and speculums.

The madam told him to remove his clothes and step over to the cross. Jared complied with a bit of hesitation. The madam told him that she would not hurt him as cuffed his ankles and wrists. She said "I won't hurt you, that is Mistress Becky's job" With that she stepped away from him and the lights in the room went out.

Jared did not know how long he hung on the cross. It was dark and there were no lights. He was starting get nervous. He didn't know what he had got himself into. Finally he heard the door open. A woman stepped into the room. She stood in a circle of light that followed her as she walked towards Jared. She was absolutely beautiful. She was dressed in a sparkling red dress and wore a matching red sparkling witch's hat. The dress hugged her curves and showed a lot of cleavage. The way she walked was pure eroticism in motion. She got close to him and looked him up and down. Jared felt his cock rise to the occasion. She looked down at it and smiled. Then Becky said "You will do nicely. So you want to be the bitch and then get fucked like one?"

Jared started to say yes but his voice betrayed him and it came out as a croak. "That will do." She said. She spun in a circle and said "Did you know I am a witch? You just gave your permission"

"Permission to do what?" Jared asked

"Why permission to be turned into a bitch and then fucked mercilessly" She replied. "Now enough talk, time to get started. I bet you thought witches had green skin, warts and black clothes?" Jared nodded. "Not all of us. Some of us are erotic witches who just happen to own brothels. We are always on the hunt for new talent. It is not often that the new talent searches us out."

Jared was clearly confused. His heart rate was off the charts along with his blood pressure. "Enough of that." Witch Becky said as she passed a hand over his face. Jared's pulse smoothed out and his blood pressure came down. "I am only going to do what you requested. Besides, look at yourself. You are obviously excited."

Becky reached down and caressed his throbbing cock. Jared felt her soft hands stroke him but then felt himself go numb. He looked down and where his manhood used to reside was a bright yellow banana and a pair of red cherries. She grasped the Banana and pulled. Jared felt a tugging and then a sharp pain as the banana parted from his crotch. Becky smiled stepped back and slowly peeled the banana. She held it up to him and said "Eat it"

Jared took a bite chewed and then another, soon the banana was gone. Becky then plucked both cherries from him. She placed them in his open mouth. Jared chewed and swallowed. She smiled again and said "much better. Bitches do not have cocks and balls"

Jared was shocked as he looked at his smooth crotch. Becky reached out and with her long red fingernail reached between his legs. He felt the nail just forward of his butt hole. She shoved the nail into his perineum and pulled forward. It burned and hurt like he was being cut with a knife. Jared screamed. She smiled at him and said "that was the worst part. You did fine." Tears rolled down Jared cheeks.

Becky walked to the refrigerator. She opened the door and bent over. Somehow her heart shaped bottom no longer had any effect on Jared. She dug in the refrigerator, placing things in a small basket. She walked back and placed the basket out of Jared's sight. When she came back she was holding two chicken eggs. Becky said "I can't create, I can only modify. The closer something is to what I want it to be. the easier it is to do. "

Becky took the two eggs and one at a time pressed them into the slit she had cut with her fingernail. The eggs were cold and Jared could feel them move up into his abdomen. They slowly attained body temperature. She pulled out an olive and placed it at the top of his new slit. Cold at first it warmed up much faster. Before Becky released it, she gave it a little squeeze. Jared felt an electric jolt go through his body. Becky smiled at Jared.

She reached into the basket and pulled out two large cantaloupes. She smiled at Jared again and placed them on his chest. As she held them in place Jared watched them turn to skin and blend in with his fair skin. Once again she reached into the basket and came out with a pair of cherries. These she placed on Jared's big jugs.

"Now for the rest of the details" Becky purred. She took her hands and placed them on Jared's head. "Male pattern baldness will never do." Jared felt hair on his shoulders. She passed her hands over his face and then worked her way down to his feet. Jared felt more of his body weight on his wrists as his feet left the floor. His waist narrowed and hips flared.

Witch Becky looked at him and said, "Jared is not a proper name for someone who looks like you. How does Julie sound? I think Julie will do nicely. You have had a big day. Go to sleep little girl" Julie passed her hands over his eyes and Julie fell into a deep sleep.

The room was dark when Julie woke up. She no longer hung on the cross. Instead she was strapped over a padded horse. In a position that could best be described as doggy style. The door opened and Becky walked back in. She picked up her basket and set it in front Julie. "Are you feeling better now?" Becky asked.

Julie said "yes. What did you do to me?"

Becky replied "I did what you asked. I turned you into a bitch. A hot little bitch, which men will pay to use and abuse. Before that can happen, I need to help you finish off your fantasy. That was to be fucked like a bitch, right"

Julie started to reply; Becky just said "shush. I will show you what you use that mouth for. Strap-ons are boring. They are also cold and they don't shoot the nice thick cum you adore. So I need to do some modifications to myself."

She then pulled off her dress and stepped out of her panties. She stood before Julie in all her naked glory. It had no effect on Julie. Becky reached into her basket and pulled out a twelve inch long summer sausage. She placed this on her pussy. Julie watched as it turned into a huge erect cock. Then Becky took out two oranges. These she placed under the base. They turned into big set of low hanging balls. The massive cock started drooling pre-cum.

Julie felt her pussy start to warm and get wet. Becky watched her reaction and smiled. She looked down at Julie and said "You know what to do" Julie couldn't touch the cock restrained as she was. She craned her neck and licked it from balls to tip. Julie ran her tongue around the head. Then opened her mouth and slid her mouth down the rigid shaft.

Becky cooed "that is nice. Make it a nice wet sloppy blow job. You can't get all the way down can you? Not strapped in like you are. Let me help." With that Becky grabbed Julie's head." She slowly started fucking her face. With each thrust the massive meat slid farther in. Finally Witch Becky ended up with her low hanging balls against Julie's chin.

Julie had fantasized many times about sucking a big meaty cock. She could not however believe her body's reaction to it. She could feel her pussy drooling. Her clit was throbbing. Unbelievably she was breathing just fine. Witch Becky was really fucking her face and moaning louder and louder. The cock started to pulse. Becky pulled back so she could deposit her load on Julies tongue. Julie tasted the salty creamy load and started swallowing as fast as she could.

All of a sudden Julie's body started to tremble. Her pussy was convulsing and she was in the throes of a whole body orgasm. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She felt her pussy gush. She was a squirter. Julie passed out.

Five minutes later she was awake again. She felt hands on her ass and a tongue running along her slit. Julie let out a low moan. She was getting wet and her pussy felt hot. Julie felt Becky's hands move and sensed Becky standing up. Becky leaned over and Julie felt her hot breath in her ear. "This is going to hurt. Every girl goes through this when they become women. I will try to be quick"

Julie felt Becky's man meat sliding up and down her slit. It was probing her new hole. It would ease in and stretch her a little then pull back. After several thrusts she felt the head all the way in her hole. Becky was telling her to relax. As Julie breathed out, Becky thrust forward and buried the massive cock to the hilt. Julie screamed as Becky's missile tore through her brand new hymen.

Julie felt the pain slowly going ebbing away as a tear rolled down her cheek. Becky reached around cupping Julie's big titties in her hands and tweaking her nipples. Becky cooed in Julie's ear, "Just relax, I won't do anything more until you are ready". Finally Julie nodded her head. Becky started stroking her big tool in an out. Julie felt her new cunt getting wet. Then her pussy started to convulse. Clamping down on the cock and causing Becky to moan. Her orgasm started as a tingle in her clit and then turned into a tsunami rolling through her body.

Julie's clenching hot wet pussy was doing its job on Becky and she couldn't hold on any longer. Becky filled Julie's pussy with hot cum. Julie felt the cock pulse and the hot man juice filling her up. Her orgasm was still coming in like the tide. She was moaning and panting. Her pussy was squirting. She was seeing stars.

As Julie was coming back to reality, Becky was stroking her back. "Well there is one thing left. Let me get out the lube. Becky squeezed the lube out into Julie's ass crack. She started working the lube into Julie's tiny butt hole. Julie winced as two fingers slid up her ass. Then Becky poured the lube all over her big dick. Then she pushed it against Julie's rosebud. Julie tried to relax as the massive invader stretched her. Unfortunately no one can relax that much.

With a final push the head popped in. Julie gasped as it slid further up her virgin poop chute. Finally Julie felt Becky's massive balls hitting her pussy lips. In and out Becky sawed her meat back and forth. Julie felt like she was being impaled by a telephone pole. Then her pussy started leaking again. The orgasm washed over her. Becky had cum twice already. She really pounded Julie's tiny ass. Then she felt her cum boiling in her big balls. Julie felt her ass expand as Becky emptied her load in her ass. Finally Becky's cock went soft. Julie felt the rapidly deflating cock slither out of her greasy ass.

Julie laid there on the horse still strapped down. She felt Becky's cum dribbling out of her pussy and ass and little mini orgasms still quaking within her. Becky said. So how did you like getting fucked like a bitch? Was it everything you hoped for?"

Julie thought about it. "It was so much better, than my fantasies. Can I stay like this?"

Becky replied there is only one way. "You have to stay here and work as one of my girls. You will get fucked every day by multiple guys. You will be tied down and whipped. You will be a bitch forever.

Julie smiled and asked, "When do I start?"

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